by the way “MAXWELL IS GAY!!!”


The singer Maxwell and his Super Model girlfriend Raven Davis has broken-up. I must question this relationship of Maxwell and his ex- girlfriend Raven Davis. I know from verifiable fact Maxwell is only doing GAY AFTER PARTIES for his current (almost over us tour) meaning after he performs at a regular venue where the straight people are.

His next stop after the tour performance will be the

GAY BAR. I believe he gets 20 to 30 thousand dollars for these AFTER PARTIES. Per his management

only after parties hosted at gay bars or with a gay theme.

This brings to mind a song Maxwell put out, it was called  Woman’s Work. I had to hear that f*cking dreadful song at least twice a day, my girlfriend at the time loved this song. She kept playing it. I f*cking hated it!

I couldn’t believe a man could have written such a song. I said to her, “if Maxwell wrote this song he’s gay.” I took the CD out of my girlfriends hands, I instantly  checked the credits of the song Woman’s Work and saw it was written by

Kate Bush. My girlfriend said see he’s not GAY, he’s just in touch with his sensitive side and its a good song.

Its her choice, I played my music and not all of it she liked. She didn’t say anything about the violent music I made and listened too, so I said nothing more about Maxwell and the song Woman’s Work.

Her and I are not together anymore, but if we were I would of told her see I was right, Maxwell’s GAY! His relationship with Raven Davis was fake, that’s why they not together anymore. She couldn’t take the double life that Maxwell was living.

For Christ Sake’s he’s doing GAY AFTER PARTIES, no straight male entertainer does GAY AFTER PARTIES. Only gay entertainers do GAY AFTER PARTIES.

So it’s fair to say just like Prince is using the bible to hide his homosexuality, just like Simon Cowell who was using Teri Seymour as a shield to hide is Homosexuality, Maxwell was using this model Raven Davis as a cover to hide his sexuality.

If the Gay Community is afraid to do it am not  I will call out all those who choose to hide in their little closets like this Maxwell guy!

Hiding who you really are will cause you to do a lot of DRUGS and to take a long hiatus on your career like Maxwell did, this will only hider your climb up the Ladder of $ucce$$

Jacky 1:80

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  1. As a gay man let me just leave this here for the author of this article : YOU’RE GAY TOO!

    Sorry but you have sent up many red flags just like the ones you love pointing out in others.

    1- That’s the first one; you seem very emotionally invested in outing people and chastising them for hiding who they are. Obviously you are actually manifesting your inner voice which keeps saying all that to yourself. Classic misdirection too: “OMG LOOK AT THAT GUY HES SO GAY! pleasedontlookatme.”

    2- You name-dropped your girlfriend into the story as if to say ‘hey trust me I love the vag.’

    3- You seem to see homosexuality everywhere, and focus on it obsessively, again showing that it’s something always very alive inside your mind.

    4- Straight men don’t pay attention to celebrity relationships!

    Listen bud, instead of writing these pointless articles, go suck a dick. Thank me later. You’re welcome.

      • I was sitting here thinking the Same thing!! I understand you have to do what you “think/feel” you have to do to be like EVERY OTHER BLOG out here to get your hits…. But Damn.

        I always tell people that the people that you see pointing the same FINGER all the time has a thumb pointing right back at them!!!

  2. Just FYI…Kate Bush wrote Woman's Work in 1988…just saying I get facts before I put inaccurate information out into the universe.

  3. As a gay man who is out as far as you can go, I find this offensive. Can we NOT do this JUST ONCE? Please? Maxwell is just about the last person on Earth I think of regarding identity politics. And even if this was the case, why tarnish how the listener with your uninformed? And why is it just about surface-level sexuality with some of you? Why does it have to get taken there? Seriously, Maxwell's music speaks to me on levels so far beyond sexuality that it's not funny. Outing someone is no different than bullying them, and YOU NEED TO STAHP!

  4. Why is his being gay or NOT gay a big deal. Are you serious right now with this post? Why would anyone in 2016 hide being gay? Everyone is sooo out there about their bi, gay, sexuality-whatever stuff going on, no one cares who is gay. Stop gay-shaming. There is nothing wrong with if he is gay. No one CARES.

  5. What a terribly written piece of shit this is.

    First of all, your grammar needs improvement if you ever want to be taken seriously. "Maxwell and … girlfriend … has broken-up"? You know from a fact (that he does gay after parties)? "Her and I" … seriously, man, this is a joke. I'd be embarrassed to publish this.

    Secondly, singers and songwriters write for the opposite sex all the time. You claim to do music yourself; you should know a little more about the industry. And "A Woman's Worth" is fantastic. Maybe you should broaden your violent musical choices.

    Thirdly, what huge leaps of assumption you make. "He sings a woman's song … GAY!" … "He and his girlfriend broke up … GAY!" Ironic you make that leap right after admitting you're no longer with the girl who listened to Maxwell. Is that because you're …….. gay?

    Gay after-parties? I'll take your word for it, but passing up $20-$30k would be asinine. Additionally, being in a gay club does not make one gay. That's not how it works.

    And lastly, the reason he went on a hiatus was because he's gay and doing drugs? Michael Jordan left basketball for a while. Must've been because he was gay and on drugs. And then he got divorced. Goodness, I think I just stumbled onto something …

    In short, you're an idiot.

  6. well Jacky being this the case in regards to calling 'em out..let's start naming. call out another gay man who hides behind the bible and religion and his costume getups and his fraternity…Ricky Smiley; let's call out another one who makes coonery movies who lives his gay lifestyle via his characters…Tyler Perry; let's call out another gay man who blames porn addiction and who is another bible thumper and a Jesus freak…Ms Kirk Franklin. i can go on and on myself. i too am sick of the obvious gay man hiding they sh*t for the sake of taboo. keep naming names. because i know a plethora more as well.


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