Bow Wow’s Baby Momma Gets The Last Laugh!


Bow Wow is a Broke Nigga

Karma Of A Deadbeat Dad?

HSK Exclusive – Bow Wow may now be no stranger to the fact that every dog has his day. That’s because sources say the rapper-turned-host of 106 & Park spent Grammys weekend at home, all by his lonesome — reportedly lacking the funds to fly his daughter to New York City – while his baby momma accompanied the new man in her life to music’s biggest night.

Now, Bow Wow’s daughter may no longer be ‘daddy’s little girl’. Know why? Because the toddler is said to have formed a tight bond with the new man Bow Wow’s baby momma is dating.

We’re told Bow Wow was hoping to babysit his daughter, Shai, while Joie Chavis headed to Grammys with music producer Chauncey ‘Hit Boy’ Hollis. Because of Bow Wow’s lack of funds, insiders say Shai spent Grammys with Chavis’ sister. This news comes just a few months after Joie Chavis exposed the former rapper as a deadbeat dad — hauling him into court to force him to provide child support for the child.

Now, Hit Boy is said to be stepping up to the plate to care for the child — with his time AND money.

Here’s the drop:

“Bow Wow couldn’t afford to put his mother Teresa on a plane to fly out to L.A. to pick up his daughter.

BET is about to get rid of Bow Wow, because he’s hard to work with. Hit Boy is a country boy and he’s happy to have a model girlfriend like Joie Chavis. He takes care of Joie Chavis and treats Shai like she’s his blood.”


  1. Well Joie has only herself to blame for this situation. She thought she struck gold when she hooked up with him in the first place she got fools gold. As a female/mother the only man Joie should allow her daughter to cozy up to his her father. Here goes another female setting her daughter up for failure in life.

    • @black beauty-but if this other man is stepping up and is wearing the father hat you can’t be mad at him. After all not many men are going to want to raise another man’s child. And bow wow is a total and complete BUM!!! His situation just proves the old saying any man can be a daddy but not every man can be a father. I don’t feel any pity for bow cause when you have a child the child comes first and if you are not ready to make that sacrifice then you need to refrain from having children. Nuff said!

      • Most men like to play the role temporarily that is what they do. Why I think that nothing is wrong with letting someone who has been in your life for a while to connect with your kids women are always trying to find the next daddy because they didn’t pick a father properly the first time. I just wish has women we would take the time to find the right partner first for the kids and then leap forward. Women pick the wrong terms and standard when connecting to men and then they expect some magical change. If you didn’t ask the important questions in the beginning how can you expect then at the end. Bow Wow has probably always been childish baby mama is a very nice looking woman but he never acted interested when she was pregnant so mostly it won’t change now but all things are possible. It like we act like this image of being a harlot is really going to bring goodness into our lives. I am just getting out of a relationship that I really wanted and was with this person for a while but what I had to learn is that you reap what you sow weather the situation is bad or good and how the foundation was set is initially on you. If I want better results next time then me and my so called man feet has to be grounded in planted in better soil We need to stop following what we see and do what makes the most logical sense when dealing and creating lifestyle with other people.

        • @ress-agreed but the problem is most women pick no good men and think they can make him decent. Pussy can do many things but it ain’t magic and too often women think that they have the stuff to make a man do right. And they are actually genuinely shocked when he doesn’t change. You said bow has probably always been childish-puh-leaze! Bow is a spoiled ass mama’s boy BUT baby mama knew that when she got with him so no pity for her. And even less for her for getting pregnant cause with all this birth control out here AND the morning after pill we only get pregnant if we choose to. So if her intention had only been to get some dick she could have done that without getting pregnant.

          • Accidentally hit post commment but to finish my thought the other part of the problem is most women don’t figure out what you said in the last part of your post about picking a good man until they have either had a child or gotten older. Too many sistahs have that bad boy fascination and they need to come of it. I have seen with my own eyes women reject a decent guy in favor of captain sling a dick. And we wonder when we get to that place in our lives when we want a mate why the pickings are so slim. By then most of the good men are gone and you’ll hear sistahs bitch to no end about how ain’t no good men out there. Well there were but when they were plentiful you ignored them cause you wanted johnny thugaboo. It’s easy and convenient to blame the men but if we really wanna find the cause of the problem look no further than the mirror. Just a thought.

      • Exacly…My father was only in my life for 1 yr when i was just born and my momma was 14 yrs old an now shes 27 and I`m 13…. An im proud tht hes not im my life anymore but im still heart brokin bc he doesnt give 2 shits bout me an does nuthin but drugs.

    • She is a gold digger and I doubt he’s actually going to say how much is worth… for what so she can live a high life most of them girls just get with Stars so they don’t have to work.and take care of what they need to.they want the quick way out.. bow wow fell fool to.her and now she got him on child support.. paying 11plus a month that’s crazy when he offered to pay 4000$ a month she just being greedy and now she on the arms of someone else famous…. and have bow wow lil girl around him but calling bow wow a dead beat dad… come on now…. she need to stop cuz it ain’t cute…

  2. My take on this,Bow Wow not broke man.He just don’t want to pay all that child support he would have to pay an its not like he don’t want to provide for is child he just don’t want to pay for a glam life style for old girl!He know that chic money hungry!His mama no joke when it come to that money,yall don’t remember when he was like 21yrs and wanted to spend 150k on a car he called her and she was like hell no bring yo ass home?Alls im saying moms knew girls was going to be after him and money since jump.Moms got that money hid some kind of way where it look like he really don’t have shit on paper,and its all leagal.And come on now cant afford to fly to LA???I get SSI and I can afford o fly to LA!LOL.Oh he playing the broke game all the way!Jacky was your take on that you would know better then me???

  3. first off she has hopped from star to another. she should not be exposing her son to her flavor of the month boyfriend. She is a groupie and I guarantee there relationship is built to last.. 2nd off I’m with the person above. It does not cost that much money to fly to LA from anywhere in the country especially through Southwest FOH

    • Yeah I know it don’t cost shit t0 fly,but they were saying that he so broke that he coulnt even afford the plane tickets to fly out to LA!And that’s why I said BS.

  4. When you sleep with and impregnate known industry jump offs ya get what ya get! You made the baby take care of the baby!

  5. Bow Wow is a jerk and really needs to grow up and become a man. Be a man and take care of your child. As Judge Joe Brown would say “Man up.” No only regarding his child does not need to man up, he need to man up as a man. BET is really to let him go because he is hard to work with. Damn if he wants the job then he would do what they ask to keep it. How any people go to work and do what they want to do and expect the boss to take it. Get it right and fire his ass.

  6. Her plan to trap BowWow isn’t working the sway she would like. BowWow isn’t broke, but who the hell wants to pay for a bust-it-baby? When you take a used condom out the trash to get knocked up, it’s on you to take care of that child. Sometimes schemers get schemed on.

    Also, what kind of woman introduces her small child to every man that runs up in her? The most dangerous thing a child can have in its life is a stepfather! A man who is not that child’s blood could really care less about that child. He will do what he has to to get pussy from the momma. And, if the mother acts up….. He’ll get what he wants from the child, just ask Mandeecees.

    How many times are these worthless females gonna watch the news and hear about men who were left alone with their girlfriends child and the child wound up dead? The child was beaten to death, drowned on the tub, mauled by his dog, raped, strangled, etc… You dull females need to focus on being better women and better mothers instead of clinging to these worthless me looking for validation.

    Your child doesn’t necessarily need a new daddy. They need a better mommy.

  7. Let your daughter see & be with her real father…Even if it’s BOW WOW-> He looks like a little freakin kid…
    DADDY ISSUES w/be waiting for your daughter down the road -> Come on this is why so many young BLACK WOMEN strip, trick, pose nude for a only a FEW dollars to get hair nail and new outfits…COME ON. Help to create a positive and realistic environment that will help make your daughter become a strong confident woman.
    **P.S. the comment regarding Joie is not that cute or pretty…WHO GIVES A FUK!!!

  8. Ps Jacky Hit- Boy is no country boy. He went to high school with my homegirl in Rialto,ca about 40 mins from la.

  9. There are no free rides. Guys with money are targets. A woman thinks if she gets his child, she has a free ride to a rich and famous life style instead of using her own gifts and talents to pay her own way instead of free load.

    Both people are at fault, but unfortunately, the child is a pawn caught up in the hustle. But I agree with some of the above comments, that a step father may not see a child in the same light as a natural Dad. He could be worse or better, but statistics show a worrisome possibility of molestation all too often. This baby mama would be wise to err on side of caution and let this child form a bond with her dad and stop being a gold digger.

  10. Doesn’t anyone understand that he’s still trying some rappers don’t try to take care of their kid or Skype them or nothing! Some ppl need to get off his case what he is saying is he misses her and he wants to be there but he can’t so I think he really need to sale some of his stuff to get the money if he wants to get to see little shai more and i think they hiding something maybe she won’t let him see the baby as much as he would like!? Now I’m just saying they both need to get it together and with her instead of trying to get a man she need to be trying to take care of her child, she need to fly to new York so he can see her if she know he ain’t got the money. A lot of ppl can’t afford to just up and go on a plane every person’s money pay is different and since she maybe got so much I think she should take her sometimes to see him!!!!!

  11. Really everyone has their comments On this young mans life, but i have been a single mother of two before, I just recently got married. Though being a single parent is never easy both parties know what to do to avoid the situation, and just like men play games and act foolish women do as well. His life is not for us to judge especially when were are on the outside looking in, so u really don’t know what the deal is. There are always three sides to a story his, hers, and the TRUTH!

  12. @thesingle mother I feel were you are coming from I am I single mother…. and it is hard I could have took my bAbydaddy to court and quickly got money for my son and not work sitting at home and live off child support but I didn’t I went back to school and bettered myself for my son… and I work I take care of my son by myself and I’m only 22 and no I not one that started young but I feel for a fake dream he sold me for 3 years n so soon as I told him I was having a baby he walked away….. now my son in 1 and yeah its been hard but I do what I have to do for him…..

    • Why wouldn’t you make him pay child support??? Whether you were married or un wed, your child deserves financial support from both parents. Many men walk away from marriages after having several kids with their wife. Do you feel like because he was a coward you should take care of the child alone, while he goes on to live his life? Put his butt on child support. If he doesn’t work, they will eventually put s warrant out for him or at least you’d get his tax money. Stop letting these men get away with this.

  13. Bow write takes care of his child….it’s his baby mother he doesn’t get along with. Not saying that it should stop him from doing his fatherly duties but it doesn’t..this is lies because he cares loves and provides for her. Also I hate when females let other men around their child…don’t show them that you’re a hoe..smh

  14. Wtfys these hoes these days who daten or dated a famous person think they b da sht hoe boo fuk off I don’t believe sht I just read bow wow been rappn since he was young dat mane got plenty of money snoop is dat mane uncle and jermaine Dupree is also dat mane kum from money fuk his babymama hoe just want attention

  15. Bow Wow paying $3k/month is bad? Trying being a soldier living off $3k/month and ordered to pay $1k/month in alimony and child support to an unfaithful ex wife then when you retire you have to give half it to your ex wife while being married and having 2 kids to take care of. Bow wow can easily get a gig and pay off all his debt and still live the dream, soldiers pretty much have to have permission from the president himself to get another job or start a business. I don’t feel sorry for Bow Wow.

  16. niggas really she stupid he want to take care of his child mane i woldve slap her no good looking tell baby soon you gonna have to tell your child instead of sayin he walked out on us cause love only comes ones

  17. Wtf fux that gold diggin tramp and that trick asS foofer ass boyfriend… He ain’t special, the girl is only 2, she’ll like anyone her mom likes… BW jus do u my nigga n get that dough bac… Then ur bm’ll be crying to suck the balls…

  18. Your mommy any cutie and neither is your ass stop hating and she not no bitch.wash your mouth out hater. You wish you were her go sit your ass down.. Bow Wow you better check your self .Joie is a good girl that”s your lost now you got another man taking care of your daughter. Go Hit Boy you got a good woman. And yes she”s is a model something you wish you were. You keep sitting down tring to bring her down she”s moving forward while you still going on with your hate. Everything that you say through hate she”s coming out smiling in JESUS Name

  19. Why is it when a woman puts a man on child support, she is a gold digger??? So, what does makes the man that laid down with a known gold digger?.. I’m assuming a dumb ass. Girl, get that money for your daughter.

  20. Well the only thing I have to say is that Bow Wow is a father and who ever is hating on him needs to stop, I feel as though he trying his best of taking care of his daughter and yes I do give him props for that, I wish that I can be on his show to tell him how he is doing a fabulous job and I hope and praying that bet is not going to let him go.