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Bishop Eddie Long Victim Cast in New ‘Preachers Exes’ Reality Show

February 5th, 2014

Preachers Exes Ratchet Reality

Preacher’s Exes: “A non-scripted docu-series for television. Most churches have mess from the pulpit to the pew, but America has been afraid to deal with the issues of the pastor and those who have been involved with the pastor.”

A new reality TV show in the works is called Preacher’ Exes, which will included a cast of actual former First Ladies and a few same-sex male lovers too.

Here is what’s being reported:

“Congratulations to Centino Kemp for being cast on a new reality show: “Preacher’s Exes” The cast of Preacher’s Exes are Lynn Littlejohn, Ysidra M. Kyles, daughter of Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) in Houston, Txeas Rufus Kyles, Centino Kemp, better known as the 5th Accuser in Bishop Eddie Lee (young boy bootie licking) Long, Rochelle Wallace, Ka’Mari Ameir Watkins, DiShan Winters, Betsy Morgan, and Cheron K Griffin II.Preachers of L.A. ain’t got nuthin on this cast.”

spotted on Tattletailzz

5 Responses to “Bishop Eddie Long Victim Cast in New ‘Preachers Exes’ Reality Show”

  1. Anonymous |

    He’s trying to move forward with his life. The show should be entertaining if nothing else.


  2. Anonymous |

    Is that a dude up there with the red hurr?


  3. 7series |

    yes it’s a dude.


  4. Anonymous |

    This may be one reality show nonsense I just may watch, LOL!


  5. Bella |

    Not sure who will pick this show up. It reads like a boatload of f•ckery. The media is going out of its way to discredit Black churches. I will not be supporting this show should it come to fruition.


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