Beyonce’s Scurred Scientologists May Bump Tina Knowles!


Tina Knowles Scientology Recruit

Tina Knowles appears to have finally landed a slice of happiness — gettin’ her groove on, and a new look on — all while a new man is on board for the ride. But that doesn’t mean Tina’s entire support system is backing her beau of choice… Just ask Bey!

Reports reveal Bey is far from feelin’ the fact that Richard Lawson is all up on her mamma. Know why? Sources that’s because the actor is a “devote follower” of The Church of Scientology … and Bey fears he’s could be looking to turn our mamma out!

“Beyonce doesn’t want to see her mother affiliated with the organization at all. Beyonce has expressed her concerns and Tina doesn’t want to hear it.”

Here’s what a source revealed to Star Magazine:

“He’s a nice enough guy, but she’s freaked out by his association with Scientology. Beyonce is worried her mother will get sucked into the cultish religion. But mama Knowles doesn’t want to hear it. Tina did not take kindly to her daughter micromanaging her love life.”


  1. Utterly confused. Isn’t she lucerferian herself? Scientology is just another form of satanismn. They genuinely believe we evolved from alien caca. Dianetics is some bizarre shit. It’s like honor amongst thieves, now these people are practicing snobbish satanismn. Makes no sense.SMH

  2. I beg your pardon, Nobody promised you a rose garden Beyonce. Let the chips fall where they may with your mother. She grown.

  3. Isn’t Richard Lawson the name of the dude from the movie Brown Sugar? Beyonce…Xenu, Satan, Baphomet are all the same so don’t worry you all agree.

      • When Taye Diggs confront Nicole Irie Parker at the restaurant in Brown Sugar wasn’t the jump offs name Richard Lawson? haha

        • Yes!! I have memorized that line,”Richard Lawwwwson? Good for you, girl- he sounds educated.” Lololololololololol!

  4. What in the hell Yall talking about? I am one confused chick and don’t know what in the hell yall saying!

    • lmao.. go to youtube and search 4 subjects.. its all Conspiracy Theories and some even contradict others… so eat meat throw away bones for your brain

    • What’s being said here is Beyonce not wanting her mom w a scientologist is ludicrous because she herself is a Satanist. It’s basically all the same thing so her looking down her nose at scientology is stupid. She probably doesn’t like it he aide you really have to pay the church of scientology to be a part of its elite upper levels. I bet her ass is just being cheap lol

  5. Somebody get the “Mama Squad” for an intervention, stat!!

    *Grabs megaphone*

    “Paging Mama Joyce, Mama Jones and Mama Dee… please report to the HSK conference room for your debriefing materials!”

  6. She should be scurred. Scientology tries to recruit celebrities all the time and Beyonce would be a big catch for them. They tried to get Micheal thru Lisa Marie and when he wouldn’t convert she divorced him and slam him in on Oprah.

    Beyonce is the only one left in that family that publicly still talks about Jesus.

  7. scientology is gonna fix whatever’s wrong with tina because she has issues that only they can help.

    maybe scientology will help tina create her alter ego and unleash her inner cougar because she secretly lusts after young guys and women.

  8. Beyawnce don’t know-les is slow anyway. She probably thinks her mom is going to become a scientist therefore being smarter than her.She is scared she is going to get asked science questions.

  9. What is the big deal and who really cares her mother married a has been actor what has he star in lately this is reaching to put her mother in the news..ok her mother got married at her old age clap clap a old looking man clap clap Yahoo and he’s into scientology… and ?????? What am I missing and why would I want to share her mother news….this is boring