Bishop Clarence McClendon Demands Pay To Preach?


Greedy Bishop Clarence McClendon

Fame, Fortune, Five-Thousand Dollar Bookings … And More!

A cool $5K is reported to be the going rate for one of the “Preachers of L.A.” to show up in your city to address your church congregation — but twice married Bishop Clarence McClendon says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We don’t establish an honorarium (a fee).” ~Bishop McClendon

Reports reveal the dirty dollar details were obtained straight from the debut of the Oxygen network reality show. Particularly, the said price may have been obtained from words Bishop McClendon exchanged with Deitrick Haddon, about his ministry … and, a scene in which “all of the preachers were captured as they arrived in separate cars alone. Then, Bishop McClendon was captured on camera arriving with several men walking behind him … making him look like a divo.”

Now, Bishop McClendon — an Illinois native — says he was “set up by producers.”

“I am not going to allow people to abuse that or malign that … for the sake of television.”

Here’s what Bishop McClendon had to say:

“It’s my son and my assistant who traveled with me and the other guy, carrying the luggage, that was the driver that the producers sent. I didn’t know who he was and don’t know his name to this day. It was obviously a set up.

I get 200-300 invitations a year. So I have to pick and choose. Here is the reality. I don’t travel with an entourage… No one. No pastor has been asked to or forced to pay for our team to go (anywhere).”

Here’s what is reporting:

“Bishop Clarence McClendon has a choir member and his wife pregnant at the same damn time. Bishop Clarence McClendon only waited seven days after his divorce was final to marry his second wife, Priscilla.”

After he claimed he was “set up … for the sake of television” … did Bishop McClendon go on to encourage people to watch “Preachers of LA” in an attempt to gain more ratings and increase his exposure? Of course! Just ask Tessa Maria Maxwell.


  1. All these reality folks using the “producers set me up or the show was edited to make me look…” excuse when they receive backlash for their behavior.(How cliche’?)In the first episode of Preachers of L.A. this Bishop claimed he was being threatened by a female stalker, hence the reason for his bodyguards/entourage. Now he’s back peddling? He didn’t address his need for an entourage when he and Deitrick had that debate at the man cave. He just got up and left. I tried to give this show the benefit of the doubt but, this mess is no different. In the words of the cast from Shark Tank…I’m out!

  2. He says he was scooped up from the airport with last minutes notice of this “Man Cave” scene, but why bring your luggage into the man cave, why not send it home, via your son and or the driver. I mean he/they didn’t spend the night did they? The others weren’t loaded with luggage upon arrival at the man cave. I actually thought that looked diva-ish and still do. He wasn’t set up by the network. He like that ish.

    McClendon looks like a metrosexual diva, who prolly stay in the mirror more than Priscilla. Dude is all about the money, I have never in my life heard that a pastor needs his men with him so that the spirit can move freely or evenly or whatever he said, Sorry, I suffer from selective amnesia when it comes to recalling BS.

    Rather than out and say he wont be @ a church that can’t give him an honorarium, he sugar coated the BS by saying, “They don’t need me” as if to say that Jesus didn’t tell pastor x to allow McClendon at his church, it’s some other man of God for that churches situation that’s needed. BS!!!!

    Now they got T.D. Jakes with his old walrus lookin’ ass all shook up, and he aint even on the show, just up there defending the hell out of his self, “I already had my car”, “my house been paid for”, “I buy my own clothes.” I care bout the people, I’m the reason they got water in Kenya. Dude as paranoid as a crack head.


  3. this shit is just another example of PIMP PREACHING saying you dont NEED the money but preach about the falsity of prosperity by giving the same ppl who tithe faithfully every week for your lucrative lifestyle saying if they continue to be faithful with their money GOD will bless them in the same sense as the preacher GIVE ME A BREAK these so called preachers are only there for the end of service church collection count to hear how much more money he has to forward towards his phantom car payments

  4. If you book, support, or praise these pimpin pastors you deserve everything you get. Shut up and enjoy the slaughter sheep.

  5. I never watch this show and I don’t plan too. I don’t even watch reality shows or TV period. I can’t believe people invest their time in watching shows like this. This would explain why they keeping making these shows because they know people will want to watch to see the drama. As far as the preacher goes, I can’t hate on him. If people are willing to watch the show and pay for his appearance, more power to him. It’s not right but who am I to judge him. It’s the people who make these people rich. All I got to say is, I’m in the wrong dam occupation!

  6. All I’m wondering is where that ‘MzButtaFingaz’ broad is to chime in on this, since she thinks all ‘Men of the Cloth’ walk on water/Are incapable of doing wrong?

  7. McClendon has an army of security with him! How is he going to say he doesn’t have an entourage. He and Noel Jones travel with their so called church gestapos!

    They need security – for the amount of foolishness they’ve done to others.

  8. Hoes get pregnant fast when a man has money! These “reality” shows are nothing more than exploitation of blacks and make us look bad. Negroes need money to keep up with their lifestyles that they were not born into but do not want to let go of, so they act a fool and ALL blacks are the ones left holding the bag – and we are not getting paid.

  9. I went to McClendon’s church back when all the scandal broke out with his first wife. It never became clear how many damn women he was sleeping with. Church people put him up there with God. Like I wasn’t supposed to ask questions. It was a mess. Then suddenly he was marrying Priscilla. I wasn’t in church the day that my cousin said he’d addresses the cheating issues but supposed he basically said “you niggas can leave” … I never went back. I can visit a church but will never join or be too active. Its all money. I pray to God daily and life is better with out the drama.

  10. I heard that he got one of those Tia or Tamara Mowry twins pregnant. Is that just Hollywood gossip?

    • That was the rumor during the time that I left. It was one of them plus other women. Never confirmed how many. I know for a fact that he tried to get with Pilar Sanders (who was only dating Deion at that time). She was clueless. I was told he had one of his handlers tell her to call him because he had a word from God for her. They set up lunch. She really was there to get her message from God. Instead he’s telling her that he married his wife young (first wife). That he loves her but is not in love. She realized what was up. Got up out there as soon as lunch was done.

    • Zactly. When you look at the picture up top, the last thing you would guess whim to be is a pastor. He looks like a slick drug dealer or an extremely successful pimp to me.

  11. I said in my previous comment this show was comical to me.


    What’s up with the 18+Game ads. This is not a porn site.

  12. Don’t really agree with his approach but I got to admit.. HE IS LOOKING FLY than a Motherlova. Sometime you got to give it up!

  13. Man if this Pretty Ricky lookin ass negroid don’t get the eff outta here with that Bull sh!t. Everytime I look at him I think of….JUST LET YO SOUL GLO,, LET IT SHINE,,, JUST LET YO SOULLLL GLO!

  14. Broomhilda was looking for the bling and things even if it was already married. he know what he got to do.

  15. I’m confoozled. If he’s getting all these women pregnant, why does Funky Dineva refer to him as the Deconess McClendon?

  16. Clarence McClendon, the man who fucked Tia and Tamera Mowry during the Sister Sister era. This man is a pimp in a pulpit. He will get what’s coming to him sooon!

  17. The Sister Sisters are liar liars! McClendon fucked both Tia and Tamera. I give the twins props because they hid this scandal very well for a long time. Never the less, Instant Mom used to be a instant hoe! I’m sure Mr. McClendon loves to brag about his under age light skin twin conquest!

  18. *After Oxygen’s new reality series “Preachers of LA” made its controversial debut last week, Bishop Clarence McClendon is apparently having second thoughts about his participation already.

    McClendon posted an online video message explaining that what the show has become is not what he originally signed up for.

    “First of all, when I was approached with it, they said it wasn’t a reality show, they said it was a docu-series. Again, I was not involved in the genesis of the project. I’ve had a number of things come to me like this, a number of people come to me with certain opportunities and I’ve turned them down,” he explained.

    The veteran preacher says that he knew the producers of the show, L. Plummer Media in association with Relevé Entertainment, beforehand and had faith that their own relationship with God would dictate how they handled the show’s development.

    “I believed the people, the producers involved were Christian people, people that I know, people full of the holy spirit who really wanted to do something significant as it relates to Hollywood. That’s the production level. The network level they make decisions and sometimes things get lost in the translation. Initially I believed and trusted that we would be able to accomplish something with this relative to some things that the Lord had said to me,” he continued.

    Preaching is something McClendon has done since he was 15-years-old and he claims that he was never looking to gain stardom from it.

    “I’m primarily a private person. I certainly am not after fame. I’m more known than I actually want to be,” he offered. McClendon added that he’s a “bridge builder and a peacemaker,” and that “sometimes when you build bridges, you get walked on.”

    McClendon was involved in a heated exchange with recording artist and former pastor Deitrick Haddon about whether preachers should have entourages and request honorariums. The argument led to McClendon getting up and walking out of the house where the gathering of the various pastors was taking place.

    “When the situation got heated, I recognized that I was getting into what the Bible calls ‘an ignorant and foolish dispute.’ What I recognize now is that I was set up to be put in crossfire. I am not going to allow people to abuse that or malign that for the sake of television,” said McClendon.

    “It tells the man of God to avoid…ignorant and foolish disputes because they lead to strife,” McClendon explained of the Bible verse 2 Timothy 2:23. “I have spent 15, 16 years traveling the globe and I’ve cultivated a ministry of integrity around the world.”

    The preacher maintains that he was setup in that debate scene with Haddon because he “wasn’t supposed to be there” in the first place.

    After landing at the airport, McClendon says the producers sent a car out to him to bring him to a ”man cave” where all of the ministers were shooting. He got to the house with his son, assistant, and the driver that he says the producers assigned to him; which he feels painted the picture that he only rolls with an entourage. This was part of Haddon’s argument about how pastors conduct themselves and business these days.

    Haddon insisted that “the word” or Gospel should be delivered without cost. McClendon countered that he doesn’t have a “set honorarium” that he charges but of the 200 to 300 requests he gets per year, his team makes the final decision.

    “We’ve never denied anyone access to this ministry because they couldn’t afford my team,” he affirmed. reports that despite Haddon’s push for the Gospel bearing no fee, his booking agent, Faith Management, shared that his current rate is $15,000 to $25,000.

    Nonetheless, McClendon requests viewers watch “Preachers of LA” and “make up your own mind.”

    He closed: “Pray for me and pray for all of us involved that God would be glorified.”

    Cited by

  19. My thing is THEY ALL HAVE LONG BEEN RECEIVING APPEARANCE FEES WAY BEFORE NOW. They may not call it that but that’s surely what it is.

  20. IF these GREEDY, preaching pimps don’t go somewhere, sit down & stop further corrupting the eorld…I’m going to lose my mind in here!

    At first glance it looked like the men could be sized up into caricatures of pastors:

    Bishop Noel Jones, the older single pastor who enjoys his toys

    Minister Deitrick Haddon the young pastor and musician trying to make a comeback after a fall from grace

    Bishop Ron Gibson the reformed gang member who still visits the ‘hood

    Bishop Clarence McClendon the pretty boy pastor who is about his Father’s business, emphasis on “business”

    Pastor Jay Haizlip the former skateboarder pastor with the sleeve tattoos to prove he was radical

    Pastor Wayne Chaney the pastor who is out to prove that you can be saved, sanctified and sexual.

  21. Yes is a VERY good looking man … I stopped watching his broadcast years ago.. I couldn’t get past his looks .. but yeh that show is a hot mess period..