Beyonce Is a Liar and a Thief!


There’s talk in Tinsel Town of Destiny’s Child getting back back together, and Bey is said to be writing some songs for the group. But, is Beyonce really writing those songs? Word from Def/Jam artist Chrisette Michele is that she wrote a track called “Ego” for Beyonce, and she’s pissed that she hasn’t received any writing credit.

Here’s what Chrisette Michele had to say:

“It was really scary for me to release my pen because I have written my first album by myself. You don’t know if they’re going to be able to capture your voice the same way that you have captured it yourself.”

Michele went on to say the song “Ego” was originally for her album, but she gave it to Beyonce instead. That was a bad move. Know why? Because in the end, only producers Elvis Williams, Harold Lilly and Beyonce Knowles were credited for the song!

This is not the first time Bey has been caught jacking songwriting credits. You may remember her pulling the same move connected to the “Scared Of Lonely” song. Producer Rico Love has said it was him who did the writing along with Solange and Lashawn Danielsand Crystile, but it was Beyonce’s which appeared on the song’s credits…Ouch!!!

According to Matthew Knowles, it’s all a part of the business. The fans (whether or not they know it) want to know that Beyonce is doing all the work. So it seems that Matthew believes everyone should give Bey a pass, because she’s apparently allowed to steal material.

I say what Beyonce really needs is a good lawsuit. Even then, they know they’ll win. Know why? Because they’ll drag it through court…that’s why they keep stealing song credits! If you don’t believe me just ask Dr. Dre, Puffy or Timberland. Know why? Because they all been doing it way before Beyonce surfaced mane!


  1. That why I hate rap, hip-hop, and r&b. It is all a bunch of recycled crap, and
    it takes no talent whatsoever to make it. I am kind of biased though. I can’t
    stand black people, and if you read the other comment here, you will know why.
    Most of them are dumb.