Former Employee Accuses BET Pres. Stephen Hill of Sexual Harassment


“If you were a heterosexual at BET in the New York offices, you were basically an outcast…that man (Stephen Hill) destroyed my initial dreams, he ruined my relationship with certain people.” ~ David K. Far-El

HSK Exclusive  – The man who played a key role in the success of BET’s longest running hip hop/rap show Rap City, says his former boss and the current president of BET, Stephen Hill, is the type of man who uses his position to make his employees put out sexually or get out.

In part one of this four part exclusive interview with Jacky Jasper, David K. Far-El reveals what he says was an extremely uncomfortable encounter with Hill – which ultimately led to him being blacklisted in the field of entertainment.

“I’m not talking from a homophobic aspect here, I never in all my life felt so uncomfortable around a gay person the way I felt around the current President of BET,” says Far-El, of his Hill in-car experience in which he did not comply with. “When I got out the car, my man gave me this limp wack hand shake, he looked at me with disgust in his face, like he was disappointed — I walked out of BET Friday, the golden child — I came back to BET that Monday, suddenly I was the black sheep.”

During this very shocking conversation, Jacky Jasper learns how one mans journey to follow his dream career was attempted to be revoked, all because he wasn’t down with Stephen Hill’s sexual ritualistic program. It’s an encounter which Far-El has documented in his book “BET, DBRAD & ME – A Conversation w/ David K. Far-El” – “A humorous yet, provocative conversation, entailing his career in the television and music industry”, available at and Books.

This book chronicles the authors life in the television/music industry in the urban market,from Black Entertainment Television to the Chappelle show. The author delivered a crisp, humourous, yet informative story line, which keeps you hooked. This book is for anyone who is interested in this field of work as well as those of us, who just want to know what goes on behind the scenes. All I have to say is “WOW”, it will totally change your perception about the business of music and television. The stuff that goes on….unbelievable! –Amazon

David K. Far-El has had a rollercoaster ride through the entertainment industry. From production assistant to producer, he has seen behind the curtains of B.E.T. shows such as RapCity, 106 & Park, The Chappelle’s Show, countless videos, and interviews during the rise of today’s sports and music stars. In BET, Dbrad & Me, Far-El shares his account of what goes on when the camera turns off!

originally published on June 8, 2011

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  1. This is unbelieveable why is Stephen Hill still working. He is nobody and why hasent anyone done anything yet? You see I have a daughter who wanted to work for BET and God is bigger then this mess they called her but nothing happeneed. Because if they would have tried anything I would be on the news on all of them over there. And she fits the bill of what there looking for very pretty girl and ofcourse vcery light but God shut that down. Is there no one thats for real about helping young artist because everyone wont sell there soul for a deal think about that Stephen Hill and your not even atractive ugly ass. stupid nigga.

    • it shows a lack of intelligence to make a statement about all people of a certain race or sexual preference based on the actions of one or a few.

      Otherwise you would have to say Zimmerman was justified cuz you know previously it was blacks caught committing crimes in his neighborhood so trayvon must be doing the same.

      • Just sayin its not fair to generalize a whole race, culture, or anything.

        you give bigots and racists and the likes an excuse/justification to be such.

        anyhow im not gonna get in a back and forth over this.

        I love my dark skin light skin straight and gay brothers/sisters all the same

  2. Comin from the mouth of DBRAD aka DAVID K FAR-EL….its TRUE….ALL DAMN TRUE….and cats like SGHill can shut your career down when u speak up….which is why MOST do NOT say anything….ME…im kinda stupid I guess b/c TRUSS when I tell career has basically been DESTROYED….in music tv that is….luckily for not a one trick pony but I will say..YOU GOTTA BE BUILT to talk about sh*t like this..u lose MONEY, ASSOCIATES AND STANDING in the industry that you worked hard to be a part of…again..Im jus a dummy I guess who actually believes in principal over monetary gains….not to mention…when u broke….better have a good clan aka family that loves you….ya gonna need em…again…TRUSS I KNOW…I regret NOTHING yet I do understand why people do NOT speak out…

    • Why didnt u report it to the FEDs and sue the company for all they got. You had that right for 120 day after the last offense.

      • lol … because the FEDs are as gay and abusive as that CEO … we are living a movie with the most ridiculous storyline … the sad shit is that it’s REAL …

    • Yeah, those Boondocks episodes were classic–So much so, in fact, that BET actually got WORSE after they were released LOL Just like the episode clowning Tyler Perry, there was too much truth in those episodes, truth that could potentially hurt BET if they’d aired. Hell, the only thing I’m surprised about is that they weren’t banned sooner.

      As for DBrad and his story, I remember it from years ago and don’t doubt Hill’s actions and character at all. Like I’ve said before, the music & entertainment Industries, like all businesses, are all about money, power, and control, especially when one wants to move up the corporate ladder. It goes without saying that it’s a fucked-up system

  3. *zesty* – ROTFL – great word to describe – can’t you just hear the gay “t” and “y” – as in zestee… lol

  4. Here is my question where is the concrete proof that Hill has done anything he has been accused of? I mean in this age of cell phone cams, mini digital recorders leaked sex tapes etc; someone by now should have produced some type of smoking penis evidence on all these so called predatory DL industry brothers. I wish some of you guys would quit jumping so quickly on the let’s castrate and emasculate the black man. I yet to witness any other racial or ethic group ; black, white, Asian, native American,Jewish, or Hispanic that openly castrate their men like we do. I mean why is the black man the only one that has to carry the burden f being on the DL .

  5. Hey Dbrad if u r reading the comments, question for ya. Were u at BET when that host Liza Michelle was there? I thought she was really good but then she just disappeared. Did some crazy stuff go down? I always wondered what happened to her.

  6. if ur being sexually harrassed file a claim with EEOC. no company has the balls to challenge the govenment. dont just sit there and take it then quit and be broke with no refrences. use ur federal right because thats what adults do! The government will protect you!

    This truth will never fail!

    I applaud you DBRAD for exposing, no matter what it cost you … i know, it must be easier said, than done … nevertheless, i believe you will reap greater than what was taken.

  8. im extremely disgusted, not just by this man’s actions but by the comment stream on this godforsaken website. NOT ALL GAY PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT! Stephen Hill is the minority!! I HATEE the way BET portrays gay men, super feminine and constantly lusting after the straight man. That’s not real life and you’re all as ignorant as the shitty television you watch if that’s what you believe

  9. Okay, not that i have anything against gay people but i have alot of gay friends and just like straight people you have that bad bunch that will tie you down and make you do stuff that you dont wanna do to get to a place you want and need to be. As you all know this is known as “temptation”. These guys on here knew what to do even if that meant losing their dream which is sad btw. but they had to bail because they knew it was bad and they felt like it wasn’t right. shame on the person who is doing all ofthis. but please do note that not ALL gay people are like this. These gays that you hear about are the people that make it hard for the ones that dont do anything wrong to live a hard life. their the reason why the world is the way it is. And also the point i want to get across is the fact not to be judgemental when you hear the word “gay” or “lesbian”. Everyone is different. im sure your momma taught yall that.

    #think before you post. Word.

  10. David aka David Far-El is certifiably crazy. He was a kid from southern NJ who got turned out by the big city. That doesn’t mean he’s wrong, though. SGH has done plenty of dirty shit over the years. Despite the rampant homophobia on this site his alleged sexual preference isn’t the half of it. Sexual harassment of men and women by men and women is rampant as is plenty of financial mismanagement. Find the reporter whose exposé on BET was silenced and you’ll find a gold mine.

  11. That’s disgusting…ANYONE who use their position to sexually harass an employee is a disgusting predator. That’s wrong! I hate when people abuse their “POWER”!