Sundy Carter: Exposed as a Snitch & Home-Wrecker


Sundy Carter Exposed

A Basketball Wife Blackballer?

HSK Exclusive – ‘Basketball Whores LA’ could be a better suited title for VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives LA’ – as reality television producers appear to be upping the ante when it comes to the dirt surrounding the newest additions to their BBWLA roster.

You may remember just last week, we told you about BBWLA’s Brooke Bailey’s reported home-wrecking antics – after insiders exposed Bailey as the side chick who came between Rashard Lewis and his fiance/mother of his two children, Giovanna Fortes.

Now, sources say yet another home-wrecker is set to be introduced to BBWLA’s audience.

Not only is 37-year-old Sundy Carter described by one source as “a no good, gold-diggin’ whore that don’t give a f*#k”, but the model/aspiring actress is also being outed as a woman who intentionally became pregnant with one married former Cleveland Cavalier’s child – before giving birth to the baller’s illegitimate daughter, Kennedy.

We’re talking about professional shooting guard, Larry Hughes – who Sundy Carter is reported to have lived a longtime extramarital affair with. Don’t believe me.. Ask Draya Michelle.

Sundy Carter / Larry Hughes Daughter Kennedy

Here’s what a source had to say:

“The little girl was born July 2007 and Hughes denied her at first, but after Sundy sought legal counsel and forced a paternity test, he was proven to be Kennedy’s father. His wife continues to believe that Larry is not Kennedy’s father, DESPITE the paternity test and the obvious resemblance.”

But Hughes’ wife, Carrie, isn’t the only enemy Carter has made as a result of her reported whoring antics. One film director – who once served three-years behind bars for a drug conviction – is outing Sundy Carter as a police informant. This after Carter appears to have aimed at manipulating the movie-maker, in hopes she’d make it to the silver screen.

Here’s what Philadelphia film director Zack Williams had to say about Sundy Carter:

“You got the hoe that sleeps with you – not because she likes you, but because she likes the situation you’re in. She [Sundy Carter] done put a lot of people in crazy situations like this. There’s people are in jail because of her.

You know, she’s a rat. Sundy Carter is a snitch!

And though Carter may come from a city which boasts “Brotherly Love”, love is something the noted ‘snitch’ and exposed ‘home-wrecker’ seems to have left behind in Philadelphia – when the aspiring actress packed up and headed for Hollywood. Insiders reveal that’s exactly why, despite her string of sexual celebrity conquests – including Nelly, Shaq, Carmelo Anthony, Hakim Warrick, Andre Johnson and Jermaine O’Neal – Carter often couldn’t pay her rent, leading to her a reported whopping total of ELEVEN Los Angeles evictions.

Here’s the drop:

“Sundy Carter just got a car, but she used to fuck for buddy passes. She once begged the Game to buy her a purse, yet she claims to get $20K a month for child support for Kennedy. Kennedy doesn’t even live with her, she’s outta control.

If you’re looking to find Sundy Carter, she’s always at the Four Seasons or Beverly Hills hotel looking for white tricks.

Jacky, this bitch is cray – she stalks Larry Hughes’ wife on social networks, and she’s known for talking shit about other hoes. Sundy is disgusting – she’s known as an anal queen who has herpes.”


  1. Just when you thought that show couldn’t go any lower, they pull this trick out the bag. SMMFH!!!

    • I know right? I don’t watch it (or any of them “housewife” or “Wife” or “L&HH” “Bad Girls” – NONE OF THAT IGNORANT SHIT) Now they add THIS chick? I can’t help but chuckle. Wow!!! She needs a check. I can’t stop giggling at the thought of these “it” chicks on these low brow ghetto ass shows acting like they’re the shit. To me it looks like they know their time is fading and they need to pay the bills, but have no real skills or intelligence to land one. No boo boo.. you are only “it” in your head. You’re at the end of you youth, you’re still not married and you need a check. We see you. All of you. LOL. Damn! Get a regular ass job and stop tricking. Desperate asses. Still trying to claim and cling to the limelight. LOL

  2. The crazy thing is. These guys choose to wreck their own homes by hooking up with these women. All them niggas know who the hell their suppose to be in a relationship with. Yet they shit on the home front fuck these hoes Raw and make babies with them. Its their own fault.

    • You’re right! Tell them! I’ve already done that and you know what…I feel great! I don’t know if people realize, but there is a war being waged against black women. If I were from another planet and watched the hell-a-vision, I would think bw were horrible. It’s coming from every direction, bm with ww, gbm with gbm/gwm/gwhatever! When I was watching cable, A SCI-FI comm. came on when this brother had flowers in his hand getting ready to pick up his date, at first it looks like he is meeting a bw (because she is walking towards him), then he passed her by…guess who he was meeting …a ROBOT! Thus sending a suliminal message to the brother and to the sisters. Telling dudes you need to choose anything else but a sister. And sending yet another blow to bw! Look up Tavistock Culture Creation, this is all planned and you will be surprised to know these people do not just come out the woodwork! Stay strong, in body and mind…once you know the truth, it gets easier!

          • Dr. Umar tells the real. It is good to see so many Black folks in here enrich themselves with the things that they choose to take in, as opposed to polluting their spirits with the BS that is being thrown at us by the media.

            • @you_no_zombie
              Say that!
              I will look up the good Dr. Umar Johnson ASAP! Glad I found enlightened young folks to gain more knowledge to help me on my path!

        • @ Kisha777,

          Just the fact that you know what the Tavistock Institute is, tells me that you have done some research. The are the ones who created the entire hippie movement, rock and roll, introduced the Beatles, whose musical pushed the drug culture of the 60’s and 70’s. People don’t believe that culture in some instances, does not evolve FROM the people, it is created and peddled TO the people.

          • @UnadulteratedTruth
            Indeed they did UnadulteratedTruth! You just don’t know how glad I am to find people like you and the rest of HSK bloggers! I’m still excited! 😉 On topic-Yes,It’s so much in our culture that is planned…and when you know these things, it’s very hard to convince sleeping people otherwise! I have to spoon feed the ones I love a lil at a time because It was really difficult for Me to believe everything that I knew to be true, was a lie! Thinking about all the history we have been taught, Mane! I had panic attacks, the whole nine! I had to stop my research and pray real hard for understanding. That rabbit hole is so Dang deep, I will tell anyone to start real slowwwwww!

      • I absolutely see that there is a war against black women! But why? The comments about black women on articles I read are out of this world rediculous. It’s like we have a target on our backs and I just want to know why.

        • People who believe that there is a war against Black women, can begin combating the perpetrators of that war by not supporting shows like ‘Basketball Wives’ and ‘Love and Hip Hop’. Those, among others, are the shows that portray Black women in such a negative light, and set the tone for debates that take place like the ones on HSK. They recruit women who are willing to compromise any semblance of decency and dignity, for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame and pseudo-celebrity. There was a time where you had to have some sort of talent to be considered a celebrity; acting, singing, dancing… something. Now all you have to be willing to act a complete fool in front of the whole nation, and you too can have a reality show for a season or two. I agree that there is a war on Black women. But I think it goes further than that. I think there is a war on Black women, Black men, Black children, Black male/female relationships, and the Black family as a whole. But that’s just me..

          • So so true. Thats real talk. Boycott that bullshit. Turn it off. I believe someone posted email addresses a couple of weeks ago to send emails to Sumners punk ass.

            • Viacom is fully vested in the agenda. But we don’t have to support our own demise. And I observe some people who refer to the sell-outs as if they were friend. Ev this, Shaunie that… I remember back in the 90’s, Bev Smith had a very informative show on BET (before Bob Johnson sold it) called ‘Our Voices’. She was obviously an educated woman, who engaged in meaningful dialogue with her guests about the issues of the day. We have traded that in for women who fight, pull hair, sleep with each others men and brag about it. All I can do is shake my head at how far we have regressed in 20 years.

              I remember there used to be standoffs whenever the Klan would have a rally, because Black folks would come out against it. I don’t even know the last time I even HEARD about the Klan rallying. They must all be in the unemployment line while we willing march ourselves into a sad state of affairs.

        • @ Anonymous September 16 18:47The reason why…it’s because when we are at our best, we are powerful and strong! And I say strong I don’t mean we don’t need a man, we Do need them and want them. There is something that They know, but we ourselves don’t know. If you knew your enemies weaknesses, you are going to throw everything you can at them to stop them and I believe that is being done to us. When you see all the images that get into your spirit (in a bad way), remember that you have to keep on going, you are beautiful, God made you in his perfect image and do not feed into the nonsense.

      • PREACH! This is all aprt of the “illuminati’s” agenda….I been peeped this sh*.*t a LONG time ago

  3. Yeeesss, that pic is totally disgusting!! I guess she doesn’t care about her children growing up and seeing these pics.

  4. Jackie I agree with everything you said but you tell the story as if these men aren’t just as nasty as the women. It’s sounds as if it’s all the fault of the woman , that very unfair . Both people involved are adults .

    • it does seem that way.. and I never been but I didn’t know somebody could get pregnant on purpose unless they did that turkey baster trick… If dude is wearing a condom, then HOW is it the woman’s fault?

  5. Is that nut comin out that broad’s ass ?
    EWw lol
    What a surprise another basketball dribblin nigga getting a stank ho pregnant

  6. All the men who cavort with hoes are hoes themselves! I get the point of this post Jacky but there seems to be no condemnation of the men. They are not innocent bystanders who just slipped and fell in this woman’s p*ssy. It takes two to tango.
    They take advantage of their celebrity status to get with these type of women with no regard to whatever situation they have at home. I don’t feel sorry for any man who willingly lays down with hoes and comes up with babies and diseases.

    As far as Sunday’s homewrecking goes…..she can’t wreck the home unless the man allows her to do so.

  7. I wonder if the government is going to give Jacky a call about the pic at the heading? Being that children have access to the site? But I got the feeling that the government really doesn’t care.

    • Snitches call only get people that are breaking the law engaging in criminal activities locked up. IJS

  8. Sundy is nasty, had Herpes since she was 18 and was averaging 2 abortions per yr by Larry Haughes over a 5 yr span…God knows how many other she had .It was rumored that she would go to clinics to get free abortions and keep the $500 larry would give her for abortions ..Sometimes she would lie and say he gave her 5k, and sometimes he never gave her abortion $$$..Sundy bedded well over 5,000 men RAW..After giving birth to Kennedy , she stayed low in Philly(lived atop a Bodoga store in the hood) for a few months and was licking and sucking 18 yr old hustelers for $1,000..She is the ultimate NASTIEST TRICK EVER ..People don’t understand why she never went into porn and made real money ..

    She is so broke, those Cancer dance classes are a scam, NO ONE HAS CANCER , SHE’S DOING IT FOR MONEY !And she tired to pimp her daugthher out to Jemereiah and Diggy and they declined !

    She once told someone , you can never get AIDS from a celeb for they are untouchable !

    Jacky, you missed one thing , she was sleeping with Larry , Jermaine Oneal, Shaq and plenty other dudes at the same time …I heard her head game is so serious , NBA/Entertainment ballers was f*** her while her period was on ..

    Best wishes to all those NBA wives because Sundy likely had your man and those herpes you have is a gift from her ..

    Too bad she doesn’t have any assests, and when the child support is up, her as will be homeless or she will probably get preganat again!

    • DAYUM!!!!……Um…DAYUM!! Is all I can fuckin say to her. Man she’s like Karrine “Supa Head” Steffans to the 20th power!… Karrine aint got shit on this ho…..I mean she 1-Up’d her on every aspect (i.e. child neglect, money management, prostitution, etc!) ….Did you say PIMP her daughter out as in literally offering her kid up to “men”? Celebrity men? Man……….That ho needs a death sentence if THAT sh*.*t is true.

  9. Lmmmmmmaooooooooo that’s clearly not her but a porn she not even that thick…that picture is from imbd page lmfao n how she got aids… herpes…wrecked a home well what about her baby father having herpes and passing it on???? Also tha post is done but jacky but the closer just added on tha a story that’s all lies…worst than MTO

  10. How do you “Intentionally get pregnant,” elaborate, unless she got the condom and turkey baster, she didn’t “intentionally get pregnant,” yeah, and he unintentionally thrusted into her until he busted a nut, and did not pull out.

  11. Zack is Right!! Philly Don’t Fuck wit Sundy Carter! Bottom Feeder…Herpes with Anal…..Smells like Disaster! Any Man asking you to Do any acts Of that Nature Has A QUESTIONABLE CHARACTER??? ILLLL IS THAT DOO DOO ON YA DICK??? Sundy Wants to Lick it Off!!#Vomit#