Beyonce Bombs Inaugurations National Anthem Delivery!


Pop Princess Pops, Fizzes and Gets Popped?

Beyonce has proven to be no Whitney Houston! That’s because when Whitey delivered the Star Spangled Banner, she didn’t hide behind a prerecorded track! Nonetheless, that’s exactly what Bey did during her own version of the National Anthem at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

Now, many agree that Beyonce – a black version of JLO, boasting moves taken from Tina Turner – seems to be more focused on looking pretty rather than really singing.

Here’s what US Marine Kristin DuBois told the NY Post about Beyonce “Milli Vanilli” Knowles:

“We received last-minute word that Beyoncé was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don’t know what’s the reason why.”

Is mainstream media now saying pop singer Carrie Underwood is a much better singer than Beyonce? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Simon Cowell.


    • WTF is wrong w/Boringyonce’? This broad is crazy. I’ll say this she did a better job of acting like she was singing at the Inauguration then she has in any of her dreadful movies.

      • Ewww yeah i forgot about those godawful movies of hers! Serious lack of acting talent! But fortunately her career may be over soon.

          • “I hope so but we all know Boringyonce and her delusional Stans aint going out w/o a fight.”

            @kee that’s true well let the fighting begin I’ll watch with popcorn in my hand LOL

    • Jacky!? How you gone post a video of Whitney lip syncing the National Anthem after what you typed? LOLOLOLOL say word??

      And you don’t want anyone to ask Simon Cowell ANYTHING about BEYONCE because he ALREADY said… and I quote “I once criticized her.. and we met afterward. And boy oh boy that was a difficult meeting. And then she came on my show about a year later in the UK, and it was still obviously in her head what I said. But I apologized I was wrong. And she sang BETTER THAN ANYONE I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE SING LIVE”.

      The video is on EXTRA and youtube with LA Reid where HE says that… and I quote… “Beyonce may arguably be the most talented entertainer alive”.

      ah well… you’ll just have to cope… I suppose 🙂

      • First of all those two ass-clowns aren’t exactly the arbiters of good taste. Simon serves up whack-ass entertainment on multiple continents via his heinous TV shows. He wouldn’t know talent if it sat on his face and put its dick in his mouth….and speaking of LA Reid..that’s probably exactly how he got the X-Factor gig.

    • I think it’s a lot of HATERISM going on. We all know that she can sing and she doesn’t have to sing She’s Beyonce and we all are talking about her.

      Whitney Houston and all of them has all lip sync before. So get off of B.

      a true fan-

  1. I’m sorry to say but on the news this morning it was stated that Whitney Houston did lip sync the Anthem to.

      • Lol dumbass, the same thing Beyonce just did, it’s called a “backing track” you dumb ass black person

      • @MeekHee
        Na Na Na you need to press rewind on that Whitney Houston performance because Miss Houston blew them vocals sky high as she always did..
        So to all them Beyonce stans let’s keep that shit real just because your pretty, high yellow, your moms a voodoo priestess, and your pops is Kelly Roland’s real father, and a average looking sister, and a baby that looks like Jay Z don’t cut it with me.
        Beyonce is thick, dumb period, she lip synced that shit, all day everyday, also as I’ve read she’s got a stank breath problem two.
        So Beyonce just needs to take a bow respectfully to all the REAL singers who have grafted there musical art without poping thier azz.
        Beyonce needs to go home and look after baby blu Cantrell,and learn how to speak properly without taking gaps and looking up in the sky, and she can take her unintelligent stans with her two …
        That’s all I have to say

        • Thank you Deeluk. You said it all. Her, her mama and that publicist are all nuts…they are riding that crazy train until it breaks down..

          • All I can say is that I would not want to be Beyonce with the Super Bowl halftime show coming up in 2 weeks. She has never had a truly successful live show even in her prime. And now after all the Inauguration blast on her mind, she has to think about blowing away a stadium full of 80,000 football fans who are not necessarily Beyonce fans to begin with. You know they are just waiting to see if she will sing live without a track. Don’t be surprised if she gets booed as she did when doing the halftime show in Philly with DC about 10 years ago. It was brutal.
            Since she signed the deal with Pepsi in order to get the Super Bowl gig, she may be rethinking that whole deal with the devil right about now.

            • @christa your giving her too much credit. Borinyonce is too delusional and irrational to make rational decisions.

        • ROTFLLS! yo azz is crazy
          *side note* Jay aint right, naming that baby after Blu Cantrell and her dumb azz going along w/it….Damn Shame

        • She is as fake as they come. fake hair, fake contact lens, fake ass fake boobs. her last cd stinks. she a striper performer. as a singer she is mediocre at her best. look at her videos she has to shake her ass , listen to her sorry ass voice sorry ass lyrics what remarkable alot of dumb ads buy that garbage bullshit she makes.

          • @beautiful-her last cd stinks? More like her last 3 cds have stunk!!! Let’s keep it real she hasn’t made a decent cd since her first one! And of course she has to dance and shake her ass-when you have no talent you must rely on smoke and mirrors to get over. But this snafu has wised some people up on her so now if she don’t bring the heat at the super bowl her career may be a wrap. And if that happens pepsi will have made the dumbest business decision since enron. @kee-of course he named the baby after blu cantrell. You know every morning he misses her. Can you imagine what beyawnce looks like in the morning? No weave, no makeup, no butt pads and if deluk is right perpetual morning breath. Woo jesus take the wheel!!!!

        • Her moms and her ppl are from baton rouge and so is she (but raised in TX) so u are dead on it about her mom. It’s a very strong possibility that they are tangled up in the whole voo-doo thing, cuz a lot of ppl from Louisiana through Alabama are rooted deep into that stuff… So you have a more deeper point than you know.

  2. If Beyonce would stop warbling in her songs, she would be a great singer.
    Every time she warbles, I cringe.

    The one time I heard her sing without the “dramantics” was when she did a duet with Luther and I guess Luther gave her “chill that shit out” memo.

    Great voice, needs to learn from Patti Labelle when to throw it into a higher gear.
    Not every song needs it…

    Just my opinion.

    The reason Whitney lip synced was because there was too much echo and background noise to contend with.
    There were jets flying overhead, a loud stadium,a live marching band blaring the music at her and her own monitors/
    Truth be told, she actually DID sing, but the producers decided to go with the taped version for the above stated reasons.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly about her taking a cue from Patti La Belle as to when it is right to bust into high gear.
      There won’t be cold weather or wind in the Superdome.
      Echo? Possibly. But you best believe that if she doesn’t do as Madonna did 25 years ago, which is use a track when you are dancing your azz off, but sing live when a ballad/slow song is on the playlist, She’s gonna get ripped a new one by the music industry critics. She indeed may be delusional, I don’t doubt that for a minute, but that chile has to be feeling a lot of pressure right about now to give the performance of her life.
      Remember, the very rich who can spend 8 G’s for 2 nights in a hotel and tickets, are the types who dig the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. Even if they are old as dirt. I bet no more than 20% of the attendees even OWN a Beyonce CD.
      Homegirl got her hands full.

    • yet, i have not heard beyonce sing live like whit!! everytime whitney won an award she sung at the mike before she thanked everyone or live next to a talk show host,in other words we knew she could sing!!!! when will bey sing like that,oh thats right *in martin’s voice* she can’t sing live she is a studio singer, she needs an engineer present!!!


  3. BeyondFake is in the cusp of the media turning against her. It has been happening some time now. You don’t see her on US Weekly, People (except when she had them name her most beautiful in exchange for the first interview “post-baby”). You see when Halle Berry did not allow the media access to Nahla, how they stopped photographing her in a postive light. Now they only show Halle as a scorned Black woman. She is no longer the media darling. When JHo got to big-headed and started dismissing the media, they stopped photographing her. Only when she came back to American Idol and played nice with the media did they begin to hype her back up and help her get back into the public eye. Now she is getting lucrative contracts like she used to and getting intense media coverage. BeyDunce needs to wake up. All this Creole, French, Latina, and White with a smidgen of Black thrown in for good measure needs to stop. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Black bloggers, Beyawnce would be as relevent as Toni Braxton. LOL!

    • I have to agree with you about her heritage. On the Loreal commercial she’s now identifying herself as African American and FRENCH. Bitch PLEASE. Go to Paris and see is those uppity ass folks accept you as being French!!!! They ain’t thankin’ about that Creole shit.

      • Whether you like it or dont like it , she is who her DNA says she is.

        Just because some racist clowns create some pseudo science called the ONE DROP RULE, doesnt make the one drop rule science fact. They made that one drop rule so they could have a larger available market of free labor…The One drop rule was based on economics and the ability to SUBJUGATE MORE PEOPLE.

        Whether you like it or not, Beyonces mom is part Mexican or French or whatever these Creoles call themselves.. Thats THEIR heritage and they are entitled to pay homage to their DNA ancestry.

        Are you jealous because you dont have some French cracker as a grand dad?

        • to me bey can claim whatever she wants she’s black regardless of her biracial heritege what do she resemble nuff said.

          keyshia cole said she was biracial please she does’nt know her dad.

          • she’s black according to the racist white guidelines and standards…

            black people didnt make those rules and had/has absolutely no say as to who are them and who arent them.

            That whole premise is racist when a people are not allowed to independently define who they are and when we buy into it, we buy in to their sick racist agenda.

            • I say Beyonce has the right to define herself independently of some racist set of guidelines created by some exterior group of people.

              The girls momma is pretty much white and thats a fact…Beyonce has the right to claim that part of her heritage if she feels that gives her solace.

              It is true, that because of that one drop rule, SHE WILL NEVER QUALIFY AS OR BE ACCEPTED AS WHITE, and she realizes that because white people dont get down like that…They got fuckin’ rules for their membership…The one drop rule, in reality APPLIES TO THEM, NOT TO US.







            • Is “CRAZU CHRIS” the same as CRAZY CHRIS?

              Chris….Your sock puppet just fell off your left hand.

          • @crazy chris
            That’s right you said it chris let the high yellow poppin azz monster claim what she wants but as you said Beyonce black and she can’t run away with that shit lets just rewind back to the 1800s to a word called SALVERY, OPPRESSION ,CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS FOOL WALKING AROUND THE PLANTATION TALKING ABOUT “I’m creole, with French and a drop of black?”
            Well I’m gonna take a seat right about now because its all Coming back ti me all i can see is that whip being used on BEYONCE black azz getting ripped to shreds..
            No disrespect to my brothers and sisters oppressed through slavery..
            But I’m gonna keep that shit real when it comes down to fake azz Beyonce she black…
            Anyway what race is blu ivy Cantrell SHE’ BLACK TWO!!

            • Creole simply mean you are part African and part French. It’s a french word that defines a mixed race person. Her ass is more black than that other stuff. All ppl from Louisiana identify themselves as creole to a certain extent. If u ever bn down there u will definitely see the French presence. All the streets in that whole southern gulf belt are French orgins. From Louisiana through that whole gulf.. They are a strange bunch in them parts go there and you will mos def see Gen de Gualle avenue and rue chartes, dauphin st and all that ole french shit on that gulf coast. So she is what she is. But that thang is still a disgrace to all the great black performers who paved the way for her.

            • So by definition a person cant both be Creole and African. If you claim one, you cant go back and claim the other.
              Creole and African are therefore oxymorons.

              Anyone who claims the title Creole has therefore made a conscious decision to be defintion be classified as other than black….Creole , in and of itself is obviously a seperate category .

              Can a Creole claim to be French and have it to be respected by people who classify themselves as French. And will those French people accept them as French just because they make the verbal declaration?

            • @anonymous 21:24 you are black when you are creole. Just means your ancestors were an African slave or free man and the other was French. The ppl down there are black no doubt n always identify themselves as such, but still acknowledge that French blood in them. The French thing nowadays are mostly about the culture and heritage moreso than a actual blood.. Hince, gumbo, étouffée, mardi gras, binyette’s, and the whole essence of the gulf coast in general. Look at the saints football team their logo is a French logo known as the fluer de lies. So that’s just how they are down there.

          • That right cuz regardless of race…. we all grow old get wrinkles and what else comes with old age…. i seen all these celebrity females without their make up on and they look like u and me their not special about them just over exposed individuals who we use for entertainment…. and to be honest there is better talent out here that hasnt been discover yet…

        • They also made the one drop rule so those slave owners wouldn’t have ANY CONNECTION to those “outside children” they made as a result (in a lot of cases) of raping black women.

          I agree with that it’s crazy for B to be claiming to be african american and FRENCH.

          Most of us are mixed — none true 100% African so to ME, her claiming to be “French” is a JOKE and reeks of her wanting to be looked at as anything other than being black.

          Tiger Woo had the same DON’T WANT TO BE BLACK ITIS. But he called himself a Caublanasion (short for Caucasion, Black and Asian).

          Another nutty, mixed up nigger.

          I’ve been to Paris and believe me, those French mofos ain’t checkin’ for B no matter how light her or her mama and grandmother are/were.

          If you don’t believe THAT…tell her to go to France and find some of her kinfolks!!!!

          • Believe it or not there are a lot of women in that whole southern region who are beyonce complexion and even lighter with red hair n shit I was amazed at the black women down there in Louisiana alabama n missisippi when I visited many years ago. And they are black for sure. You liable to see a chick walkin around looking like beyonce but got a mouth full of gold and 75 tattoos with a huge ass lol. Then there are creole women down there who are jet black with long wavy hair and some crazy looking green eyes. It’s a trip for sure. Lol so u can’t really judge the book by it’s cover. Them negroes down there are serious about there culture and are really proud about that southern blood. But I must admit (no homo) those women down there are of a Rare kind. And I’m no beyonce fan by any stretch of the imagination. But ive observed them ppl down there personally

            • I heard your grandmammy liked them u sick freak of nature.. And if she dead she probably in the pits of hell still liking them. : ) dont start no fucking battle with me, cuz there ain’t no limits… Now as i was saying no homo hear, I’m an adult who is secure enough to acknowledge a gorgeous figure or face when I see it. It’s all about being mature

            • Porcelain Doll

              If these people want to honor their French blood and their French customs, why dont they just call themselves Frenchmen and Frenchwomen?

              Do you think the French would accept these people as French. And when I say French, you know exactlt who Im speaking of. CAUCASIAN PEOPLE WHO ACCEPT AND RECOGNIZE ONE ANOTHER AS WHITE PEOPLE.

            • Porcelain Doll

              If you come to NYC, you will see many signs in english, with english street names, and english foods. But I dont call myself a Yankee, because my ancestors were kidnapped and immersed in their society. Im a black person who ancestors were kindapped (or purchased from kidnappers, which is still criminal, after the fact) by the english. Maybe Im fortunate that I strong enough to not have lost myself and to have enough genetic strength to back up my stance here in 2013…I kinda feel sorry for a people who dont really belong to any group because I know the French dont accept you as white, unless you are recognizably white…White folks are very specific about accepting people as brother and sister whites.

            • @Porcelain Doll Thank goodness someone has knowledge of the various off-shoots of our race. I could write a 5 page explanation of how the Creole subset of the African race came to be, but no one here gives a ish about us.
              Creole isn’t a race! All Creoles are Black and happy to be so. But to defame us as if we just made ish up out of whole cloth which occurred in Louisiana in the 1700’s-1800’s when caucasians of European Spaniards and European French had possession of the area to eventually be known as The Louisiana Purchase is just a pile of self hating crap.

              Is there a Black Law which says all Africans kidnapped from Africa and brought to the Caribbean or North America must have lived the same experience? Maybe it’s not fair that while some were picking cotton in Alabama as slaves, there were African women, freed by the men who bought them, who lived a completely different life as a second wife to a Spaniard or Frenchman. Life has never been fair, nor will it ever be. There are musicians. athletes scholars and actors just stagnating away in their small hometowns for lack of exposure or that lucky break. This is true for whites and Blacks.

              So, the exceptionally beautiful African women who were brought to Louisiana were excepted from the horrific slavery experience. They didn’t get to choose a man for love, but they were CHOSEN for all the characteristics the European men found comely. And they lived an extremely luxurious life as the second wife.

              A lot of the Huey Freemans who frequent this site will no doubt foment much hate for the Creole subset. But they existed then, and they run New Orleans to this day. And I haven’t ever known one to marry white or declare themselves anything but Black.

              And if for no other reason than their combining of African, Caribbean, Spanish and French cuisine to become what all of the world recognizes as Creole Food, one would think they would be admired for that contribution alone.

      • @anymnous
        So true France is just across the pond from me in the UK THEY DON’T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE….
        So Beyonce need to take her French creole azz down there to wee France because back in the day they would have kicked her French azz through there shop window front before throwing some black ash burnt coal over her high yellow poppin azz…

        • @Deluk

          As if the British likes black people.

          The British and the French both have the same goal. To subjugate , control the people and the vast natural resource resevoir of African people worldwide…The British and the French just go about achieving that goal slightly different…The difference is that the Brits are highly melanin deficient, and thus has allowed a certain degree of CONTROLLED miscegenation in order to save their dying pale species and uniformed people mistake this survival tactic as some means of affection…Sleeping with your SUBJECTS in order to extract their life saving melanin is the highest form of hatred and racism…The Frogs on the other hand already have sufficient melanin, so they dont need to go that route..
          So dont get it twisted. All white people are suspected racists…Even the ones who bed down and reproduce with you


          • I’m with Mama. Beyonce couldn’t find a french person in her family during the day with a spot light on!!!

            • Ummm yea lol .. Ppl beyonce is a French name. Her mama last name was beyonce before she was a Knowles by marriage. They come from a creole family named dereon which is French also. Hince her clothing line house of dereon. Y’all niggaz on here are ignorant as fk. Google southern creole black women and look at the names and picture then think about who they look like and what kind of last names them negroes have down there. Smh some of yall need to understand black culture outside of gold chains n dreads.

        • @both of the above anonymous.. I really don’t understand your rant. All I’m saying is the southern negroes don’t claim or even tried to pass for white. They are black ppl who have French in them. So what are you talking about? Im no creole but I was involved with a black guy from acadiana Louisiana whose surname was LeDuff. I’ve only observed what the black culture is like down their. And to correct your erroneous thought pattern the French are very fond of black chk out Josephine baker status upon her arrival in France. And in no other place in these united states were more French men freeing black ppl and marrying black women during slavery than on the gulf coast from Louisiana through southern Alabama. I mean really though it is what it is, southern blacks have a very rich culture. I’ve personally witnessed it down there when visiting. As I’ve said in new Orleans n mobile the French presence from yester years are very alive n the blacks n whites alike celebrate mardi gras for two weeks and all kinds of things, eating fish on Friday,red beans on Monday lol, the culture is truly unique to that part of the country. No where else. You will have to read on the story behind all of these things… I don’t fool with no beyonce but she is a creole gal for sure, you can tell just by looking at her. The breakdown being African/french. And back then the french men had huge amounts of kids with black southern women. And legally gave them all French names. Beyonce is a French name. Educationally speaking I’ve witnessed all of these things and hell they even speak French in them parts. Most speak creole though

          • Porcelain Doll

            If get nothing else from you, I do get that you dont get it. Miscegenation has completely braintrashed you and I dont place any blame on you. You seem like a nice but a very racially confused person ..Now I’ll take my negro ignorant gold chain and my dreads and leave you to your mix.

            • And I’m not hardly nice sweetheart : ) keep that in mind b4 u start trying pick fights u dont have a chance in hell on winning you coward hiding behind an anonymous screen name

          • If u can study the movie Eve’s bayou and that is a prime example of how things are down there. The older blacks speak full blown French like the movie implies. And in the beginning she talk about her grandma being freed by her French owner Jean pau Baptiste then bore him 14 kids. That’s what it really is down there in a lot of ppl lineage from there. That movie will give u an inside glimpse of what I’m talking avout

            • I have nothing against people who are proud of their mulatto heritage…Its yours…My problem is when you call yourself black and then call yourself Creole…I find it insulting as a black person…Stick with Creole and stop trying to infiltrate…

              And a French cracker is no different than a British cracker. …You make it seem like French is an African language…It is one of the languages of the Europeans who were complicit in your kidnapping and torture.. Black people speak every language, inclusive of French, English, Spanish, German and everything else you can think of…Fucking a slave is rape…I dont care how you try to romantacize it or package it up and interpret it…Its the same as a teacher having sex with a student…Its the same as the kidnapper having sex with the kidnapee…Its the same as a warden having sex with an inmate…Its the same as an employer having sex with an employee…Its inappropriate and they even have laws that forbid the behavior…If your boss got you pregnant 14x , he’d be suspended.

          • Well honey I’m engaged to a creole man so I know of what I speak first hand. So go kill yourself. Ive bn down there plenty of times so I know of what I speak. Headed to new Orleans as we speak lol. So until you have bn somewhere and did something’s dont come fucking with me. Like u said the southern black ppl have more culture n heritage than most blacks in the us. They are country but the heritage is remarkable. I’m not from there but I give props to whom props are due.. I’ll eat some gumbo for your ignorant ass while I’m there lol : ) and andouille too..

            • Have fun in New Orleans and enjoy the Gumbo. I love Gumbo and I have nothing but love for the Creole people and I wish them all the best.

  4. So Whitney lip synced but that was the super bowl…when we going to see another black president? The white girl sang and that puts Bey to shame..go sit your ass down Bey shame on you for not rising to the occasion.

    • So true, Kelly Clarkson sang live. The weather didn’t negatively impact her voice. Beyonce made a fool of herself.

  5. Ill say this back in 09 my wife & I were watching some show on tv cant remember what show ,,but any way Befakes momma Tina was introducing Befake and said she was 30…lol then the next day corrected herself by saying Befake was 29…it is now 2013 and this lame hoe still saying she is 30…now Im no math wiz…but does the bitch age in dog years?….this is the oldest 30 year old I have seen…all I know is i have aged 5 years since then …Has Befake found the fountain of youth…not to mention Befake looking old as fuck now if Im 44 this hoe gotta be at least 40 if not older….just a thought …any one wanna fill me in?……..

    • The rumors have been out there for quite some time that her actual age is closer to 40. Don’t know if that’s true or not.

      • Exactly…By Texas law, someone had to be homeschooling Beyonce. Whoever this tutor was couldnt have been taking the gig seriously. Most people who are homeschooled have their diploma by 16.

        • @anymnous
          Beyonce was already proberly poppin that yellow azz infront off the home tutor hence why she can’t read or write..
          Also that’s why she named her foster child blu ivy any more complex words more than three letters would have been to hard to remember the dumb azz bitch…
          And why hasn’t no one catch eye on this child I mean what is this Rosemary’s baby…

    • The loss of collagen in her mid face area/smile lines is noticeable compared to 3 years ago: her skin looks closer to 40, still attractive though.

  6. Haterssss but anyone that knows beyonce knows she doesn’t have to lip sync for one and for two when lip sync you don’t need a hearing aid to determine how your voice really right? And that explains why she snatched the ear piece out. Why do we as people want to make up n lie about stupid stuff beyonce doesn’t have to lip sync at all so please peasants go back to your low budget lives even if she was who cares

        • Solanges irrelevant azz is locked in a cellar somewhere so no one can’t hear her scream, and Beyonce got the keys…





            • @crazy chris
              Cosign again I didn’t even no high yellow had 2 albums out there??
              Anyway lets see we’re Beyonce will be in ten years time when her french creole white family decide to disown her black azz and drop her like hot black cakes, then she will be IRRELEVANT AND BLACK…

      • @anoynous
        Cosign !!! Who the fuck cares !!! Speak the truth!?
        I thought it wouldn’t be long before all of them black self hating stans came out of beyonces fake azz to support her lies…

    • If she didn’t have to, why did she? Kelly Clarkson sang live so did James Taylor along with playing guitar. Embarassing much = Beyonce.

    • Oh Jeez, here comes the Hater Hags. Trolling gossip sites scolding anybody who says anything negative about BeyBey’s stooopid ass. SMDH.

  7. Has anyone noticed that Beyonce has gone to great lengths to replicate the look of Marilyn Monroe, when she visits the White House…

    I wouldnt be surprised if Beyonce and Michelle were getting it in upstairs and how know what roles Jay and Barry may be playing…

    We all know Jay and Beyonce are bisexuals and I suspect that Obama and Michelle are too….So who knows what happens in those overnight stays. Bey and Michelle love throwing up that Baphomet hand signal.

    • the whore of babylon lives.

      marilyn died and came back to life numerous times in other forms.

      or beyonce inherited the phoenix demon.

    • Anonymous;

      You are really reaching with this comment. No, Beyonce does not look or dress like Marilyn Monroe. No, Michelle Obama is not sleeping with Beyonce, nor is the President getting it in with Jay Z. Beyonce and Jay Z help support the presidency when he ran, nothing more or less. Beyonce wants to inject her and her husbands lives into the lives of POTUS and FLOTUS. It looks like it is working.

    • @Anonymous. 09:09

      I agree with your assumptions. Something is indeed strange.
      Only difference is Beyonces image is more polished looking

      • Marilyn Monroe (the happy birthday Mr. President gig) looked like she just came from a gangbang at the Mens Room at the Senate.

  8. I suspect that Beyonce is a MK-Ultra Presidential Model Sex Slave and Jay-Z has been assigned as her handler at some point….There is something weird about their relationship and I know people are going to get upset, but there’s something phony about the Obamas relationship…It seems like an act.

  9. Beyonce’s parents were not poor..They could have easily afforded to get her a proper tutor or home schooled her to get her GED by 16…

    I know she was taking singing and dancing lessons, but there wasnt time to learn read , write and do simple math for 2 or 3 hours a day?

    What the fuck did they have a 12 year old child doing everyday, where she couldnt learn to read and write?

    I think her own dad was molesting her or gave her over to people who wee molesting her as a child…Her mom owned a beauty shop and they couldnt get her a damn tutor?..Does her sister Solange have a high school diploma? I would be interested in finding out.

      • Inclusive of engaging in molesting his own underaged daughter and allowing her to be farmed out to other Pedophiles?

        why do you think Michael Jackson had such a hatred for Joe? You really think that was about just some “spankings”?
        Joe turned michael over to sick pedophiles in order to further the group.

      • @anymonus
        Ho,Ho,ho Christmas time is in the air again funny, hilarious. all rolled into one!!
        You are So so right what the fuck was Beyonce doing? cuz she didn’t go school, if she did then she need to provide them school diploma papers for all to see..
        But instead the high priestess monster Tina knowles paved the way for the devil we now no as Beyonce.
        Instead of Tina knowles teaching Beyonce to pop her azz in the mirror, what she should have been doing is teaching her to read the alphabet backwards, cleaning her dirty draws in the bath, maths basic reading to string a whole sentance together if she coukdnt achieve that,beating her yellow azz if she steped out of line and sent to bed with some hot water, maybe if that happened we whould not have this monster on our tv night and day, named Beyonce knowles….
        And she will create another monster in blu ivy Cantrell….
        Trust me…..

    • Im not sure but i read somewhere that matthew was solanges father only.
      It was in the comment section of another blog.
      Do anybody know anything about it?

    • well somebody has to keep the love goddess tradition up.

      lilith, venus, jezebel, delilah, whatever you call it.

  10. @Jaybone preach…. I have been saying this same thing.. I remembered her haveng a party back in the 90’s saying she was 21 it after an awards show it was when dc was still together and the next year she was saying she was 21 again.and me and my sister looked like 0_0 because my sister was then and now shes 25!! people are really not paying attention she trips up alot w/the age thing…she is closer to 40….I believe…

  11. Roland Martin (CNN talking head)’s uncle tom self said that Fakeonce’s National Anthem was better than Whitney’s… please have a seat Roland.

    • Fawk Roland martin’s trying to say anything for attention, fat, ugly, fake as fawk, shoe licking, non-talented, horrible writing, fawked up commentary, always quiet and shut down on CNN, reject, getting where his fat ass fit in HATING ass.

      I will air his ass out.

  12. folks styill tripping bout bey’s age.

    she’s supposed to be 31 by now.

    maybe we should ask for her birth certificate.

    maybe bey is 31 and sasha fierce is 20

    the industry is full of lies lots of entertainers lie about their age.

    michael jackson lied about his age when he was 10.

    whatever sells records.

    not a bey fan but I don’t think she’s 40.

    saw her true hollywood story long ago beyonce does’nt know a damn thing about the 70’s.

    • Umm.. math? If she’s 40 she would have been a baby in the seventies so of course she doesn’t know a damn thing about them. Plus she’s not too book smart, probably doesn’t know much about much except for music biz….

      • Naaaa dumb azz Beyonce is 55 years old I’ve got her birth certificate…
        Hence all this rosemary baby shit.
        Anyone on here wanna see it he birth certificate hook me up before I blow her shit up!!!!

  13. I just don’t agree. R we saying Beyonce can’t sing at all? Cuz that’ts just not true. One thing for sure, two things for certain, Beyonce is a very crafty business woman. If it was this “big” secret, I’m sure she would have dipped that ear piece off w/o the whole world seeing her. I think it’s common practice that they do it that way so it can b perfect.

    • Here’s the thing about Beyonce. She will lie (about her age, pregnancy, who her daddy is), cheat (Kelly Rowland and all the other DC members out of money, steal (steal songs, ideas, dance moves). This is just the first time she’s been caught in the act with another party saying it. We all know that pregnancy was bunk. We know that she’s older than she says she is. (Her own mama can’t keep her age straight) so the only thing this woman has going is people are starting to figure out she’s a big fake and it’s keeping her in the headlines. It’s sad. She’s made her money, has her husband… she should just sit down before something happens and she really gets embarrassed.

      • Agree! It’s actually disgusting how these boot licking stans don’t realize that they BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY READ! Accuse us who are intelligent enough to recognize BS when we see it (if it comes out of Beys ass they would swear it was chocolate)! It’s not about what we read its what we hear with our own ears, see with our eyes reference the belly pillow. We aren’t saying the coochie popping leotard wearing narcissist isn’t talented to some degree…I mean the whole snatching out of the ear piece was acting you numb nuts; we are saying she is a STUDIO SINGER! A decent dancer, I admire those who can follow choreographed routines. Fact remains she wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire in the beehive so why go so hard in the paint for her?!

  14. just saw girl tyme you know before they changed the name to destiny’s child.

    beyonce was on star search in 93 sorry the video you can tell beyonce’s a preteen on here and the girls are dressed in early 90’s hip hop fashion.

    she looks like a 7th grader seriously.

    never thought she lied abouyt her age.

  15. I just checked wikipedia and all the former members of Destiny’s Child are 31 or 32 so I believe Beyonce is 31. Why would her dad form a group back then with a bunch of girls much younger than Beyonce?

    • Ummmm Wikipedia is about as authentic as Beyonce’s new boobs. Please don’t use that as a method of reference.

  16. It’s funny because the SAME people that said it was a great performance are now saying it was horrible because of the pre-recorded track…it still was HER VOICE!

  17. Whitneys music director came on live tv and said SHE DID NOT LIP SYNC. google iti was so happy to hear that.

  18. It wasn’t a great performance. I have seen pageant girls do a better job. And anyone with ears knows Whitney’s was better. Beyonce is just too much with her fakery. Wonder if she is going get some gimmick going for Super

    • Of course, that is what she does. That is why she did not get an Oscar for Dreamgirls. The woman is phoney with a capital P.

      • What I want to know is how much stuff does Beyonce have on Jay-Z?? He is rolling with all this nonsense (fake pregnancies, stupid elaborate PR stunts that everyone sees through and a broad that can’t put two sentences together). He’s smarter than this so she must have the goods on him. I can’t see any other way he could live with all of this. He’s no prize but he’s rich and there are plenty of hotter women out there that aren’t so cray.

  19. This heffa Beyonce is an egomaniac. Pulling the ear plugs out of her ears while she was lip synching let me know she’s deranged. You know that part in her live show when she says, “I’ll show you crazy, I know crazy reeealll well…” then she breaks out into “Crazy in Love”? She’s been tryna tell us!

    • she been told us by coming up with sasha fierce only an entertainer can get away with psychobabble like that.

      let an ordionary joe come ans say well yes i turn into somebody else yes we’ll see where they end up.

      beyonce being rich isn’t considered crazy she’s eccentric.

      • Eccentric ??? I think you giving this woman a little to much props the bitch is crazy…
        Let not put her in the mental health bracket it’s a insult to them..
        Beyonce needs to be medicated and be placed somewhere I don’t no but as far away from mankind as possible.
        Back in the day she whould have being stoned..

        • of courss she’s crazy.

          eccentric means you are crazy as hell but you’re rich a few examples.

          michael jackson
          mike tyson
          phil spector.

          • @crazychris

            I’m not disputing what your saying but just because your rich dont mean your not crazy??
            there are many words to define someones state of mind but beyonce don’t fall into that bracket of eccentric, so just because you got money you get some kinda eccentric label pass??? Naaaaa…. me and you aint living on the same planet Chris…..
            some one who lies about there age walks around like her shit don’t stink, carrying pillows under her breasts trying to convince everyone that shes pregnant walking around talking bout shes french, not being hygienic Ie stank breath problems, delusional,wanting mexican babies.
            please Chris imagine some girl on your block displaying this kind of bahaviours.
            would you call them eccentric and have them round your house for a cook up and end up stealing one of your close friends babies because their lighter than her in complexion, then pretending the babies hers then changes the name to blu ivy cantrell…
            were im from thats CRAY CRAY!

            • @deluk-we are so on the same page!!! Beyonce azz is straight CRAY-CRAY!!! She needs to be best friends with halle berry cause they are both crazier than two wet cats in burlap sack!!! And wait did you say le stank breath? ROTFLMAO!!! #frenchify that funk

  20. @Carla

    Jays a loser. Best to believe Beys the best he will ever get. No other full grown woman of her caliber would ever settle for someone as egotisical, manipulative and crooked as Jay z.
    Not a Beyonce fan. But I think Jay caught the prize in this relationship. I mean what self respecting woman would be foolish enough to commit themselves to a serious relationship with him? Plus Bey got her own money. Lol.
    Hell no. Jigga aint going no where.

    • Shows how dumb she is. And dude ain’t that smart. once you make enough money, you can roll how you want if you are not a complete dummy.

    • i have to agree w/you 100%.
      Let me preface my comment by saying:I’m not a stan, but you gotta admit that Boringyonce is a “International Star”. Her stardom far supasses Jay Z. Boringyonce’ legitimizes him, she gave him access to a world beyond hip hop.
      Therefore, he needed her way more than she needed him.

      On another note. I was appauled to see Jay Z standing that close to the President Of The United States. That was a bad look for the President.

      • I totally agree. I don’t know why the Obamas associate so closely with them. I really don’t…unless they wrote them really fat checks. But STILL. Not a good look for the Obamas.

        • I’ve been puzzled by this for a minute; if you ever figure it out please post on here and be sure to address it to me. I was shocked that Michelle Obama would say that her girls admire this over the top whorish performer. Sorry but her lyrics (most) aren’t for young girls, her booty popping coochie swirls definitely shouldn’t be emulated, and her entire persona is phony. I am not saying the FLOTUS is a perfect parent, but I know she’s highly educated and seemed to keep the girls grounded. Very disappointed. Did I mention the whole Beyonce is part of the Health Initiative but admittedly does a lot of unhealthy things?! The Pepsi endorsement, the crash diets etc

          • For the First Lady and Obama to support this person who is casted as the image of the whore to the whole world, shows you that PRINCIPALITIES OF DARKNESS IN HIGH PLACES are currently in control of our beautiful little prison planet .

            They’re all working together and they are all Initiates and Luciferians.

            • Michelle and Barry are not living under some rock. They know who Beyonce is and what image she portrays to little girls. They saw her grind on Magics Johnsons(or Babywipes Johnson) on live TV, while her daddy cheered her on backstage.

              They see her videos and they know she is marketed to 8 year old girls.

        • Im telling you right now , Obama and Jay and Michelle and Beyonce are doing sexual stuff…I dont have the math of who is doing who and how, but they are getting it on….Beyonce is a MK-Ultra Presidential Model Sex Slave and Michelle and Barry are simply given the trigger word that winds our little whore friend up….when they finish Jay Z says the control word that sends Sasha Fierce back to sleep.

          Beyonce is a whore and she has been putting molested and ruined at a very early age. Thats partially why she’s not able to carry a child of her own.

          • Well I read somewhere that Michelle Obama wanted to be Beyonce ??
            Maybe beyonce teaching her to popp her azz in the White House right now…

  21. Anonymous, If that’s the case, and he’s such a prize? What is she doing with him? Anyway,I’m sure he’s got more money than her.

  22. Anonymous, I meant if he’s “not” such a prize, what is she doing with him? If she could do better, one would assume she would have. Right?

  23. @Carla

    Jays a loser. Best to believe Beys the best he will ever get. No other full grown woman of her caliber would ever settle for someone as egotisical, manipulative and crooked as Jay z.
    Not a Beyonce fan. But I think Jay caught the prize in this relationship. I mean what self respecting woman would be foolish enough to commit themselves to a serious relationship with him? Plus Bey got her own money. Lol.
    Hell no. Jigga aint going no where. imo

  24. ANonymous, but if as you say “he’s a loser”. What is she doing with him? If she could do better, why wouldn’t she?

  25. @Carla

    Please excuse duplicate.
    Jay is a hood ninja and I believe that the relationship was based on protection for her and image for him. Plus he is a go getter and a beast with getting money. And I heard hes very very well endowed, so I that may help.
    Before Bey, J only attracted a lot of golddiggers/hoes. His words not mine. Even though Bey is successful, shes not the sharpest when it comes to street smarts and life experiences.
    Jay was a replacement for daddy Matt. imo

  26. Carla

    Also remember at the time they got together it was the in thing to do. Rappers and singers. Im just happy Janet dodged that bullet and left Jermaine Dupri. Lol.

    • never saw jd was a rapper.

      he was a good songwriter and producer.

      but yes bad boy gangster rappers with r&b singers were the thing.

      biggie and faith
      mack 10 and t boz
      bobby and whitney
      bow wow and ciara

      bobby not a rapper but he had a bad boy image.

  27. Yes, I do believe her getting married was for protection. I still think she couldn’t do better than him. No intelligent, well-read man would want her and she has the best of the street thugs so I guess they are stuck with each other.

  28. She hooked up with dude because people started calling her a HOE.

    Jay hooked up to shyt on Dame behind him staeling Aaliyah.

    Aaliyah and Dame was supposed to be the King and Queen 😉

    Jay ran with dude’s whole program…damn, lol.

  29. I have alot of Creoles in my family…and everyone of them consider themselves BLACK- everyday ALL day! I have ppl in my family that can literally pass for white but proudly say they are African American…Beyonce is NOT high yellow she’s just a lighter brown skin sista with a good weave. The madness must stop. I know alot of round the way sistas from the hood who are just as light or even lighter in complexion and none consider themselves mixed- just black.

  30. Also wanna add she may be fooling the white masses, so she will be more accepted….but for the everyday black person who’s keepin real on the daily….she fools no one……disappointing!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. When I saw that shit I almost passed out.

      Did the “french” help make her career? No!!! Black folks put her ass on the map and now being black, with our RICH & ROYAL HISTORY isn’t good enough?

      When are we as a people going to learn?

  31. @CBella

    I think its all a part of the agenda. I dont believe the potus and the flotus are stupid or that easily mislead.

  32. I think Beyonces OWN publicists put out those fake stories about her being 45 and 50 years old in order to
    undermine and negate the true stuff about her….In other words to make it all seem like some hoax, when most of the stuff is pretty on point…

    Its an intentional hoax thats packaged as part of the real stuff so that people just dismiss it all in the same hoax trashbin.

    Its an old media ploy.

  33. Well they cant undermine and negate a deflating pregnant belly… and she can wave around all the sonograms she wants. They just want you to watch the special by teasing you about the pregnancy. She’s not showing you any new pics of her pregnant. It’s funny because you see her half naked with an exposed belly and tight clothings ALL the time for no reason. But when she was pregnant she was covered and draped ALL the time. Crazy Bitch.

  34. I thought that Whitney did the same thing as Beyonce – lip sync to pre-recorded vocals. Also, I think Beyonce sung it live a few years ago at the Superbowl in Houston and it sounded fine…not as good as Whitney’s, but she did well.

    I’ve heard the girl sing and dance live plenty of times and she always does well, so I’m not sure what the big deal is. Only one of her peers (Gaga) puts on as good of a show as she does and can do it live too. I will say that Kelly Clarkson did a much better job at the Inauguration, but it’s just stupid to act like Beyonce has not sung live before. No matter how much people dislike her, she is one of the best entertainers of her time. I suppose she can use pre-recorded tracks from time to time. I just don’t see the big deal…unless she really is a drunk and alcohol has messed up her voice…that would be a more entertaining newsworthy story, but this just makes for a dumb headline which for some reason I think her and her camp are behind since nobody has been really checking for her lately. She will be performing at the Superbowl and I don’t doubt that she’ll deliver. She also has some show coming out on TV I think…can’t remember right now. This is good PR for her. This could also be a ploy to get people to stop dogging her and Jay-Z about those silhouette shots of Blue Ivy they keep posting. I don’t put anything past them. They are two of the biggest attention whores in Hollywood.

    BTW, anybody find the “affection” between Michelle Obama and Beyonce weird?

  35. After I saw who Pres. Obama appointed to head the SEC and the Treasury, AND that the U.S. military, on Pres. Obama’s orders, is helping France to reconquer Algeria and Mali, I am like, let the fake I wanna be white Beyawnce lip synch because this whole Presidency, like so many others, is full of shit.

    And those saying that Whitney lip synched the national anthem, not at that football game where it became a top #1 Billboard song. No boo, come again.

  36. Did this fool just type an ENTIRE paragraph with nary a punctuation mark whilst calling someone ignorant?

    LOLOLOL I love you big bitches. Just so angry. 😀

  37. GTFOHWTBS Simon Cowell is no expert if he was he’d be singing and dancing across a stage. Don’t get it twisted the only reason you see any of these current day hoes is they do what they’re told and are trained pageant folk child actors etc. Time to get smart.

  38. BTW Whitney did lip-synch but her recording was flawless and Whitney was at a football game. This was an inauguration. The white girl who is Kelly Clarkson out sang her recording. Beyonce’s recording was done in a warm controlled environment and it was lack luster. Beyonce is average there is nothing mind blowing about her other than how much she cheats.

  39. Heres a hint. The story about Beyonce being a 40 year old woman is a false story put out by her own people.
    A story that any reasonable person can verify as being false and easily debunk it.

    They use that false flag story (that they themselves put out) as a base to debunk the 90% of stuff about her that is actually true.

    • Very good point. When people make up shit and plant it as a rumor, it is to hide the real shit they be doing. The Clintons were masters at that.

  40. Google barrack-ahnanten ppl it will trip u out and queen tiye. Our beautiful first family bears a strong resemblance to an ancient Egyptian first family. Everything comes full circle. What a beautiful coincidence : ) chk it out folks!

  41. When Beyonce struck out solo I always said I give her atleast 5-6 years then after that she will start to fade out and true colors will come out. To my surprise it happened. All I got to say is that it was NOT that cold outside. And if Kelly Clarkson could have sung live and did great how come Beyonce couldn’t? Hell even Obama was excited about Kelly Clarkson singing than Beyonce. He showed that clearly doing the performances along with Michelle. Beyonce need to realize her ways and actions are getting OLD AND PLAYED OUT. People are taking notice that she is not creative, smart, didn’t graduate,NO class, STEALS others hard work and claim it as her own, BEG to sing for important events, AND only wants money just like her husband. Her fans hyped her up over NOTHING. All her fans doesn’t see she makes terrible music, nothing she has is timeless, the musical legends in the game don’t praise her first or ask to sing with her she ASKS FIRST, dumber than a sack of peanuts, and WAS a “HOE” also was getting it in with Justin Timberlake during Destiny Child era but settled with Jay Z so she could get rid of that image. She trying so hard to have a white crowd but DOESN’T have the spark to pull it off. She needs to see people are getting tired of her and don’t have time for it. She getting old. She need to realize Rihanna and Adele taking over. Also Lady GaGa and Britney spears coming back with new albums ready to do their thing. No i’m not a fan but i’m so tired of seeing her and I seen a lot of people who are fans of hers are crossing over to other singers. Her and her husband JayZ can go sit down somewhere and TAKE CARE OF THEIR DAUGHTER!

    • Thats right cosign..
      Probably getting one of her creole staff to start bleaching blu ivy skin in a bath right about now..
      Also all this light skinned shit i saw a picture when she was younger her hair was short and picky and she claims she has french in her bullshit….

      • LMAO @ Blu Ivy skin bleaching. I can really see that starting @ abt age 5 and surgeries by 10 to get rid of papa J’z negroid features.
        You guys are giving this “Creole” thing too much ground. I am a chocolate complected Creole woman (Creole = French, Black & Indian)with roots in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Majority of my family is very light complected with fine curly hair and can easily pass as white(including my mother) but PROUDLY claim themselves as black!
        Bey can claim “french” all she wants but every creole person i know considers that as black!!! and why is it that Creole is by definition French, Black & INDIAN but their was no mention of that heritage?

  42. stole folks hard word well everrybody in the industery stole from somebody.

    jay z sampling folks songs and knowing better but because he has a god complex he thinks he3 don’t need permission who made him, bey, and blu ivy the 2013 holy triune.

    not a bey fan but as long as she’s making money she’ll be around all her sold with and without destiny’s child.

    the whites will accept her and jayz as long as they make millions and keep up with them.

    as for the obamas this is barack’s last term so she better enjoy singing for him at least she can say she did it.

    bey will play out one day and they’ll be som eone else to take her place.

  43. I don’t know abt y’all …but my girl Whitney sang da hell outta dat song…more. powerful …look how she was sweating at the end…r.I.p

  44. Entertainment is the only arena where ppl put a microphone in front of high school dropouts and expect smart or relevant things to be said. It aint them its the fans. Check urself.

  45. A real diva, who can sing, would never lip synch. No exceptions. It wasn’t that cold outside that day; her voice should have been in the best condition. Legendary ladies of soul like Gladys, Patti, Tina, the late Fontella, and Irma (Irma Thomas, for the younger generation who may not know of her) would never fake it by lip synching. Those sister women can SING, and that’s all there is to it!!

    • @40400-agreed but listen to what you yourself said. There are few real singers in the business today. The popular girls are all cut from the madonna cloth-they are all ENTERTAINERS not singers. They make flashy videos, wear hardly any clothes, make poppy music and depend on their sexuality to help sell records. It’s like patti labelle said it’s all smoke and mirrors to cover for the fact that they have no vocal skills. Singers sing entertainers do what beyonce and rihanna do-lip sync!

      • Madraven, I agree with your comments. And all that glitter and glamm, but no real singing talent. I don’t know your age, but I’m a young senior citizen (63), and back in the day all a good singer needed was a good rhythm section (i.e., drums, bass, lead guitar, and keyboard) and maybe three background singers. Many, many years ago (almost 50 years), I met Tina and the Ikettes in their dressing room and they sang a cappela; it was something to hear and I was through.

        • @40400-i’m 43 and had a similar experience with my favorite singer chaka khan. She came to my hometown in concert back in 86 with kenny g and me and my friend daryl were fortunate enough to meet her. I told her my favorite album was her 82 album and how much i loved the song so not to worry. Well she sang a few bars no music, no back up singers and no mic and needless to say she laid it to rest! Ever since then whenever she drops a cd i buy it. Chaka, phyllis hyman, minnie ripperton, patti labelle and the emotions are just a few of the folks i came up with so these girls today can’t do a thing for me. There are some out there who can sing but they are few and far between and they are at the mercy of a record industry that uses it’s machinery to push the talentless and musically inferior. Isn’t it very interesting to see that the majority of the black girls out today all seem to want to follow in madonna’s footsteps while the white girls like joss stone, nikka costa and adele want to take the torch from chaka, patti, gladys etc and follow in their footsteps. And when that happens many on this site will complain but these are the same folks who won’t support ledisi, chante moore or any of the talented young black singers who need it. Beyonce and rihanna will continue to go double and triple platinum and the music will continue to get worse. Well i’m going to go put on one of my old patti austin cds. Real singers are like good movies-they never go out of style!