Bravo: Jewel Tankard’s Ratchet Blunt-Smokin’, Knife-Totin’ & Sack-Chasin’ Past


Jewel Tankard Exposed

“Jewel is known in the ‘D’ as a professional sack chaser.”

Another Holy Hypocrite Exposed?

HSK Exclusive – She’s a preacher’s wife of 13-years — set to make her ‘Holy’ debut in Bravo’s next ratchet reality series, ‘Thicker Than Water’ — but what Jewel Tankard probably won’t profess are the shocking details of an alleged stabbing attempt she reportedly committed on her “ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend.”

An insider exclusively tells HSK, the Detroit incident happened back in the early 90’s. We’re told that’s when Jewel Tankard — who’s now married to Bishop Ben Tankard — was a “Detroit city hoodrat who tried to stab the woman over a man.” According to our tipster, it went down just outside of a Friday’s restaurant, “in the parking lot.”

“Jewel Tankard pulled out a knife and tried to stab her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend!”

Here’s the drop:

“Jewel used come to the Lighthouse liquor store to buy her blunts. I know because I used to work there. We are all surprised that Jewel ended up marrying a preacher because she always dated drug dealers. Jewel is known in the ‘D’ as a professional sack chaser.

Back in ’94 … when Jewel was finished her job at the Southfield Community Center, she used to come to the ‘Elegance Salon’ in Oak Park and gossip about people in the Southfield, community.”

Jewel Tankard Bible Beating Hypocrite


  1. I was on the floor w/that title “Blunt Smokin, Knife Totin”…Jacky, you are really a trip dude…Not surprised, I saw the trailer for the show, looks boring as hell, but I did notice the wife looked a lil ratchety…I guess my suspicions were right.

  2. The whole family is ratchet. I did give them 2 episodes. I just couldn’t anymore. I’ve learned just because a reality show doesn’t have table shaking and bottle throwing that does not mean it is thrash free TV.

    • Bless your heart, chile. You gave em two episodes more than I did. I couldn’t get past 15 minutes of that mess. Have you ever seen a more thirsty bunch of hood rats?

  3. The skeleton’s for these so-called Christian people be falling out the closet continuously. I wouldn’t let me dog watch that show. Hope she has changed her ways.

    • “I wouldn’t let my dog watch…”

      Funny. Funny.

      See what we did to Jay-Z with Barneys — let us all boycott these Uncle Ruckus ratchet azz demeaning shows.

      Boycott (Un)Reality TV!!

      • I am with you on the Boycott. I don’t watch any of these reality shows. They won’t get my valuable time. Time that I won’t ever be able to get back.

  4. Seriously though 94???? Everybody has a past who cares wat happend in 94 damn….And never saw the show and dont care to see it

      • Bravo, Bravo!!!! That’s what WE do best. Tear one another down. Other folks don’t have to because we do a good job of it without their help. Everyone has a past. Imagine if Jesus wouldn’t forgive you all for your many transgressions? It’s amazing how a complete stranger or strangers (who were obviously haters before the show) can say something about someone and those who can’t get to know someone for themselves..they are called followers not leaders will believe them. That’s why some of you will never be successful and spend your LIVES putting down on others…because you continue to judge and live in the past. Funny how this woman is being called ratchet yet your behavior and comments are just that. If you’re being mean spirited in your social media post…THAT’S RATCHET. If you are sleeping with somebody’s husband and wife…THAT’S RATCHET. If you are having kid(s) out of wedlock THAT’S RATCHET AND A SIN. Should I continue???If you criticize the people in the church (at least they go because they know they need help and healing..they’re trying) THAT’S RATCHET.As for those of you who believe TV personalities should expect verbal abuse and attacks make sure you remember that when you are verbally attacked by neighbors, FAMILY MEMBERS, coworkers etc. Just suck it up and let them have a fields day attacking you and/or your family. Look up REALITY in the dictionary. The same things you all see on these reality TV shows is happening in some of your lives and the lives of your families. Sister and brothers and mothers and fathers disagreeing with one another. The bible must be fulfilled. In some cases family members, mother/daughters etc haven’t spoke to one another in years. So give me a break. Do you guys think GOD is going to stop blessing this woman because you guys have an opinion of her?? Absolutely NOT!! In fact keep talking and watch him continue to EXHALT her and her family. Keep talking behind her back and watch GOD keep blessing her in YOUR FACE!! At least if Jewel is looking for someone to stomp on her grave she don’t have to look far. BTW I am sure everyone’s opinion of her does not matter. If it did she wouldn’t be the success that she is. Just because she’s not talking about her past to the world doesn’t mean she thinks she’s better. OUR people love you to death when you air your dirty laundry as if they don’t need to bring their laundry to the laundromat and turn the machine to the HEAVY DUTY CYCLE with some extra bleach to get rid of the mess they call their life. There was a time when WE didn’t do or say the hateful things that you all are doing. Again everyone has a past some worse than others. NEWSFLASH!! A sin is a sin. So your hateful comments are a sin. How would you all like it if you were compared to your more successful and more attractive sister, brother, cousin or family member? Stop comparing what one person has and they don’t act like that. What is that? As far as commenting on sibling rivalries..that’s off limits. You don’t know unless you have lived in someone’s home what really goes on with family. Working with them, waiting on them as a customer, shopping at the local Piggly Wiggly does not mean that you know everything about a person, their family or their relationships with their siblings. Some of you have done a lot worse and still are when you feel betrayed or disrespected by a ex or his new girlfriend. Stop hating and work on being a better YOU!!!

        • Amen well said you have to say and thank you to haters cause if they not talking about yiu,then you're not worthy

        • You summed it up quite well. You can't live in a glass house and throw stones. These people throwing shade at this sista are haters. And you're right, the more these haters hate, the more God contiinues to exhalt she and her family….

  5. I was done with her after she said, “I don’t fly commercial period. If I fly it’s private jet or nothing.”

    You know, if you are doing well, more power to you. But actually SAYING something like that makes you look like an entitled jack ass. Folks with REAL money who OWN their own G 7’s would never say that shit out loud. It truly is indicative of one who is used to nothing and didn’t know how to handle it when they got it.

    That’s what I like about my girl Kandi Burress on RHOA. Sista has 30-40 million of HER own money made from her brain and talent. She didn’t get squat from being with a man. But what is so cool, is that she has 5 times as much money as the other housewives put together but Kandi stay real as phuque still clipping coupons and moving to her new mega mansion(paid for in cash)in a U Haul truck with her uncles and cousins doing the heavy lifting.
    She doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, and THAT’s a sign of class and brains! And she’ll still have her money long after this bird has blown it all on red bottoms and charter jet flights from Memphis to Detroit.

  6. Why are they asking for donations for their CHURCH buying commercial airplanes for themselves?
    Morals and values seem to be misdirected


  8. rachet af the whole fam and i knew jewel was a hoodrat you can see it in her but this is what happens when you get a lame like ben that gets hooked on a hoodrat hes not use to exclusive sex with out having to pay and the tricks jewel performs in bed has him overwelmed so he married the rat so that sums that up and my buddy use to sell benji all sorts of pot while we all have seen his daughter strip for small change smh the good ole christian tankard family lol….god wanted us to have this plane ,,god wanted us to have this manchion,and god will soon have you eating bologna sandwiches cause your show is just that bologna lol

  9. With so much money…one would think they would have better weaves!! Ijs….those roots and edges are horrible!!

  10. I don’t agree with everything that Jewel says. But we have alot or rats here who smoke blunts date drug dealers, spend money and don’t have ish to show for it. I’m just proud somebody blew up from the D>

  11. I don’t agree with everything that Jewel says. But we have alot or rats here who smoke blunts date drug dealers, spend money and don’t have ish to show for it. I’m just proud somebody blew up from the D

  12. The son Benji is gay as gay can be. Stop lying to make your dad proud and be yourself. We can all see u are a queen… Takes one to know one..
    The whole family is RATCHET! A ghetto mess!.

    • This entire tankard family is a disgrace……they are NOT classy snuff to be called ghetto. They are a disgrace….religion God ECT is ALL A FRAUD…A FRONT…FOR THIER GREEDY RATCHET A$$$…. End of story…..if you look up RATCHET in the dictionary… will find the picture of ghetto jewel tankard. She is a mess!!! They should be ashamed of themselves with that yellow tank they drive……talk about excess….disgusting display of hypocrisy…..stripper unwed children…deadbeat Ben…..a life of ALL FRAUD! I cannot watch more that 5 minutes….I did watch the candy burgess episode and that ratchet PIG JEWEL TANKARD was soooooo exposed by the REAL CANDY BURESS… was written all over gypsie ratchet jewels face she wanted to knife candy like her ex boyfriends girlfriend….I laughed sooo hard….Candy kept subtely dissing her and her PHONEY WAYS……IT WAS GREAT!!! They are the picture of PHONEY religious SCAM ARTISTS…..GRIFTERS…ALL THE TANKARD KIDS ARE A MESS….STRIPPERS…KNOCKED UP……DRUNKS….UNFIT MOTHERS….A MESS!!!’!!!’!!!!!!! Memphis Beverly hillbillies….ghetto hillbillies… EVEN RATCHET WEAVES….ONE KID STARTING WEAVE LINE??!???……….START WITH JEWEL FIRST FOR GODS SAKE………

    • No not everyone can see he’s gay. Stop generalizing and just speak for yourself. There are those that look for the good in people and those that look for the worse. Those people are self-loathing people. Who are you guys to tell someone how to be, who to be and how they should do their hair. It’s really NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Jesus loves him regardless!!! He won’t die because you don’t.

  13. She has a past as we all do. When I met her, I sensed something real about her & now I know. It was that been there dobe that spirit that I related to. A relationship with Christ will do that.
    From an ex blunt smoking, cigarette smoking, would fight anybody type of chick…but God!

  14. I like the Tankard family. They are like many what if they have made mistakes in the past and they are now wealthy. I wish them well.

  15. I like the tankard family. Don’t be mad at them because they made it and you guys didn’t. Let those people be


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