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Busta Rhymes’ Tour Bus Repo’ed!

September 12th, 2013

Busta Rhymes Tour Bus Gets Repo'ed

Level Dat!

HSK Exclusive - Bus-a-busss got a rude awakening in Oklahoma, after the lyricist was reported have gotten an unexpected visit from a repo man — who took possession of the rapper’s tour bus.

We’re told it happened Tuesday night, after Busta’s 09/10 concert at Thackerville, OK’s Winstar Casino. Don’t believe me.. Just Treach!

Here’s what an insider exclusively tell HSK:

“He hasn’t made his tour bus payments so they took his tour bus back.”

13 Responses to “Busta Rhymes’ Tour Bus Repo’ed!”

  1. MerMAID |

    I like how it states “Here’s what an insider exclusively tell HSK:

    “He hasn’t made his tour bus payments so they took his tour bus back.” ”

    This story lacks substance and needs spell check. BOO Jacky!


  2. Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    That is funny tho. Gettn repoed while onstage.


  3. Black Pearl |

    His tour bus got repoed. It was probably running on gas fumes anyway.


  4. EddieLong'sTraicHairpiece |

    This Is heeeeelarious. When I read this shit the first thing I thought of was when BR was in the movie shaft. At the end of the the movie BR rolled up on shaft with them tight ass clothes on… “Ayo Shaft, I’m fucked up out here, I ain’t got no business, I can’t EAT”…..lol. I guess he will have to tell the promoters. I aint coming, I’m fucked out here, I AINT GOT NO TOUR BUS!!!!…..lol


  5. Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    He gon hafta ride the Marta to his concert.


  6. jeanna |

    i bet it looked like that bus on the movie ride after buss got through with it.


  7. anonymous |

    Damn Bussa Buss


  8. Pops |

    The nigga lost his bussa bus.


    Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal Reply:



    Pistol_Pete Reply:

    LMAO comment of the week. Well played Sir.


  9. Wuluwulu |

    Greyhound is still running, Busta. The show must go on!..lol


  10. FeelingNOPain |

    I’ll bet that if they inspected the inside of that bus under black lights, that thing would probably look like a forensic crime scene with DnA and bacteria splashed all over it. UGH! If I were the driver on that repo, I’d need a full HAZMAT protective suit, complete with boots, gloves AND helmet.


  11. christa |

    *****DEAD @ HAZMAT suit!*****
    I used to have to put one of those damn things on after a passenger was bleeding or vomiting excessively on a flight! Not much of a fashion statement, but it DOES get the job done.


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