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Cassidy & Meek Mills Social Network Sparring

November 16th, 2012

Cassidy vs. Meek Millz

Brotherly Love seems to be far from ever happening between Philadelphia rappers, Cassidy and Meek Mills. That’s because the pair is back at beefing with one another again.

You may remember tension between the men was first sparked after Meek let his boiling blood be known when Cassidy openly took credit for paving the way for Philly’s hip hop artists.

Now, the men have taken their beef to social network – firing back and forth at each other on Twitter.

Here’s what Cassidy had to say:

“I been popping for over a decade! N*ggas get 1 year in and get carried away.. I paved the way for these dudes.. N*ggas is scared!

That would be the easiest 100k I ever made in my life.. It’s like taking candy from a baby. F*ck all this tweeting and sh*t.. Put that sh*t in a rap, battle me, and get your f*cking head bit off.”

Here’s what Meek Mills had to say:

“Why n*ggas Tryna pump Cassidy 2 battle I said I wanted him and Mook 2 battle… a battle I wanted 2 c..he gotta get poppin first 2 battle me!.

You can’t pave the way wit come 2 my hotel. And ya swagg corny as sh*t u don’t even represent Philly n*ggas right n*gga! N*ggaz wanna battle get a single popping and ill do it for free! If n*ggas wanna get popping ill do it! Lol From now on I’m not letting these n*ggas talk about sh*t in they raps they not about…

I’ma start exposing y’all weirdos lol”

Expect to see more rappers using twitter to beef. Know why? Because twitter is not only good to way advertise your brand – it’s also the easiest and cheapest way to get your message out. Don’t believe me.. Ask Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.



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