Breaking News: Witness Affidavit to BHPD regarding Raffles van Exel


BHPD Raffles Investigation

Update: The affidavit was transmitted to BHPD at 7:24am PST on March 29, 2012


HSK Exclusive – Well known Beverly Hills attorney, Ronald Richards has received a sworn statement from a Hollywood Street King (HSK) witnesses, who is a Dutch national and has an extensive history with the man known as Raffles van Exel. The affidavit alleges knowledge of Raffles engaging in cocaine distribution and numerous narcotics related conduct consistent with large scale narcotics trafficking. The witness also has information of Raffles shipping Federal express packages between Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Chicago, which are well documented narcotics routes, for source countries.

The affidavit will be turned over to this morning to the Beverly Hills Police Department’s Homicide section by Ronald Richards for their use into the investigation surrounding the death of Whitney Houston on February 11, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Due to the serious nature of the averments in the affidavits and the desire to protect the confidentiality of the witness, HSK believes that using as a liaison a reputable attorney assures the safety of the source and the ability to get the affidavit to the proper personnel.Richards previously represented Shaha Adnam, a daughter of a wealthy and respected Saudi national, and cleared her of murder charges investigated by BHPD, in connection with the death of Mark Ruffalo’s brother Scott Ruffalo.

Hopefully as a result of HSK’s contribution to this fast paced story, will assist BHPD in ascertaining the true fact as to what really happened the night of Whitney Houston’s death. The newly revealed facts and witnesses shows this story is just beginning instead of ending.

Other media outlets are reporting that sources within the Beverly Hills police claim investigators now want to talk to Raffles van Exel after HSK exclusively broke the story that Raffles made claims he cleared the singer’s hotel room before police arrived to the death scene.

The cops want to know who provided Whitney with the cocaine and if someone tampered with the death scene, that would be a felony under California law.

Exel made the revelations about clearing Houston’s room to the Dutch Telegraph newspaper, saying: ‘Someone had to do it’.  Just four days following her death on February 11, where he also said: ‘The room had to be emptied.’

Entire Raffles Investigation revelations CLICK HERE


  1. I can’t imagine Raffles making it to the courts alive.. but we’ll see! By the way, I’m live near what has been described as Raffle’s hometown (Deventer, The Netherlands). I can’t really imagine his real name is Raffles, since that’s not a Dutch name by a long shot!

  2. Outstanding job, Jacky. This might be the final nail in his coffin. It’s over for him now. You deserve an award for unfolding this story so fast and so thoroughly.

    • I agree. He gives celebrities bad drugs and prances to his next prey in the celebrity arena. Take him down. Jacky your work is excellent. Keep doin whatcha doin. He definately needs to be held accountable ASAP.

  3. I don’t even think dude is from the Netherlands, he seems like he’s from…HERE. He probably made that up that he was Dutch because he don’t look it.

    • No, he has a kind of dutch accent, i know because my mum is dutch. Someone should check him out, also the MJ 911 tapes. The voice sounds similar to RvE but the real dutchy accent is missing. There’s something not right about him, he has been named tonight in a dutch program as a con man. Something he did to a dutch singer ‘Connie’ and another male singer. I live in holland and I’m following this news, there’s more to it i believe. Also his statement on Youtube. There’s something NOT right defo.

      • I wouldn’t know where he is from originally, but people from the Antilles or Suriname do not sound like Raffles (people from the Antilles or Suriname have very distinct accents). He sounds like he is straight from Holland. He might even be adopted, who knows?

    • Roger Friedman said Raffles is from Dutch Suriname, which is in South America just north of Brazil.

        • Yea, but he WAS born in Suriname then migrated to Holland. He first got to know Ray J. From there he into whitney’s circle via Pat Houston. Then all crap breaks loose and now Whitney is dead from his drug dealin. Jacky is right. He’s spot on in all the reports.

          • he was born in either curacao or suriname, virtually one in the same neighboring islands, african hispanic dutch etc…

            but Raffles was raised in Deventer Netherlands..

            A younger Raffles would claim his family was upper class socialites from suriname. but thats a lie. he comes from what you could say is the slums of both countries.

            and he is at just younger or older than 50

            • One of the dutch singers, -Danny de Munk- claimed Raffles was his classmate when he was about 11 or 12 and started stalking him because he got a role in a dutch film named -Ciske de Rat-meaning-Ciske the Rat-. He couldn’t stop stalking him and became obsessive. This was in Amsterdam, not Deventer. Danny de Munk thinks he’s a creepy guy and wants nothing to do with him. He said he was surprised Raffles made it into the circles of WH and MJ.

    • Raffles is Dutch. It looks like your Cultural Education has a lot of gaps, as you still believe that Dutch are blond and have blue eyes.

      Have you seen the Dutch football team? Guys like Gullit and Rijkaard are Dutch and they are not blond nor do they have blue eyes.

      World concept has to change and better Education is key to that.

  4. but even if he is captured, the hardest part will be who hired Raffles to do this to Whitney Houston. cause killing her would not benefit him. you have to find out who would benefit from her not being here, cause i still believe Dr. Conrad Murray is the scapegoat, he may have administered the quack operation but for who?

  5. Yeah, he might be a scapegoat too. Really think it’s going much further up. I read some conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and the pop industry. Hidden symbolism in songs (gaga) and such. I wonder if this is all true or just to set people up against each other by a ‘higher power’. Also have been watching a very interesting interview with Aaron Russo(YouTube: reflections and warnings)

    about how we’re all being tricked into this money game-Bilderberg, New world Order and so on. If this is true it’s everywhere, we could all be victims, not just celebs. The celebs might just be puppets to control US (the public) and make us believe dumb things and make us dumb and stupid in the end, so ‘they’ can control how we spend our money and what on etc etc. I know it sounds ridiculous but if you listen to the interview it all makes sense!

    • I get what you are saying Anon. I’ve read that the powers that be use celebrities to promote their agendas. ..glamorizing military power in the videos. singers straddling tanks,etc

      • I remember Frank Zappa saying in an interview that anytime you see a Politician with someone from the music business, movie business or from tv you should smell a rat and get away from them (Diddy’s- Vote or Die bs for 1).

        How you sell soul to a soulless people who sold their soul?

        ‘The Industry Part 79’ on YT search it out to hear Zappa for yourselves.

    • mmmm, yeah i get what you’re saying this ‘it must be conspiracy’ thing. I agree with you. But the thing is, people argue,become anxious, fight and even kill because of this and become divided and that’s what this ‘group’ wants. So in the end they’re evil and i believe it’s a control thing. I hope she’s at peace now, she must have been very tired, like MJ. Yet they shouldn’t have taken the drugs and are responsible for their own actions, but mind control could push you over the edge. And they were STARS, with also people in their way with intentions no other just to make them tired, bored or whatever. To drain them, suck them out. It’s terrible a thing like this can happen. The world should be a nicer place…

    • “…celebs might just be puppets to control US (the public) and make us believe dumb things and make us dumb and stupid in the end, so ‘they’ can control how we spend our money and what on etc etc.”

      ^^^THIS! In the grand scheme of things, I agree. Celebs are puppets. They don’t even own or control their own lives. They are told what to do. Hell most of them are uneducated, high school drop outs. All they see is fame and money until they have been in the game long enough to see what’s really going on (ie MJ, Prince, Dave Chapelle, etc…)

  6. If he didn’t act alone, I can totally see him ratting everyone out, once he gets caught. People who were involved should be nervous as hell…Pat?

    • he’s going to get taken out before he gets a chance to rat them out. This Raffles guy will have yet another overdose, plane crash, etc before they let him run his mouth. look at the first post in this thread.

      • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        If he makes it to an interview with the police, he is more likely than not to betray everyone in on the plot if there was a plot. HOWEVER, I just do not believe he will make it to an interview.

        • What if he was planned to take the fall the whole time and gets a slap on the wrist as a token cover for other guilty ones? …

  7. Good job, Jacky!!! GET him!!!! Your site is the only one out here telling the TRUTH! I’ll never go back to MTO or Bossip again….

  8. what uh oh..if your ballin neighbors sudenly leave town …..its allways who you would never guess it was

  9. Apparently he was around her for years.

    Dutch Producer: As reported last month, Radio 3FM (The Netherlands) interviewed a Dutch producer who said he worked with Whitney on a song entitled “Believe,” for her new album. That producer, whose name wasn’t available at that time, was Raffles van Exel. This was confirmed after contacting Radio 3FM to get his name. (Thanks ZuZy) Since then, there has been some controversy overseas about van Exel, who says he is organizing a high-profile September 11 benefit concert for later this year. (Thanks Chantal) The trouble is no one in The Netherlands has been able to get independent confirmation about that show despite contacting organizations in the U.S. that are reportedly involved in it, which throws his other claims about working with other artists like Whitney into some doubt. At this time, it remains to be seen if he has actually collaborated with Whitney.

  10. I’m sure if he is found we will learn a lot about Pat, Gary, Ray J, Clive Davis, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, The Boule & the music business in general. I can’t wait to hear more info.

  11. Raffles the Flying Dutchman as someone called him? Raffles the Dying Dutchman more like. Don’t get me wrong i really don’t agree with murdering people but this man is a Devil. He will only cost the Public money when they lock him up. Better to get rid of him. We (Dutch people) do NOT want to pay for his imprisonment in Holland or anywhere else and we certainly don’t want to be reminded of these murdering idiots (Joran van der Sloot another one) abroad. It’s just too embarrassing!!

  12. Jacky I’ve been laying in the cut watching this all play out and it just keeps getting weirder and weirder! I told George Benson’s grandson you wanted to talk to him but I don’t think he wants any part of this! I think it’s just best that this shady person is out of his grandfather’s life because he seems dangerous… Smh

  13. I’m not sure anyone at the top of the food chain would let any of the big fish be accountable for this. Would be nice, but then many more bigwigs are at risk of going down, and that’s not how things usually turn out when the most powerful people are involved. Take Marilyn Monroe’s death, for instance, and others – the evasive answers and inconsistent/changing/illogical stories never get sorted out, and the good cops who know what’s up tend to get fired from the case.

    I expect a major dirty deed-doer like Raffles and maybe a couple others to get prosecuted and that be the end of it, assuming they don’t spill a lot of beans before ending up dead or in jail.

  14. All his life Raffles van Exel, wanted only one thing: Fame!! It looks like he finally got it. But not in the way he wanted.

    The Paramaribo (Surinam) born Raffles wanted access to fame from the day he was born. Soon after he arrived in the Netherlands, with his American foster family called Dawson, young Exel stalked a child star who was unfortunate enough to find himself at the same school as him. The fame hungry Exel followed the young star called Danny de Munck everywhere and upset him so much that de Munck now says: “Raffles van Exel is the evil incarnate. I’d have preferred to go to school with a criminal.” Danny was so stressed and upset by Exel that his mother had to take her boy of school.

    But this was just the start of Raffles van Exel’s desperate attempts to become famous. As soon as he was old enough he charmed his way into a TV series starring Dutch openly gay actor and performer Willem Nijholt. After that he made a habit of trying to get famous through gay celebrities. He was a pretty boy and men and women were charmed by this as well as his smooth way of talking. At the end of the 1980’s Raffles managed to get into George Michael’s scene for a while when the star performed in the Netherlands. He stole from his friends in the gay bars he visited. He was a star in the IT, though most men thought he was sleazy and those he did get missed cash the next day. Celebrities did like him as he knew how to smooth talk them and were taken with him. He charmed Billy Preston to the point that the star took him anywhere and even wrote a special song for him. Little did Billy know that the only reason for Raffles getting close to him was to impress a manager. The manager said that Raffles had no talent. So Raffles got Preston to write the song for him and drive him to the manager with his limo to make him see others thought differently.
    The manager, Jos van Zoelen, remembers: “He was only 16, and could barely sing, sort of rap and had no talent. So I didn’t sign him. Then later I saw him step out of a limo with Billy Preston and later at his concert where women swooned over him. Soon after I signed him -as Raffles Dawson, not a clue where the whole ‘Exel’ stems from. We did a photo shoot and if he had been able to sing he’d have made it. He had looks and flair but no singing voice.”

    Still he used the contract as a weapon. Van Zoelen got many mails from the UK and USA asking to hear his material. When Jos told him to slow down he cancelled his contract and said he would “do things differently.”

    Soon he sat in on TV music shows got friendly with Julio Iglesias and met George Benson. Soon after Exel moved to America. Raffles stayed in touch with Benson, moved in with him but got in trouble after pretending to be his son and stealing from him.

    Benson pressed charges. These were the first charges in a long line. Raffles was thrown out of the USA several times, but kept getting back in the country on false papers with a different surname. He got caught only once. Van Exel is the last name in a row and is more real then others: it is the birth name of his Surinam mother.

    Exel continued his quest for fame. It is thought he joined a classy rent boy agency to get in touch with celebrities. He usually went for stars that were vulnerable because they were in the closet, so he had leverage over them.

    For some reason he also met Jermaine Jackson. This was where his rise to fame began. He got in the news as he claimed to help him organise a concert. Jermaine came on TV telling the world this was true.

    The whole Jackson family was taken with him. He was introduced to Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey. The friendship ended when Raffles stole a bouquet of flowers from Michael Jackson’s casket and sold it on Ebay.

    Soon he promoted from rent boy to dealer. Jackie Jasper has followed Raffles for years and knows that he was the person that got Whitney Houston into drugs and is responsible for her gaunt and sick look in 2005. Says the former rapper: “His whole act speaks for itself, he’s the guy who creates its and then can go to the press with the story, so the press would write about him. He only comes around to those that are in desperate times of need. He was around Michael Jackson when Michael went through his trail and charges. He’s the mystery man that no one was talking about that was always there. There was packages left at the Bell Air hotel, for Bobby Brown, that Bobby had ordered. Cocaine. And Raffs was living with Whitney and Bobby at the time. He would go to the concierge pick up the packages and pay for them. He was the drug errand boy. He is the guy who keeps you high. When the police came no-one found any evidence of any cocaine. Raffles cleaned it, we know he cleaned it. And we also know that the guy who cleaned the evidence was also the drugs supplier. We have evidence of him picking up the packages from the concierge at the Beverly hills hotel he gave to Bobby and Whitney. Right now everything I have gathered has been turned over to my lawyer who will give it over to the Beverly Hills Police department and we’re gonna press charges against Raff. I believe Raffs is still in America because it’s so hard for him to get into the country, why would he leave the country. So that’s why I’ll put the pressure on him to smoke him out.”

    Others say a friendly pilot has already flown him out of the country and have helped him to new papers.

  15. “The whole Jackson family was taken with him. He was introduced to Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey. The friendship ended when Raffles stole a bouquet of flowers from Michael Jackson’s casket and sold it on Ebay.”

  16. TMZ just released a story that coke WAS actually found in Whitney’s hotel room and that the BH police are NOT pursing anyone who may have removed it.

    • Translation: He threatened to snitch “If I go down, you all go down”, so the “situation” was cleared up. This has to be obvious, no?

      • Something is extremely shady about this, that’s for damn sure. If he confessed to a Dutch magazine, then the likelihood of him snitching on a whole lot of people is high.

        First, Whitney didn’t die from drowning, now she did. Then, the room was scrubbed clean and no coke was found, but, oops, they found some. Beverly Hills is coke central so the police know coke immediately when they see it. But what stood out to me was that the TMZ article didn’t say anything else about all of the other stuff that had been removed from the room like bed sheets. For some reason, they focused SOLELY on the coke. Why is that?

  17. WHAT?? Is it against the law to pursue him or is he being protected because? This pilot friend doesn’t he have a name? Whats with the id checks on the Airport of this Pilot & how does Raffles get into the AC. Still too many questions.This weird and corrupt if you ask me.

    • I’m not surprised because it may go far above Raffles, including involving law enforcement (look at CIA’s drug connections) for all we know. Especially if the occult turned out to be truly involved (lotta insight on Vigilant Citizen and Ra Imhotep’s blogs).

      And Raffles behavior is classic energy vampire. They like to get people when they are down because they are easy prey. For those characters, the more down the target gets, the better they feel. Money and energy are theirs for the picking from the vulnerable.

      Witch or no witch (I’d like to know, what with his eery, enchanting behavior coming more to light all the time), Jacky and his sources obviously have hard facts on this guy so you’d think he’d be pursued legally just like Dr. Murray was for MJ. Whitney Houston deserves justice, too.

      • This is what i tried to say before…but then people think You’re crazy. Check the interview Aaron Russo-Reflections and Warnings (Full)- on YT, he’ll say the same thing in different words and he was also friend of Nicholas Rockefeller. Unfortunately Aaron Russo died but it all made sense. This man had a view and didn’t care about what people thought of it. He just wanted to tell a true story instead of all the blabla and fake stuff.

        • Video looks good, I’ll check it out soon, it’s long! Everything I hear in the first few minutes is true (even the chip thing – this vid freaked me out I’ve been reading about this stuff a while. I like this from Aaron: “But I really thought that [the corruption] was basically Chicago. I didn’t realize it was – the whole country was like that.”

          Yeah, many aren’t able to immediately grasp the whole picture, or don’t want to, or for whatever reason. We’re mass-trained to immediately discount otherwise-sensible theories of large-scale coordination to subvert and circumvent justice (aka the dirty word “conspiracy theories”). So the first reaction is for people to ridicule or “crazify” the messengers, but that’s just like the dark side of the psychiatry industry. J. Edgar Hoover even used psychiatry to try to destroy do-gooders he thought were Communists. Marilyn Monroe’s entire last home was bugged (couple moving in a few years after her death found it in the roof and spent thousands removing the devices). Ernest Hemingway was given unnecessary electroshock therapy when going for medical care at the Mayo Clinic by Dr. Rome who said he couldn’t discuss everything or it would basically reveal too much. And Martin Luther King was encouraged to commit suicide by Hoover’s FBI. The fake suicide/insanity label tactic goes way back.

          It’s like walking this fine line trying to get people to see what we see, when all of society is set up to make us not see it. That includes the paid internet agents who ridicule unsavory information in chats, forums, blogs, social networking and such. I used to think they were just vicious trolls, but now I see a lot of them are doing a job (which does appear to include crazifying conspiracy theorists). It’s not necessarily personal lol.

          • yeah i believe you are right. English is not my first language so i can’t really say things in a clear way but i totally understand what you’re saying and i believe that is the way it goes. I really don’t want people to think it’s all paranoid stuff, they should just keep an open mind and read more about this subject. It’s important to not take everything as it is written but also question things and see the bigger picture. Everyone has a right to their own opinion though. Just like Aaron Russo said, don’t be scared to think different and if if people call you crazy, let them. He was such a good person. He just thought different, out of the box. We’re all taught to think the same way, starting at school, being indoctrinated and lied to. Ask yourself, are we all really free to think, to have the job we like, to get the education we all deserve,to earn the money the way we want, to have interests that are different, to have our OWN opinion about right or wrong, to not be criticized if we want marry a black or white person, to not always go along with the mainstream, to have our own opinions. No we are not, we’re pushed into a certain kind of lifestyle. Ask yourself why that is. It’s not to make it easier, it’s to make us lame and stupid. We are slaves to the banks, the economy, the government and so on. And it’s becoming more and more clear what we really are. The people are NOT stupid! WE are NOT stupid, we know in our hearts what freedom is, we just don’t get it.

      • I agree. She definitely does. Especially, since her daughter may be being “taken care of” by people who could be untrustworthy.

  18. I’m sorry to post again but i have another question. Why are so many celebs into Kabbalah and how come Demi Moore is so obsessed with her ex, she’s cracking up. I wonder if it’s related to the Industry too. This Kabbalah thing i don’t trust, started wondering a couple of years ago why so many people in Hollywood got so into that!

    This is my last post, sorry but it’s quite interesting.

  19. “That’s ridiculous,” van Exel told The Enquirer. “I did get a call from a station (in Holland) a couple of days ago after Whitney died and spoke about her death in generalities. But of course I didn’t say that.” However, he did admit to being in Whitney’s suite before authorities arrived. “I came into Whitney’s room just before the police and paramedics did,” he said. “I don’t know what drugs were there, but the place was clean when I arrived. Only after the police had gone and Whitney’s body had been removed did I help her brother Gary and wife Pat pack up Whitney’s clothes and other possessions. That was the only so-called ‘clean-up’ I was involved in, and it had nothing to do with drugs. All three of us were shock then. We were crying. We couldn’t believe that our beautiful Whitney was gone.”

    source: National Enquirer, April 9, print edition

    Read more:

    Look who’s talking to the NE. What a surprise….NOT!

  20. You Can Come Out of Hiding Now, Raffles van Exel: “Bottom line — cops are in the final stages of their investigation, but they are not focusing on anyone who possibly removed cocaine, because authorities are in possession of the goods.”

  21. While I wait this out…

    Was Raffles his birth name and why this name? (And are we sure he wasn’t born nobility?) I quote the following because some of the similarities, provided the theft and other claims are true, are striking!

    “tv” on Tru Crime Library forum pointed out a couple years back that Raffles was a 1939 (and early 1900s to 1930s) movie character. “A distinguished English gentleman has a secret life–he is the notorious jewel thief the press has dubbed “The Amateur Cracksman”. […] Written by” ( The character was based on a book series, and resulted in a cartoon strip, tv show, and a play, as well.

    Raffles was also a pulp fiction character in the early-to-mid 1900s. “Raffles was a Victorian gentleman and a born member of nobility. The first issue of the original German series reveals that the notorious thief John C. Raffles is really Lord Edward Lister. A number of different, somewhat conflicting origin stories exist to explain why a genuine Lord would become a thief, involving having been robbed from his inheritance, poverty in childhood, boredom or overindulgence in charity. With his secret identity exposed Raffles is forced to create and maintain a large number of false ones, of which the main one is Lord William Aberdeen. Depending on the origin story this title could be genuine, the name and identity are false.”” The character was skilled at disguises and able to hypnotize people. (

    The Simpsons supposedly did an episode of a cat burglar based off the Raffles movie character. (Wikipedia)

    Raffles is also the name of a British nobleman who won Singapore from the Dutch in the 1800s by banning slavery and ruining their trade monopoly. Places are named in Singapore after him, including the Raffles Hotel which I read but have not confirmed that van Exel tried to put some kind of claim on at some point. The real 1800s Raffles died of apoplexy (bleeding from a stroke), and the 1930s movie character would cause apoplectic fits at night in Scotland Yard. (

    The fictional character was known as the “gentleman thief” or the “gentleman thug”.

    Is Raffles van Exel a prankster? Worse? I’d consider that just maybe he has a lot of haters if not for the overwhelming con vibe and the fact that I am believing Jacky & associates have something substantial on him.

    • Raffles is not nobility, he was born in Suriname and moved to the Netherlands with his foster family named “Dawson.” There’s a lot of interesting info about Raffles background, how he came to the USA, how he got into Whitney’s circle, etc, on “Divine Varod” blog.

  22. if this joker is for real and has dirt on people and so much bad press for other celebs right now, i wouldnt be suprised if he winds up swimming face down in a bathtub

  23. Roger Friedman Calls out Harvey Levin and TMZ

    TMZ, Radar–National Enquirer: War, Nervous Breakdowns Over Whitney Houston

    “TMZ and the National Enquirer-Radar Online are having a war and mutual nervous breakdowns over Whitney Houston, her buddy Raffles van Exel, and what if anything the final police reports will show this week. It’s alleged by my sources that both tabloid outfits bought pictures from van Exel–TMZ of Whitney’s hotel room and a picture they were lied to about; the Enquirer bought the picture of Houston in her coffin.

    Since I wrote all this, the two tabs have freaked out. Early in this story, TMZ insisted that no cocaine was found in Houston’s room. They had no named sources. Now they say there was cocaine, and they have no named sources. I’m told that once the folks at TMZ read in my story at that they’d been hoodwinked on a picture that was supposed to be Whitney’s dead body on a gurney (they didn’t know it, but it was Bobbi Kristina, covered up in a white sheet), they flipped. Apparently they were offered the coffin picture,too, but either couldn’t meet the price or were angry about having been lied to.

    There is no honor among thieves. Lie down with dogs and get up with fleas. Pick an adage. The tabs are doing back flips trying to save their own “faces,” and stall until a tox report finally comes in. TMZ this morning is wild. They simply declare van Exel no longer a suspect in something that’s never been confirmed or denied by anyone with a name. They are desperate. On the comments page below this morning’s story, all sorts of people are writing in contray reports. It’s funny enough to watch the comments roll in.

    But it’s not funny about what’s happened here. Since Whitney died, her sister in law, brother and daughter have given an interview to Oprah. Her mother has given an odd interview to local Channel 9 in New Jersey that’s running tomorrow night. Cissy Houston says she doesn’t blame herself for Whitney’s death. Pat Houston says “the writing was on the wall” but told Oprah that it wasn’t drugs that killed Houston. Then the coroner came back and said Whitney was a chronic drug abuser. Is everyone just in denial? Are they dense?

    But back to TMZ: you simply cannot declare something true or untrue with unnamed sources because you feel like it. There’s more to come about Whitney, van Exel, and the whole story. Read my posts both here and on None of this is over, not by a long shot.”

  24. “Pat Houston says “the writing was on the wall” but told Oprah that it wasn’t drugs that killed Houston.”

    “Wasn’t drugs”, as in ndoki/spiritual hitman, or as in someone pushed her under the water? If Raffles is the one who instigated the argument with Stacy (more psychic vampire behavior – troublemaking to upset people while getting a kick out of it), then the lowering of her emotional state would have made her more vulnerable to spiritual harm. When Whitney spoke of demons in the past, just because drugs can cause hallucinations doesn’t mean all the demons people sense are not real. Whitney may have been a sensitive spirit who could see things our human eyes don’t usually see.

    She was singing “Yes Jesus Loves Me” during a week when fake exorcisms and mockery of Christianity was about to go down bigtime. And the talk of her wanting to see Jesus. And the odd behavior which could be induced by spiritual changes or attack, too. The spirit realm is real and what happens in the energetic realm can (some people would say *always*) cause changes in the physical reality.

  25. My first instinct was shady spiritual goings-on towards Whitney, in the midst of all the ritual performances that week. However, it still makes more sense to me (considering especially how spiritual plans wouldn’t be entirely easy and predictable to carry out in a precisely-timed manner for a certain day – kind of far-fetched even to me) that someone physically did something to Whitney if she was indeed killed. But for the wicked, I guess every little bit of oppression helps thus making the target easier to take down.

    Wasn’t there a disturbance or screams reported right before she died, too? But then if Pat was all in with Raffles, of course she may protect him and say it wasn’t drugs. I so hope they investigate Pat and Gary too.

  26. Inspector Clouseau…I mean Jacky. Here is Whitney’s autopsy report. Shit, she basically killed herself. She never gave up the drug life. No conspiracy or Illuminati.

    A “spoon with a white crystal-like substance on it” and a “white powdery substance” — which we know was later tested and determined to be cocaine — was found in the hotel room where Whitney Houston died … this according to the singer’s final autopsy report.

    The report , which gives a detailed description of Whitney’s room when officials arrived, says “Located on the south portion of the counter was a small spoon with a white crystal-like substance in it and a rolled up piece of white paper, along with other miscellaneous items.”

    “Located in the top drawer, in the north side of the counter were remnants of a white powdery substance, and a portable mirror on a base.” Officials found more white powder on the base of the mirror.

    The report also states, “[Whitney] possibly overdosed on a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.”

    According to the report, Whitney’s body was discovered FACE DOWN in the bath tub … with a “bloody purge coming from her nose.” Officials say there were no signs of foul play.

    The report notes Whitney had a history of substance abuse … which was evident by a “perforation of posterior nasal septum.”

    The singer’s official cause of death is listed as accidental drowning — but heart disease and “chronic” cocaine use were contributing factors.

    The report notes … when officials discovered the body, Whitney was wearing a brown wig “tightly attached to the hair.”

    As TMZ previously reported, Whitney had cocaine in her system at the time of her death — which tests showed she used immediately prior to her death.

    Officials say Houston also had traces of marijuana in her system … as well as Xanax (anxiety medication), Flexeril (muscle relaxer) and Benadryl (allergy medication).

    As we previously reported, Whitney was found dead in a bathtub on Feb.11 at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

  27. Anyone with a brain knew the “Illuminati” hype was bullshit. The fact what Whitney Houston was using cocaine shortly before her death was already confirmed by the coroner before the final autopsy report had been released – if you’d followed the stories. I don’t think Jacky fueled any conspiracy reports. He outed Raffles as a con artist with a shady past.

  28. Why hasn’t this guy been locked up??He has a full blown Twitter account flying every where in the U.S. Bobbi Kristina gone too!You can look at her Twitter post Jan 2014 he was with her and Nick!Why is he free?Where are the authorities!!???I swear him and Pat aka Garland have something going on!