Bun B Doesn’t Love Intelligent Adults … He Loves The Dollar$!


Bub B Rap Coloring & Activity Book

“You say no to ratchet, Juicy J can’t. Draw in a ratchet friend for him.” ~Bun B’s Rap Coloring & Activity Book

HSK Exclusive – Thanks to Bun B, arts and crafts will including everything from urging our slow adults to draw “ratchet” strippers … to coming up with the perfect eyebrows for “Drake to hit the red carpet.” That’s because the UGK rapper has just released ‘Bun B’s Coloring and Activity Book’.

Bun B Ratchet Coloring Book

Even though Bun B isn’t alone in this ‘dumbing down our slow adults’ venture — coupling up with artist Shea Serrano over the book’s September 17th launch, sources tell us the rapper — who’s looking to buy the house of his dreams in Los Angeles — is playing all sides of the monopoly board to land a buck. Know why? Insiders say Bun B’s also a “silent partner in a sex toy company.”

Here’s the drop:

“Bun B is rolling with people who Pimp C would have nothing to do with. Since ya’ll dropped that blind item about Bun B, his wife Queenie will be traveling with him … at all times.”

Bun B Sex Toy Company


  1. Wait… Bun B’s moving out of Houston? What the fuck?

    If he goes to LA, he’s never allowed back in H-Town. We don’t do that celebrity ass-kissing shit like Detroit does.

    • Doesn’t know much about Houston, either. If you just SAY you’re from L.A. while in Houston, at least 10 girls will offer you oral. It ain’t called the Dirty South for nothin!

  2. Exploiting the post tramatic slave syndrome and mental illness in the black community. 15 years from now you will be carrying grown muthafuckas across your shoulder. This world is so make believe, you are made to believe you ain’t shit and your crazy believe it.

  3. More shit that makes the ancestors weep for us and I weep right along with them because I’m here witnessing this madness and sadness.