Beef Brewing Between Eddie Griffin & Malcolm Jamal Warner!


Eddie Griffin Poison Laced Drink

HSK Exclusive – Eddie Griffin is blaming his 2003 heart attack on the real life mother of one former Cosby kid.

Details surrounding the shocking allegations remain sketchy, but sources tell HSK the comedian is falsely accusing Malcolm Jamal Warner’s mother for once lacing his drink with poison.

Now, Malcolm is reported to be getting ready to sue if Eddie doesn’t stop telling drunken tales.

Here’s the drop:

“Malcolm is tired of hearing about Eddie telling people he and his mother tried to poisoned him. Malcolm is going to sue Eddie if he doesn’t stop spreading lies.”

Eddie Griffin Beef w/ Malcolm Jamal Warner


  1. Why is Eddie telling this story? Is this supposed to be a part of Eddie’s stand up routine? Please give more details Jacky.

  2. WOW I think he was secretly Sleeping with Malcolm Jamal Warner’s mom and its finally coming out and he mad lol!!!

  3. Thought Malcom would’ve became a big star . Guess he didn’t want the dick in the booty treatment to get to the top.

      • Maybe Bill Cosby urged him to get the tongue ring for the Atlanta BOULE Frat Lodge yearly convention

        • Is hotlanta really that raunchy? I’ve heard rumors and seen some interesting things around bulldogs on peach tree when visiting classmates and even at Lenox mall but I didn’t know that it was indeed THE San Francisco of the South. That’s sad all of my single friend girls relocated there. No wonder they can’t marry.

          • ATL is a modern day babylon, where famous

            men gangbang famous men and women do the same

            for fortune and Fame!(insert famous person

            name here) walking Lenox mall 24/7 looking

            thirsty for boy butt, confused girl boys and

            boy girls!! There are more men walking Lenox

            mall in ATL looking for other men than women.

            A picture say 1000 words look at those two!!!

    • I thought the same. Eddie is a brilliant guy but the powder lies are atrocious. One of my favorite uncles is a substance abuser(crack being primary). At times he will drop some jewels of wisdom but mostly just babbling incoherently eventually creating a diversion to take the attention away from our car antennas from being broken/missing. God probably told Eddie in a dream that Malcolm Jamal Warner’s mom slipped him a Molly. You never know these people 🙂

  4. Eddie Griffin performs at the Improv in Ontario California in June. His stand up is similar to Katt Williams. He isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Maybe that’s why his hollywood career isn’t as good as that sell out sambo Kevin Hart.

    • If its anything like that movie he came out with a few yrs. ago (which was better than I thought), no similarities except he’s a BM that shorter than average.

      I’ll see him before Kevin Hart but would rather wait for Katt to cool off or whatever before spending my money.