Boy-Bonding In Shemar Moore’s Backyard Exposed!


Shemar Moore Hollywood Sex Parties

“I Shoulda Smeared Off His Lip Gloss” ~DJ Quik, on Shemar Moore

HSK Exclusive – They may be parties said to have “never happened“, but “never happened” pictures are now surfacing. A source has exclusively provided HSK with three images recently taken during the on-site boy-bonding shenanigans at Shemar Moore’s Los Angeles residential property.

Shemar…just come out already!!!

Here’s what a witness says about the images:

“The first is a wanna be actor named Kato. Yes, he’s laying butt naked in Shemar’s backyard.

Naked Man @ Shemar Moore's

The second is a group of dudes, Kato is one of them. Someone’s shorts are mighty low, dontcha think?!?

Shemar Moore Male Bonding

The third is the sign that supposedly comes out when the adult party is on.”

It looks like the chicks who attend Shemar’s “never happened” parties serve as nothing more than sign-holders to kick-off the boy-bonding. Don’t you agree?

Hollywood Never Happened Parties


  1. You really need to be deeply medicated its obvious you are troubled, your hatred and anger is almost sad, if it weren’t funny but beyond that it really is terrorist like the way your mind seems to work…you are one cellphone call away from a bomb… clearly. Please go get help, that or stop denying your own homosexual urges.

  2. As today’s society becomes more liberal & open minded when it comes to sex; we’ll see increasing numbers of guys admitting that they like it with both genders. It’s really not uncommon in Hollywood. Gay or straight, he’s an actor. I wish him all the best in either or both worlds.

  3. Other people do have the right to know who they are dealing with so that they can decide whether or not to deal with them or not. The question is if you're proud of what you are, then why be ashamed to say so???


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