More Info Surrounding Raffles Van Exel Surfaces!


Raffles van Exel w/ BFF Quinton Aaron

A Squatting Swingler Exposed?

“Raffles stayed at my house and ran up my phone bill from numerous calls to Amsterdam.” ~Industry Insider

HSK Exclusive – Raffles van Exel (real name Raffles Dawson) seems to be rubbing some of his friends the wrong way – is reported to be using them as nothing more than American ‘hide-out’ resources, while using their lines of communication to keep in contact with his people overseas.

That’s the word HSK is receiving from a Chicago source – who says not only did he fall victim to van Exel’s squatting plot, but so too did one Windy City radio personality, WGCI-FM’s Shannon Dell.

Here’s the drop:

“I was reading your articles on Raffles and I had to call you to let you know that many years ago I was also a victim of Raffles van Exel.

Raffles stayed at my home back in the day and he left me stranded with a long distance phone bill that was out of this world. I never knew he was making long distance phone calls to Amsterdam.

He did the same thing to Shannon Dell, her real name is Karen. She told me before she passed that Raffles stayed at her house and ran up her phone bill too.

Jacky, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen Raffles do happened while we were at a Patti Labelle concert. Patti accidentally dropped her mic and Raffles rushed to the stage picks up the microphone and said ‘Do you remember me Patti?.’

The picture of Raffes and Patti Labelle on stage made the cover story on Amsterdam newspapers.”

Was Raffles van Exel last spotted at the In-Touch party in Los Angeles on September 6? Of course he was! Ask his buddy, Quinton Aaron, from “The Blind Side”.


  1. Question why was he spotting at Chris Lightly Funeral Why does he seem to be linked to celebrities who mysteriously dies

  2. EVERYONE at WGCI is on some asinine bull. From Melody Spann-Cooper on down.

    Pure clownshow with an FCC license.

    ANYONE from that station (who employs FELONS – Cliff Kelley I’m looking at you.) who “calls out” anyone for some janky shit is like feces calling doo-doo shit.


  3. Raffles stayed at my house and ran up my phone bill from numerous calls to Amsterdam.” ~Industry Insider =LMAO!!! I love this site its all in the details!!! Funny as all hell.

  4. How did this guy get back in the States. First I heard he was in Suriname with some dictator or what not. Then I hear he’s scurrying along the streets outside of a gay bar looking for a date. Now he’s making all of these public appearances. What the hell? Why haven’t interpol picked his ass up yet?

    Is this maggot a sociopath, a psycopath or both?

    This rabbit hole goes deeper than it looks.

    • A lot of our most beloved R&Bb and pop artists have fallen victim to drug addiction. They’ve subsequently died as a result. Clive Devil…I mean Davis, is the common denominator in that.

      Pardon my Swahili, but that cocksucker is as much of dope pusher and pimp than he is a mentor or record label executive.

      Brandy, Monica and Jennifer Hudson better protect themselves. Olivia is most fortunate that “Bizzounce” didn’t go double tea bag in a venti cup at Starbucks, otherwise she’d probably be with a red dot on her forehead. After all, Olivia was the first artist released on J. Records.

      Olivia won’t stand up to Chrissy Lampkin, so I know she won’t expose Clive. I wonder, however, wtf happened to Jimmy Cozier? He had a promising career. SOMEONE needs to drop a dime on Clive. He needs to be stomped out of the industry for the duration.

  5. Why are we still giving this little bitch coverage??
    He seems to be able to go worldwide with this shit maybe if we just ignore him, and stop supporting his gay azz, he might go away..
    “ran up my phone bill???” calling his gay friends in Amsterdam
    You sure this Chicago source wasnt fu.cking with Van excell? The bitch most off felt mighty comfortable to be sitting at home running up phone calls.
    Sounds like a bitter exlover to me..