Breezy Blasts Management Team For Holding Back ‘X Release


Chris Brown Blasts his Management

“My management is so incompetent at times that they don’t communicate. So… Blame these wack niggas for the release date being moved.” ~Chris Brown via Twitter

Chris Brown may be at the top of his A-game, but that doesn’t mean the singer’s camp is following suit. Breezy recently took to Twitter to blast his management team. Know why? Because according to the ‘Deuces’ lyricist, the release of his fifth studio album ‘X’ has been pushed back… AGAIN.

Chris Brown Twitter Rant

“Video/single will be released soon. Not gonna tell y’all an exact date becuz I keep getting false info” ~Chris Brown

Though the string of Tweets have since been deleted, this isn’t the first unfortunate situation for Breezy’s ‘X’, with a previously scheduled May 8th release date.

We can only speculate why Breezy deleted his most recent Tweets announcing a July 3rd release date, but only time will tell when the drop will happen. Don’t you agree?

Chris Brown Record Pushed Back


  1. ‘Top of his A game’?? Who wrote this Breezy?? Lol. He ain’t top of anything. Using Rihanna couldn’t even save his flop of a new single. Calling out his management ain’t gonna help but of course we know Breezy doesn’t do common sense.

  2. “they got me looking crazy”

    Ummm…no. You got yourself looking crazy.

    I can only imagine what sort of nightmare this little punk is to work with or for.

  3. Sometimes they hold your project back to allow the negative press YOU built to die down.

    When you act like a damn idiot and cannot fathom that the people around you that are there to help you maintain and advance, you act like a spoiled child when somebody told your punk ass to take a nap!

    YOU hired them to keep your visions and goals intact, now quit acting like a little bitch and allow them to do their jobs!

    • I agree 100%. The way he handled the situation wasn’t any better. If you got problems with them I’m sure it’s a phone call or meeting for a conversation away. Again CELEBRITY doesn’t mean INTELLIGENT.

  4. He’s a cool dude. I saw this on his Facebook. Stop being so judgemental about him. His team was supposed to have his video ready from edits, and they didn’t… so he kept telling people when the vid would drop and not making and THAT is what he was saying was making him look crazy.

    This post isn’t very exclusive, in my opinion….

    • I want Chris Brown to get back on top! We all know he’s young and he is making a lot of mistakes right now, but I can’t help cheering for him! PS… Thank GOD he left FrankenBerry alone!JMO

  5. This just goes to show just who wheels the power in the industry. I truly wish Chris the best. Hope he’s got good people in his ears.