Beyonce Urged To Drop $50M Pepsi Deal


Beyonce Promotes Unhealthy Lifestyle

The Center for Science in the Public Interest appears to be bashing Beyonce — calling the pop performer out for both her 2009 private show for Gaddafi, and peddling pop soda.

Now, the strong advocate group — for nutrition and health, food safety, alcohol policy and sound science — says if the singer accepts that $50Million from Pepsi – she’d be championing the demise of health in our youth.

Here’s an open letter from the director of the CSPI:

“Beyonce you have a unique position in the cultural life of this country and are an inspiring role model for millions of young people. Your image is one of success, health, talent, fitness, and glamour. But by lending your name and image to PepsiCo, you are associating those positive attributes with a product that is quite literally sickening Americans.

I imagine that it must be hard for anyone to turn away $50 million. But this endorsement deal strikes me as particularly inappropriate, considering your popularity with America’s young people and the extent to which Pepsi and other sugary drinks promote disease.

The New York Times attributed to you a statement that this endorsement agreement allows you ‘to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing [your] creativity ‘ It seems to me that this deal is actually an enormous comprise. In fact, I would characterize this as an even bigger compromise than your accepting $2 million to perform at the 2009 New Year’s Eve bash thrown by Hannibal Gaddafi, the famously violent son of the now-deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

You realized that the arrangement was in error and wisely donated those proceeds to charity, I respectfully urge you to reconsider your arrangement with PepsiCo. If you move ahead with your promotional activities, you may wish to consider donating your proceeds to a hospital, diabetes organization or another reputable charity involved in the prevention or treatment of soda-related diseases.”

Is the director of the CSPI hating on Beyonce by singling her out? I think so. Know why?
Because the Super Bowl, NBA championship and the Olympics all promote numerous junk foods and the CSPI director ain’t stepping to them.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Lets find a happy middle ground…Make Beyonce sign a contract stipulation that she drinks 1.5 L of Pepsi everyday and she must drink a verifiable 1.5 L of the soda pop everyday for 5 years at the same time everyday…In one guzzle…Then she must give Baby Blue Ivy Carter a 16 oz can twice a day. he baby doesnt have to down it in one guzzle but within 20 minutes.

    That way everybody knows that Beyonce truly believes in the product and that its a product she ingests daily.

  2. Why doesn’t this group do the same thing to the tv show X-Factor. They hock pepsi products like it’s crack. And Pepsi do have a whole bunch of low calorie sodas. Each person has to make the right decision on there own.

    • Because anyone who watches X-Factor is already brain dead, but I guess we can say the same about Beyonce fans.

      When celebrities hawked cigarettes or alcohol, people were mad, but the celebrities really did smoke that brand and drink that drink.

      Don’t tell me that Beyonce drinks that motor oil shit. We all know she don’t!

      I’m more mad at the Boards of Directors of these junk food and soda companies. You know they and their children don’t eat or drink that shit!

    • Owed calorie drinks are worse, believe it or not. The sweeteners used I. Low calorie and diet drinks are known to cause cancer.

  3. She can always pull a Madonna and piss off Pepsi. Madonna got her commercial yanked and kept the dough. I don’t think Beyonce is that smart though.

    • Doesn’t Beyonce have enough law suits against her already? I don’t think they would let her get away with doing something like that.

  4. Quit buying/supporting these celebs records/endeavors, responding/reading about them…problem solved! Eventually they will be a paycheck to paycheck person.

    • white folks are 68% of the market and they are the ones who really support these Minstrel like entertainment endeavors.

      White teens are responsible for about 70% of all rap music CD’s…tHAT means no matter how much we are repulsed by “Niggas in Paris” , Nicki Minaj or Chief Keef, its going to be white teenagers who will be supporting them primarily.

      Nothing we can do about that except make our own music, make our own movies and get our own disdtibution deals to take advantage of the new electronic medium of the internet.

      • See, we dont hire Chief Keef….Jimmy Iovine does for his own malevolent purposes…Jimmy Iovine is his boss…Not you or I…We dont own a TV station to put Chief Keef on…wE dont have a movie studio to hire Denzel or Angela Basset to make a movie about the Kush Empire of North AFRICA….And we dont have the ability to distribute our music to Walmart or our movies to Cinema 12 at the mall…

        • You’re right. But it’s enough money floating through the black community to own all of it — if we’d just stop letting Nike, Apple, Sony, etc. pimp us every six months with their “new and improved” made-in-China products.

  5. LOLOLOL!!! Uh yeah… good luck with that Chuck!

    When she endorsed Pepsi alongside Britney Spears and Pink… then with Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham… it wasn’t a problem I see. NOW that the BLACK woman is receiving an UNPRECEDENTED amount for the SAME endorsement… she’s the reason for the downfall of America?

    Ah well…. of course it would be Beyonce’s fault that children are fat. It most certainly aren’t their parents. I mean really. She’s the one raising them and not their television sets.


    • “Hi Im Beyonce and I love Pepsi soda and my Baby Ivy Blue love dat shit too. Look at her drink this whole can right now. Drink your Pepsi Blue Ivy, drink it all up baby , aint it good burp”

    • Thats the shit that Wesley Snipes was on when they concocted that fake tax thing on him…They put a case on that niggas for the same reason the FBI put cases on Irv Gotti, Dame Dash, Suge and that other guy…They were planning to run off the plantation and Distribute and control their own product and destiny..

      Wesley had acquired a huge land acreage in Angola West Africa and was in the actual process of building a movie studio there and was in the prelims of shooting his first Independent Movie there which was some kind of Western..

      They called that nigga back from Africa and told him he needed to go to jail for filing tax forms.

    • I agree w/BOSS. I am not into Beyoncé music, but there r so many rock groups & others who have soda, cigarettes, liquor, etc. as endorsers and never have anybody question them about it. I understand CSPI concern, but do this to ALL of the singers, celebs, athletes who have energy drinks, and sodas endorsing their company, don’t just pick on the one successful black girl, who was able to pull that kind of endorsement.

      • I dont give a fuck about Beyonce , one way or the other…Shes a grown adult and is free to make her own decision. I care about the innocent children…

        On one hand people like you say that parents should protect and exert some control over their own children…
        Okay..Im the parent to all of the black children in America…Im taking the responsibility for their well being by protecting them from principalities of darkness in high places in hollywood.

        Now, Im doing what you say and now you are telling me that Im “pickiN on a successful black GIRL”

        This girl is 35 fuckin’ years old and shes very aware what shes doing….How old is she going to be a girl.
        If she feels like Pepsi is a healthy choice for our black children, then she needs to put out a communication in her own words explaining the health benefits of Pepsi and how much Pepsi her family drinks every day./

        • Shut up and read. The point is not her age or whether or not Beyonce thinks Pepsi is a healthy choice. The point is

          “Where was PETA when white artists had endorsements for the same product? Why say something now that a black woman got an unprecedented monetary endorsement?”

          It raises questions and it appears that they are only saying something now that a black woman will receive that amount of money. And TRUST… I am no Beyonce stan. It’s just the point. PETA needs to attempt to block “other” artists dollars and not just Beyonce. They’re mute when a white artist has an endorsement for Pepsi – or haven’t you noticed? Yeah.. I’d call it picking on her too. Beyonce go get you money.

      • Becuase blacks have a higher mortality rate from that shit.

        Part of the lingering effects of slavery was that we were taken from our native food. Every medicine and piece of food and drink is not for us, it is for whites.

        That is why OUR obesity rate is higher, OUR lung, prostate and breast cancer rates are deadlier. OUR diabetes rates have higher morbidity. OUR kidney disease rates are more prevalent and OUR hypertension and cardio pulmonary survival rates are lower.

        That is why.

        Beyonce was not picked to market to little white girls, she was picked to market to little black girls.

  6. Why don’t they point out the fact that the World Health Organisation gets cheques from Junk food companies?

    • actually we all saw Bill Gates and Warren Buffet give away their entire fortune. much of it right now going to african nations.

        • Finally a topic worth commenting on!

          Bill Gates and co. Gave a way their fortunes to think tanks and organizations the ensure that we all remain enslaved.

          Bill Gates is big on de-population and population control also know as eugenics. He supports companies who manufacture the poison that is passed off as vaccines. Vaccines that are know to cause cancers, brain damage, and infertility amongst other things!

          So what if Bill Gates and Warrent Buffett gave away their fortunes! They gave them away to ensure that the poor stay poor and everyone else remains under governmental control or dies prematurely.

          • crazy Gates would do all that for the same government that persecuted and prosecuted him and him company throughout the 90’s. cost him BILLIONS

  7. If Beyonce gave a damn about anyone she wouldn’t have 500 million dollars. It’s just impossible to amass that much wealth if you are giving.

    • Why cant a black person amass 500 Million dollars?

      Do you think we are not worthy to have that much money?

      Do you check Bill Gates on his amassing billions of dollars?
      Of course you dont…Because you know its his money and he can do with it whatever the fuck he wants to do with it.

      • The impact Bill Gates has ad on the technology of the whole world Is immeasurable. I really don’t see how you can compare him to an entertainer who has to bust it open to sell records…

  8. My only gripe with Beyonce is that she doesn’t spend more time with her only child. Beyonce is not responsible for the fat ass kids in america! Whether Beynce is the spokesperson or not, kids and parents with low self esteem will continue to drink Pepsi, coke, eat ho hos and fuck numerous random folks and birth unwanted children.

    • @Yuuuuup

      It sounds like you are having flashbacks from your last family reunion at that trailer park picnic area last year.

  9. They need to leave Beyonce alone. Im not saying that because I like her, fuck her and Jay Z. They need to go after the people with the real money. They won’t do that because they know they will end up like Hoffa. Would anyone one turn down 50 million dollars to stand up for people who won’t, not can’t, stand up for their own health? I know a woman where I work that was told by her dr. that pepsi was killing her insides. We call her Pepsi. She says that she is gonna die drinking pepsi. I will leave it at that.

    • We all know they picked Beyonce to sling that poison because she has major sway with small black children…Especially little black girls…She is being used to bait our babies to ingest this poison by the Corporate Theocracy so by the time our little girls are 16 years old and of child bearing age, they will be well over 200 lbs , their Blood Pressure will be north of 180/110 and their kidneys will be like mush…So not only will the last thing on their mind be procreation but they will be fighting for their very lives…

      its genocide…

      Beyonce has a right to promote that crap and we have the right to comment on her poor choice..

      And we dont give a phuck about what white people are doing because we all know damn well Pink or Brittany Spears wont be used to market that garbage to Tanisha.

      • Bait our babies? Their PARENTS are introducing it to them. It’s not on Beyonce. Come on now. It’s not like its a brand new product that’s not already consumed by the masses. Pepsi is already in the hood… and Beyonce didn’t take it there.

        Oh, I get it… let the white artists make money from endorsing a product that’s already successfuL in ALL markets – not just the black community. Oh….

        Do you think Pepsi limits it’s target to just blacks? It’s on the parents. ALL parents. Beyonce, go get your money.

      • Where have you been? Britney Spears did indeed have an endorsement with Pepsi! So did other white celebs. The woman at my place of work that we call Pepsi, IS WHITE!!! We as black people have a responsibility as parents, to raise our OWN kids! I have never seen a 4 year old employed. Therefore someone has to buy this product for them. Is it Beyonce? I think not. She wants your money so she won’t give you any of hers. Its the parents!

  10. Beyonce….make your money! There is no way anyone in their right mind would turn down that much money. If you don’t believe your kids should drink soda… don’t let them. The only person responsible for what your kids eat or drink is you. Take some responsibility for your own households and quit blaming everyone else because you are too weak to tell your kids no.

    • Yes, someone has turned Dow. Large sums of dirty money,, David Chapell did just that.

      Beyonce can too. Beyonceans all other entertai weak ow what they are doing when sellin poison to the populous. The difference is Beyonce has already sold her soul, and this is part of her contract. Dave Chapell. Did t sell his soul, so he was not penalized for turning down their blood money.

      • Because he was wise enough to know that money came with a price that wasn’t worth a single dime of it… See but people like Beyonce can’t turn down these “deals” because they have already sold out. They do whatever is required by their masters to stay alive in the industry. I actually think its naive of people to think Beyonce can turn these endorsements down. She works for the banks that own these companies and the hoe never tells the pimp what to do…

  11. This is silly. Did this group become unglued when Michael Jackson signed a deal with Pepsi? No. Will kids drink Pepsi because Beyonce says so. Probably not. Either they already drink it or they don’t. Pepsi is crazy for giving her $50 million for this.

    • @Original Anon

      Since Pepsi is a billion dollar corporation who is not in the business in giving away money for no reason, I trust their business acumen more than I would trust yours…No offense to you…They wouldnt be paying Beyonce 8 million dollars (probably the realistic number she will see before taxes) unless she could deliver souls to Pepsi…

    • Pepsi was made with sugar back then, not high frucose corn syrup. Sugar is not good, but HFCS is poison.

    • If you knew how potent a carcinogen that saccahrin, you be begging for white sugar….Diet Pepsi is 10x worse that the regular poison.

  12. Jacky why did you post this story? I love you but i hate you for what you are about to make me do. Despite the fact that i despise her and all she stands for i must defend beyonce. Dear God my mouth is still burning from saying that! She is not the cause of obesity in this country and neither is pepsi. That blame goes to people who don’t know how to get up from the dinner table, exercise regularly and eat properly. I speak from experience cuz i am one of them. Yes i am a proud, fluffy, twinkie eating, big mac smashing plus sized bitch!!! I’m not as big as precious(and you are wrong for using her picture by the way) but i am on the rounder side of skinny and while i know i could stand to lose a few lbs i am happy with me. And that is not beyonce’s fault that as a grown ass woman i choose to indulge in my fave foods. As a matter of fact i would not eat or buy anything simply cuz a celeb endorses it-that’s just stupid. I’ve been a coca cola drinker for years and if michael couldn’t get me to drink pepsi beyonce damn sure won’t!! And despite my defense of her on this issue i still say her music sucks and she remains the booty pop panty queen. That is all.

    • LOL… I am really feeling the beginning of your post. I thought it was just me. Beyonce better go make her money. LOL

      • What you didn’t like the other part of it? Hey i got no issue with self deprecation cuz the way i see it is if i’m going to be on here giving my honest opinions about others i might as well be honest about myself. Don’t get me wrong just cuz i take shots at me it doesn’t mean i don’t love myself or have self esteem issues. I am not the prettiest or the slimmest chick on the block but i am comfortable in my own skin. Humor is just part of who i am. And yes every once in a while i might post something intelligent or even profound but i try to keep that to a minimum. Crazy chris, anon, keepitreal, tisme, josh, anonymous, unadulterated truth and norman e.mailer have got the brain portion covered on here and they don’t need my help. I just throw in my two cents here and there. And beyonce’s music still sucks like vanessa del rio in the seventies. IMHO of course. Lol!!

  13. I wouldn’t give back Sh*t. If you want her to do this, just create a list and start asking everyone else to do it

  14. Iii donn’t like Beyonce, but it doesn’t matter what she endorses its up to every person to decide for themselves. Remember free will?

  15. And dont be shocked when they roll out that new flavor just for us like menthol cigarettes. Thx Bey.

  16. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Beyonce was an entertainer and not a spokesperson for America’s households. She sings, dance, acts, and etc…. That’s her job. It’s not her job to raise YOUR KIDS!! It’s her job to entertain people as an entertainer. It’s a choice to buy Pepsi. You don’t have to buy Pepsi. If your child is drinking Pepsi, it’s because you as a dumb ass parent made a choice to buy Pepsi. At the end of the day, black folks always so quick to blame the slave, why not blame the slave master who makes and distribute the products out to the masses of people. Black folks love defending their master and always dogging the slave.

    • Isnt a blog a place for us to get together and discuss these matters?

      Are we not allowed to text Beyonces name?

      How about our fuckin’ free will? Thats a two way highway

  17. Said it before and I’ll say it again…Beyonce face on a soda can don’t mean a thing to me or anyone I know. I agree that Pepsi themselves should spend millions on research for diabetes, cancer, weight issues with children etc, etc. But the chose to give $50 million to her….so for that they gets no respect from me….she’s a fading star far as I’m concerned. But for her I suppose it keeps her relevant to the uninformed masses

    • Beyonces face on a soda cant do a thing to you because you are an ADULT.

      They are targeting children 5-12…

      And please miss me with that bullshit line, people need to monitor their children 24 hrs a day…Who do you know other than the very wealthy or a stay at home that homeschools who can monitor their children 24 hrs a day?

      Satans winning and their aim is to win your babies over to their side.

  18. Beyonce will have some of the black youth even fatter then Precious with this Pepsi thing, topped of with a nice helping of diabetes from this horrible drink.

  19. Imma call Michelle Obama on her. Didn’t she do some health campaign with 1st Lady and school kids? Ooooohhh I’m telling. Lol.

    Beyonce dumb as fug but she rich

  20. not really a fan of hers but at the same time let’s quit blaming her, the NRA, etc. and parents just raise your own damn kids!!! And definitely need to bring back ass whoopings too!!

  21. but why did Jacky have to use that picture of Gabby Sidibe’s it was so random.Jacky stop talking about people.

  22. I thought she did that keep fit thing when she is dancing with the kids in the school.with her and Mrs. Obama thing? This shit is funny.. why do a celebrity have to tell you kids how to be they are you kids you need a cel how to raise your kids you don’t need kids.


  24. Beyonce may not be the most articulate person in the world but she really practices her dances many many hours a week. Shes a hard worker and plus she’ll have sex with the right people (or anyone who needs her help) to get ahead in the biz. Thats a hard combo to beat.

  25. WoW, I just commented because Jacky does have a wide variety of hot button topics and I like that his readers have so many opinions, most of them intelligent (typos, grammar not the point)…I hear y’all. People need to go to start petitions not against the celebrity necessarily but against these damn COMPANIES! Even against the group who called Bey out and trust me I’m not Stan or fan she annoys the hell outta me and HER money nor talent means ish in my household! I have raised five strong black children who don’t drink ANY soda pop period and eat as healthy as possible. It was A STRUGGLE! Understand that people aren’t saying other celebs shouldn’t be called out, named, and roasted on an open fire white or black; sometimes you have to stand for something in life SOMETHING THE RIGHT THING and as a Mom and influence to so many Beyonce does have a lot of power here. That’s all

    • And best believe…When these female artists (and probably a few males) go to the Middle East and do these concerts for these ultra rich sheiks and sons of sheiks in places like Qatar, UAE, Bahrain,Abu Dahbi , Syria , Lebanon etc. , this is high end PROSTITUTION.

      These guys pay million of dollars to have one night or even a few hours with world famous songtresses , actresses and other assorted celebrities.

      Heres a little tea for ya…What do you really think Kim Kardashian was doing in Qatar, where she didnt want her husband to accompany her?
      Do you really think it was about selling ice cream?
      That Armenian beast was selling pussy and her mom was her pimp and it was all legally contracted.

      You see these actreses spending the weekend in one of these gulf oil rich sheikhdoms, they are supplementing their income by being escorts…Janet Jackson just sprung one of them out it seems anbd shes going for the long con but it is what it is.

      Whenever you see somebody like Nicki Minaj or Ciarra having a concert in Dubai or Qatar , best believe the real action takes place after the concert…this is where they make their loot.

      this one was for free.

      • Check out that straight to video movie by Baron Cohen called “The Dictator”…The scene where the Dictator is in bed with one of those white actresses from America and he pays her in the morning, is based on reality…It was a true inside joke amongst those in the know in Hollyweird…It happens ALL THE TIME…Its a way for popular or formerly popular actresses and singers to supplement their income and there is a waiting list of them trying to get over there and fuck for a few minutes for a lot of money..
        But many of them are also contracted for orgies that are filmed with African slaves and other freaky stuff which I assume is extra.

        • They come back to the states (some on those PRIVATE JETS )with papersacks full of trick money cash in $100 bills..No tax income.

          $200,000-$300,000 for one nights sex, on top of their concert fees.







  26. Wow Just read an article not 2 long ago about video model Keysha Dior(not sure if im spelling her name correctly) snagging a rich arab..

  27. Wow, Just read an article not 2 long ago about video model Keysha Dior(not sure if im spelling her name correctly) snagging a rich arab..

  28. The reason BeyondFake is getting negative feedback for her 50mil pepsi deal, is not because she’s being singled out…’s because she was riding Michelle Obama’s clit in her campaign against childhood obesity. She then went so far as to write a public ass kissing letter to the First Lady. Michelle replied and thanked her for being a role model to kids every where. Beyonce’s bleached behind then lands a huge pepsi deal. Soda pop is one of the unhealthiest products on the planet. Not only is it highly acidic and loaded with sugar, but it causes numerous problems “besides” obesity. Yes, she needed to be called out for this BS. Is she truly a role model for kids and an advocate for health?? Her real colors are starting to show on a grand scale. Ever since she faked her pregnancy, folks have been giving her the side eye. Nobody singled her out, she brought attention to herself for what she really is. If you ask me, Michelle Obama is probably behind this CSPI thing, cos it’s based in DC & sounds like a govt agency. Michelle can’t be too happy with her prize pony right about now.

  29. I want to apologize to all my fans. When I sold Mr Qadaffi that pussy, no one had tole me he had weapons of mass construction. If I could given him back that money I would, but he dead now.

  30. beyonce does’nt care what we mere mortals think of her she’s gonna get endorsements.

    she wanna fake a pregnacy that’s her guess her and jigga had a few extra million they did’nt know what else to do with so they staged a fake pregnacy.

  31. O.K Not a fan of Beyonce or her music but why is it always up to a celebrity to protect,teach,or be a role model for our children? When did parents just abdicate their jobs to Hollywood?

  32. Kids are fat because, instead of parents spending quality time with them, they allow their child to spend countless number of hours in front of a video game, television, computer, etc. NOT because Beyonce chose to “peddle” a product. GTFOH!!

    • Good parents are forced to spend their “quality time” at work because the economy INTENTIONALLY set up where the one with the breast milk cannot stay home and raise and monitor the children anymore. Women should be able to stay home and raise the children and the family should still be able to live decently on one income.

      We were able to do it all the way up to the 1960’s….What changed all of the sudden? Thats the shit you really need to be investigating. And when you do, come back and give us a report on your findings.

  33. Giving Beyonce wayyyyy to much credit people drink pepsi because they like to drink pepsi and not coke lol so beyonce is getting a good deal and if I were her I would also take it and maybe do something good with the money as far as Qadaffi goes the american government said he was a bad person but that is never good enough for me so I wont comment on that

  34. oh yea and here is an IDEA CSPI how about sending a letter to the makers of Pepsi that might work better in you favor

  35. Jacky you are missing the point. Bey came out to support the First Lady with her Let’s Move project which promotes healthy eating of our youth in schools and a return to more exercise instead of sitting at home in front of video games. This “do anything for money” attitude is what I question as it shows that she doesn’t have a commitment to anything nor anyone but the dollar. Bey is already rich beyond measure and she has been called out for her lack of social/civic involvement. At some point, given her popularity with the youth, she should stand for something – stand behind something more endearing than a dollar bill. Karma is going to bite Bey real big – mark my words.