BBWLA Spoof…Encore!


Bringing The Hart Heat…

Torrei Hart and Simone Shepard have done it again! This time, with a cameo from the youngest Hart family member — who delivers ‘Bambi’ with a beat down in this second spin-off of a hilarious Basketball Wives LA skit which also features some of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s leading members, like Mama Dee doing what she may do best — Pimpin’! Don’t believe me.. Ask Brooke Bailey.

Check out the Christmas clip displaying comedy runs in the Hart family!!!


  1. LMFAO!!!!That,there is some HILLARIOUS shit wow laughter, the BEST medicine.. Johnny @motel 8 & Bands will make her dance in the mist of prayin? All I can do is KEKE!!! TRUE ninja shit,4sho..keke

  2. Loved it… Never knew Kevin Hart’s wife was so funny.. Rollin’. But on a serious note, Mama D pimpin”??? Say it ain’t so

  3. Lmfao!!!!! Loved this ! The lil girl beating up Bambi part… Laura and Pumkash, Draya praying and DMX’s Redolph looooool wtf?!

  4. lol Really this was an obvious jab at bambi ,mayalsia,draya and jackie especially bambi and mayalsia so I’m thinking kevin harts ex is good friends with brooke and the messy govans