Case Dismissed: Ice Loves Coco’s Marc Live Reports HSK To FBI


Marc Live Ice Loves Coco - FBI Snitch

Marc Giveand’s Turmoil Over Truth?

HSK Exclusive – One E! Entertainment reality personality/producer and Ice T BFF, appears to have a big problem with the ability to handle the truth – leading the Ice Loves Coco cast member to unleash a lost cause in discrediting HSK.

We’re told Marc Giveand took his personal grievances to the FBI to report HSK as nothing more than an extortion ring (actual letter to FBI seen below) – rather than the internationally-acclaimed urban news source it is.

This news comes shortly after we revealed reports of Giveand’s Green Card play surrounding Australian party girl, Jasmine “Jaz” Macken — a woman who the struggling rapper is said to be currently living off of.

In a letter addressed to federal authorities, Giveand targeted Jacky Jasper and HSK as a group of “struggling bloggers” who are “extorting me for $10,000”. To be sure, federal authorities have since contacted HSK to inform us of Giveand’s failed attempt at shutting HSK down.

Here’s Marc Giveand’s letter addressed to the FBI and carbon copied to Allhiphop, MTO, Bossip and a slew of other internet news outlets and celebrity clientele of HSK, in which he concocted a slew of disturbing lies about HSK:

“ I have received a number of disturbing emails since last evening from Jacky Jasper The owner of Hollywood street King productions which produces the blog site .

This is a small underground company built on hatred and defamation. I have been targeted by Jacky Jasper and HSK. They have posted false accusations about me and my business. I have tried to have them remove the posting but have been met with smoke and mirrors and confusion.

Early this morning I received this email (which is posted below) from Jacky Jasper himself extorting me for $10,00 dollars. As you can see from this post he mentions the names of prominent figures in the industry as being associated with me.

This I’m afraid might shine a negative light on yourself and your families and that is why I have no choice but to take action. Jacky Jasper has no moral fiber and he’s a struggling blogger who will do anything for a story and money.

We all know Jacky Jasper is a fugitive in Europe and has stolen countless monies from promoters and artist alike; also is a known drug abuser and dealer of controlled substances and prescription pills. I am giving you all the heads up, because this is being sent to the federal authorities.You all know how the feds frown on extortion and I wanted you to be prepared because I feel you guys are next in there plot.

Here is Jacky Jasper and HSK’s phone numbers and here is there website ip address ( HSK office(323 876-5801) Jacky Jackson(310 666-7308).”

As ratchet television continues to take over the airwaves, are more of its ‘stars’ being found secretly connected to illegal doings — leaving many questioning why reality TV producers are lacking in criminal background checks of their cast members? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Mona Scott Young.

click image to enlarge actually email sent to FBI by Marc Giveand aka Marc Live:

Marc Live Reports HSK to FBI


  1. so ice t is a fake pimp and has FBI snitches on the payroll…. 2013 is not looking any better for the playa!

    • They always use black people to try to bring down other black peoples organizations , groups and INDEPENDENT corporations.

      Dont believe me, ask Marcus Mosiah Garvey

  2. of course Ice & coco knew.. finallevel is ices email address and he is included as a recipient.

  3. Shame on our African American Sister Coco, if she knew about this. How she gonna encourage black on black crime like that?


  4. marc looks like a fag..of course he rolls with Ice Tea!

    Jacky, nest time ask him how it felt when pimpin rex turned out his wife. LOL

  5. I want to know if any of these other sites gave this fool any actual attention or credence? I wouldn’t be surprised at MTO they’re desperate for stories, but if I was a blogger I’d wipe my behind on this BS snitch. In the words of Riley (Boondocks) “That ain’t gangsta at all Gangstalicious” lmmfao that’s this bums new name Gangstalicious.

  6. the same nigga who can only afford beans & franks? the same nigga whose WHOLE crew fucked his bitch when he was outta town.. the same nigga who dusts ice ts balls..

  7. This is total bullshit I wrote this letter 3 years ago…i made jackie jasper.i dont need a letter to the fbi i would just step to him in the street one on one. Jackie is jelus that we syndicate cats are doing so well …jackie is a sad individuals hidding behind a typewritter…you obviously wish you had my life!

    this is not isalated i wish you mf’s would revel yourselfs you are so in my life that it fells like you guys are spy’s for mi-6 a bunch of 007’s hey your just making me more famous and more paper i love it. i birthed you im your father in this game ….so i makes me laugh i know you guys miss me just holla say hi im happy for you ..your doing well your funny on the show ..the hate is old its like a bunch of old ladies on the porsh talking about miss johnsons shoes..get creative get some ideas get a life and then you can come from behind the shadows and reveal yourself otherwise …do the right thing and get a job at walmart put on the blue smuck and sell me my 55 ich vizio …these storys are old and tired ..or better yet interview me. otherwize …order a pizza your site has no reach you not perez hilton …your larry holmes

  8. The funny thing is Ive never heard of him until Jacky wrote the article. Hmmm, still not interested.
    HSK rocks!!!
    Luvin ur website Jacky.

  9. yeah ,i remember this cat. Jacky, Marc Live and Kool keith were all in a group together by the name of “KHM”. I still have the CD.

  10. What dafuq does brutha lynch hung have to do with it and who dafuq still uses an aol email address in 2013 ??