Bobbi Kristina Calls Out Ray J as Whitney-Enabler


Ray J Bobbi Kris Confrontation
A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.” ~Oscar Wilde.

To Ray J, the truth seems to hurt – especially the truth behind his relationship with Whitney. It’s a truth which sources say the R&B artist can’t seem to deal with. That’s because before he was hospitalized after fainting following the Billboard Awards, witnesses say Bobbi Kristina confronted Ray J with the very truth we speak of. That is, accompanying Whitney Houston to parties where drugs were readily available. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pat Houston.

Here’s what an eyewitness reveals Bobbi Kristina said to Ray J:

“My mother would still be alive if it weren’t for you taking her partying where she could get her hands on drugs.”

Did Bobbi Kristina’s words to Ray J bring intense guilt to surface within him, causing him to faint? I don’t know. Know why? Because Ray J is an alcoholic drug addict, which could have played a role in his seeking of medical attention. Don’t believe me.. Ask porn star Mia Lelani.


  1. Of course he was he tries to play innocent but I always believed he was using whitney and was her enabler.

  2. There is a long list of enablers… Including Ms Pat, that also accompanied her to party, saying “she was there just in case something went down…” That’s like giving an alcoholic money and saying I’m not going to buy it for you, but I’ll watch you drink it. Plus, her “Stuff” was not hidden in the room, it was sitting all over the place and many of “here people” had keys to the room to come and go as the needed too… it was no secret. Just let the checks keep coming. As far as Ray J goes… cling on to what you can

  3. If she’s going to call him out, she needs to call each and everyone of them out. That girl needs to runaway and build a life of her own. She needs to run from that family of hers before they do something bad to her.

  4. Bobby Kristina is an addict too and I agree that she needs to run away from her whole family because Pat has everyone on drugs so she can control them. Pat’s husband, Whitney’s brother is a crack addict and Pat has used his demons to control him for years. Pat herself may even be an addict now. Bobby Christina is definitely an addict and probably gets her drugs from Whitney’s brother. Pat lets them all stay high in the house to “protect” them but really she just is trying to make a living off the family name. It’s a mess. Bobby Kristina should have run to Oprah and Tyler Perry when she had the chance. Because the truth is, the only person who is really going to make any substantial money off of Whitney Houston’s name is Clive Davis. The publishing royalties is where the real money is and Whitney didn’t have writing or producing credits on any of her hit songs. And who even knows who owns the actual copyright or rights to use the name “Whitney Houston”.

  5. bobbi partied wiuth whitney and did drugs with her.

    whitney was a grown azz woman she knew what she was dcoing.

    does’nt matter who got high with her or boughyt her stuff or with her in her last days whitney was a junkie.

    whitney’s career was dead way before she died.

    fuck that reality show.

    her brother and sister in law werre nobody’s.

    cissy wants to write a book why not everybody’s gotta eat somehow she gotta make it juicy and make sure to tell about the drugs, the wild orgies, the overdoses, the infidelitry, the beatings, the jail caSES, REHAB STINTS ALL THAT MUST BE INCLUDED.

    You die young or in your prime everybody’s gonna cash in any unreleased whitney music yet.

  6. Every picture I see of Ray J reads punk. He is the type that would set someone up, especially a woman. I hope Bobby Cristina beats his azz down one day — I am sure she probably could

  7. Whitney was a drug addict before she even signed with arista records! She spent time in a local hospital in NJ right before the release of her first album. Her family ain’t telling the whole truth! She’s been a career user since high school. She was in and out of this hospital during her career until she married bobby brown then she spiraled out of control. Whitney was a grown ass woman who made her own decisions.