Benzino: “Stevie was jealous that me & Althea got together…”



    Zino and Stevie may not EVER rekindle their ‘brotherhood.’ That’s because Benzino recently let it rip with Vlad… saying Stevie’s jealous of his engagement to Althea AND naming Joseline the one and only “hoe” in the equation. Even though there is a video circling the internet of Althea getting smashed! Don’t believe me? Just ask Dave Mays who keeps issuing take-down notices claiming he owns the video in question.

    Here’s some of what Zino had to say:

    “He didn’t really have the balls to really let me know that. When he found out, with me and him it was unspoken — it was understood, we didn’t have to talk about it. It’s not like we sat down and had this emotional conversation… we sat down… she’s with me now and that’s that.

    If you my man there wouldn’t be no disrespect. This how my father raised me… you treat a woman good. You protect that woman from anything — man, woman, fish, animal… anything. See, Stevie’s thing is, ‘Let the hoes fight.’ No mutha f*cka… ’cause it’s only one hoe!”

    Check Zino’s entire interview:


    1. If Stevie J was jealous why was he denying it and Hothea kept confirming it?
      Usually its the other way around. Smh

      • I think that both have a habit of picking the wrong women but Steveie seems way more Sleezie then Benzeno.

      • What happened to these guys did they fall off of a turnip truck? You CANNOT TURN A HOE/HOOKA/ into a house wife. WHere they guys live? Inside a box maybe?

    2. Benzino need to stfu an be happy Stevie brought his character to LAHH Atlanta cuz he wasnt getting too much shine b4

    3. I highly doubt Steebie J is jealous.
      From the episodes they’ve aired, he seems more concerned with saving face with Joseline.

      Althea Heart is what they call an industry escort. Yes, she had a contract with Def Jam for singing. She’s sung a few songs. But her real job was pleasing those producers and execs, as she admitted once in a LHHATL confessional.
      Her and the other ladies joked about her promiscuity, because it is not a secret she’s been around the block a few times.

      She’s slept with at least three members of the cast.. Nikko, Steebie and Benzino. I’m very surprised that Benzino had never crossed paths with her, she’s been in the industry a dozen years and the industry is small.

      Benzino will learn that you cannot turn a ho into a Atl housewife. She’s even admitted she wants half of Hip Hop Weekly. Her mother has been married 5 times, so my expectations for Althea and Benzino are pretty low..

      Benzino is a simp.. I don’t see what he sees in her… but good luck!

      • Joesline is also a hoe now that she is woith Stevie and thinks that she may come in her career which is wack she is trying to clean up her image but behind the scene she is still hoeing for fame.

        • But Joseline doesn’t deny being a stripper and prostitute.
          And really, Steebie J? A has been coke head who doesn’t pay for his kids?
          Those 2 belong together. .

      • That was beautifully written. He is a simp and seems like he learned it from his dad. After watching Erica Pinketts interview I realized that LAHH is fake and like WWE wrestling but with dessert wines, unserved warrants and leased mac mansions.

        Crackhead Johnson jab was cute. Benzinos dad is tatted

        • Thanks.. I’m trying to get a job at HSK!

          Ill have to check the Pinky interview..

          I often wonder how the show works, I think they have call sheets of who and where they are filming and basic scripts of what to talk about. None of the conversations seem very organic, and someone is always “popping in”..

          Case in point, Mama Dee went to Erica Pinketts apt. Cameras were already inside, so it could not have been that bIg of a surprise when Mama Dee showed up with those flowers. ..

          Also, the Pimento Cheese scene, and any club/
          Fight scene. I believe, as the actors are walking in, producers say “hey, so and so said XYZ about you”, ply them with liquor (or whatever they like), and set em loose on each other.

          Oh I’m embarrassed I even watch the crap but it makes me feel better about my boring life, so…

          I know they are all adults. Its just irresponsible to aid them in destroying their lives, Mona. The storylines are getting more and more dangerous. Someone was shot, someone committed suicide, someone did porn, some of them are hard core drug addicts, prostitutes, most are parents! The next logical storyline is someone getting killed. Watch next season because its coming.

          • That club scene seemed suspect to me too, it was kinda fake because they set up the drama.early in the episode when she was like “he goin out of town girl, he’ll be back” all nonchalant after she just caught him cheating, and then why would he be dumb enough to get caught at the fashion event like he didnt know the lahh cameras were right there gtfoh i was like bullshit

    4. If Stevie was jealous then he would have thrown the fact that he smashed her in Benzino’s face. But he lied and said he never touched her. Benzino is too sprung on this chick. She’s gonna take him for everything he thought he owned lol

      • ita, thats what i thought, the girl soun so fake and she is gonna leave benzino for the next baller that will have her after she is finish with him

    5. I wonder how Benzino feels dragging a known hoe to industry parties?? LOL
      I know he hears the whispers.

    6. hosline a ho
      hothea a ho

      men stop simping over these type of women there no good benzino is a fool for marrying the ugly troll doll
      stevie j with his nasty d*ck needs to ditched that loud mouth Dora the explorer talking bytch and look after his

      cute daughter as for mimi stop f*cking freako’s married d*ck and look after your daughter!!!

    7. Thank god monday is last episode of season im.tired of them now they are gettin played out joseline so career aint goin nowhere so stevie need to call that a wrap they all f*ck each other nothing new here benzino is a sucker they wont last watch shes a hoe so whats new next boring………

    8. Say wat u will about joseline she may have gotten stebbie all wrong but she demanded standard from his ass. I respect her for that but she knew wat he was when she got him as my granny would say gain a man by default and lose him by default. As for thi thi she just straight out the gate hoe lol I am still team benzino 🙂 he looking for love I can dig it he’s sweet to me I’d take him. I’m a sweet woman myself. I feel where he’s coming from just want someone to love him for him that’s all can u blame him who wouldn’t want that

      • Joseline needs props about how she handled Steebie.
        Mimi couldnt (dIdnt, wouldnt dare) stand up to him like that..

        Pls let Zino go. You deserve better cornbread! He’s just too lovesprung and no woman wants someone that sensitive. He probably needs held every night to stop his tears..

        Now Nikko- that’s a real man! BOL! With his sprayed on hairline! “I watched it 5 times” !!

      • What standard are you refering too? He still disrespects the hoe an lies to save face! She aint no better than no bitch on the show an always talkin like she the shit but openly admitted she splits the bills for that rented house, Begged a deadbeat dad ass nigga to marry her ass an he puts her ho ass to work! She aint gon pop cuz she wack ! Please Epic Fail! I bet althea aint splitin no bills with benzino! Zino take good care of his woman an that rock he gave her is flawless! I like them together an they aint fightin over dumb shit! Much respect an love to zino an the the!

        • Exactly, it took benzino.5 min to drop the prenup idea, hes willing to give Thea half of everything, and rasheeda says Thea has her own money too

        • Joseline is no Whitney Houston. We know.

          I give her props for not crying and begging and chasing Steebie. I know women white and black who stay with a cheater & cry about it all day. She at least called him out and pacķed her a bag.

          Althea is an idiot. A prenup would have forced Benzino to expose all his assets. Now she will only get half of what he earns during the few months they will be married. Her main goalbis to own a wack magaine? Oh because print publications are so profitable this century.

          She’s as much an opportunist as any of them.

    9. Man…Willie stop Lmao. That’s why I like benzino. I can relate ha I can’t stand nikko dog ass. He couldn’t even man up and say wat we all are thinking…he gave the tape…no sold it to vivid. Mimi she is just the dumbest broad in America president of organization of thotism lol

      • Mimi really is dumb. Ill never know what she sees in Nikko. Or Steebie.
        She’s such a bad example for her daughter. .

        I like to tease, and Im only teasIng. I’m sorry about your heartbreak. You don’t deserve that. I’m glad you have hope and believe in love. Itl happen for you because you are a sweet and smart lady. I’m very glad I get to comment on this site with you. It really makes a difference in my day.

    10. I’m lovesprung too.I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in love and all there is to be in love even after I am recovering from a very very devastating heartbreak so I can dig it Willie Lmao don’t judge me 🙂 girl/guy code

    11. Awww…Willie I told u I am a sucker lol I am glad to post with u also. U, radiant, Chris, Raheim and a few others are my faves and Jacky too when he appears ha

      Now as far as my heartbreak I’m still getting over it he’s a young dummy who didn’t know how good he had it 🙂 o well

    12. I liked juice mane too u know the government doesn’t like competition lol I.e….Jacky I seem to remember that little very polite exchange between the two of u. It was refreshing to see two minds at work expressing their views of

        • What? Wow. Well, its your page. Too bad, too.
          Maybe some of the ones on here cussing and talking nonsense will mouth off to you too! Fingers crossed.

        • Oh ok that explains the why you called him a spy, like an internet spy who comes on this site and then discredits you on others….

          • The Twitter posts were pretty immature. He stooped low over a stupid story about Gucci.
            Things don’t always come to light automatically. Sometimes news takes time to circulate around.

      • Dang. A spy? Like a govt spy? Weird.
        ive gotten kicked off sites before..

        Shout out to the real black woman hater Tommy Sotomayor who wants to talk bad about little kids who can’t help how they were born, but God forbid you speak the truth about his…

        Shout out to Holly Hood, who posts memes and pretends its a news story.. although she had some good tea.. she didn’t like being called out either..

        My speech is protected by the First Amendment, and these are public forums, but whatever. One day Ill have my own and can pick and choose as I like who gets published and who doesn’t …

    13. Ooo ok see I’m still a nerd I don’t have a facebook or Twitter. So I didn’t know he bashed you(Jacky) my bad I just like coming to this site and see Jacky’s special guest appearances every now and again. So I get it. It was still a good read I am a fan awwww

    14. I never heard of Benzino until I watched L&HH. He is my favorite! I can’t believe he gave up on the prenup. I hope they are not married yet and he still has a chance to change that. After hearing her say she wants half of his mag he should realize what she is after. It warms this cold heart to see how much he loves Althea and that he is willing to give up half his shit. It was awesome when Josline found out Steebie was cheating. She deserves it for what she did to Mimi. I liked Mimi a lot more before she hooked up with that loser Niko. She could do so much better but she must have Daddy issues to keep making the same mistake like that. Learn somethin’ girl! Thanks Jacky for the great site! I just found you this week because I am an old out of touch white woman. 🙂

    15. I’m not Jacky but welcome to the site old outta touch white woman. I’m a very big fan of benzino too he’s sweet

      • Oh boy! Prettyfeet and Cornbread.. y’all need to get a room and cheer on that goofy simp together!
        Welcome welcome welcome!

    16. The real deal. Benzino is really Mr. Peanut. Joseline plays cornerback for the Falcons. Lil Scrappy flunked GED class. Mama D won the James Brown look-a-like contest at church. Steve J and Nikko are lovers. Mimi the new spokesperson for Kleenex, does that hoe cry every show? Karli Redd and yung joc live at the motel 6. And Althea might be a skeezer but that biyatch Badddd

    17. Women I have to say as a man I’ve never seen two men whom are fugly ass hell but coz they got. Doe no neck and rat face. Women love them. See why men quick to slap a hoe y’all need ur damn head checked. Heard master shredder sing I mean squeal he lifted his shirt and bitches for he couldn’t sing. See why the game so lost coz dumb money hungry bitches. Choosing bull shit over reality.


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