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Bill Bellamy Blasts Byron Allen!

January 23rd, 2013

Bill Bellamy Blasts Byron Allens Mr. Box Office

A Comedian’s No Laughing Matter?

HSK Exclusive – If Bill Bellamy had his way, he’d have no part in Mr. Box Office — a show he says can’t hold a torch to competing network programs. That’s because while creator Byron Allen continues to cash in, Bellamy says his choice to sign on with Allen has led to the demise of his career in comedy.

Mr. Box Office – starring Bill Bellamy, Jon Lovitz, Vivica Fox, Gary Busey and Rick Fox – debuted back in September 2012. That’s after Bellamy says no rehearsals and only filming took place three times a week. That’s a sharp comparison to other shows which rehearse daily and film once.

We’re told it’s all a part of Byron Allen’s plan to follow in Tyler Perry’s footsteps – by filming as many shows as possible at a cheap price, in order to continue syndicating product to other networks.

Here’s the drop:

“Byron Allen’s ‘Mr Box Office’ is a buss. Bill Bellamy is pissed cause he allowed himself to be talked into a bullshit show, wasting his talent away.

Byron Allen is one of them black dudes who thinks he’s all the way white. Actors are ruining their careers by accepting Byron’s paycheck. He doesn’t care about the art of making a decent sitcom. Byron only cares about the money, he’s like Tyler Perry.”

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51 Comments on "Bill Bellamy Blasts Byron Allen!"

Trust no one
October 4, 2013

Kind of like Disney selling to itself??


August 9, 2013

Bad show or not, it is making someone rich. Quit hating. It’s obvious that he is doing something right to get that many episodes ordered.


Trust me Reply:

Dude, he sold those episodes to himself. He sold them to his own company. Like if you paid yourself 5 dollars for sandwich you made for lunch.


Trust me
August 9, 2013

Dude, he sold those episodes to himself. He sold them to his own company. Like if you paid yourself 5 dollars for sandwich you made for lunch.


Ed Green
July 3, 2013

Mr.Box Office is a terrible show! I could only watch one episode, and that was it!


Trust Me
June 5, 2013

“…really speaks to the lack of intelleact but an abundance of ignorance.” Says the person telling us to seek an education. Just because YOU haven’t seen proof, doesn’t mean it’s not true.


Bob Kennedy
May 27, 2013

Funny, I met Byron Allen once. It was the day he graduated from high school and he had just done his first stand up at the Improv on a night when some comics and I were painting and fixing up the place to get it back in operation.

My friend Ross and I were walking home and he was going the same way, so we walked with him for about half a mile. Of course, that was the first day of his career, and he had done a great show (for a rank amateur) and at that time he was a very nice guy.

Of course, success can do terrible things to a person, but I’ll always think of him as the nice and respectful guy I met then. I have no idea who he is now.





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