Bobbi Kristina ‘Happily Married’ To Nick Gordon!



Bobbi Kristina is now a married woman! The 20-year-old took to twitter last night — announcing she’s ‘happily married’ to adopted brother Nick Gordon. This, about six-months since the pair first revealed they were engaged.

‘YES, we me nick are engaged. I’m tired of hearing people say “eww your engaged to your brother” or “if Whitney was still alive would we be together or would she approve of this,”‘ Bobbi Kristina wrote on her Facebook page at the time.

That’s before they called it quits, later recommitting their engagement … sparking Cissy Houston to share her concern in an open letter to Bobbi Kris.

“I want you to have a good life that you can be proud of. I’m supposed to wonder if Nick or ANY man is good enough for you, My Baby’s Baby.” ~Cissy Houston




  1. Let me guess? She probably got the ring herself and there is no pre nup. I used to feel sorry for this girl because of the way she lost her mother. But she seems almost willfully defiant and very spoiled and hard headed. Shes the type that has to wind up penniless and living in her car before she realizes that her grandmother was right all along. Whatever , its her life. So congratulations on marrying your brother, Bobbi Kris

    • Of course theirs no prenup.She’s hardheaded,young and Disingenuous. By the time the smoke settles all the money will be gone and the love of her life will turn into David Copperfield and”Disappear”.

  2. You know women, many of you need to start coming correct when you buy your man a ring. You say you’re independent, you say you make your own money but when it comes time to spending it for the person your profess to love you expect a brick and will give him a twisty tie. What’s up with the double standard?

    • F that. The bible says that the man is to court the woman. Not the other way around. 1st you’re paying for dinners and proposing to him, next you’re taking out the garbage. I’m sorry, but if you start taking care of a man, you’re just laying the groundwork for a man to resent you for wearing the pants….and creating a cheater.

    • If you make more money than your man, then your man should by you the best ring he can afford. He should step his game up to the best of his ability and show you he’s a man. A woman making more money than a man should not relinquish the man’s duties as a man.

  3. Should have taken that ring money and fixed the damn gap. All gaps aren’t bad…actually some are kinda sexy in a weird way. But hers is just too wide for a woman IMO. But good luck with the marriage BK!!

      • That makes sense Ms Reg. It’s sort of like the Douglas men and that cleft chin. I LOVE the gap on Michael Strahan(I know, I know, he’s gay and not sexy to most women, but I have a thing for him)and I always thought that Letterman’s gap was cute on him. So I s’pose I am a little sexist on this point. I just don’t think it’s particularly attractive on women. But, maybe she could just reduce it a little bit while keeping the family tradition.
        Maybe Nick likes it though, and if that’s the case, then by all means she should keep it.

        • Too funny. I used to think David Letterman’s gap was cute too. And I used to think Athony Anderson was sexy back in the day too. I think gaps are best when you can’t fit your finger in it but its still noticable.

  4. Sigh…some people just have to learn the hard way…they don’t believe that stove is hot…just have to touch it.

    • Right. I said it a long time ago and I’ll say it again. She’s a hard head. It has to do with how she was raised. And I’m not saying that from a high horse either. She’s just a naturally born fool. She will be this way for the rest of her life.

  5. I wish her the best. Like most of us she has to find her own way. Because clearly she is not listening to her grandma. I just hope she comes out of this alive and well.

    • Co-sign, the girl is young, had a tumultuous up bringing, lost her mother tragically and just made twenty yrs. Lets all band together and wish her well with many bright tomorrows. Congratulation Bobbi and Nick, lots of luck, health and happiness!

      • I think they actually stand a good chance. Although I am normally against young marriages, in this case I think BK is better off settled down and not out there on the loose. And if bestest friends truly make the strongest couples, then maybe they have a solid foundation. I genuinely hope so.

  6. Considering that very sad fact that she grew up amongst two crackheads,she doing ok #BeingBobbyBrown




  8. Hi Crazy Chris: Are you a Hollywood insider? That’s disturbing news above about Whitney and Bobbi Kris.

  9. Joi, maybe I’m being thick headed, but of all the celeb sacrifice theories, Whitney’s may be the one I believe the least. Between the people she associated with(Clive, Ray J et al) and her admitted poor life choices with the drugs, I think that the most logical explanation of her death is that it happened pretty much like they said it did. NO, we don’t want to accept that, but it’s a case of Occam’s Razor in full effect to me.

    • whit had a history of drugs and overdosing and drowning maybe her security was tired of her.

      all these people claim they love Christ but they really serve satan which includes gospel artists and mainstream pastors which is why all these chrisyians are druggies and infidels and homos and dykes and pedophiles you wanna get away with pedophilia just hide behind god.

      • So Chris, is it your opinion that it WAS a sacrifice or just an inevitable natural occurrence
        which came as a result of the fact that no one was watching her when she needed to be watched(no one on significant drugs should bathe w/o someone else being aware and ready to help if needed)?

        • Isnt it weird that Clive Davis appeared to be in charge that night? Especially when Pres Obama was there that night too. All that celebrity and security and even the Commander in chief of the US army in residence….and she was left alone to drown. when she had almost drowned just the night before. and bobbi kristina almost drowned the night bwfore that….very strange


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