Big Daddy Kane: Sorry Kanye, you’re 17 years too LATE!



This dude is outta control. I’ve been telling you this all along and I love it.

Kanye is down with the whole debauchery thing and so am I. In his recent Vibe cover story, Kanye said he is fed up of ya’ll. He wants, “less fans,” he said it I didn’t.

He wants people to be turned off by him. Maybe that’s why he did his whole album in auto-tune, but that didn’t work because you guys loved it. So he’s going to try a different approach. He said he’s working out and when his body looks good, ladies and guys (who are like Ne-yo), this is for you.

Kanye is going to pose nude. He thinks posing nude is going to piss you off. I don’t know nor do I care but I’ll tell you this much, he’s late!

Big Daddy Kane did that in1992. Kane posed nude in 1992 for Madonna’s sex project. Kanye thought he was going to be the first rapper to do so. He said he was going to break hip hop’s norm. He’s wrong.

Kanye here’s what you can do and I think you should do this it will will work. Pose with a bitch, a popular bitch, not a video chic rather an A-List celebrity, they’ll do it. Do it like a Penthouse magazine couple layout do a sexual intercourse pictorial that’s new. No rapper has done that yet.

Make it a white chic that will piss the sista’s off and make sure your dick is in the model’s mouth so it will be hard for guy’s like Ne-yo to tell what your actually packing. If not that approach, then do a threesome, “my favorite two chic’s and me.”

You could be like me, make sure it’s an Asian girl and a white girl. That will piss the sista’s off for sure. Dude, make sure they’re using the two way dildo on each other, and you gotta be dressed FLY. Kanye you must pay the chic’s no attention, have a glass of wine while your reading the Robb Report, make sure the two chic’s are fucking the shit out of each other. That’s a good picture. You can end it with the white chic riding your dick while the Asian chic sits on your face.

Musicians will always show their perverted side, most don’t care it’s all a part of the climb up the Ladder Of $ucce$$

Jacky 6:03