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Jamie Foxx

Trick Tales: Jamie Foxx Purchased His Baby Mama From a Vegas Stroll

April 16th, 2015

Jamie Foxx Baby Momma Drama

HSK Exclusive – What could Jamie Foxx possibly have in common with one legendary west coast player holding a stable of 17 working ladies?

Word from the streets tells us — even worse than the likes of six-degrees of separation — Mr. Foxxhole and Ron Newt would be practically related! Know how? Sources tell us Jamie Foxx fathered a child with a h*e from Ron Newt’s stable! Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Still Smashing

December 3rd, 2014

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Still Going Strong

HSK Exclusive – Katie Holmes can’t seem to get enough smash action out of Jamie Foxx.

HSK broke the story first, back in August 2013. Now, more than one-year after our exclusive report exposed Jamie and Katie for getting it in on the low, the pair are said to be still rocking strong!

“Katie is bragging all about it to her close friends,” says the source. “Jamie is well endowed and Katie’s spreading the word.” Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx Going To Fire Breyon Prescott? Again!

September 25th, 2014

Breyon Prescott Fired by Jamie Foxx Again

HSK Exclusive – Jamie Foxx is pissed that he couldn’t perform his latest song Party Ain’t A Party at the recent IHeartRadio Music Festival. Know why? Because his longtime music producer Breyon Prescott and Elric “E Class” Prince got the Blame It On The Alcohol singer facing a lawsuit for stealing the artist J Rand’s song to create Foxx’s latest single.

A source tells me that, “Jamie is about to fire Breyon Prescott for getting him caught up in a lawsuit.” Continue Reading…

Denzel, Jamie Foxx & Diddy Named On Aaron Hall’s Voyeur List!

August 13th, 2014


“They all seen me f*ck, they all know I’m a big n*gga.”

Ya’ll didn’t believe us though, when we served up first word — wayyyy back in 2011 — exposing Jamie Foxx as a peek master! Now… three years later… here comes Aaron Hall publicly confirming our report — adding more names to the equation! Take That, Take That…

Aaron’s drop on Diddy isn’t surprising. Just ask his fellow Frosted Flakes compadre! But Denzel? Really? That’s something we’ve never heard before. Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx Caught With Out His Hair Piece!

May 29th, 2014

Jamie Foxx Hair Piece

Jaime Foxx is said to have recently experienced that awkward moment, when you’re snapped without your hair piece on your head! Sources say the pic was snapped on the set of the Annie film… in which Foxx fills the role of Daddy Warbucks.

“Jamie Foxx looks very embarrassed to be caught without his hairpiece in the second Annie trailer.” Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx & Co. Left Star Magazine Shook Over Unreleased ‘Jack-Off’ Pics!!!

April 4th, 2014

Jamie Foxx Fetish Pictures Exposed

The Freaky Foxx Files…

“If Jamie failed as a mainstream actor, dude would of been a porn star. Everybody knows Jamie likes to beat off on girls’ butts. He’s a FREAK!”

HSK Exclusive – We’ve gotten word of a set of scandalous pics of Jamie Foxx “jacking off on White girls.” According to our insider.. the images were discovered by investigators for Star Magazine — “a few years back”. Our tipster tells us.. Star chose to refrain from releasing the pics after Jamie’s legal team left Star’s lawyer shook! Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx’s Effort To Calm Beyonce Over Bombed Grammys Performance!

February 5th, 2014

Beyonce's Grammy Bomb - Jamie Foxx

“Obviously his [Jamie’s] speech was to make her [Bey] feel better and so he wouldn’t have to hear his [Jay Z’s] mouth.”

Word from the industry reveals Beyonce ‘wanted someone’s head for making her performance bad’ — said to be the reason why … before was Jamie to take the stage after the Carters to present an award, he tried pacifying the pop-diva. Continue Reading…

Tyrin Turner’s Comeback Project Canned?

January 8th, 2014


HSK Exclusive – The last time we checked … it’s not what you know in Hollywood, but WHO you know. That’s why things seems to be sketchy for Tyrin Turner, who is one of Jamie Foxx’s close homeys.

A tipster tells us the ‘Menace To Society’ leading man’s starring role in “… And She Was My Eve” — a 15-minute Ron Howard/Jamie Foxx flick — may be in the running to land one of the five spots for screening at the Project Imagina10n Film Festival, but the movie is reportedly expected to not make the cut. Continue Reading…

Tyrin Turner: From Leading Movie Man To Lead In A Short!

October 22nd, 2013

Tyrin Turner 2013

Out Foxx’ed By Jamie?

HSK Exclusive – Jamie Foxx has gone Hollywood on his own longtime homey … who came before him!!! You may remember Tyrin Turner from his 1993 leading ‘Menace To Society’ movie role. Now, 20-years after ‘Cain’, Jamie is proving to be playin’ his dude out. Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx Got Tom Cruise’s Blessing To Bag Katie … And More!

October 16th, 2013


HSK Exclusive – We’ve gotten FIRST word that Tom Cruise gave Jamie Foxx the green light to smash Katie Holmes! Know why? An insider exclusively tells HSK they’re all a part of the same ‘Hollywood Herpes club!’

Sharing spouses ain’t nothing new … Jamie, Tom, Katie … they all used to drop their keys in the bowl for the draw. That’s the Hollywood way.Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx Pulls Takeover Of MLK Role!

October 15th, 2013


HSK Exclusive – We’re learning Jamie Foxx may have had ulterior motives when he spoke at D.C.’s ‘Let Freedom Ring’ ceremony, back in August.

Sources say Foxx’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial was nothing more than him taking the stage to audition for the part as Martin Luther King, Jr. … after gathering details about King from Harry Belafonte. Continue Reading…

Ex-Girlfriend Suffers Traumatic Effects Of Jamie Foxx’s Sex Fetish

September 5th, 2013

Jamie Foxx Preys on Hollywood Newcomers

HSK Exclusive – Jamie Foxx is being blamed for leading his 2003 girlfriend to snap … after the actor reportedly “played on her devote admiration for him” to convince her to let “his boys [Tank, Johnny Mack, Speedy and Breyon Prescott] run a train on her, while he watched.”

“She would have done just about anything to please Jamie, and he knew it. She was never the same after that.” Continue Reading…

Black Hollywood’s Cougars #TakeOver Jamie Foxx’s Crib!!!

September 4th, 2013

Robi Reed's Jamie Foxx Hosted AIDS Party

Robi Reed, Rolanda Watts & Kim Waynes: #TurntUpStellas

HSK Exclusive – Casa de Jamie Foxx may have been dubbed the spot for one Hollywood casting agent’s “HIV Awareness Annual BBQ” — but we’re told the top Tinseltown cougar sistas who showed up got Turnt Up … before making it all about them gettin’ their groove back.

“It was a cougar werewolf fest!” Continue Reading…

Eddie Murphy Faces Pain of Jaime Foxx’s Fetish For F***in’ His Boys’ Exes

August 27th, 2013

Jamie Foxx Nicole Murphy Love Triangle

Nicole Murphy Makes Django’s Jumpoff List!

HSK Exclusive – Jamie Foxx seems to have a secret fetish for smashing his homeboys’ ex-wives. Don’t believe me..  Just ask his ex-BFF Eddie Murphy, whose Hollywood Ex-wife is reported to be no stranger to that Foxx hole!!! Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes’ Smash-Affair Makes News…

August 26th, 2013


Two-Weeks After HSK First Reported It!!!

HSK Exclusive – It’s been two-weeks since HSK exclusively reported Jamie Foxx turned his Hollywood homey’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes, to his secret jumpoff.

You’ll recall back on August 12th, we first broke news of the ‘Django’ actor backstabbing Tom Cruise — getting it in with the ‘Risky Business’ star’s baby momma. Now, a list of other media outlets are exposing the pair, publicly proving to be much more than just friends. Don’t believe that.. Just ask Ellen DeGeneres. Continue Reading…

Strike!!! B. Scott Compares Himself To MJ, Prince & Grace Jones

August 14th, 2013

Transgender B Scott MSNBC

“I’m not the first of my kind. There has been Michael Jackson, Prince, Grace Jones … the list goes on.” ~B. Scott

We’re not sure what exactly B. Scott has in common with MJ, Prince or Grace Jones, but the former Foxxhole radio personality — turned BET Network nemesis — seems to have been gassed up on high octane to think he’s up there with those legends. Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx’s Ultimate Betrayal Of Tom Cruise: Smashing Katie Holmes!!!

August 11th, 2013


“Everything they say about me is true. I am that guy.” ~Jaime Foxx

Risky & Ratchet Business!!!

HSK Exclusive – HSK has exclusively learned Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are involved in a secret smash affair … not only behind baby daddy Tom Cruise’s back, but Katie’s current dude — Chris Klein — too!!! Continue Reading…

No Women Were Invited To Jamie Foxx’s BET Awards Bash!

August 8th, 2013


All Dude Affair!

HSK Exclusive – Sources are revealing there’s just one thing that was missing at Jamie Foxx’s post BET Awards party … WOMEN.

We’re told that’s something found to be an intentional matter after Jamie’s co-host, Breyon Prescott, spotted one woman at the party — saying, “Who invited the girl?” Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx’s Post BET Awards Bash A Bust!

July 8th, 2013

Jamie Foxx Party Shut Down

“Jamie was about to have the biggest party ever and it got shut down.”

HSK Exclusive – Those infamous ‘never happened parties‘ may have not been on the agenda at Jamie Foxx’s and Breyon Prescott’s post BET Awards bash, but there’s something that REALLY didn’t happen that night.

We’re told that would be a planned performance from Kanye West. Don’t believe me. Just ask Timberland, R Kelly, Snoop Lion, Nelly or even Draya. Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx & Breyon Prescott Bury The Hatchet

July 2nd, 2013

Jamie Foxx & Breyon Prescott Reunite

HSK Exclusive – Jamie Foxx and Breyon Prescott have made amends — more than two-years after Prescott jumped Jamie during a pre-Grammy Usher performance, back in February 2011.

A source exclusively tells HSK the pair are working together on Jamie’s new album for J Records. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jamie’s housemate, Tyrin Turner. Continue Reading…



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