Beyonce Bans Mathew Knowles’s Son From Blue Ivy


Beyonce is Queen B

Black Sheep Over Bastard Status?

The last sort of individual Beyonce wants her daughter associated with is a bastard child — even if their related. That’s why sources are saying Bey won’t allow her half brother – fathered by Bey’s dad, Mathew Knowles – to meet Blu Ivy.

You may remember Mathew’s now three-year-old son – Nixon Alexander Knowles – was born back in February 2010, followed by a paternity test proving the child is his. That’s after first word of Mathew’s affair with Nixon’s mother – Alexsandra Wright – led Tina Knowles to filed for divorce in November 2009, ending her 31-year marriage to Bey’s father.

Here’s what Alexsandra Wright told Star Magazine:

“We had an 18 month relationship. We were in love and even lived together. But four months into my pregnancy, he decided he couldn’t do it – and since our son’s birth, he has tried to deny Nixon full child support.

This isn’t about the money. It’s about accountability, education and providing Nixon a secure life.”

Did Alexsandra Wright previously believe having Mathew Knowles’ baby would automatically land her financial security and a place in the spotlight? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tina Knowles.


  1. Matthew Knowles is a bag of dirty douche water! Suurrrrrprise!

    Matthew is not Beyonce’s biological father. Tina Beyance (sp) had Beyonce with some white dude who owns a restaurant here in NYC. When Matthew and Tina met, Beyonce was a toddler, under 3 years old.

    Is all that is fact. That bastard Matthew had is not Beyone’s blood. She owes Matthew and is side whore, nothing!

    Beyonce is tight to keep her child away from that drama. That we are all family non-sence is just a load of bullshit. Let the innocent decide if they want to be involved with the side pieces bust it babies, when they are old enough to understand. Not before that. Why the hell should any woman have to suffer because some dirty douche couldn’t keep his dick to himself!

    Why would I want my man’s bastard child in my face fucking up my head and confusing my kids, leading them to believe this shit is normal? Hell no! Keep that shit away! When the kids are old enough, we will all have a sit down, making it clear how those bust it babies came about. Making it clear what type of man I poorly chose to make their father. Oh…. The truth would come out on my terms. But them damn babies would be kept at arms length and not in my home around my kids.

    We need to stop having babies by these dirty ninjas. And stop creating the facade that this blended family nonsense is “normal” it is never normal for a man to have several kids by several women in the same year. Or kids outside his marriage, etc. same rule applies to these trifling females. Do better.

    • I believe you. In fact I believe Kelly is more of a Knowles than Beyonce (hey Matthew wink wink). looking at Solanges’s feature she is a better combo of Tina and Mattews features. Bey has nothing at all for Matthew.

    • So why would Beyonce accept one bastard child (Kelly) and not the other (Nixon)?

      I do believe that Beyonce is the spawn of Matthew and Tina. Tina has very harsh features and Matthew has really soft features. Genetically, she took the best of both of her parents and an acceptable level of attractiveness was spawned. On the other hand, Solange took on Tina’s harsh features along with the Matthew’s worst features and good grief it just proved to be unfortunate for her. Lil Julez is just a Beyince to his heart and he looks like Tina’s weird looking brothers.

      I believe that Beyonce is vindictive and just an evil cut-throat harlot like her father. I believe that Beyonce has more of her dad’s personality and Solange has more of her mother’s personality. Tina may catch a bad rep but something tells me that she is very kind and gentle yet snobby. I see those same qualities in Solange. She seems to be a sweetheart but she is snobby (there are personal accounts of this).

      Beyonce reminds me of Oprah Winfrey. For a long time, Oprah’s public personae was that of a sweet, gentle, caring spirit. However, behind the scenes was a raging lunatic. My professor’s son worked on lighting for the Oprah show. He recounted tales of her berating people and even being a cunt to her guests of all people. One day, the lighting was off and she went off the deep end to the degree that she nearly slapped the lighting director. This is from someone who was there to witness this firsthand(my Professor’s son). He ended up walking out of the meeting and ended up working on lighting for another show.

      Beyonce puts on this feminine “mystique” personae. But I would guarantee you that she has been around the block a time or two and that she is a very mean-spirited person. Nine times out of ten, the images that these celebrities project is the complete opposite behind the scenes. Joan Rivers comes off a batshit crazy and a mean-spirited wench. However, she reared a well-adjusted daughter and she adores her grandchildren. This would indicate to me that Joan is an absolute sweetheart and that what we see in the public is a character. Michelle Obama may come across to some as a total and complete bitch. But people who know her personally say she is so sweet, kind, and very loving. People are drawn to her for those reasons.

      At the end of it all, Beyonce is a retarded mofo for taking her frustration and anger out on her half-sibling. Tina has put up with Matthew and his philandering ways for decades so what is the big deal now? Bottom line, I wish Jacky Jasper would print the true story behind why Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle dumped Matthew as their manager and why he did not resist–because Kathy Hughes of TV One and Radio One Fame sent him and his artists that he managed a memo that as long as any of them are assigned to his management label, they will not get their music played on any of her radio stations. Matthew is still pulling the strings and still quasi-managing Beyonce. She is not smart enough to keep her career afloat niether is Jay-Z. If Jay-Z could keep Beyonce career in forward motion, then his own career would be more on the upswing. But his career is fledgling. He has never been an international star so how in the hell do anybody else believe that he can manage an international star? Rihanna was already an international star before she came to be managed under Roc Nation so she does not count. Matthew is still working his strong arm tactics to ensure that Bad Breath Beyonce maintains global dominance (which is quite questionable). Everyone knows that Beyonce’s team buys tickets to her concerts and gives them away for free and also buys her albums and does the same to make it appear that she is still relevant and that her music is still in demand. How in the heck does a CD go platinum without a single #1 hit? Girls Run the World was the kick off song on her last album and it debuted at 49 I believe and did not even reach the top 20 (I may be wrong). But for a lead song to chart that low and the other songs to struggle on the charts will never translate into a platinum album.

      Sorry for the novel. I have been missing for a while and wanted to get my story published…LOL!

      • Kelly is three years older than Beyonce. Beyonce looks like Tina Solonge looks like Mathew’s sister and Kelly looks like her mom and Mathew imo. I think this baby really hurt Tina and those girls ride with their mom. I understand this 100% as my moms feelings would come First also if this was an issue in my family. Its funny how she’s only concerned ith Beyonce I mean does she not give a damn that her meal ticket is related to Solange too? She sisnt even mention her.

      • Some of you need to quit acting like you know these celebrities personally.How the f8ck can you be an expert on someone that you have never met? Humor me! Oh I know the he say she say…my brothers..cousins sisters daughters..told me its so ..therefore it must be so! Beyonce could very well be a nice person otherwise, who has very skewed..and personal feelings of hurt about how this affair ,which resulted in an outside child,caused embarrassment to her mom ( who shes very close to). She may eventually come around and make a decision to get to know her little brother, but for now she is obviously hurt still about it. he’s still an innocent child. Yeah I have heard the rumors that Kelly belongs to Matthew, but until someone really in the know,Kelly, her mom, Beyonce, Tina, Solange, Matthew come forward to speak on it, or admit to it, it shall remain a rumor. When you deal with a cheating azz men this is a possibility like it or not. It was okay with her until he impregnated the side piece.

      • Whew! I may not agree with a few points in the Dynasty saga which is the Knowles-Beyince family tree, I sure did enjoy reading your post.

        • All of them need to stfu like really nun of them no about they family problems sometime ppl need shut up if they dont no what the talking about dam

        • This blog has me so weak, I’m dying laughing how did I find this ahaha, y’all all some fools but so hilarious

      • Wow you alot of things into prospective for me. That is crazy yet it all makes sense. I do truly believe that beyonce is a cut throat b****. She seems like a very snobbish self centered person and that bow down song didnt make it any better at all. Overall in a nut shell I wouldn’t care to meet her.

    • I heard long ago that Matthew wasn’t Beyonce’ biological dad, and that her biological dad was actually a French..likely black Creole. It’s neither here nor there because “if true” this is the man who raised her, and who she has always considered her dad. As for Matthews cheating, from what I have heard he has been having affairs on Tina long before daughter Beyonce and Destiny’s Child hit it big in the music industry! These indiscretions are nothing new! Truth be told I think that Tina might have forgiven him yet again, or turned a blind eye to it, had a baby not come from this particular affair! Somehow a child coming from an affair is the deal breaker for many women .I don’t blame her for leaving, and i do think that Matthew and the side woman were scandalous and wrong for carrying on an affair, when he was a very married man. I will however say that I take issue with these wives, etc disrespecting innocent children ,who did not ask to be here, and who had no control of the circumstances through which they arrived in the world. You want to have an attitude towards your dad fine, but I do find it to be kind of immature to deny a child an opportunity to know his family..but that’s my opinion! It takes a real mature woman to accept fact that her dad is a cheater, had a baby by another woman, who like it or not is her half sibling. Calling a child born outside a marriage names won’t change the fact that hes here, just like it won’t change fact that he f*cked another woman, so get real!Obviously Blu Ivy belongs to her and Jay so its their decision to make, and she made… shrugs shoulder) Probably doing it out of pity for and obligation to her mother!

    • the hell matty isnt bey dad! shocker i always thought he was anyway matt is dirtbag no doubt but how bey gone get mad at ths woman for having matts baby outside of the marrige but accept kelly she matthew biological duaghter and they took her in with wide open arms they practically raised her up in the house hold with bey and solo .this is no shocker matt isnt a faithful man he been cheating it swept it up under the carpet paying off abortions this woman is only the first to take the abortion money and still have the baby!thats the only reason the originals members of destiny child latovia and latoya left the group cause they werent gonna go for laying up the old nasty man for tracks and not get paid.


    • Beyonce can do whatever she likes!!! She owes this little boy nothing at all and does not have to get to know him. The mum is a gold cheating idiot who got what she deserved. THE SINS OF THE FATHER in this case THE SINS OF THE MOTHER AND FATHER. Beyonce would be really stupid to let this boy into her life. With a mother like his, he will just bring idiotic pathetic problems into her life. She will use her son to get to Beyonce’s money. This woman is an idiot and there is no reason for Beyonce to get to know her son because that is exactly what the cheating idiot mum wants.

    • y you wud want say these hurtful things for the child did not make him self two people did and its not the child fault if it was you , you would not want people sayin these things about you am i right or wrong. I have a bastard brother and i don’t call him my half brother i call him my brother cause he came from my dad she shouldn’t do it to the lil boy he is in no position to no what is goin on you can’t put something on a lil boy who have nothing to do with anything that went on with the affair he didn’t made him self beyonce fadda did and the kid’s mom so you need to wake up and stop living in dream land and stop acting like if ya int got much uptop

    • OM friggin G!! you all sound like complete friggin idiots. I’m willing to bet NONE of u (including the person who wrote this article) has ever MET Beyonce… let alone have a conversation with her

      .oO (… friggin haters!)

      Keep cashin’ those checks, Lady B #virgosdammit

  2. Being a “bastard” myself, I feel for the little boy. It’s not his fault what his parents did. I think Bewolf is a real B!TCH to act this way to an innocent child.

    • I feel you as a child, my father did the same thing, I never understood his wife’s anger toward me. I resented her and blamed her for her anger. When in reality my father was fucked up for what he did to her!

      As an adult, I completely side with the spouse who has to suffer through this disgusting situation.

      Protect the children and explain things to them later, instead of letting the problem grow and fester or sweeping it under the rug like nothing happened. This is not normal.

      • In my situation, my father’s wife was very nice to me, it was my half-siblings significant others who were absolutely terrible to me.

        I don’t want to associate with my father, but I don’t want my kids to marry relations either. It’s best to know who you’re related to.

        I find in situations like this, the children always suffer.

        • It’s understandable that your half siblings would side with their mother. But, in the end we have no control over how these parties in these sad situations will respond and treat one another.

          There usually isn’t a happy ending in these situations. It is rare that the outside woman/children are accepted into the family by all members. The women and children usually suffer for the sins of the fathers/husbands/boyfriends.

      • I agree to a point but check this out..had it not been for that indiscretion you would not be here. People make bad choices but when a baby is born there is no time for hypothetical theories.That baby is here! I just wish that adults would be adults and do whats in best interest of their own children. I don’t condone cheating at all, but when the deed is done it can’t be taken back!

        • And let’s not forget that YTs are as guilty of this foolishness as Blacks are. For instance, Loretta Young(a beautiful TV star in the 40-50’s) daughter was Clark Gable’s but was raised to think she was another family member’s child, and didn’t learn the truth for 45 years, and we all know that Jack Nicholson thought his mother was his sister most his life.

    • It’s not about the child, its about the situation at hand, and the wounds r still fresh…these are things mistress have to think about before planning a financial come up from a man’s daughter through him…did she actually think eveything would be guns and roses

      • Wait a minute. Now I’m not a fan of the Knowles, in particular Matthew. But if there was anybody who worked for their money, it was Matthew. Whether it was right or wrong, Matt kept Bey on the top. So no, it’s not all about Bey’s money. And I’m sure Matt has made enough to retire on, unless he foolishly spent it on drugs and women like he use to. Beyonce kept endorsements and doing concerts. So if she is worth around 2 or 3 hundred million, then Matt’s take of 15% ain’t bad at all.

      • DAr-Nini, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

        That woman KNEW she was messing with a MARRIED MAN.

        What the hell did she expect? That Beyonce and Solange would call her up to arrange a meeting?

        By NO MEANS am I excusing him. Because he had more to lose than she did in terms of his wife, reputation, respect of his kids, etc. And he should support and get to know his child.

        But she, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s mistress, Joe Jackson’s mistress amd mistresses EVERYWHERE have to understand one thing: most kids ain’t going against their mother — and their mother’s feelings — for no OUTSIDE HOE.

        If her feelings are hurt on behalf of her son she should have taken the outcome of this affair into consideration before she became pregnant.

        She’s just PISSED because her BEST PLAN FAILED.

        Mathew and Tina are divorced but she’s still alone raising a child and not only is Beyonce not thinking about her ass he’s not either.

        It’s just unfortunate that the children who are by-products of these affairs get a raw deal because they grow up feeling as though a part of them is missing — and it is cause daddy is MIA.

    • Im tying to figure out why she’s publically crying out for Beyonce and Blue’s love and not Solonge and her son’s love? Is it because Beyonce is the richer more famous sister? Hmmmm Hores and their meal tickets. I feel sorry that child was born from a groupie womb smh. I guess her book is next.

      • She isnt broke shes written songs for Destiny’s Child and Beyonce and song writing money is Real money especilly when albums sell. It’s just funny how this woman wants attention only from Beyonce and Blue??? Welp maybe Solonge told her to phuk off from the gate.

    • I’m still trying 2 figure out what pinkkitty did wrong & why she sides with her father’s wife?

      • I did nothing. I side with my fathers wife’s anger toward her husband (my father) having a child behind her back. As a child, I didn’t understand why she treated me badly, and didn’t want me around.

        As an adult, I completely understand her position. It took me years to realize that my father was the bad guy. My mother never spoke of it, she was shamed by the whole ordeal. They had a fling, had me, he married someone else when I was 3 months old. His wife was too hostile and I was kept away from her for obvious reasons.

        I would never treat a child badly, but I would never want my husband’s outside child anywhere near my children. I would not want my children exposed to their father’s bad behavior. But, I would make them aware of the depth of the situation once they were old enough to understand and decide on their own if they wanted to have a relationship with their half siblings.

        My first goal would be to protect my children. I would never want my child thinking this lifestyle choice was ok or acceptable. There would be no need to bad mouth their father, his actions prove him to be a piece of shit. I wouldn’t have to say anything innocent children. They would understand, and I would apologize to them for no choosing a better man not be their father.

        • The point is you did nothing wrong, and she had no right to treat you that matter what her husband did! You were an innocent child, and while I feel for any woman humiliated by an affair or child resulting from it, no excuse! She needed to get pass that pain to see what should have been evident and obvious! You were a part of him , her husband, and if she couldn’t deal with that than she should have not married or stayed with that man period!

          • Understood. But I still agree with her. If I were in her shoes, I would have reacted differently, but that child would never have been in my presence. Never. Neither would he for that matter.

            He showed her who he was before she married him, and she did it anyway. Just so she could save face and say she “won the prize”. What a prize he was! In the end they divorced, she spent years being humiliated by my father, he never stopped cheating. Never.

  3. This is a VERY REAL subject. I am now in my early 30’s and I have had trouble w/ my father’s wife since I was a young girl. My story is quite different as my mom and dad were together and separated and my father began dating an old friend of my mothers. She was ok when I was young but as I grew older and began to look walk and sound more like my mother, she began to treat me quite different. She would tease me about things and became what I feel was my competition. I hated her for it, but most of all I hated my father for not checking her on her behavior towards me. He was sneak money to me as if he didn’t want to cause a problem with her. I now have a child which he is estatic about, but I can still feel that there is some sort of resentment on her part towards my daughter. She never had children of her own but had many PETS. (MISERABLE)

    I always told myself that I would never blame any child or children for their existence. I dated someone who had a child and she absolutely loved me. She still does and her dad and I separated 10 years ago.

    I was once told by a Shaman that my life “challenge” is to not abandon my family. Life is a cycle and what we do affect our children and so on. What our parents did affect us. I had a huge question which I needed answered and I believe you all just helped me.

    PEOPLE, our sole purpose whether you believe in GOD or not is to LOVE each other. We also must LOVE children as you do not know what the SPIRIT of a child was sent here to do.


    • Correction, I said early 30’s. 33 to be exact. I’m not whining about my treatment at this point, if you must re read it again it says my father’s treatment towards my child which is his grand daughter. The only one. Were not some typical hood rat family w/o assets. Assets. Again assets. Chuckles…

  4. That was beautiful sister. Thanks for sharing your story. I pray by the power of the Creator your father’s wife will have a changeof heart a clean heart so that your daughter wont suffer the pain that woman’s pain you have. Peace and Blessings

  5. Its BEYounCes Baby and she should parent as she SEEs Fit,and the Side Piece needs to leave Bs name outta her mouth Putting ther BIZ out there.


    Anonymous @ 6:50 and 7:09 tried to shed some light on the whole situation and help people to grow and back to the BS.

    • Well, the thing is he doesn’t.
      Being who he is and whose legacy he is such a large part of, he should have cut his jump off a one time large check to be placed in an aggressive mutual fund for the child’s future, and another reasonable but not excessive one time check for the child’s living expenses until 18, sealed it with a rock solid legal agreement that if she opened her mouth or came back for additional funds later, it would all be revoked. That’s what “old Hollywood” did.

  7. Nixon is Blur Vine’s uncle and Beyonce, Kelly, and Solange’s half-sibling. We are not talking about just any person–we are talking blood relations! Sheesh!





  9. This situation sums up the destruction of our community.Too many baby daddies and not enough husbands/fathers.

    And I know that this is going to piss off women but I’m going to put most of the blame on them.

    We know that too many men,of which I am one are shady,but, yet especially in this instance,you know who that man is and you didn’t care,you knew he was married.You sold yourself for child support.Selfish.

    I wonder if they stopped awarding child support how many of these women would continue.Probably most because most men don’t pay anyway.

    I believe Beyonce will come around if she hasnt already.

    • Men are equally passes from me, but I do somehow agree with your comment for most part! As women we do set standard of what we tolerate and situations we allow ourselves to be part of! Its not all about money either because I have seen many women on talk shows, all races laying up having babies by ignorant, broke, irresponsible men, that they knew from the gate had no pot to piss in, either kids they weren’t caring for! This is a little different because Matthew was a married man with kids that he actually did help raise. As far as we know he has no outside kids ( other than people saying Kelly is allegedly his) until that affair, which resulted in this now 3 yr old son!The mistress probably did see $$, as do most groupie mentality types in it to win it.

      • and she was stupid to lay up and get pregnant by a married man.

        9 times out of 10, if a man is married, the mistress does this for money, spite, or both.

        the lucky few get the so called “prize” (man and money)and the rest get the short end of the stick.

        just sad.

        i think these women just dont honor themselves. even money comes before themselves…or feeling loved, actually comes before loving themselves…they see a man who is taking care of a woman and decide it is easier to just take him than to find a single guy who does this—in the random shuffle of dating it is hard to find a provider.

        she sees a ring, she sees commitment off top…no guessing.

        more power to ya…you need it.

  10. ‘Sources’ say Bey doesn’t want to meet her little half brother; well until she says it herself, I’m taking that with a grain of salt. And some of y’all on here sound crazy and delusional as fvck. I truly question your ability to think critically. If Bey’s dad was white, please explain how Beyonce got her complexion and hair texture, considering Mama Knowles looks darn near white herself. Michelle is Matthews’ daughter now? Are you fa real??? C’mon son! She doesn’t look like him and neither does Kelly! Stop being so damn gullible! Gtfoh with your nonsense!

    • Mama Tina ain’t slick. Her ass wear weaves also. And if her hair was “good” what is the purpose of that? She isn’t on stage like Beyonce being exposed to all the lights that can cause hair damage.

      Chili don’t wear weave…Melony Fiona (sp) don’t wear weaves. And I don’t think they claim to be Creole.

    • Exactly what I say , forming all types of crazy azz theories..don’t know jack shyt about shyt..lmao..ignorance is bliss!

    • Thank you! If Beyonce’s father is white then so is Flava Flav’s father. Beyonce is clearly the product of her mother and a black man. People are dilusional and really shouldn’t make up stories about parentage.

  11. I have been hearing those rumors about Beyonce not being Matthews daughters for quite some time now.

    She sure does have a lot of dirt in her back yard. That is why she shouldn’t have used trickery to deceive the public into thinking that she and her family is/was perfect.

  12. Halle Berry is biracial ,and she is darker then Bitchyonce!!..So she could be biracial ,it’s really not that far fetched…And Kelly looks JUST like daddy Knowles ,he needs to come out and claim his beautiful daughter ,after all it’s the worst kept secret around !! What a fucked up family!!

    • Womp womp. Hey dum dum, have you ever seen Halle’s father and half siblings? They are all dark skinned. Tina Knowles is very fair with straight hair. Your reasoning has no merit whatsoever. Work on your critical thinking skills and you just MIGHT be able to come up with a valid reason that’s a lot closer to the truth. And as far as y’all claiming Kelly is Matt’s daughter? All I can do is lmao and smh! Get your damn eyes checked! wow! I can’t with you Simpletons…not today. :-/

      • STFU!!..And don’t disrespect me by calling me dum dum,you don’t know me!!…I can and will say what I want,when I want ,how I want ,whenever I want !!!..Fuck Beyonce fake ass,and your reply too!!IDGAF if the bitch is black ,white ,red,purple ,or blue!!!So go ahead and lyao,and shake your head,and work on your critical thinking!!

  13. If ur gonna say too many baby daddies u gotta add too many women intentionally gettin knocked up to try and keep a dude who is only passin through. Could we add this to the list for once without hearing he should have taken precaution? A woman determined to get knocked up will. Jus keepin it 100.

    • So true. We are living in America in 2013. With all the birth control available, if a woman gets pregnant she wants to be pregnant (or she’s just retarded and doesn’t understand how babies are made).

      • LOL!

        Right! It is up to a woman if she gets pregnant or not!

        Men, dont blame the women, blame yourselves for not taking the extra precaution! Like making her take a Plan B pill before you give her the D!

    • That is true but again men get no passes..cover your d8ck and stop crying “she tried to trap me. You know where babies come from..still depending on a groupie to supply you with a condom or raw coochie in 2013..BUY A CLUE! Birth control is a 2 way street..shouldn’t be f*cking any chick raw that you don’t see as being worthy of having your child! Male..females both should & could be protecting themselves.There is alot more to worry about than just pregnancy ! HELLO? HELLO!

  14. okay..maybe I missed it but the mother of little Nixon never stated that Beyonce didn’t want to meet him..I think she was implying that Mathew wanted nothing to do with their son.

  15. IJust think if anything,Matthew side piece was looking for a come up through Matthew’s daughter “Beyonce” because she is he more weaalthly daughter and thinks all her so called child comes from Beyonce and it doesn’t. Also Beyonce or Solange don’t own side piece or her son shit Matthew does.Beyonce has a right of who she wants around her daughter. Beyonce contiune to protect your child as you see fit. Side whore needs to get a life and stop expecting /hoping Beyonce is going to suport her and her and her bastard son.

    • I agree with you…think about this. I believe she is looking for a come up and looking to get close to Beyonce’s family. Now if Matt’s child gets really intertwined in the family matters (or family business) he may disclose certain family arguments and secrets that would blow the roof off of Beyonce’s facade (I believe that is coming anyway). People may say that she is dumb but I’m sure she has already figured that out. I do believe Beyonce should wait it out to see if this female is a decent human being, if she turns out okay…the children can meet later. No harm, no foul! You certainly would not want to force a child onto a family that clearly does not recognize you as a family member. I would’nt do it to my child…

      • @ Kisha777…No need to wait for decency to emerge, she’s already proven indecent. She carried on an affair, with a married man for 18 months and thought it acceptable. You can build a legal case with this little, but profound information. It speaks volumes.

    • I didn’t see anywhere where she said she was depending on Beyonce to support her or her child! If anything it seems that she was expecting Matthew to step up more, after all she might have been a sidepiece but he lived with, and laid up with that side piece for damn near 2 yrs! get sh&t straight!

  16. How very white America of her. Is Mathew Knowles a dirt bag? Yes..Is that how she got on? Yes. Why penalize a kid like it or not that’s your brother Bey. Take it out on your father not an innocent child. Just shows you what kind of person she is.

    • Totally agree with you Nuh Uh. Bewolf is showing her true colors.

      By the way, at least in my mother’s case, some men like like dogs about being married and having vasectomies and crap when trying to get laid. I didn’t find out until I was 36 years old that my father was still married to his wife. I found out on my own. He told my mother back in 1969 (when I was conceived) that he was divorced. A lot of men lead double lives and even have multiple families.

    • I don’t agree at all. When you bring a child into this shameful situation, be prepared for anything. Anger and dissatisfaction is being posed at the wrong persons. The mess belongs to the adulterers…clean it up by yourselves. If you’ve ever been the victim of such behaviors,then you may have a little more sympathy for the true sufferers. If Beyonce chooses not to accept her illegitimate brother, she has every right to. This is not about right or wrong, its about firstly knowing better and doing better. Lets began by reciting, “A married man/woman is off limits!”

  17. Has everyone seen the fake hair short waist fake boobs paded ass fake contact lens wearing bow leged nose job having pussy lips on mto? Some would say why photograph her that way i say if you continue to constantly get on stage and perform in your drawers eventualy your pussy lips will show. Don’t believe me check out mto

  18. while all children should be treated with love and care that is very unrealistic in a world that abuses children and pe ople in many ways. No one ever cares about the broken family that needs to heal there wounds first. These side mothers put there children in bad situation trying to force them to be accepted. I was an abandon child when it came to having a father and refuse to have children in a non agreed upon family. I am trying to be proactive bycaring about my children and myself before creating a bad situation and men do lie and i dont be quick to jump its toi many fked people out here for all that mess. Sins of the parents often fall on the children I think that it is totally Beyonce choice after Matthew is the one cutting the child support checks.

    • Right. It’s like F the family. The mistress and her child must be accepted at all cost no matter how it may emotionally and mentally affect the wife and the children she shares with her husband. My father cheated and has two bastards. I will NEVER acknoowoledge them, and I have no fucks to give about what anyone thinks of my position. The only one who owes them anything is my father and the bitch who birthed them. I owe them nothing.

      • Regardless,thats your blood though.

        Only thing is, I think i would be betraying my mother even if I had a relationship with them and she didn’t know.

        That is trifling for a man to do that. i mean okay, you screwing, but to bring home kids? C’mon!

        But, what if your children hook up because they don’t know eachother?


  19. For all you fools saying beyonces father is white…Tina is a high yellow, stringy haired creole. whomever fathered nappy-headed beyonce, he wasn’t white.

  20. I am riding with Beyonce on this.
    Who her father does has nothing to do with Mrs. Carter.
    Like her, or hate her, she worked for her recognition, unlike her father’s trollope who just laid on her back and made a baby.
    Beyonce was not in the bed with them making that baby, so don’t try ride her coat tails for the fame effect.
    What she is really saying is ” I should be entitled to ascend to a higher status because I have Beyonce’s father’s child.”
    Her complaint about family bonding is thinly veiled lie.

    This Alexandra person is just too tacky for words.
    Ewwwww and yuck……..excuse me while I throw up.
    Gah… I hate women like that.

    • @ Girl under fire…great synopsis. I couldn’t have said it better myself. What we need to stop doing is giving these “Alexandra” type females so much credit. Let’s start with the woman title. I am a woman with morals/values enough never to be a home wrecker; therefore, if their heart and mindset doesn’t align with the same then they’re only females; born with a vagina and forced to prove themselves in life.

      • i don’t think it about being a homewrecker. a dignified lady doesnt allow herself to be ever be 2nd or one of many.

  21. LMFAO Right? People kill me with their “theories”, HOWEVER, I have to disagree about the hair. Being “mixed” does not guarantee a certain grade of hair…Genes are genes…All of them have kinky hair, Tina too.

  22. Her hair is pretty long and thick, or should I say full because her hair looks pretty fine, which looks flat in it’s appearance, but isn’t…I’ts just a bunch of hair stacked; it’s when you get in it when you realize hoe much hair there is. There is a behind the scenes vid of “Video Phone” where there is a part where she is getting her hair braided and you can see how long it is and how much she has. Not to mention there are plenty of childhood pics of her real hair (not to say people keep their hair up like that, just saying.) I am actually surprised that she still has that much hair, what with all of the dye and weave…Weave does help your hair grow, but your hair also needs to breathe from all of that stress. Don’t believe me? Ask Christina Aguilera.

  23. Haha. I was thinking the same thing, there are folks on here who make up alot of shit just to see how many sheeple follow….& they always do. Beyonce is not mixed shes just a everyday light skinned sister with great wigs & a fantastic make up crew…no hate, but I am being honest.

  24. Why are Black people so quick to assume that all Creole people are lightskinned?

    Whoever said Kelly is 3 years older than Beyonce is clueless. Beyonce is around 40-years-old. She and Gabrielle Union attended school together. Someone produced an ID proving Beyonce was born in either 1973 or 1974. Most entertainers lie about their ages. This is old news.

    Beyonce wants nothing to do with Nixon, but when Alexsandra was pregnant, Mathew tried to convinced Alexsandra to relinquish her parental rights so Jay-Z and Beyonce could raise him as their own. Blue was born to a surrogate. Alexsandra confirmed paternity of Nixon when she was pregnant. Mathew knew he was the father yet he had a test done after Nixon was born. Same result was yielded — Mathew, you ARE the father.

    Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage is a business relationship. He was flaunting Rihanna through Brooklyn even after they got married. Rihanna got those cold sores she used to try to hide from Jay, and she passed it on to Chris. She infected Chris.

    Jay-Z and one of his boys used to run trains on chicks back in the day. Both Jay and his boy contracted numerous STDs.

    Most of what people read and comment about is old news. People who idolize Beyonce will call anyone who isn’t drinking the Knowles Kool-Aid a liar. People who know the truth oft don’t speak up and expose this fraud because they don’t want to be attacked by stans.

    Ask yourselves why, someone who is marginally talented and marginally attractive is considered to be such a worldwide force to be reckoned with? When the original DC lineup existed, every guy I know referred to Latoya as beautiful, Latavia as sexy, Kelly as cute and it was crickets when it came to Beyonce. Beyonce couldn’t shine with Latoya and Latavia in the group, so they were fired. Same goes for Farrah Franklin, whose REAL name is Destiny. Farrah is pretty. She is pretty, light skinned, has long hair and she has a nice body. Now we know why she was fired.

    You can’t steal people’s choreography, video concepts, lyrics and style and wonder why everyone doesn’t embrace you. I feel bad for all of the people Beyonce and her “husband” sacrificed as a means securing their careers. What goes up will most definitely fall, so I hope they both invested in some serious padding because they’ll need it.

    • beyonce and kelly were both born in 81.

      not a fan but i saw their performance as little girls on star search and beyonce looks like a little preteen unless her growth spurt kicked in late.

      ain’t no way beyonce was born in 1971-1972.

      all that other biz about jigga screwing numerous girls yeah we know that.

      as for the surrogate well if jay and b wanted to hire one that’s them it’s still their child.

      as for matthew creeping guess tina was cool with it as long asd he did’nt get no outside kids.

    • LMBO @ Bella. If you don’t stand for something then you’re liable to fall for anything. I, my dear, think you spend far too much time dissecting tabloids, but hear..see..and elaborate on nothing but the negative. I don’t know these celebs personally, but it certainly appear that you do. The most shocking part is that you actually believe what you blatant and confidently posted. If you didn’t carry Blue Ivy for them, or was the legal representation they required for Nixon, and we can’t forget about the STD. Did you really contract Gonorrhea from Jay Z? I’m sure you understand where I’m going with this…THEN ITS ALL HERE SAY.

  25. Would you like to end up marrying or in love with a half-sibling? That’s what can happen when you don’t know who’s related to you. I have a half-brother who dated a friend of mine and graduated from high school the same year as me. This half-brother lived about ten minutes away from me growing up. My father failed to mention him to me.

    Like I said, it’s best to know where close blood relations are. Besides, heaven help Bewolf if she should need a bone marrow transplant or anything else.

  26. The comments about how biracial people’s hair and skin should look is pure ignorance . I do hair for a living and there are PLENTY biracial people that do not have soft curly hair or especially light skin. There are people with one Lilly white parent with hair just as kinky as a person with two african parents . The ignorance of biology is astounding ! I’m embarrassed reading this. Does Lenny Kravitz look like his dad is a white white man? Is his hair curly ? N to the O it can go either way. Does scary spice look as if her mom is the whitest woman in the world … NO she’s as brown as can be and looks as if two black people could made her . Smh .a shame..

  27. Why all this hate towards Beyonce? Its not her fault that her father chose to step outside of his marriage. I personally would not want my fathers bastard in my face. My loyalty would be to my mother. It is not acceptable for a man to not only have sex outside his marriage, but then have proof. uh uh. Not me. He and his bastard could kick rocks.

    • To ohsofab (the demented creep at comment 30)… I don’t think anyone who can vomit such mean, hateful words toward an INNOCENT CHILD is “fabulous” even in the least.

      WE weren’t there to witness what went on in this family circle. Sure, cheating IS cheating and wrong. Sometimes the cheated mate is not without blame or contributing faults as well. NOT saying whether I believe this is the case or not… just that WE don’t know, so stop fantasizing to fill the holes in empty heads.

      Matt K could be the devil, but the CHILD holds no blame and shouldn’t be bullied by psychotic adults calling them names that they might have to read one day. I hope this child, male or female, will grow up strong and with insight into how unimportant SICK or uncultured fools’ opinions really are.

      Whether Bey chooses a relationship with her apparent sibling or not is HER entitled choice and HER private business. Still NO ONE should judge the child and not face a BeatDown (at least verbally), or at least some positive reproof.

      I say protect and support ALL innocents, especially babies, forgive (not always excuse) the duly contrite (look that up, Mr or Ms NOT-sofab), and STOP JUDGING everyone but your possibly sorry self.

  28. Cus some ppl jus hate her. Its a free country. You do know fan is short for fanatic right?

  29. Look Bey and Jay got their own family to raise, they aint got time for this opportunistic ho (how old is she because Matthew not young) and their “love” child (bastard). Bey and J dont know that lady and what she scheming to do. Let it happen naturally
    If I was the other woman, i would not be stuntting for my child to be around the other family anyways. They might hurt my child!
    We were together 18 months, we were in love HO SIT YA DUMB GOLDDIGGIN’ AZZ DOWN!!!

    • exactly. i can’t believe the bitch came out with a story and thinks these people are supposed to bond with them.

      she should wait for them to reach out—if they ever do—and if they don’t…oh well bitch you made your bed…

  30. hmm and she was pregnant 9 out of those 18 months maybe’s she’s thinking her son will be another child of destiny.

    • I finally agree with you about the age mystery thing. In her documentary with little to no makeup on she looked very young….she could pass for 30.
      Even though it adds to glamour for the stage and screen, heavy makeup actually ages woman. Think about those 10 year old kids in the Southern beauty pageants. Some of them look darn near 20.
      Also, as someone who has never made a complimentary comment on the woman, Bey really looked beautiful in my eyes in her “nearly natural” looks with the braids in a bun. I’m thinking of going with that look myself after seeing how good the retro style looked on her.

  31. everyone needs to sacrifice 6 goats to queen bey right now cause she’s tired of everybody blaspheming her unholy name.

  32. I’ve always side eyed Woody Harrelson ever since I found out that his father was a professional hit man with the balls to kill a federal judge.

  33. As this site’s resident New Orleans Creole whose family tree has been studied since 1800, here is the truth. Creoles are unlike any group of Blacks I have ever come upon in almost 40 years. They are ridiculously highfalutin and see themselves as BETTER THAN WHITES. They run the city and the have the benefit of having the same names as the upper crust of Catholic YT society. Yt’s leave them alone and never malign us in any way. Sure, there are folks who have Creole blood all over Louisiana, and they come in all colors. But Creole society always intermarries in order to keep the bloodlines pure. So you never see a society Creole pop out a bit different from the group. To be sure, Creoles do not wish to be YT. That would be a step down to them. It’s crazy, but it’s true.

  34. For those people who feel as though Beyonce is calling her ‘brother’ names and is just being mean here is the definition of bastard.
    bas·tard (bstrd)
    1. A child born out of wedlock.
    Born of unwed parents; illegitimate I too am technically a bastard as my parents were not married when I was born. Anyone not born within the bounds of matrimony of the two married is considered to be a bastard.

  35. For the record we all know that the mother of Mathew Knowles little boy knew way better and knew that he was married and decided to get pregnant anyway. Condoms have been around for well over a 400 years so she had no excuse. Side-pieces should stay in their place don’t get knocked up and assume that the legitimate children and the wife should accept your bastard child or children into the fold and their family.

    • Last I heard it takes two to Tango. She knew he was married and he knew that he was married. I don’t know where people get off in only blaming the woman.

      They are both low-down for doing the deed.

      • yeah but that woman should have kept her legs closed. she did not cause him to stray, he decided that…but a woman controls the situation.

        women give yourself more credit than you do. women hold the power!

  36. OMG The Comments On Here Are Sooo Ignorant. Beyoncé Is Matthew Knowles Biological Daughter So Is Solange. Kelly Went To School With Beyoncé & Because Her Mother Worked So Much The Knowles’ Decided It Was A Good Idea For Kelly To Live With Them Being As Though She Was In Girls Time & Her & Beyoncé Were So Close. It’s Possible For Kelly To Resemble The Family Because She Has Been Around Basically Her Whole Life. iLook Exactly Like My Mother & Nothing Like My Dad & My Brother & Sister Look Like Both My Parents But I Know That My Dad Is Biologically My Dad. Tina Knowles Is Bi-Racial So If There Is Any White People Involved Its Family. Yall Need To Stop Believing Everything.

  37. I know I’m late but most of you sound dumb as hell. And how dare one of you call her an ignorant hoe smh those who call someone ignorant makes them sound and look ignorant themselves. IJS