Brooke Bailey’s Basketball John Exposed!!!


Johm Salley Smashing Brooke Bailey

Meet The Sponsor: John ‘Buyin’ Butts’ Salley…

HSK Exclusive – John Salley appears to be serving as much more than just a mediator during those BBWLA reunion specials. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Brooke Bailey, who we’re told has none other than good ‘ol Johnny to thank for forking out the funds for her butt augmentation.

Sources tell us from the moment Brooke gave John the green light to smash, the 48-year-old retired NBA player has been opening his wallet for her. Our source says they’re not surprised Brooke would bag a married man just to hustle her way into her desired figure. That’s because we’re told she landed the cash for her giant ta-ta’s by scamming a “fake ID” seeking woman named Lashawn, during her days working at the DMV.

Here’s the drop:

“John Salley is cheating on his wife Natasha with Brooke Bailey.¬†Brooke is a home wrecker, John Salley is a man whore, and Natasha needs to know.”


  1. I havent been to the site all weekend, as I see the Where is Jacky post that drew 200+ comments is gone. I wondered what was said in that thread, cause I have a feeling this isnt Jacky writing this. I have only been coming to the site for 6 months, but I can tell Jacky didnt write this. It is writeen so dry. No Umph, no little quirk. dam someone fill me in on what happened over the weekend!

    • Apparently there was a $10,000 reward offered for info leading to Jackys safe return. His having gone missing after going to Mexico, chasing a story about actors scoring illegal drugs to sell. These actors supposedly turned to drug dealing because reality tv has caused them to lose their income. Oh, and the ppl offering the reward didn’t want to involve the police for whatevr reason. So alot of comments were mentioning Jacky had sold the site. Some referenced other sites as being non blk owned, tho they rep like they are. Etc. etc. etc. just a mess.

  2. And I could give two fucks about Brooke !!!!! I’m team Draya anyway!!!! Don’t like bullies…. I would have punched her in one of those big ass eyes!

  3. What’s up with all of these old updates today? It appears someone found old articles & is trying to pass the said items off as Jacky’s new updates….