Black Men Magazine’s Marcus & Suliman Are The Gay Version Of Bonnie & Clyde


Marcus Blassingame / Suliman Hasan Ripoff Artists

HSK Exclusive – Marcus Blassingame is the Editor-in-Chief of Black Men Magazine and guess what? I’m getting word that Marcus Blassingame and photographer Suliman Hasan of “Facet Studio Photography” are like the gay version of Bonnie and Clyde. Know why? Because Marcus Blassingame and Suliman Hasan are undercover gay stick up kids mane. Don’t believe me? Ask Patrick Adams or Sonia McKie.

Here’s what an insider recently revealed:

“Hasan is a good photographer and a professional make up artist. Marcus loves that because he believes in cutting back.

They work good together. Marcus ripped off photographer Patrick Adams.

Hasan made the Rip-off Report. Those two are on a DL.”

I’m told Suliman Hasan uses his company “Facet Studio Photography” to rip off young Afro American female models and his partner Marcus Blassingame is known for stiffing photographers who were hired by Black Men Magazine. Don’t believe me? Ask Paul Cobo.

The word is out that Marcus Blassingame and Suliman Hasan are secretly gay lovers. Don’t believe me? Ask Fashion Stylist Pierre Cortes.