Bobbi Kris and Whitney Doing Cocaine Together at a 2011 Prince Concert


Raffles / Bobbi Kris

HSK Exclusive – Since Whitney’s passing, more and more about the legendary songstress is quickly surfacing.

Recently, we’ve uncovered more information about Houston’s tragic drug habit. So, it’s not surprising that many have witnessed Houston in the act of getting high. Now, sources exclusively tell HSK one of the places Houston was doing so, was as Prince’s concert, last year – which may have led to her being banned from his shows.

Here’s the tea: At Prince’s 2011 LA Forum concert series, an insider caught Bobbi Kris and Whitney Houston doing cocaine in the VIP room. But, the real dirt lies in the plot we’ve uncovered – surrounding none other than Hollywood conman known as Raffles van Exel.

Here’s what the insider had to say:

“Raffles van Exel was with Bobbi and Whitney. I was surprised because Whitney arrived in a broke down PT Cruiser. Every other celebrity I know would like to go through the front entrance, but they wanted to go through the back.

Raffles asked me for a spot were they can be private. I thought they wanted to smoke weed, so I took them to back room of the Forum in VIP. I came back twenty minutes later, and I saw Whitney and Bobbi drinking champagne and sniffing blow off a pocket mirror – while Raffles was standing over them with a smile on his face.

That’s the night Raffles took video of Whitney and Bobbi acting a fool and sold it to TMZ, you can Google it.”

Whitney Doing Cocaine with Bobbi Kris

Six months later was the enabler Raffles van Exel  hanging out with Bobbi Kristina and her friends trying to get free tickets to the Guns & Roses concert in Los Angeles? Of course he was, even still wearing the “All Access” laminate he conned 6 months earlier from Prince’s tour manager! Know why? Because Raffles Van Exel was Bobbi Kristina’s enabler too. Don’t believe me.. Ask Ray J.

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  1. Serve it hot, Jacky! You’ll never see Prince doing cocaine. Just ask me! But in the past he has given groupies coke, told them to get high then get busy. He never touches the stuff for himself.


    • Yeh I saw that, pitiful they were high as hell. I do resent when our parents treat the kids as peers. Mothers do it to their sons, don’t get me started about BW who coddle the sons yet depend on them like the son is their husband or man…or the BW who party with their daughters and even share men with them..cough, cough…don’t ask me, ask Lindsay Lohan and her damn mother Dina. And note I didn’t mention black fathers? LOL sad to say, ain’t enough of them living with their kids to mention.

  3. Should Drug Dealers Be Prosecuted for Injuries & Deaths Resulting from the Drugs They Supplied? “The Hugh O’Connor Memorial Law:

    “After Hugh’s death, his father [actor Carroll O’Connor] successfully lobbied to get the state of California to pass legislation that allows family members of an addicted person or anyone injured by a drug dealer’s actions, including employers, to sue for reimbursement for medical treatment and rehabilitation costs. The law, known as the Drug Dealer Civil Liability Act in California, went into effect in 1997.

    “Eleven other states followed with similar legislation, which has been referred to as The Hugh O’Connor Memorial Law.

    “In April 1997 the Florida Senate unanimously passed The Hugh O’Connor Memorial Act, which allows people injured by drug dealers to sue for damages.”

    • Exactamumdo Mimi….The Most High took Whitney out. I have no sympathy for black celebs period…they sold their soul and now must answer for it. Black folks in this country refuse to say NO to the devil and shall continue have tragedy end their lives……..Mimi do you realize black folks have the power to end America tomorrow?….but you know like I know our kin can’t let go of the material items or titles to truly be free

      • Respect!!

        What you gonna do when they close all the stores and declare Martial Law- Rex 84 at your front door!!

        Remember how they treated folks after Katrina as the Superdome was a concentration camp which one could not leave once they entered into it as well it was open season on black folks (Danziger Bridge) by the Police & citizens alike.

        Freedom or Freedumb?

      • You would be surprised at how many people are still supporting him. So many people still don’t know about or understand the NDAA.

        You know, the real problem is that people never really pays attention to what he does. They don’t know or care about NDAA, NRDPA, or how he gave in to every Repubican demand during last year’s budget talks. All they see is a black face.

        I cringe everytime I see someone post that stupid “I Got Your Back” poster with his face on it. I hate to admit it, but I’m sitting out this election. After all Gore Vidal said it best when he stated that we have a “single party system with two right wings”.

        • All true. Obama’s a puppet and the people have been duped. The police state is proceeding as planned! All being put in place for total tyranny and that is no exaggeration.

      • What is all this negative generalization aimed at the black race…please people can you try to base your comments in another way…like maybe..hey, my black brothers and sisters, open your eyes to the trappings of the devils minions..or something I can hardly take the face of self hatred..beleive me it comes across strongly in your comments…making snide remarks to and about your own people will most certainly have negative effects… c’mon my people… Before you can say what your brothers and sisters are not doing right or what they are doing wrong…you have got to first love yourself and your heritage baby…wow smh

  4. I saw that video when it came out and immediately knew that both Bobbi Kristina and Whitney were high as a kite. Whitney treated Bobbi K like her best friend instead of her daughter, which is tragic. Did this child even go to school? She spent an awful lot of time hanging out with her mother with like she grown.

      • This is true, if your child is your friend then how can you raise them, guide them or teach them. You can’t. Not when you’re doing the same things they are doing WITH THEM!!! The role of a parent is just that, be a parent, children can have plenty of friends, however, they can only have one mother and father. ‘Each one Teach one’

    • People around Atl were saying that BK wasnt as close to Bobby because even though he had his share of fuck ups he did try to parent and correct her more. You never hear about his other kids being a hot mess. whitney seem like she was cool with her daughter in a friend way and let her have her way. That’s not good because it doesnt teach them anything and it creates a cycle that’s hard to break.

      • I say that all the time! People want to blame Bobby for everything, but how come you don’t hear about his other kids getting into trouble?? He must be doing something right with them.

  5. Ok, but I act like that at Prince’s concerts too, lol. I lose my damn mind, completely sober. I don’t think that video shows anything abnormal. Have y’all see how people act at concerts when they’re not standing still trying to tape it with their phones?

    • Nice try boo, they high as hell. Tell the truth and shame the devil, sick of folks being in denial bout drugs. She was a very talented junkie who coddled her child and exposed her to drugs.

  6. It was BOBBI, not BOBBY… Right after the concert, stories circulated that Prince was pissed cause Whitney & Bobbi Kris were acting the fool at his concert…

  7. *on a side note*… 98% accurate psychic says Rihanna is in for a meltdown…someone needs to step in and help her…

    or she would be the next Whitney…

    *heads up*

    • There is no such thing as a psychic. At least not in the way you think. Since 2008 James Randi has offered a One Million dollar prize to anyone in the world who can prove that they have “supernatural/Psychic” abilities. Needless to say after 4 years and thousands of applicants no one has won a dime. Sorry to piss in your cornflakes but fact is fact and anything else is Bull Shit.

      • That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. But, keep your eyes closed if you want. There are psychics and I have had readings from them and they would not have known anything about me and predicted things that came true. They also told me about my past. So, piss in your own goddamn cornflakes and f-off.

    • Especially since Raffles has been around Rihanna, I believe it. I bet there is a mind control element in some or all of these relationships he has with people.

  8. Because of the things I have read and have been told about Whitney, I am now even more convinced that she was an unfit mother. This is not how a mother and daughter relationship is designed to be. Whit hung out with her drug dealer and exposed/allowed him to be in her daughter’s life too. I’ve heard there were many times Whit smoked crack right in front of Bobbi Kris. And this video clearly shows both mother and daughter got high together.

    What was Whitney’s problem? I’ve seen drug addicts do all they could not to expose their foolishness to their families. Not Whitney. Instead she not only takes her daughter for the ride, she’s also responsible for putting Bobbi Kris on a pathway to hell.

  9. I don’t see Whitney exposing herself/drug use to her child like that. I don’t see Whitney allowing Bobbi Kris to snort cocaine with her. She loved her daughter and would do anything for her. If she was doing drugs with her daughter, that would mean that a proper mother-daughter relationship was null and void, which is something I just can’t see coming out of Whitney. It was PRINCE in concert! Who wouldn’t lose their minds watching him perform?

    • She had to at least know Bobbi was using, seeing that pictures of her snorting yayo were all over the internet.

    • I do believe that Whitney and Bobby exposed Bobbi Kris to drugs by doing them in front of her and having it in the home.

      However, I do not believe that Whitney would do drugs with her child. By all accounts Whitney was highly protective of and loving towards her daughter.

      Can’t ride with this one.

    • C’mon now CHEV: they were friends…y wouldn’t they get high together. It’s obvious they were both on tilt at the Prince concert. I ask you this. Is it more than likely that they got ready to go to the concert together? Is it more than likely that they arrived together? So then, do you think its more than likely that they got high together???

  10. What y’all need to do is ask Rebbie Jackson because she is the woman in the yellow shirt next to Bobbi Cris as she and Whitney start jumping up and down when Prince starts playing “Raspberry Beret.”

    I will say, she loved her little Bobby Cris…the mother and daugther bond is apparent. Such a shame that she had to die like that.

  11. i see her enjoying a concert . if your fav song comes on the radio you get happy .everyones not the same she acts like that from what ive seen .i dont know if shes high or not i wasent there but thats not enough to go on

  12. I’ve seen more than a few wigs crooked at the end of a Prince concert. But being real, it looks like they on something.

  13. The question now is who is giving Raffles all of this access. I think that will open a can of worms for the music industry. Lets open it!

    • I agree…something is mighty wierd about this
      Raffles guy STILL being able to manuever around the celebrities..If he is such a fraud and conman, shouldn’t they all be up on his gamin’ by now…heres my theory, hes probably the drug dealer to the stars…just my opinion…

  14. Whitney was a “well sheltered” and “well supplied” crack fiend, with a “GIFT” from GOD. She abused it, and got caught up in her own duality.

    Blacks, of all walks, must learn to detach themselves from the allures of the “SYSTEMS” temptations. We used to get along and get it on, with each other so well, even our celebs and public figures. I grew up on that. If you fell off. It was your own fault. This s*** nowadays is being so “manufactured” it’s crazy, a Whitney, as street savvy as she was supposed too be. Didn’t see the “TRICK” they were playing her for, and step the hell back, and take her daughetr with her.

  15. Why are we surprised by this? Whitney snorting coke with Bobbi Kris, I am soo shocked, not! Whitney was gutter trash in an evenin gown. This stupid bitch was given a gift and every opportunity in the world and she chose to piss it all away.

    She married an enabeler. She allowed her family members to become her management, big mistake. She brought a young boy into her home and allowed her daughter to become sexually involved with said boy. I mean sexing your adopted brother…. And Whitney never put that boy out once she found out? What type of shit is that! Bobbi Kris had it good…. All the drugs she wanted, traveled with mom constantly. Sex buddy in the other room…. Shhhhiiiitttttt! That is a teenagers wettest dream come true!

    Whitney the junkie is now dead. I’m not all that concerned if she is resting in peace. She knew what she was doing. I pitied her at first, I still believe she was murdered. But, the fact that she took her daughter down that road with her… Ny pitied I had, died a painful death. Whitney, by bitch. You fucked up, seriously!

    • I find that very believeable especially since he’s reportedly out of the country now in this scripted reality show- Being Whitney Houston…….

      Everyone around WH in her last days played a role in her death- Bobbie K most likely got a hold of WH’s bad stash and almost passed out in the tub the nite before WH’s death.

      Bobby’s sister spoke out on Dr Drew about runner boy Ray J and now BBrown gets a DUI- coincidence?

      Bobby should be smarter than that though get someone to drive.

      The music industry is demonic (Chaka Khan)

  16. Raffles also had a creepy smile on his face when he closed the door of the vehicle after Whitney got in from leaving Tru, after the argument with Stacy.

    Contrast that with the phony-looking holding back tears he shows for Michael Jackson in the video with Ray J, and the phony-looking somber mood he puts on for Rev. Jesse Jackson and in other situations around Michael’s death.

  17. Maybe the world wanted and expected things for Whitney Houston that Whitney didn’t want for herself. She looks the happiest when she is high and breaking rules. It doesn’t seem like she could do or give enough to make the world happy so maybe Whitney did as she pleased.

    In the end Whitney Houston is someone’s daughter “Nippy.” That’s what makes me feel so sad that her Mom has to experience events throughout Whitney’s life and death in such a public way 24-7. That has to be a living hell.

    When people who are not celebrities work 9-5 there are expectations attached to that paycheck. I can only imagine what Whitney was expected to do reasonable and unreasonable in return for being paid millions.

    Maybe Whitney just didn’t want to do those things. Her talent may have been a blessing in the public’s eye but a curse for Whitney. RIP Nippy.

  18. Um..Ok,they got buzzed up to go to a prince concert…. I mean let Prince come to town right now, and I got good tix..Yes Im actin a fool. Im catchin a buzz, smokin a spliff and actin up…IJS..Its prince…now I may have not been with my momma… but shutes if she wanted to roll..and im an adult, and she know whats up…then we out!!!My point is nothin seemed so extra or out there in that clip beyond being buzzed up..coulda been all patron…HMPH!!!

    • bobbi kris was a minor tho. there is all kinds of WRONG about this. Especially since both had already been to rehab, Whitney many times.