Ask Jacky… Did You Know Busta Rhymes Infected Me Too?


Busta Rhymes Herpes Victim Speaks Out

Hi Jacky,

Thank you for putting out the information about Busta Rhymes. It is 10000% true!!!! He gave me herpes years ago and he is still spreading it. He needs to be stopped and people need to be made aware of his positive status before he infects more people. He is disgusting and needs to be arrested.

I’m blogging about my experience with him infecting me and yes he does have 7 kids in addition to herpes from the horses mouth. I just can’t sit back knowing how toxic his body is from hsv2 and condone him infecting people with no remorse. He must be stopped!!!

Is it crime if a person is infecting others with herpes? I don’t know for sure, but I do know comedian Robin Williams got sued for $6.2 million by his ex-girlfriend who he infected with herpes.

If Busta Rhymes didn’t tell you about his medical condition you can sue him. Don’t believe me? Ask Michael Vick’s ex-girlfriend who he settled out of court with.

This ex-lover of Busta Rhymes is going through physical and mental pain. Know why? Because this one-time lover of Busta Rhymes created a website about him spreading herpes mane.

Don’t believe me? Click this link and check out their website for yourself:

Practice safe sex, but if you become a victim herpes, check in here with porn star Belladonna who claims to know an herbal remedy.

Yours Truly,

Jacky J.