Benzino’s Fiance Althea Named As The Female Getting Smashed In Sex Tape [VIDEO]



HSK Exclusive – We’ve exclusively landed smashing video alleged to be Benzino’s bride-to-be taking some dizz-na-ee [HERE : warning NSFW/VERY GRAPHIC].

Other than our source naming Althea as the female in the footage, details surrounding the sex tape are sketchy. But let’s not forget… we’ve been provided with the footage less than a day after Stevie J blasted a topless pic of Althea, promising to “show you [Zino] a pussy soon.”

“The sender says, ‘don’t be mistaken, this is NOT of her and her current fiance.”

Peep Stevie’s tweets:



  1. What’s up with this girl, why was she acting like that last night. Please don’t marry her she don’t love him and I don’t know why he can’t see that and Mimi my respect for you is gone you both set that crap up anything for TV wow.

    • I use to admire Zino to the utmost! He is trying to turn a HOE into a HOUSEWIFE! BROTHAS I TELL YA! WHat the hell is going on? MY brothas in the voice of Marvin Gaye what’s going On? Zino can’t you find an educated attractive sista who can help your brand/business grow? what is this love for hoes and hookas? She slept with your best friend? WOW

        • He has always been a Bitch! Never had an ounce of respect for his punk ass. Wether it’s an interview or him just interacting, he is forever moping and groping, crying lie a broad. …lol. He is what we call a big trick, hoes throw parades when he coming to town. The cancel all appointments when he’s around. The two biggest tricks Boston has ever seen, and maybe the country is, Benzino and Antione Walker. He is an international captain Save a hoe, a real super trick, a top notch Hehoe, yeah I said Heho. The bullet would have never hit him, had his cape not been at the cleaners…….LMMFAO.

      • This show is scripted, you said it right in your statement that she “acting”
        Don’t catch feelings on this fugazy tv show
        Take it for what it is ENTERTAINMENTENT!!!!

        Most of what you see isn’t real

        • so this girl is sexing for money and mimi never made a sex tape.

          yeah right a writer scripted for mimi and nikko to film their sexlife b ecause its what viewers wanna see, its all tv huh.

  2. Men Cools Your Sticks For A Sec You Need A Women Who You Want To Marry Have Children With!!! Not Some

    Ugly Looking Moose

  3. Althea is a label escort. She screws the execs and artists like an on-call whore. I’m surprised an industry vet like Benzino hadn’t already crossed paths with her.

    Oh Mimi. You lying bitch. That is not a homemade sex tape. Its production was better than Nikkos music video he did on his Iphone!

      • She sings and hoes at the same time.
        Shes had deals with Def Jam buther music never went anywheres. I doubt she ever will.
        The girls have joked about it on the show and play it off as she was just promiscuous but this girl will do any and everything to get ahead in the industry.
        Shes got zero interest in Benzino. This show is a great come up for her. Sleeping with Steebie was premeditated so she can have a controversial storyline.

        • She has a nice singing voice. Listen to foxy Brown’s Cradle 2 Da Grave. Althea Heart sings the chorus on that song

        • At At least She Was There At The Hospital When Zino Got Shot!!! Give Her Some Props. If She Didn’t Give Damn About Zino
          She Wouldn’t Of Been At The Hospital…Cooking Food For Her Man (With No Neck)

          • Yeah she was there on the hospital set and at the house. You know they get paid to act in these scenes, right?

          • Flea Flea was serving Benzino cheese and crackers and ceviche. What was she cooking? The nigga was on Twitter Monday night, whining about how hungry he was. If Flea Flea gave a damn about no neck, she would at least feed the man.

          • guess you say that was scripted too mona scott was like hey lets have benzino shot by his nephew that will really bring some ratings.

            • We saw the scratch mark left by the bullet. If they wanted him dead, well hes got a huge head for a target…
              the shooting just happen to be icing on the cake.

      • That makes sense. Lends to the tape being stolen theory. Mimis still a porn star.
        I wonder what would make a ordinary person with their own life (her successful cleaning company) who was approached to act on a reality show turn to doing porn 2 years later..?

        • The Ojays said it best. “For the love of Money, A woman will sell her Prescious Body. For small piece of Paper, it carries a lot of weight, oh that mean, oh mean, mean green…almighty dollar, that money”

          • The problem isn’t 44 yo doing porn isn’t a problem. Its the fact she has a little girl who has to deal w mama’s mistakes.
            The problem I guess is that she lied about doing the porn.

            And the fact that its a damn shame. Why? Shes attractive smart educated woman.. why do something so low and with such a lowlife..

            • celeb kids are the worse.

              my mom was in a sex flick and her dad thinks hes a big time producer like its 1997 plkus he hangs around a latina loud mouth who thinks shes a rapper but is really a stripper escort.

  4. bytch looks like e.t with her face and arms naked sex!!! must be ducking on another man not your own man?!! bytch must be greedy

  5. both hothea and hoseline have more things in common smashing different men use men

    women must do better we need to set a good example for the younger girls

  6. Stevie J is aiding and abetting the insanity. Releasing a sextape of Althea is not helping him or her. Only skanky white chicks benefit from this foolishness…Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kim K. They’re not held to high standards, it’s acceptable for them to trick as such. Benzino supposed to be his homie…I Think Not!

  7. They both doing each other a favor
    She a tramp and she escorting downlow men and trashy ass rappers, that are not loyal to one woman. Ugh

  8. I like zino. I feel for him bcuz he’s looking pa nub in ALL the wrong hoes…I would take him in a heartbeat. He’s sweet to me a little misguided but sweet and sometimes the voice of reason to his bonehead friends

    • Oh my!!!!! This dude will make any woman miserable. emotionally,he acts nothing like a man. I don’t think women use him, I think that they get tired of dealing with their own hormones and then having to deal with his. Lisa Ray would have married any dude with a lil bread that was willing to put a ring on it…and she was 100 miles and running. She wasn’t dealing with this bitch.

    • Hmmmmmm……you need to do a little research on Benzino. He was an epic azzhole at The Source. What you see is what he has become after reality has set in. He still has an unquenchable thirst for hoes. The only reason Althea is with him is for his money and connections.

  9. All of these people are opportunists. And old at that. They all belong in a Nursing Home. Stevie, Benzino, Karlie, Mimi, Necrodemus all in their 40s & 50s

    • That seem to be the age of the productive. Everyone else seems like followers. Learn something young minded.

  10. Why stevie doing thet to his friends girl? Why do that karma will get him back he fails to realize he has a daughter who from the looks of things will soon need help

  11. You know you have found a Mötley crew, a bunch of fucking dirtbags who Should be thrashed vigorously when the only people in the whole group with any integrity are

    Young Jock
    Waka Funkin Flaka Flame
    And Lil Scrappy.

    WTF man…..and I will tell you what else. As I look for another person on this damn circus to have an ounce of respect for, it’s insane that I got more Respect for Stevie J than anyone else in that lil crazy circle. …

    *** Dylan Voice *** dis eeees crazy mon!!!

  12. There are many Captain SaVaHoES in the industry..ready to swoop down and trick on a woman who has been passed around more times than a blunt at a Snoop Dog cipher…All the decent women in the world..NO they don’t want them.They would much rather scrape the bottom of the bucket for chicks with scandalous reputations! I don’t feel the least bit sorry for their azzes.. Let them keep on keeping on!

  13. These will be the same ones crying down the line about how b**tches ain’t sh*t! lmao..Yeah but you picked her right? Wipe ya tears sucker and deal with it like a man… Most wouldn’t look twice at these thirsty dudes if they didn’t have money and weren’t willing to spend it foolishly..

  14. HSK!!!

    My nigga always show and prove.
    As fake as this LAHH show is…
    HSK got that video!!
    MY NIGGA!!!

  15. I am inclined to believe that the LAHH episodes are just 45 minute campaigns for Big Pharma’s Valtrex and Zovirax meds.

  16. Hoes of Atlanta….Starring Mimi….Karlie Red, Hothea and all the rest. I bet the whole cast got the HSV2. Nasty phuckers.

  17. Yeah they nasty as fuck I wouldnt be surpised of they all got disease passin each other round an round that the music industry for ya everybidy fucks everybody ewwww

  18. This concludes the truth about Stevie being with her. And why does Ben always attract hoes! He seems like he may be a pretty good guy. But he can’t get no luck with the women. Maybe Carly Redd is right about the dick department? Benie Weinee Hmmm….

  19. benzino and stevie likes this chit they like freaks because they are freaks.

    stevie and benzino probably ask her about each others dick sizes.

    we knew stevie and jose will never break up he like what she do it turn stevie on that joseline phukk other men and women.

  20. Google “Joseline Hernandez Nicki Minaj Diss”…she in the studio high as hell & demon possessed….She got demons in her & could explain that picture of her kissin devil heads in a dark basement, & Im still wondering who leaked that..

        • yea 4 realz…thats not coke tho, thats a x pill…Mona paying them pennies to act the way they do & Jose’ & Stebbie spending all their money on dope…also explains the “show” in Texas

          • X is great, while you’re doing it. It’s the aftermath which sucks. But it is the ultimate inhibition remover.

            • When you end up with a 60-year-old brain in your early 20’s as a result if ecstasy use, we’ll see how great it was. People end up with holes in their brains after prolonged use. Good luck when you get an MRI. I hope it comes back clean.

      • google “Joseline Hernandez baphomet” when u go to the images link it should be the second pic on images…she high (of course) & in a dark basement, like wtf??

    • Omg god that vid of Joseline in the booth was disturbing like a present day Lark Voorhies meets Charlie Manson. As one youtuber said it was like witnessing an exorcism. The Power of Christ compells you. Has to be bath salts.

  21. Hi Eddie longs I love ur comments and yes Willie Jr I like zino lol I’m serious he’s a hopeless romantic like myself. I see myself in him some picking the wrong dudes hey but that shit changed quick lol but I can feel where he’s coming from y’all don’t beat me up ha

    • No girl.. just making jokes.. trying to change the tone & pick on someone with some sense steada arguing with these name calling fools!

      You’ll get it together .. keep ya head up.