BBWLA’s ‘Black Santa’ Breaks His Silence: “I Don’t Save Or Rescue Hoes!”


BBWLA's Bambi Exposed

Bambi Thrown Under The Bus: W/ Pics Rolling A Blunt & Busting It Open!!!

HSK Exclusive – The man dubbed ‘Black Santa’ (whose identity was exclusively revealed by HSK) during the Basketball Wives LA Reunion show is speaking out for the first time. You may remember the beef previously sparked between Bambi and Brooke, over our “present-giving” mystery man. Despite what’s reported, he insists he’s no dope boy.

Now, he’s emerged from the shadows to give us his report of Bambi’s whoring deal — complete with a pic of her nana! This while he says Brooke Bailey has maintained herself as a class act….

Below is an open letter from the man Bambi & Brooke “beefed” over during the current season of Basketball Wives LA, and who they referred to as “Black Santa”…

Black Santa Speaks,

First off, I’d like to state that I did not sign up for Basketball Wives LA. I was not a cast member, but somehow I have been made an unwilling participant in the Bambi/Brooke drama. I don’t owe the fans (of BBWLA) any response, but I would like to clear a few things up since it seems the truth has been stretched too far. Here are the facts…

1. I respect Brooke for trying to handle the situation with class, and not make the story or Bambi too relevant on the show, but she should’ve just told it like it was. Years ago, I dated Brooke, and was serious about her. Bambi was just a toss she found out about.

2. “Street dope boy”? NO!!!! I’ve been a private investor since 2004 on 4 existing businesses and multiple start-ups. I help people build or save their dreams. In 8 short years I’ve been blessed to have grown to where I am now. Yes, I’m a hustler, in the business world, and my money is clean. Not all money is Hollywood money, or drug money people. Grow up.

3. I am NOT a trick. I’m a real nigga like any other real nigga out here that works hard for the people I love. My lady represents me, and if she’s holding me down there’s nothing ima get for myself, that I won’t get for her too. Brooke was my lady, Bambi was not. If Bambi thinks the crumbs I threw her are worth bragging and creating a whole reality show story about, it just confirms the type of chick she is. Trash!

4. Brooke and I threw a big party. We flew all of Brooke’s friends in 1st class to host. We put them up in the Ritz Carlton, gave them their own VIP section with bottles. Bambi and her homegirl were also flown in, Coach. I put them at the Comfort Inn and stashed them in another section with my boys and gave them A bottle to share. FACTS. Was I wrong for having a toss at the same party as my lady? Yeah, Because I think Bambi saw the difference in how I treated her.That’s what kicked off this one-way drama between her and Brooke

5. Bambi took pictures with Brooke at the party and posted them online. I don’t know if she did it as a fan, to be funny, or to get under my skin. But she did it.

6. When Brooke hit up Bambi and found out she was my slide, Bambi hit me and asked me to change her name in my phone so she could keep talking to me. Niggas know, that is a sign she was a professional toss. NO main chick even thinks to do something like that.

7. I don’t know Malaysia. Never even met the chick. Her asking Brooke about my whereabouts was confusing and strange to me.

8. I’m flattered but also a bit offended at this “Black Santa” shit. Anyone who really knows me knows I have high standards and priorities. If I fucked with Bambi like that her, Black Santa’s first “present” would’ve been some porcelain veneers, then a better wardrobe. I wouldn’t even let an ex-lady of mine walk around like that.

9. If Bambi was looking for a “Black Santa” to upgrade her shoe game and invest in her music career, she DID NOT find that in me. I wife women that are already used to a certain level of luxury and are already established or investing in their own shit. Fly women that are gonna motivate me to go get it and share it with them. I don’t save or rescue ho ho hoes.

10. Bambi says she didn’t sleep with me. This is true. Well, actually, “I didn’t sleep with her” would be more accurate wording. And once you peep the pic of her p*ssy she sent me(attached) you’ll see why. Garbage!

There it is. It’s not my intention to expose that girl but she should have never misrepresented her position with me to gain fame on reality TV. I hope this brings some clarity and closure to this exaggerated ass story. But if I’m going to be labeled Black Santa, here are some gifts for you all. Pics of Bambi in all her glory.

Happy Holidays!

BBWLA: Black Santa Speaks


  1. He sounds a bit bitter cuz he may have been a lil bit of a Black Santa…if Bambi was such a raggedy chic y even keep her pictures…so that puts a big hole in his story….sounds like he doing a “clean up” job…just my thoughts….shit if he gonna do all that he may as well reveal his identity.

  2. Hmmmm… How can she be a “slide” if you never f*cked???? I agree with KeeKeeD, sounds like he’s trying to cover his tracks. And if she was so ” low class” why even associate yourself with the likes of her?? Every body has had ratchet p*ssy before ( Just ask Juicy J ) He doesn’t need to act all high and mighty because she some what exposed his ass! If your a TRICK then your TRICK own it! I mean let’s be real Brooke is a “slide” too, just because she’s a little more polished than Bambi, it doesn’t make her any better. She opens her legs for the right $$ amount just like Bambi….

  3. I guess Bambi shouldn’t be so quick to point out hoes. People in glass houses…

    She would need to screw for a record deal anyway because that ‘music’ of hers is garbage, IMO

  4. I like how dude handled that personally. If he was on bullshit he would not have claimed being serious about the other chick.

  5. Bambi a hypocrite, calling Gloria a hoe and she one. She mad Gloria got more to show for her hoeing!

  6. Im sorry but who are these people? And why are they important. Brooke is fugly in every picture I’ve ever seen her in. That’s all…

  7. No matter what’s in that letter, I don’t see where one heffa is better than the other heffa. They probably have more in common, than not. $$$$$

  8. If hes truly a street nigga he prolly dictated it to a female cus his grammar game may not be tight. Lol

  9. Slide rings can also just be used for their mouth..story sounds good for me..then again I’m not ratchet like the “bitter women” calling him a liar who most likely involve themselves in these types of antics and are more familiar with how a man is supposed to react to his name being dragged out there..

  10. Yeah I agree with the persin that said a girl wrote this ,men don’t go into such detail. I don’t believe black Santa wrote this, and if it is true he’s a whore too how is he any better than Bambi how is he such a great guy that “he” paints himself as if he has a girlfriend he’s serious about and is flying in his chick on the side ? Please! If this is true which I doubt , black Santa needs to go back to being quiet he sounds dumb.

  11. If Bambi is such raggedy ratchet garbage ho then why was he messin with her? Cause he’s a nasty ass rachet tool that’s why. If you are high class you do it all the way not treat people inferior based on their economic opportunities and then make fun of it later. That’s so nouveau riche. People with long money treat everyone the same. Sounds like this guys got a major bug up his A**. So what some girl got some stuff off you when you should have been paying mind to your woman. That makes her garbage? Please have several seats Black Satan. Seriously don’t bring Santa into this mess.

  12. I agree with those who said he was immature in the way that he handled things. Also, why would he save the pics of her and fly her friends in (coach or not) if she was just a “slide” but he’s not trickin’? Whether or not he bought first class for everyone or just for some and coach for others, his own letter confirms that he is a trick (based upon the fact that he claims to have such little regard and no feelings at all for Bambi yet he still cashed out for her and her crew)…wouldn’t that, by street definition, be a trick? A john doesn’t give a prostitute money because he loves her, he gives it to her in order to pay for services rendered or about to be rendered. Isn’t that what he is basically implying that he did (since he claims he claims she was good for nothing other than giving lip service)?

  13. Welp if the pussy looked like garbage why’d he save the pic?! OH b/c you were wishing on a star waiting to fuck her! Well Bambi still came out clean in this b/c she was honest. SHE DIDN’T have sex w/him. Now if he wasn’t a Santa why acknowledge a girl you never tricked on or f’d?! I call bullshit. I think she got some low key gifts from him while he was lavishing Brooke. Either way his choice in women is laughable. *Shrugs* The only good thing out of this is Bambi was proven to be a female based on the pussy pics. That’s all I got

    • Ur missing the point. When a babe texts u a pic of her box she clearly wants u to smash. He declined obviously.

      • There are so many low level hood rats on this site now that the point will always be missed by the majority of comments. We need more educated post so that the simpletons will have zero to say or contribute.

        • THANK YOU!!!! *clapping*…Ho’s are a trip aint they!? “He bitter!” “Men dont type like that” “Why he keep the pics then if her didnt smash?” I couldn’t give a shit less about any of that, and don’t give a sh**t about him lookin “bitch made” for exposing her. The fact is, SHE HAS BEEN EXPOSED. HER SH**T IS OUT THERE NOW! Thats the first thing hoodrat-brethren/reality-tv-STANs do. Which is flip the script & turn it around on the Messenger. Like he was just supposed to sit there while that raggedy ho was puttin him on blast. Got his fam & friends (that KNOW who Bambi was referring to) lookin at him like an ole’ dumb trick. She started , and he finished it. Just like that stupid ass Kenya Moore (from RHOA) got exposed by her FAKE boyfriend. Botch those dumb cunts (like many) thought they could take it there and those men weren’t going to retaliate due to their envolvement, but um…..*lol*….Both of them had the same attitude which is “You tell a lie on me & I’ll tell the TRUTH on you” & “You wanna talk shit about me. I dont give a fuck,I’ll tell on BOTH of us!” Yeah both niggas aint shit but lets examine the info they spilled.

  14. I just wanted to add my two cents on that because she can’t be a hoe without him acknowledging that he is a hoe as well. If stones are to be thrown, he should start with himself. He is just as low brow as she is.

  15. What a piece of shit.

    He’s talking messy about Bambi. If she was t worthit why did you invite her and her friends to a party that you were co-hosting with Brooke? Who you respect sooo mush.
    Why keep the pictures? To beat off to later? For blackmale? Come on now!

    Playa she made you look like a sad trick. Man up and shut up.

    Also, the letter was written with the help of a woman, presumably Brooke.

  16. Why are black men always calling black women ho’s. The only race doing such a thing. It’s despicable, yet u want to respected. Stupidly black follow a code thats leads no where, whoever thought u game is either dead, in prison or looking dusty begging for change.

  17. Bambi keep your head up! This simple simon mofo smells like a set up and a ratchet idiot! Umm wonder if gloria “trickin” govan is behind this one! NO broad there is no hateration! Umm simple simon mofo that could be anybody in that nude photo! Personally I don’t believe that it is Bambi! Bambi is a ride or die and I love her for that! #TEAMBAMBI

  18. This must be a gut blow….now everyone knows she was bussing it open for Black Santa for “gifts”. Since she so real she should ran and tell the host that too. Sad state of events. Whats more disturbing is she and her friend Malaysia cannot hold a candle to Brooke and the Govans in terms of looks or money.Bambi and her bff are busted fake hoes.

  19. Don’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. This story got BITCHES written all over it. The 3 Hoe Stooges is mad as hell Bambi took they asses on, so they’re using sites such as this to retaliate. Try try again you low life trollin whores and that comment about Brooke being classy…puuhleeze…that was a dead ass giveaway. LMAO. To believe that pic is Bambi you’d have to first believe a man deems it necessary to step forward to defend his trickin ways in writing (not hardly)…This type of talk shot his stock way up. Govanhoes better stick to fooling yo babydaddies.

  20. Dis nigga is delusional so toss is code for tricking?? He still hasn’t learned, you dnt gain points trickn wit ho’s u lose… Double!

  21. I feel where this man is coming from Bambi’s big gum ass basically made getting a few dollars from this man her claim to fame. A woman that’s used to getting things and having a man do for them don’t brag about it so you can tell Bambi ain’t used to getting shit. I’m so over these talentless bitches.



    • Welp, if this story line is true, perhaps he came out because Bambi try to play him the hell out…it wasn’t that serious for her to keep going in on dude about the gifts and labeling him Black Santa…if he was treating you ok…then why would you want to play dude out like that….BECAUSE SHE FELT SOME PHUCKIN KIND OF WAY THAT BROOKE HAD HIM TOO…and Brooke might have been the one getting the best out of whatever he was willing to give…IF THIS 10 POINT STORY IS TRUE…that’s how i’m coming about it

  23. If y’all don’t knock it the fucc off…now we got writing analyst on the site, lol. I got dicc pics of dudes I’ve never fucc’d *shrug* some things u just never delete..not sure why but I still hesitate, lol. I’m in awe that the analytical didn’t deduce that ‘a slide’ couldn’t also reference the act of ‘sliding’ within ones mouth *blank stare*
    There are those who have no anticipation of further acts after said ‘slide’ which is in no way negative or a form of judgement..InSlides are needed, that whole balance the ecosystem thing. I just think she was a tad 2 cocky like she had the authority to codenm when milk ain’t the only white sliding down her throat attached to her Man. None of this is surprising though..any type of publicity is acceptable when u tryin to promote anything these dayz..all this shyt is calculated.

  24. I don’t watch the show or even know the people he is talking about, but I have mad respect for how he has put this out there. There are so many 2-5’s out there that think they are the 1. It is so sad that they think the things that they are doing is to get them to number 1 and it is completely the opposite. He put it out there like a real G. I am not one of those fame and money people, but I refuse to be anything other than number 1 and my dude is treated as a king. He does not need to go to any other woman for anything, because I am there. Yes, that is sexually and otherwise! This show sounds like a lot of nonsense but somebody is watching it. Ladies, listen to him, he is speaking truth especially if you are willing to catfight over one dick instead of finding your own and cultivating that one. So sad this is where we are as “relationships” go.

  25. Bambi, Bambi, Bambi. What kind of name is that for a rapper. Its a good name for a ho. I won’t trash you like this guy did but I must say I was disappointed by your position on the show. Malaysia clearly used you like teeth floss because she was still mad at the Govan sisters, Jackie used you for the same reason. Why were you on this show, did Love and Hip Hop say no because they already had Joseline. As for the “black santa” what on earth are you people talking about. YES men do talk and reveal things they should not,(ie Playboy magazine) especially men with money. A brother with less money probably would not because he still relys on his character. Also, Brooke did have more class than to get into with her about it, she kept shutting it down. As for Bambi’s comments on the reunion about people should stay who they are or they are fake. What a wonderful thing to say to an audience of young girls. As a woman who came from the hood and is now successful, I was floored. Men, especially men with daughters, sisters, etc. There are too many extraordinary women you could magnify, yet you magnify hoes all over you as soon as you get some money and call them women who are use to finer things. LOL when did cum in your mouth become finer things, but I guess you are right about the use to it part.

  26. Bambi, keep your head up girl, really. I really wanted to see you get it good, until you got it, and it was horrible. This was a little too much for anyone to do just because you said they bought you gifts. (irony of this around christmas time, anyone) Put your business cap on and reap in the dividends off the money “black santa” just made you. I’m already dizzy counting it and it ain’t even mine.

  27. dunno if the pic is really bambi, but i dont see whats wrong with the vag. how could he be misrepresented when they didnt say who he was? that he wants to think of himself as some ~sofiztik8d bizness man is laughable. writing this and providing that photo makes HIM look like scum, not bambi. and i cant help but find it funny that he talks about this non-issue like the entire series is based on it. the little goober is harboring delusions of grandeur, and its not a good look. also, he wants to come off like he knows how to treat a woman, honors “his lady”… sir, when you cheat, it kinda cancels out opting to fly her in the less cramped part of a plane where she can get a coupla free drinks or warm hand towel, k? you definitively fit a profile you describe being better than. then again, that denial in itself is a symptom of the profile. you may not be a thug on the street, but you understand (or just plain try) as little as the next about how to treat a woman. hmm… perhaps i shouldnt have indulged so long in talking about this dudes issues if im not willing to go all out, and in an organized way. so heres the sudden end to this rant cuz long-story-short, dudes just a dog and a loser.

  28. Harold fake ass porter is a dope boy, not a hustla!! When you rob other people and shoot people in their legs cause you want ya name known, don’t make you a hustla, glad his stick up kid brother got killed by trying to act hard toward police. Harold is a bum, his investments are dope money in night clubs.. He a hoe and will call him one to his face.

  29. bami is a hoes she was on love and hip on the other season he kiss steve j best friend and she was dating people man for one cuz this reason why eric dont fuck with his crazy ass mother she need help and he need help dont know who he want 4real