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Big Boi Takes Cheating Wifey’s Guap To Squander On Stripper!!!

June 25th, 2013

Big Boi & Wife Cheating

HSK Exclusive - Less than six-degrees of separation may lie between one-half of Outkast and a former member of that 90’s group Xscape. That’s because we’re told Kandi Burruss’ baby daddy smashed Big Boi’s wife!

A source tells HSK, after Antwan AndrĂ© ‘Big Boi’ Patton got wind of the affair Sherilta Patton was having with former President of Bad Boy Records South, Russell “Block” Spencer, not only did he pull funding for wifey’s ‘P Valentine‘ ATL ladies boutique, he left her with a black eye too!

But the money he pulled from financing wifey’s business may have all went straight into the pockets of one Magic City stripper. That’s because sources say Big Boi (aka Mr. Pot Calling the Kettle Black) was cheating on Sherlita with a stripper named ‘Chase’. We’re told the St. Louis native now has Big Boi to thank for sending her to real estate school AND buying her a house!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Big Boi keeps all his women strung out on cocaine and Molly’s. Big Boi had a concert somewhere in Europe, and he took Chase and all her girlfriends to celebrate her birthday.

I don’t blame Sherlita for cheating on him.”

12 Responses to “Big Boi Takes Cheating Wifey’s Guap To Squander On Stripper!!!”

  1. crazychris |

    big boi is really sir nose.


  2. kevin J |

    Is anyone faithful anymore?


    Anon Reply:

    Yes, but don’t look to celebrated people as an example.


  3. Anon |

    Hold up! I thought this was how the industry gets down. Everybody sleeping with everybody. So why is he mad? I hate people that can dish it but can’t take it. Big Boi acting like a Little Boi.


  4. Ms. Gemini |

    He is facially challenged.


  5. MissK |

    I don’t agree with cheating in a marriage, or relationship, but why is he so upset if he himself was cheating on her? Typical hypocrite.. who can dish it out but can’t take it. These men crack me up ..looking for a Mrs Do Right..when they lack ability and desire to be a Do right man~ He blacked her eye why? He should have simply walked away or chalked it up to the game..”when the player gets played. CHECK MATE..lol SMDH… How about this//Learn to be the kind of mate that you want your woman to be?


  6. MissK |

    Then ..you take the money and throw it away on a stripper? (A fool and his money shall soon part! Do these rappers ever learn ?DAMN!


  7. uksworld.com |



  8. uksworld.com |



  9. Kimmy |

    All parties involved need to get tested…they’re all disgusting.


  10. Black Pearl |

    Ain’t nothing but, a cesspool.


  11. Non importante |

    He has a nice cadence to his lyrics but always seem more misogynistic. Always felt his verse in Jezebel was about his mother or a girlfriend, just seemed too angry. And the fact that he promoted his sister in-law Kitoy like a prostitute made me scratch my head.

    What is the allure of these abusive short funny looking greasy country fried Negros? Wasn’t Ceelo was the same way with this ex? And didn’t Big Boy get busted with Viagra and drugs on a cruise ship? What 30 year old man loses virility? ATL is just bama as hell. Closest place I visit is Alpharetta, hopefully it won’t fall prey to urban decay.


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