Bill Bellamy Blasts Byron Allen!


Bill Bellamy Blasts Byron Allens Mr. Box Office

A Comedian’s No Laughing Matter?

HSK Exclusive – If Bill Bellamy had his way, he’d have no part in Mr. Box Office — a show he says can’t hold a torch to competing network programs. That’s because while creator Byron Allen continues to cash in, Bellamy says his choice to sign on with Allen has led to the demise of his career in comedy.

Mr. Box Office – starring Bill Bellamy, Jon Lovitz, Vivica Fox, Gary Busey and Rick Fox – debuted back in September 2012. That’s after Bellamy says no rehearsals and only filming took place three times a week. That’s a sharp comparison to other shows which rehearse daily and film once.

We’re told it’s all a part of Byron Allen’s plan to follow in Tyler Perry’s footsteps – by filming as many shows as possible at a cheap price, in order to continue syndicating product to other networks.

Here’s the drop:

“Byron Allen’s ‘Mr Box Office’ is a buss. Bill Bellamy is pissed cause he allowed himself to be talked into a bullshit show, wasting his talent away.

Byron Allen is one of them black dudes who thinks he’s all the way white. Actors are ruining their careers by accepting Byron’s paycheck. He doesn’t care about the art of making a decent sitcom. Byron only cares about the money, he’s like Tyler Perry.”


  1. This won’t be the first time the Bill allowed himself to be talked into doi g nonsense. Remember the lame ass cop show he had on Fox?

    Bill you need new management and, a new routi e.

  2. Truth be told… Bill Bellamy never had a career. He’s all the way garbage. The mediocre shit he was in is only because he was in the right plqce at the right time.

    • True,I saw “How to be a player” the other night due to boredom.Bellamy wasn’t believable and everyone around were funnier(Bernie,Goffried,etc)

      I’ve watched “Mr. Box Office” from time to time.Bellamy looks better now that’s he’s muscular but the show is lame because of the scriptwriting and predictable.

  3. Just FYI,Byron Allen is a successful producer in H’wood.He produces a couple of those court shows(People’s Court,etc)

    • The word “successful” bounces around quite a bit. I wouldnt consider him “successful” in terms of blockbusters: making a living yes; successful? Debatable.

      • He produces ALOT more programs than you think….if judge Judy just makes 80 million…just think he’s the producer he’s bankin’ too….and that’s just one of MANY shows he produces. His show with Bill Bellamy isn’t really that great I tune in & then find myself surfing channels…..but Bill might wanna chill with his comments & realize who’s buttering his bread right now!

      • Byron has been around at least on t.v. Since the early 80’s.He used to co-host a show called “That’s Incredible” and later on after Arsenio,he had the “Byron Allen Show”. The man isn’t some hack outta work actor.Go check his resume at IMDB.

  4. Byron Allen is dry af too! BOOOO! His comic show where they sat around and told jokes was so weak. He’s corny as shit too. Also had a spin off where yu can go and compete to date one of the comedians… Bottom line, shit is trash. He’s a homo uncle tom and I couldnt take him seriously at all… he’s worse than Montell W.

  5. What he meant to say was Bellamy is like Byron with his white wife and biracial kids, they seem to have alot in common, and that why they couldn’t get along – Too much alike!!

    • Once you tell me that Byron and Bill both are in Hollywood with white wives, I think its very probably that both of them are homosexuals.

      White women are the gateway drug to black male homosexuality…White women will enable black males to go out an have homosexual contacts in order to successfully audition for a role. Black women on the other hand are more disgusted by the behavior, unless they, themselves are lesbian (see Michelle Obama)

      • Byron Allen use to have a late night celebrity ass kissing show in the mid 1990s. I always thought he was such a soft little fag. Then I saw his wife and I was like yeah, he gay. He just to me has no personality. He reminds me of that television anchorman John Johnson. So affected, and had a white wife way back 1970s and he was a gay little bitch. So now both Bill Bellamy and Byron Allen have white wives? Well, I guess this is just a little gay spat. They will fudgepack or get run through by a group of old white nasty jwe studio execs and then everyone will be happy again.

      • Y’all are so ignorant with this “homo fag” shit. Than again, look at this whole site. Got your GED? Get some culture.

  6. The writers of this show suck ass…personally and professionally…AIN’T FUNNY…NUH UGH. same writers who have had shows cancelled. I see an early cancellation happening in 5, 2, 1…lol.

  7. Fucking Wayne Brady? Really? He’s the epitome of ” The White Man’s Mistress”. He’s down for WHATEVER for the dollar.

  8. His company should be illegal. His crew makes only a few dollars over minimum wage, there is no out time on call sheets because you NEVER know when shooting is going to be over, so kiss making plans goodbye. They constantly go to lunch late, almost by an hour. The writing is incompetent and anything remotely funny, Byron steps in and changes to make it worse. Between Byron, the real director and the writers, there are about 4 directors on set. His company also has no post production audio or color correction. What they shoot on set is what goes on air. They also shoot an episode every 2 days with no rehearsal and while they change the script and add lines in between takes! The real story here is what goes on behind the scenes. I would like to see a story about that.

    • You sound like you work on the show. I just worked on a show with the exact same thing going on. It’s a sitcom that is supposed to come out. The actors that agreed to be in it before really knowing what the production company was capable of. The crew used were employees that are paid slightly over minimum wage. And it was salary….which means when production began they worked 16-17 hours per day sometimes, not getting paid for extra hours. And they NEVER had enough crew to make the production a true success. For a full sitcom, it was about 7 people working behind the scenes….and others were volunteers pulled in to help. The owners of this production company are hustlers, liars, and greedy. I hate that I was ever involved in any of the process…..but hey, you live and learn. And you really can’t be that hard on the actors because yes, they are constantly looking for work…(I mean they should, they are actors) but you come across these greedy people that hype up their production and you don’t know the truth until production time and contracts have been signed by then. I could go on and on about how these things happen. Long story short, if Byron Allen is a greedy hustler like the one I used to work for, my heart go out to the actors involved…and the crew.

  9. Funny, I met Byron Allen once. It was the day he graduated from high school and he had just done his first stand up at the Improv on a night when some comics and I were painting and fixing up the place to get it back in operation.

    My friend Ross and I were walking home and he was going the same way, so we walked with him for about half a mile. Of course, that was the first day of his career, and he had done a great show (for a rank amateur) and at that time he was a very nice guy.

    Of course, success can do terrible things to a person, but I’ll always think of him as the nice and respectful guy I met then. I have no idea who he is now.

  10. “…really speaks to the lack of intelleact but an abundance of ignorance.” Says the person telling us to seek an education. Just because YOU haven’t seen proof, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  11. Bad show or not, it is making someone rich. Quit hating. It’s obvious that he is doing something right to get that many episodes ordered.

    • Dude, he sold those episodes to himself. He sold them to his own company. Like if you paid yourself 5 dollars for sandwich you made for lunch.