Boy-Bonding In Shemar Moore’s Backyard Exposed!


Shemar Moore Hollywood Sex Parties

“I Shoulda Smeared Off His Lip Gloss” ~DJ Quik, on Shemar Moore

HSK Exclusive – They may be parties said to have “never happened“, but “never happened” pictures are now surfacing. A source has exclusively provided HSK with three images recently taken during the on-site boy-bonding shenanigans at Shemar Moore’s Los Angeles residential property.

Shemar…just come out already!!!

Here’s what a witness says about the images:

“The first is a wanna be actor named Kato. Yes, he’s laying butt naked in Shemar’s backyard.

Naked Man @ Shemar Moore's

The second is a group of dudes, Kato is one of them. Someone’s shorts are mighty low, dontcha think?!?

Shemar Moore Male Bonding

The third is the sign that supposedly comes out when the adult party is on.”

It looks like the chicks who attend Shemar’s “never happened” parties serve as nothing more than sign-holders to kick-off the boy-bonding. Don’t you agree?

Hollywood Never Happened Parties


  1. so y do gay/bi ppl have to come out agan?? i don’t get it. they don’t owe any1 anything. does a hoe just come out and say “hey everbody…I’m a HOE!” I mean wtf. mind ya business. this nigga’s personal life is just that..PERSONAL. smfh


      As long as we see marriages thaT LAst 3 months while seeing them flirt with the same gender and fighting on reality shows and same sex kissing and other gay and lesbian hints were gonna discuss this shit.

      these celebs need to quit throwing stones gay stones at that if they don’t wanna be called that.

      plus they should quit leaking sex videos and nude photots by so called accident.

      an average man dress like a woman is gobba be called a fag and then he puts his business out on tv, or film what are we gonna say?

    • so y do gay/bi ppl have to come out agan??
      __________________________________________________don’t know,ask Coop Anderson or Ricky Martin.

      does a hoe just come out and say “hey everbody…I’m a HOE
      Superhead,Kim K.

      • thought coop came out years ago.

        remember ricky martin was at the awards when shake your bun bun came out he was clapping his ass like a hot tamala and you wonder why we call these fools gay.

        reminds me of prince wearing those ass out jeans and shaking his ass like a bitch oh yeah can’t diss prince he’s a creative genius ah yes only in hollywood.

    • They are liars & hypocrites…sodomites that need to be exposed! If you need to LIE about it or if your ashamed about your behavior maybe its because its wrong & unnatural…

      • You really need to be deeply medicated its obvious you are troubled, your hatred and anger is almost sad, if it weren’t funny but beyond that it really is terrorist like the way your mind seems to work…you are one cellphone call away from a bomb… clearly. Please go get help, that or stop denying your own homosexual urges.

    • I agree, we are too obsessed with our community “comming out” who cares. On the other hand I hate that many men lead a double life afraid to be gay…so its F***d up either way.

    • I agree, no one comes out and says I’m straight, what I do in my bedroom or wherever is not anybodies business but mine and whomever I’m doing it with. He is a good actor and I’m watching Criminal Minds as I type….love it and LOVE his relationship with Garcia!! **side note** I’m not thinking about who he is sexing, I just like to watch him. Times have changed, people are gay, people are bi, people are straight, people are people. And ALL people need to mind their own business. Especially since we all have demons and if anyone looked at your(our)*my self included* lives and personal(private) life and business under a microscope none of us will come away without criticism, judgement, negative comment or smelling like roses. And Qi, people don’t come out and afraid to come out because look at the backlash people receive just over a rumor?! Yes, it would be great if they could but…they can’t because if they did, they would no longer be considered for the leading roles and unfortunately the men will not be considered “heartthrobs” or the sex symbols that they were before “coming out” where it may add to the womens’ sex appeal and not damage their reputation as much. I don’t feel that way but as a WHOLE, we are not that evolved.

      • This is the best comment here! I don’t know why in the hell black people are so damn obsessed with whose gay and gay issues period! Everytime I turn around, some negroe is bringing up the subject matter of homosexuality. Either a lot of yawl are some seriously damaged in your own sexuality or you are looking to put down or look down on gays, so you can feel better about your shitty ‘straight’ life. Either way, mind your business and fix your shitty self and life and you won’t have time to worry about 2 boys kissing!

        • Roger:

          Someone in the public eye cannot pick or choose. He makes his living coming into our living rooms with that mind fuck television show, along with the mind fuck/body fuck advertising in between. Why do you think it is called television programming?

          If the television and movie gays want their bedroom lives to be secret, they better stay in theatre on the stage and don’t go into millions of living rooms each week.

          As for your comment about negroes worrying about gay sex — who is the head of major anti-gay organizations? Not black folks, so don’t blame us.

          Get your facts together. Obviously the white boy who is comin’ in your azz, is cumin’ in your mind as well.

      • I don’t care that anyone is straight or gay, but I do resent people telling me they are gay. I don’t tell you what I do in the bedroom, so please don’t tell me. Seems to me that this is a statement of some sort. It isn’t my business, and I didn’t ask. Keep personal business to yourself.

    • Other people do have the right to know who they are dealing with so that they can decide whether or not to deal with them or not. The question is if you're proud of what you are, then why be ashamed to say so???

    • If you admire a specific athlete/entertainer/ celebrity,there’s no wrong with inquiring about their personal lives (age,birthplace,married,single,kids,date Sistahs,etc)
      You can induire about a celeb’s background with dignity.
      “If you pressed about who is gay, you’re prolly gay! Straight people don’t care”
      Defensive Comments like this imply more judgement.

      • Straight people DO care. The main people who need to investigate their partners are Black women. The CDC is claiming Black women are the highest rising cases of HIV in the U.S. It also appears that a disproportionate number of Black women have herpes.

        Not only do people need to be honest about their sexual preferences and proclivities, they need to know their HIV and STD status and and be honest with their partners. This don’t ask, don’t tell bullshit is costing people their lives.

        • Agreed. I have actually read comments on another site where Black people were saying, “If a man never went up in you raw, your box is trash.”

          If you’re smart, and you were raised during the era of AIDS, when there never was sexual freedom, you’d DEMAND condoms!!!

          It is our responsibility as adults aged 20-something to 40’s to discuss sex with our divorced, widowed or single parents and even grandparents. Women im their 50’s and 60’s are back in the dating pool, and they are contracting STDs and HIV because “free love” existed when they were young and single. You learn only to teach. It’s not a game out here.

        • Naw black women need to stop giving it up to every Tom, Dick & Maleek. Even if ur married u should practicing safe sex period. All this oral, anal and vaginal sex being practiced without condoms is just GROSS!

        • I can agree witha prev comment. I was in process of my 2nd marriage, but kept getting weird vibes(woman intuition) althought this gentleman was great. I had my suspicions of him accepting flirting “pokes” on FB but he shut his acct down and that was done. He allowed me codes and access to his emails, cell phones to prove he was ready to officially marry because I kept putting the date off. Long story short as they say be careful what you look for because you will find it. I checked his cell browser history last week and found tranny sites, gay soft porn, AND 2 sent messages on a chat site(he forgot to delete) requesting oral sex from dl men! This guy treated me like a queen for 2 years and my mind is officially blown. Needless to say we are done done done DONE but he insists “I’m not gay. I was just clowning around” Ladies be careful and keep your eyes open. We are dying out here because our men are lying/misleading us daily:(

          • Adding to my prev post, I must say I got absolutely no vibes this man had gay tendencies. I have several homosexual friends that I adore and we always discuss the gaydar amongst fun times/drinks/etc. M rage was not his preferences as it seems he is bisexual because we still had great relations and attraction, but that it was all a lie. I feel used to cover up his tastes(a beard) and advised him to seek his truth because he is gay. He became enraged and insists its only his immaturity(36y) and with therapy all can be resolved and we should still marry one day. While it took all I had not to catch a murder case,(he claims I broke his nose) I wished him well and told him to respect his next lady more by giving her a heads up and allow her to maker her own decisions. I do not want to die for someone else’s secrets. Ps: this entire scenario reminds me sooooooo much of Janet Jackson’s character vs her hubby in Tyler Perry’s ForColoredGirls. No thanks!

        • My sex life is no more your business than a celebrity’s is our business. sure it’s fun to speculate but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter unless you have the opportunity to sleep with someone does their sexual history matter.

          As far as Black Women contracting faster than other groups it’s not all about “down-low” bruthas. It’s more about women without enough self respect to tell a man they more than likely don’t know very well or don’t(shouldn’t) trust to wear a condom.

          I have never met a person who has been cheated on that didn’t feel like something was off in their relationship. If you feel worried tell the man to strap up. Married or not.

  2. He doesn’t have to come out because I never thought he was straight. No straight man comes correct like Shemar.

  3. Why is it that every day people are on here posting about why something isn’t anybodies business? Don’t they understand that it is Jackie’s job? This is how he stay getting paid. Every time y’all log on to hate, CHA-CHING! If you don’t like what the man is talking about, stop putting money in his pocket and go kick rocks!

    Besides, the reason he posts this stuff is to shatter the illusions that so many of our young people have regarding the entertainment business. It ain’t about having someone coming out of the closet; it’s about revealing truth. Even if Shemar isn’t gay, now you know that he sponsors full-fledged orgies at his house; a big difference from the image that he presents to the public.

    • And to expose LIARS…if you will lie you’ll steal, if you’ll steal, you’ll kill…its VERY important to ALWAYS know a person’s TRUE character!!

  4. I hope you all know that you cannot trust no body in the ”business”. Now you got folks in your tea with pictures and naked men.

    I like Shemar and dont care what people bedroom activites that they have..but I do care about privacy.

  5. Being gay is not a crime so he doesn’t have to tell yjr public about who he sleeps with…whether it’s women or men. I don’t care what he prefers. Sexual preference is not a big deal to me.

  6. I don’t know if Shemar is straight gay or bi but anyways, it looks like a pool party.

    I’m a straight man and I’ve been to pool parties before and we were running around half naked both men and women and some got just too drunk and stripped all the way down.

    These pics make your story look very one sided. Looks like you got an agenda. I’m sure there are many pics of the women hangin out with the men at that party. It’s easy to twist a story the way you want to.

  7. Thanx Jacky, this is obviously an orgy.

    I swear, some of these really beautiful men like Shemar think that they are too beautiful for women.

    What is that phrase in the bible, a proud look being one of the things that God hates???

    • You’re quoting the bible while on a gossip site??? God hates people who use the lords name in vain…burn

      • Please, find out who the disciples were before they rolled with Yeshuah before you show your biblical ignoranc.

          • john was the angry one who blasphemed god and made all that antichrist muisic that influenced the manson murders and then it influenced mard david chapman to kill lennon bevcause he thought the world needed saving from that evil beatles music.

            george was the one who thought he had magic powers he would always chant hare krishna and levitate until he was stabbed by a guy who was pocessed by his music and then george died a year later of cancer.

            sir paul was the cute one who became very angry when michael jackson bought his catalog.

  8. Shemar has a job, a house, money and he is of legal age. Therefore, he has the right (within legal bounds) to do as he pleases. Personal preferences are personal and allowed. I give the type party that I enjoy in my home and I extend that right to everyone else. Shemar, enjoy your party.

    • Really… he’s at his house. Everybody always say why do gay people need to come out (not saying he’s gay, just saying). Straight men and straight women sometimes have gay friends) This man is at HIS house having a PRIVATE party. A good host will allow ALL of his guests to let go and have fun. I don’t understand what the fuss is. So, I guess that if you’re straight, you’re not supposed to have any gay friends come to your parties, and if they do, you should make them feel inhibited at a party in your home where everyone ELSE (straight people) is letting lose?. I can’t see a good host doing that. Someone ELSE felt the need to let “us” know about this. They’re not coming out- and don’t have to. They seem to living their lives privately, which is what we all want to do. I am not a gay activist by a far stretch, total opposite to be truthful, but I believe people have a right to their privacy. And what a person likes in the bedroom IS a prviate matter. I don’t want to know. Do you boo!

    • What about the men that view child porn…in their house? Or the men that rape their pets…in their house? Or the “men” that rape children…in their house?…You don’t care about that behavior either???

  9. I KNEW IT!!! And I’m not the least bit surprised.
    Shemar (Sheila), just come on out the closet already, damn! You’re not fooling anyone.

  10. He’s just an actor on a great show. If he wants to have 100 orgies with men and women that’s his problem. We just like distractions from our own miserable lives.

    • Go research the fall of greece & rome so you can read all about how this story ends…their is nothing new under the sun, this has already been done…

        • O stop being deliberately contrary. Shemar couldn’t bring down a woman’s panties, he sho can’t brng down civilization.

          But now, one million Shemars???

          Why all these men bein’ gay? Why all these black men reppin’ gay so hard

          • Vermithrax:

            Thanks for the reply. I agree with you about Will and Grace, definite programming. But I will go against the tide, no way, shape or form will I support this gay bullshit and ruin the next generation.



    • Do you really think Shemar told the man to be naked in his backyard? You never know what’s going to happen at a party in the first place and what the guest are going to do especially when there are a lot of alcohol involved. At the end of the day any straigt man secured with his sexuality won’t have a problem with a nude man.

  12. To all y’all who act like its not a big deal should take a simple biology class.. Taking it up the ass is not only nasty for men and women it’s unsanitary.. Especially if they are not using condoms.. You are supposed to make sure u have emptied all you bowels b4 u do it and the penis still gets left over feces on it.. And just wiping off your dick b4 u jump to the next butt hole is not good enough.. Wake up ppl if the creator wanted ppl to have anal sex he would’ve made it stretch like the vagina and it would be a in not an out.. After a while they also have to get their assholes sewn because shit literally gets everywhere

    • Applause, applause. Thank you!!

      We just learned in another post that frat boys soak tampons in vodka and shove it up their ass to get drunk.

      White frat boys, not surprising.

      But the point is like you said, the butt hole ain’t for fuckin’ cause whatever is in the rectum (shit) and whatever is onthe dick (STD) is going straight to your system, no digestion process or nothing. It is going into your system undiluted and str8t no chaser.

      And people wonder why HIV is so deadly and rapidly spread through anal sex.

      Personally, as nasty as shooting drugs and anal sex is, HIV is probably nothing more than extreme sepsis.

      Girls, stop tryin’ to compete with the gay boys. Let them shove the demons up they azz, not you.

      No to anal sex.

    • Your an idiot first off I’m a female so I don’t have to take it up the ass I use the part the creator gave me… 2nd off the fact that I led off with if u ever have taking biology, would lead anyone with have a Brain that I obviously took one.. I’m in Biology 101 u fuc* tard and this was one of our topics when we started talking Bout meitosis and meiosis but I don’t expect u too know what that is… Dummy

  13. We understand cell division here but the hatred you spew is clear reflection of self hate. And the language…such a lady. When they speak like you we call them ignorant birds. Go watch Basketball
    wives they offer the hatred you seek.

    • If your the same anonymous I’m addressing up top u implied that I took it up the ass… which is disrespectful so don’t try to get all sheepish when I get back at you.. I did not spew hatred calling u a fu*k tard and that doesn’t make me any less a lady..FOH I’m not in grade school I am very much a lady just don’t come at me with no punk shit.. And if your not the same anonymous u really need to stfu and stop trying to play captain save a ho

      • Look chicken head… your weave on too tight. You act like your in grade school. Get some counseling for your anger issues.

        • First off I don’t have anger issues.. Lol your the one in here having an aneurism mad because I briefly described how unsanitary taking it up the ass is whether your a man or a woman.ROTFL and then u want to talk grade school but your calling someone a chicken head.. How grade school is that???? So u must be one of those fag boys that don’t use condoms or a Nasty ass girl who lets under cover fag boys give it to her in the ass.. Tell us why you really mad..

  14. LOL
    Its both bizarre and humorous that you guys are fighting over the honor of SHEmar’s butthole.

    • SHEmar LOL. I’m not concerned about his butthole lol I just can’t stand hateful chicken heads trying to sound intellectual. What part of the game is that? Stay in your lane.

      • What the hell are you talking about? Why are you mentioning all this nonsense? I wasn’t talking about you I was talking about the chicken head above. Anyhoot who the hell are you, the comment POLICE??? Just STFU!

        • Umm and this is why your dumb ass needs to stfu because I am the same anonymous commenting from above… U want to talk shit I’m on your head on every comment silly rabbit.. You can’t even comprehend what is going on so next time keep your punk ass comments to yourself..

      • Word, I went anonymous also after that mess in August.

        I didn’t know it was the Feds, damn those jews got too much juice, don’t they

        • Yes they have wayyy to much pull and they send the punk ass flunkies to troll the site like said person up above.. That’s one thing I miss about not being anonymous.. You knew exactly who you were talking too no wondering

          • Ok so I did get the right Chicken Head. Why do you keep mentioning agencies and religious affiliations? You dummies love saying these buzz words bringing attention by the wrong people. A bunch of snitches and BIRDS pretending to care. STFU!

          • You shut the fuck up.. Obviously your new to this site.. We don’t have to say buzz words they been monitoring this site because unlike other blogs there are conscious ppl on this site unlike yourself spitting knowledge and that’s the shit they don’t like.. Plus jacky goes in on everybody including major record labels.. Hell he posted a story weeks Ago about the industry’s major plot up change rap music to crap music and how they have major investments in the private prison industry., so if I’m a chicken head your dumb ass is a bird brain who needs to catch up.. On here talking loud and ain’t saying nothing you punk b*tch.

          • Thank you Anon 8:35 and 20:50, for takin’ this fool to school. They are bird brains that need to seriously catch up.

            And to Anonymous 7:50, we don’t need buzz words; we come out and tell the deal on this site, you betta fall back.

  15. A few years ago, another blogger said that every actor & actress in Tyler Perry’s ‘movies’ were gay, something I didn’t find hard to believe before, and definitely not after being on this site lol

  16. hey im part jewish and i love this site it dont stereotype groups of people because at the end of the day its all about morals.

  17. I heard tha Shamar had a physical relationship with Don Cornealus. Why are so many men turning to the gay life style. Im not hating but if your gay be gay and leave the females alone. is it some kind of hating on the part of the man to want to be a woman that you deal with women and cant be what you long to be foreal. Im asking a question Bever thought Shamar was cute NEVER

    • I don’t know why these boys so obsessed with dick and booty, but notice how most of them are into the white girls?

        • Why ya mad son, did I just describe you, booty bandit and frontin a blond bitch. You will stay bing called out.

  18. Wow a lot of homophobes on this site, yes Shemar Moore is probably gay but he isn’t going to come out because he knows he’s going to get grief from the black homophobes. It is the same reason Luther Vandross, Queen Latifah, Tyler Perry ect. don’t come out. Black people are so hateful and homophobic.

  19. Ya’ll need to understand that this site is for entertaining purposes. If you don’t like it, don’t sign in and read it. Everyone has something about themselves that we don’t like from gossiping to health. Obviously everyone on here likes to gossip or this site wouldn’t draw your attention to post something on it. I don’t care who is a fag but I like reading this shit for laughter at the responses. Some people on here have funny things to say and some really takes this site serious. I just get a kick out of the celeb world because I am one myself.

    • Well good for your fuckin’ ass Kimberly. No one cares that you like Shemar and don’t care who doesn’t.

  20. blacks are so full of hate. blacks even hate their own kind. nigga on nigga crime rate is all the proof the world needs. the God forsaken have the nerve to quote scripture and talk about gays while at the same moment they are beating their kids, drinking to excess, being fat gluttons and prideful bigots. Filthy STRAIGHT blacks are the ones responsible for the black community being chock full of fat, stupid, diabetic, food stamp babies.

  21. monkeys are so full of hate. blacks even hate their own kind. nigga on nigga crime rate is all the proof the world needs. the God forsaken have the nerve to quote scripture and talk about gays while at the same moment they are beating their kids, drinking to excess, being fat gluttons and prideful bigots. Filthy STRAIGHT blacks are the ones responsible for the black community being chock full of fat, stupid, diabetic, food stamp babies.

  22. monkeys are so full of hate. blacks even hate their own kind. chimp on chimp crime rate is all the proof the world needs. the God forsaken have the nerve to quote scripture and talk about gays while at the same moment they are beating their kids, drinking to excess, being fat gluttons and prideful bigots. Filthy STRAIGHT blacks are the ones responsible for the black community being chock full of fat, stupid, diabetic, food stamp babies.

  23. That is not just because we want to know who is gay does not make that person seeking the truth gay. Stop being on the down low just come out that closet should be crowded by now don’t you think.

  24. God made men to be men not women stop wearing our clothes, stop trying to be us if it was natrualy why can’t fag have baby oh cause your not a women punk.

  25. As today’s society becomes more liberal & open minded when it comes to sex; we’ll see increasing numbers of guys admitting that they like it with both genders. It’s really not uncommon in Hollywood. Gay or straight, he’s an actor. I wish him all the best in either or both worlds.