Big Sean Goes Glee For TV … Beard And All!


Big Sean Down Low Brother

HSK Exclusive – Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got another match made in the Industry! Just ask Kevin Liles, who’s being reported to be behind Big Sean’s engagement to ‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera.

“This is Big Sean’s attempt to kill the gay rumors, while gaining a lane into television. She gets an instant in to Good Music’s hipster circle.”

Here’s the drop:

“Naya is used to hangin’ out with gay dudes … she’s a cast member of Glee for Christ’s sake! Pretty soon, you’ll see Big Sean making Glee appearances. His music was a flop so he’s gotta get into acting.”


  1. Still laughing at how when Chelsea Handler asked ole boy why he was named Big Sean and he replied, “Because I have a big d***k.”

  2. Im sorry, i dont see beautiful. I see cookie cutter hollywood opportunist hoe. They all look the same at this point. JMO.

  3. Her nose looks super fake. Other than that I think they will equally raise each others popularity/fame/marketability. That is the whole purpose of their relationship, right? Lol.

  4. i agree with the fact that his music wasnt making as big a impact as far as hip hop is concerned with him being associated with kanye west. he had that one nice song with chris brown talking about he’d made it or something like that. i enjoyed it. what i wanted to know is what happened to him being with the cute girl he was with for years before he hit the scene? now he is engaged to this girl he’s known for how long? good luck with that

    • I heard they broke up, that’s all I caught. They ended their long term relationship this year like in January and then they started dating and next engaged. She is just a rebound. The sooner she sees that, she will be better off. He was with that girl for like 10 years….the new girl should know better….

  5. As cute as they are there is nathing wow abaut them, They are too boring but congrat to them borth, Hollywood is oll abaut strong vibe, The one that i dont feel in borth of them..

  6. First off I’m from Detroit. Big Sean is NOT gsy smh. I do find it suspicious that he got engaged so quick to the Naya chick… #Team Ashley but Sean is not a flop he does very well for himself and his rtecords are in rotation everywhere… but I don’t see this relationship lasting

  7. This couple is being force-fed to us which makes it seem fake. Their relationship is such a promotion they had promo pics taken by Terry Richardson, as a couple.

  8. I saw a commercial with her in it for M&M’s, I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’ve seen her before. Then I remembered she use to play in the show Family Matters when she was younger. Does anyone remember that?

  9. and thats hollywood super extra fake fake marriges fake microwave babies fake body parts fake talent fake illusion every thing.i saw and old high school pic of big sean and his then girlfriend who was black and back then with him while he was a strugglind concious rapper rapping against selling out drugs gangs whores bling bling selling your soul was a straight a student and sombody blacks children can look up he aint nothing but a used dirty dish rag like the rest gotta marry somthing damm near white to truly be heard by the masses thats if when he not playing a female to some of the big boys of hollywood to get movie deals.
    the thing is alot of this is illusion only not none of em are really happy i saw pic of kanye the nasty ish this man had to do to get the top….its like the soul has been sukked right from outta him thats not happiness thats not love thats not freedom its all false they can just keep that mess i rather be homless with my soul and every thing intact then famous and completly torn apart.