BeBe and CeCe Winans Haven’t Been Completely Honest With You…


BeBe CeCe Winans Are Gay
I first heard these shocking allegations from a high school friend who joined a gospel choir. While singing around North America with his choir he met BeBe Winans and guess what–My high school homey was disappointed. Know why? Because BeBe Winans made a pass at my heterosexual high school friend, who later told me that’s why he dropped out of his church choir.

I’ve know about CeCe and BeBe Winans sexuality for years, but apparently the public was not aware.

Here’s what a reliable source told me about CeCe Winans:

“CeCe had been messing around with Whitney Houston for at least 2 decades. CeCe is bi-sexual and so was Whitney. I respect Donnie McClurkin at least he admitted about his gay past.

CeCe has been with untold amounts of women. It’s not a secret to the people working close to them. CeCe is like Dionne Warwick, they both struggling with their sexuality.

The hypocrisy is that they profit off of  churches that despise their very own lifestyles.”

Is there homosexuality happening in Gospel music? Of course there is, and next time you see Freddie Jackson, ask him.


  1. I can’t say I’m thoroughly surprised cuz nothing stumps me anymore. Wtf is tvus world coming to is all I can ask? Is everybody gay? This industry sucks and it has influenced mainstream life in all sorts of ways and not too many good smfh

    • Everyone isn’t gay, but how many professions allow your being gay to flourish? Armed forces, Religion, Entertainment, Education, Fashion, and Politics to name a few. There is a lot of out in front of your face with most of them. There are support systems for all of those careers, and to build a life of peace.

      Be who you are, and in no small way, make being around who you are so much better.

  2. I heard about Whitney and CeCe. There were also rumors about Whitney and her old friend Robin. I truly believe the industry turns people out and homosexuality is necessary if you want to advance your career. The one-hit wonders and those who get few movie roles are those who are not down with the gayness. Honosexuality appears to be a necessity for success in the industry. As far as the church and gospel music goes, it’s all about profit. It’s not about the bible or Christianity. Too many pastors and gospel artists are clearly anti-God and pro-Cash.


    • The fact that there are black homosexuals takes nothing away from the black race. Our greatness and our talent are not diminished because some of us are homosexual. Many gay people are talented and creative. The truth is the truth and denying it doesnt make it any less true.

    • Why u all believe everything presented to u I knew backs early as 1991
      That these two were fraudulent Christians cece acting like she Mary
      And bebe acting like he Joseph I’m telling u all they fake as hell
      And if u all wanna keep believing then to each his own but jacky has confirmed
      My thoughts that’s why I will support jacky he on point trust me
      99.9 of his stories are true we no this for a fact in the uk and I am on point two
      Bebe and cece are trifling don’t be fooled by them smiles

    • Many of the younger kids coming in the entertainment business are turned out by pedophiles waiting for them. Big names too.

      Years ago I didn’t know who B2K was and a record label employee was telling me all about what those boys endured for a contract. Made me sad as a parent. Their parents just handed them over for promises of riches.

      Also, another lady told me that Natalie Cole was warned not to marry her ex-husband. He was a Bishop too. She married him anyway and that marriage was over before the ink was dry. The lady said he was part of the DL club.

      Living an adult life is fine but living a lie and messing with kids is not ok!!!

    • True! And maybe that’s part of the reason so many of them turn to drugs and alcohol. It must be hard getting up everyday and having to pretend you are someone you’re not.

  4. Homosexuality is rampant and out of control in the church, so none of this is surprising. That’s why I don’t date men that are heavily involved and all up in the church like that.

    • And I totally disagree with that in the church! A mega church in Washington, DC had it so bad they took the hinges off the bathroom doors to have sex in the church! A member reported the behavior to the pastor and his wife but she said they did nothing. She said the choir and director treated the church like a brothel!! Disgusting!!

  5. We heard all the rumors but DAMN you and other media couldn’t wait until she was BURIED to bring this back up! R.I.P Whitney.

    • The corn don’t care.

      Whitney is dead. She doesn’t have to hide anymore. Those who knew her and loved her, they already know what is true and what is a lie. Her art will stand longer than any off-side talk. Think of this as another part of the grieving process, when it pertains to a public figure, the yakking is done in public.

  6. What kills me is that two of the Winans siblings(not BeBe and CeCe) had a anti-gay song called “It’s Not Natural”. I remember seeing them singing(two sisters) singing this on some gospel channel singing about it. Even worse, they bragged about being against gays. Talking about hypocrites. SMH.

  7. Oh no…say it isn’t so – Shirley Ceasar? I don’t know who Cassietta George is, but do we have any more leads on this. Oh my heart bleeds…

    • Shirley Caesar has always looked like a big man to me.

      Eeww honey yes he did as BSlade and I L-L-L-LOVES HIM!! The bitch is fuuurrrcceeee (not fierce, but fuuurrceee). Ever seen this video where he shows his peen in the bathtub? LMAOOOO!!

  8. I believe it all, the record companies create the image for these people to potray but it is not who they are because if it were the image would not have to be created, evidently they are doing a good job because so many people believe the lies instead of their own eyes

  9. This Bebe and Cece news is old. I don’t really care about their sexuality since that’s their business. Entertainment is all illusion.

  10. The problem isn’t that many artist are gay, it’s the fact that gossipers tend to focus on that and disregard their talent. Just look at the comments and glee one gets for “outting” their brethren.

  11. WELL AT LEAST THEY HAD A MAN SOMEWHERE IN THEY LIVES TO HELP THEM COVER UP THE FACT THAT THEY WAS LICKIN EACH OTHERS TWATS. All these celebrities have messed around with the same sex. Its a trend at the parties and the ones who are married are “SWINGERS” Will and jada admitted they were swingers before they split, so this is not NEWS worthy, lol

  12. Give it a rest, everything does not have to involve Illuminati. conspiracy theorists are nuts, than the crazy homeless person that keeps screaming, “Godzilla is coming”. Do y’all have to see the conspiracy in everything, even when there is no conspiracy.

  13. LMAO at the illuminati is responsible. That was funny.

    What’s even funnier is these nuts believe a club, or whatever you wish to refer to them, that is exclusive and not inclusive would invite Blacks or women to the table.

  14. Ima need more confirm on Bebe and Cece.

    Bebe maybe but can’t see Cece linking coochie.

    Yes,I remember the Whitney /gay rumors but I thought it was just rumors like Donna Summer being a trannie.

    • How u no are u cece couchie cece no her couchie better
      Than anyone so how u no who run up in it!!! or who she
      Linking dammm

  15. Jacky,you should do a post on all of the Black homosexuals in hollywood.
    Name names just like Supahead did.

  16. In one of the most shocking, confusing and memorable moments of the 2011 Grammy Award ceremony, Lady Gaga thanked ( OF ALL PEOPLE ) Whitney Houston for inspiring her single, “Born This Way”, a tribute to bullied Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender teens.

    “I need to thank Whitney Houston,” Gaga said to the cheering of the crowd and, no doubt, to their amazement. “I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar,” the singer said. “So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it”.

    “Born This Way” was released as a single on February 11th, 2011

    Whitney Houston was found dead February 11th, 2012 on the Eve of the 2012 Grammy awards.

  17. fuck u your moms a slow bitch azz!! your lucky i live in the uk anyway keep your Illuminati shit to yourself cuz i aint hearin u dam fool talking pure bulllshit up on this site as i said it before save itfor your moms when she get home tonight!!!!!

    • “Born This Way” was released as a single on February 11th, 2011

      Whitney Houston was found dead February 11th, 2012 on the Eve of the 2012 Grammy awards.

      Too close for comfort.

      Deluk – maybe you need to go to another site – you are being very negative and people are just trying to open their eyes.

    • No sir!! We don’t do that here. We have healthy debates, not your kind of ignorance and name calling. Take your ghetto antics to MTO or Bossip please and thank you!

      • Pls don’t come in here threatening folks..this is not about you…So you don’t believe in anything okay but dang you don’t have to go there…c’mon now thats a lot of anger…for WHAT!??

  18. Everyone is in an uproar about celebs death, I wonder how they would respond when JESUS comes back? I don’t think that JESUS life is on TV more than these troubled celebs. We need to put prayer back into this world. US has pushed GOD away and look what is happening to the US. But when 911 hit the US, they wanted everyone to pray. US uses GOD at it’s convenience. It’s in the danger zone with health, finances, marriages, children, churches, etc…..We allow our government tell us when and where we can and cannot pray. Now they want to take ‘IN GOD WE TRUST” off money. May GOD protect the US forever. In JESUS name I pray. AMEN

  19. totaly will do an article on gay gospel artits on th ecloset – the truth must set us free indeed… i rem donnie said in an interview that th efeelings for men are still there but he i ssurpressing them with love to a woman and doing what is right by GOd .this shows anyone can be gay its a struggle with religion and balancing them can be really hard so take it easy on dem singers…

  20. Y’all sure kirk frank is gay, I know he talk about his porn addiction and how the lord deliver him from it.

    IMHO, I always thought Kirk would have been a bigger star if he was doing anything but gospel. I saw him in concert with Yolanda and Donnie, the man has star presence. He’s a short brother but he’s charismatic as hell.

  21. Somebody need to verify the Rance Allen Group,more specifically the big brother with the silver lil’ Richard pompadour. Check that fool’s credentials.

    Also that Fortune dude,the light skinned,bald headed brother.

  22. Man its so much mess going on in the church these days-that’s why I no longer attend. Half the time the rev and the choir are doing more dirt than we are. And these same folks wanna lecture us about heaven and hell. Physician heal thyself I say. Get your own life together before you try to tell me how to fix mine. Don’t be fooled there are more so called sanctified folks in the closet. Many more! The church has become a haven for gay folks who are scared to be themselves and use christianity as a cover. Its time for the curtain to be pulled back and these hypocrites revealed. As for shirley ceaser I always thought she looked like a lumberjack!!

  23. That so called person didn’t give any evidence on Cece Winans! That is pure BS!!!! Now Bebe everyone knows that but don’t drag Cece into it! I’ve known her all my life and you try the Spirit by the Spirit! Don’t believe everything you read! I believe In exposing lies with evidence. But to just shoot out any and everything is false! The bible says the Most High hates tail bearers, liars, back biters, and gossipers!

    • I have to co-sign. Bebe I totally believe you. Cece? You need more people! I know her, and i’m not saying “impossible,” because these days nothing is impossible…but…. I highly doubt that she and Whitney were anything more than just close friends.

  24. And I’m am always curious about a man who gossips for a living! Where they do that at! Has Jacky come out about his sexuality???? He reminds somewhat of Perez Hilton. Something’s he does expose but I see him creating more mess on here than anything. There is a difference when exposing the enemy’s lies with the Spirit of truth, than with the spirit of messiness and falsehood jus trying to make a buck! All those who GO are NOT sent and will definately be held accountable for every action and idle words they speak, that profit NOT the kingdom God! Exposé with TRUTH and the intention on breaking bondage! Doing it another way is of the devil and will surely get you into hades!

  25. Jacky is also a closet homosexual, his obsession with other people’s sexuality says it all.. A real man could care less about writing articles about -who sleeps with who- especially in the gay community of all places.. (next story)

  26. The only reason the global elite would care enough would be if it would create a global distraction, which it has. I don’t know if I believe in the Illuminati but I do believe that that the masses/common folk are often intentionally distracted from what is really going on around them.

    • I don’t argue the existence of the illuminati, but there does seem to be something that wields power that controls people.

      It use to be said that religion was the opium of the people meaning that it was propaganda to keep the masses of people from being in touch with their oppression, a way of keeping people distracted. And, it definitely was seen as a way of keeping people from organizing to fight for their fruits on the earth- all will be well in the afterlike.

      Propaganda is another tool of distraction; lying to divert people’s attention away from what is really happening. The entertainment industry is a form of propaganda, trying to make people believe they can have what they see, and minimally, they could live vicariously through the lives of entertainers. Make no bones about it, the entertainment industry, in addition to making a lot of money for a few people, is yet another way to divert and distract attention away from what is happening. So, entertainers, whether knowingly or not, play a critical role in the programming of people.

      Any artist who dares to expose it is dispensable, or any artist who brings too much negative press to the industry is dispensable. That is why some say that Tupac, Michael, and Whitney had to go. It was not just their questionable lifestyles that brought the wrath to them; others in the industry have the same lifestyle. The problem- they were making comments about the daemonic features of the industry.

      Watch out Dave Chapelle and DMX.

  27. what do this have to do with the two ppl. of this subject or whitney? I saw it and not catch the hint to post in this forum.

  28. I’m new to this site and I just want to say I actually thought that Jacky was a female. I’m not implying he’s homo or anything, but because of the name. Anyway, I don’t believe a word of CeCe being homosexual. I’ve heard the rumors about BeBe, and if true, that’s a real shame, considering his pentecostal/holiness upbringing. CeCe came to know Whitney through her brother, Marvin Winans. God is the judge of all, including CeCe and BeBe. There are no secrets with Him. Homosexuals have a lot of power in America right about now. Therefore, it’s quite popular, acceptable, and celebratory to be homosexual; it’s the hottest “trend” (sin) going now. Hence, if anyone is homosexual in this time and age, and they’re hiding it, I can’t understand that at all. Homosexuality has been, still is, and always will remain an abomination to God. Remember what happened to the twin cities in the Bible (Sodom and Gomorrah)? Whitney Houston knew in her heart of hearts it was a filthy and sinful lifestyle and likely tried to suppress it by using drugs and talking Jesus and the Bible without truly aligning herself with the Word of God. Now we’ve got rumors spreading like wildfire about Barack Obama and homosexual behavior. When did I ever think it would be said of any American president to have a “gay” pride banquet in the White House? Ridiculous! “Lord, have mercy on this nation; deliver her from her backslidden state and deliver her from spiritual whoredom. I pray Your kingdom come and Your will be done in this nation and the entire world. In Jesus’ name. Amen and amen.”

  29. “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.” I realize this may be off the topic of discussion, but the Illuminati is very much so real, and its alive and well in this nation. You can brush it off as fiction if you want to (google it to get educated and watch some videos regarding the sect). JayZ, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and others are sporting pyramids and other occultic symbols for a reason. Just watch Jay’s interview on YouTube about not being a Christian or believing in Christianity. Notice his blasphemous “Jesus” T-shirt boldly worn on his chest as well. “Get right or get left.”

  30. I know i am late but for the record to everyone MY AUNT AND UNCLE BEBE AND CECE WINANS IS NOT and WAS NEVER GAY!!!! They are married with kids and living their lives for GOD!!! so keep you sad fancy’s to yourself!!! I’m with them all the time and i know there life style!! I pray that GOD forgives YOU all!!! NOT everyone is GAY!!! so get a life and leave my family out of yours!!! GOD BLESS

  31. I THINK THIS POST IS SO FUNNY!!! PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING MORE TO DO BUT TO MAKE FALSE STATEMENT ABOUT CHILDREN OF GOD!!! SMH MY AUNT AND UNCLE IS NOT GAY! I HAD TO LAUGH BECAUSE PEOPLE REALLY TAKE OUT TIME TO MAKE CRAZZY POST LIKE THESE! THE BIBLE SAYS : Romans 1:29 tells us that those who gossip will not inherit the Kingdom of God. God is generous and allows us to repent and any gossip behavior will be forgiven. If you have gossiped or created false witness ask God to forgive you. Gossip is compared in severity with such sins as homosexuality, murder, inventors of evil, and haters of God. Clearly, we are to aggressively guard the body of Christ against gossip. BE BLESSED EVERYONE AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY

  32. jus sayin whit last song was jesus loves me add that 2 the list and she was tanked 2 boot sure it wasnt a gay defiance song lol?? 2 funny this site coooch its the clit cliq of the 90s thar offed whit she didnt head chakas cc warning lol

  33. Jesus is lord and all that other nonsense is illeverant while the majority of the perssin pn this site try and bash God fearing people they insted shoud be shairig God word with one another and other people the devil is a coward a a lie alway stay true to God be the glory and Grearter who is in me then he the devil that is in the world. People ask for for forgiviness because time is at hand good day..

    • Baphelile abafowethu nabodadewethu,kodwa asibakhulekeleni ukuba sibenabo embusweni ongunaphakade njengoba usiza.Please Christians let’s pray for our sistahs&brothers to be with us in the Kingdom of the Lord which is near amen.Ngiyaqela Bazalwane.

  34. I truly hope CeCe was just helping WH. I have heard the rumors about BeBe. However, look at most gay men who are on the DL and married. Many are so mean to their wives because they don’t want to be with any woman. His ex said he pushed her to the ground a few years back.

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  36. I don’t believe a word that’s been said of Cece nor for
    that matter Bebe, their music is so inspirational. I can’t believe the comments that are made against them.

  37. A blind man can see these two swing the other way especially bebe I remember watching this fool foaming at the mouth gazing lustfully at them young tall light skinned men on that Sunday Best show and cece never fooled me, her and Whitney look like lovers in that count on me music video pants suits and all. Pray for discernment y’all you should be able to look at a person’s eyes and already know this.

  38. Gossip column, you got it wrong. Just BeBe is gay; nor CeCe. That's just like when they toured with Whitney and everyone was saying that they did drugs because Whitney was buying drugs. It's common for misinformation to spread because people are always willing to pull others in the mud just to make something seem juicy. These people come to my closet up try often; so unlike you, who got your information from a "reliable source" I can tell you first hand that CeCe DEFINITELY is not gay, but BeBe DEFINITELY is.

    • I tried to correct my grammatical errors but this page isn't allowing me to. That's why I don't like commenting on these type pages. What I meant to say is:
      Gossip column, you got it wrong. Just BeBe is gay; not CeCe. That's just like when they toured with Whitney and everyone was saying that they did drugs because Whitney was buying drugs. It's common for misinformation to spread because people are always willing to pull others in the mud just to make something seem juicy. These people come to my country often; so unlike you, who got your information from a "reliable source" I can tell you first hand that CeCe DEFINITELY is not gay, but BeBe