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Baby Momma’s

Are Future & Ciara Shacking Up Again?

September 4th, 2014


Forgive & Forget?

Ciara and Future are back together again. This according to a close friend of the rapper. Despite Future’s cheating on her with multiple women, and even leaving the singer to give birth to their baby alone.

Ciara is the fourth mother of four babies the 30 year old rapper has.

Here’s what’s being reported: Continue Reading…

Tommy Ford From The Martin Show Gets Hit With Restraining Order

September 4th, 2014


Actor and comedian, Tommy Ford, who is best known for his role as Tommy Strawn from the Martin Show, has been served with a restraining order from the mother of his child, Vanessa Simmons.

Along with that restraining order, Simmons is asking for full custody of their son and and child support. In addition, she wants Ford to continue to pay her rent, car note, cell phone, insurance, utilities and medical bills all the while she stays in his home in Atlanta. Continue Reading…

Nivea Bosses Up @ Christian Milian: “She’s a Scarecrow!”

August 14th, 2014


Christina Milian is no stranger to the fact that ya can’t please everyone — AND — everyone of Lil Wayne’s baby mommas! While it’s said that Toya, Sara and Lauren London all approve of her hook-up with their baby daddy… Nivea’s NOT feeling it!

This drop comes less than a week after Tunechi’s daughter, Reginae Carter, took to IG on that tip. Continue Reading…

Ciara’s Got BIG Problems With One ‘Thirsty’ Tabloid!

August 14th, 2014


Before Ciara set out to begin her day, this morning.. she took to a moment to enlighten us all with this tweet: “Rockin Valentino. Off 2 Werk.”

That’s after CiCi set off a Twitter war with UsWeekly, last night. You know, around time when Ferguson cops were tear gassing members of a Black community outraged — and arresting members of the media — demanding answers over the murder of 17-year-old Michael Brown? Continue Reading…

Did TMZ’s Apparent Bashing on a Black Woman Led Mathew Knowles’ Alleged Branscomb Baby Momma To Speak?

July 9th, 2014


For the first time since naming Mathew Knowles the father of her child, Taqoya Branscomb has broken her silence. Not only has Branscomb revealed the child — at the center of her paternity suit against Knowles — to be a girl, the Texas real estate agent may have been sparked by how some media outlets (namely, TMZ) visually portrayed her. And, guess what? We don’t blame her! Know why? Take a look. Continue Reading…

Former ‘Lingerie Model’ Names Mathew Knowles Her Baby Daddy!

July 8th, 2014

Matthew Knowles Love-Child #2

What the?!?

Beyonce & Solange may have another sibling in the family… courtesy of their pops, of course. Just ask TaQoya Branscomb. She’s the Texas woman who’s revealed to have served-up Mathew Knowles with a paternity suit, naming him the father of her child! Continue Reading…

Halle Berry Ordered To Give Up The Guap To Bigot Baby Daddy!

June 10th, 2014


Gabriel Gets Estimated $323K Plus $300K In Legal Fees…

Halle Berry picked him, and now she’s been ordered to pay him… 16-Rack$ in monthly child support!!! That’s right! Gabriel Aubry has pulled a pass-go on the monopoly board — on top of being secured with monthly parental paper FOR THE NEXT 13-YEARS, Aubry’s also landed an immediate $115K in retroactive support, and $300,000 in attorney’s fees, from Halle.

GET THIS: That’s while he and Halle share equal custody of their daughter, Nahla! Continue Reading…

Paul George’s Baby Momma Drama!

May 29th, 2014

Paul George Baby Momma Drama

Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George is being sued by a former stripper who claims he is the father of her month-old baby girl. 24-year-old Daniela Rajic gave birth to daughter Olivia on May 1, and on Wednesday she filed a paternity suit against George in Manhattan Family Court.

“George and Rajic were reportedly an item for a short time last summer.” Continue Reading…

50 Cent Posts Cryptic Messages After MIA From Son’s Graduation!

May 19th, 2014


You are the company you keep.” ~Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

That’s just one of the cryptic messages Fiddy posted to his IG, just hours after reportedly missing his son’s high school graduation. Did we mention that message was paired-up with his own image… alongside the likes of Jesse Jackson and Oliver Stone? *PAUSE* *PAUSE* *PAUSE* Continue Reading…

The-Dream Xposed: “He’s going to jail because he beat up his girl”

May 7th, 2014


Exclusive Details - An insider confirms, exclusively to HSK, The-Dream “beat up his girl“.. back on April 20th 2013, when Lydia Nam was pregnant with his son.

Now, just two-and-a-half hours after the ‘Turnt’ singer — whose real name is Terius Nash — turned himself into the NYPD around 8:30 (EST) this morning, we’re told he’s being booked at NYC’s Midtown North Precinct. “He’s going to jail,” says our source. Continue Reading…

Carl Crawford Checked On Pinching Child Support Pennies!

May 7th, 2014


Dodger Dollars?

Carl Crawford’s recently singed $142-million MLB dollar deal with the Dodgers doesn’t seem to be making any kind of sense for the woman he first called ‘baby momma.’ That’s revealed to be the reason why Amy Freeman hauled Crawford in to court. Continue Reading…

Kevin McCall: “They Always Trying To Use My Babies Against Me”

May 5th, 2014


Last week, Kevin McCall lost all visitation rights with his two-month-old daughter. Now, he’s apparently claiming he’s the victim.

In an over-the-weekend now-deleted IG post, the ‘Rumba’ rapper posted a pic of baby Marley.. alongside the caption: “They always try to use my babies against me.” Continue Reading…

The-Dream Pegged As Pregnant Baby Momma-Beater!

April 30th, 2014

The Dream Domestic Violence Arrest

Nam’s Nightmare?

The-Dream is facing allegations of violently beating his baby momma.

Sources say the rapper — whose real name is Terius Nash — “punched, kicked, and strangled his then-pregnant ex-girlfriend, Lydia Nam. The-Dream is now reported to be a wanted man. Continue Reading…

Lil Kim: It’s a Girl!

April 21st, 2014

Lil Kim's Baby Girl

Kimmy Blanco — who’s remained on the DL for more than two-months, since showing up at a NYC Fashion Week event with a surprise baby bump — has reemerged to let the sex of her unborn baby be known.

Over the weekend, OG Black Barbie announced her baby shower — slated for May 10th — is an all PINK errythang! Know why? Because it’s a girl! Continue Reading…

The Homeless Reality Beyonce’s Half-Brother Faces!

April 12th, 2014

Beyonce's Brother is Homeless

Shocking pics taken last week reveal some emotional moments endured by Mathew Knowles’ four-year-old son, Nixon. This, as the boy — who happens to be Beyonce’s half-brother — watched his distressed momma pack up to bail from the home she was forced to vacate.

“Nixon was seen comforting his mother as she cried while opening letters on their driveway, before packing boxes in their garage.Continue Reading…

Restraining Order Issued Forcing The Game to Keep 100 Yards From Fiancee

April 11th, 2014

The Game Restraining Order

Here’s whats being reported:

“The rapper Game has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-fiance, Tiffney Cambridge. Continue Reading…

Is Game’s Fiancee Tiffney Riding w/ Arch Enemy 40Glocc?

April 10th, 2014

40Glocc Claims Games Fiancee Tiffney

Karma is a Dish Served Best Cold!

The Game is not having a good week. LAPD has launched an investigation into domestic violence claims made against the rapper by his longtime fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge, who claims the rapper beat her during an argument. Followed by, Tiffney taking to the media to judge the rapper guilty. Now, his nemesis 40Glocc has aimed his social media at Game for a little kicking while he’s down.

40 now claims his accounts were hacked, but we’ll let you be the judge. Continue Reading…

Crushing Defeat For LudaJuice in Child Custody Case

April 10th, 2014

Ludacris Loses Custody Battle

Ludacris, who has been embroiled in a nasty child custody battle with his most recent baby momma, Tamika Fuller, had his ass handed to him in court this week when the judge sided with the rapper’s baby mama and ordered him to pay her legal fees, plus some.

In the documents filed on March 20, Tamika Fuller is named guardian of their 4-month-old daughter, Cai Bella, “for the purpose of representing the best interest of the child” and Chris Bridges’ (Ludacris’ real name) attempt to have her held in contempt of court was shot down. Continue Reading…

Master P Releases Video Of Family: Kids Say They Want To Stay W/ Dad

April 10th, 2014

Master P Custody Drama

“We love her. We just want her [Sonya] to get better.” ~Master P

Master P and the three kids –who Sonya Miller claims he kidnapped — have spoken. Just yesterday, Sonya filed for an emergency custody, alleging that over the past two-months, they were each abducted by their dad.

Now…TyTy, Hercy and Mercy Miller have announced that they all chose to stay with their father. Continue Reading…

Eva Marcille’s Restraining Order On Kevin McCall In Effect!

April 8th, 2014

Kevin McCall Restraining Order Issued

A judge has granted the restraining order Eva Marcille recently filed against her baby daddy. This, after Kevin McCall’s alleged March 28th attack on Eva and the pair’s newborn daughter.

Now… the singer/songwriter is ordered to stay at least 100-yards away from the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ winner. Continue Reading…

Mathew Knowles’ Homeless Baby Momma Calls On Beyonce For Help

April 4th, 2014


The woman who signed on as Mathew Knowles’ home-wrecker is calling on Bey. Know why? Alexsandra Wright says the pop star’s four-year-old half-brother is homeless and heading to a shelter…

“Nixon’s mother says they’re headed to the homeless shelter and Beyonce hasn’t lifted a finger to help…”

You’ll recall.. just weeks ago, Mathew was saved from making child support payments for the next two-years. Continue Reading…

Sundy Carter Confesses She’s Basketball Baby Momma, The Jumpoff NOT The Wife…

March 12th, 2014


Sundy Carter has finally fessed up to having a child for a “MARRIED man.” Shameless Sundy’s social media confession comes well over a year after HSK exclusively confirmed the ‘Basketball Wife’ to really be a Basketball Baby Momma — to Married former NBA player, Larry Hughes. Continue Reading…

Ludacris’ Rep Comes 1st! Just Ask Tamika Fuller…

March 6th, 2014


“In the event that an ex parte Order is not granted, and people are able to continue to read and misinterpret the documents in the Court’s file, my name, reputation, character, goodwill and brand will continue to suffer irreversible harm and damage, which may eventually jeopardize my earning potential.”

Ludacris has leaked word claiming his ongoing “custody battle” with Tamika Fuller is a situation that’s “ruining his reputation.” Those are the grounds Luda’s laid down in his recent request to have the case sealed. Insiders are now questioning the timing of Luda’s court play. Know why? We’re talking about a case that’s more than two-months old! Continue Reading…

Ludacris Fighting for Full Custody + Child Support Payments

February 24th, 2014

Ludacris Wants Child Support Payments From Baby Mama

Messy Atlanta Queens…

In 2011, Ludacris was noted as a 70 Million dollar rapper, today he is demanding child support be paid to him by his latest baby mama, Tamika Fuller. Oh, and he will be raising that daughter (who he hasn’t even seen) on his own, thank you very much.

Here is what’s been reported:

“Luda-Juice and baby mama Tamika Fuller are fighting it out in an Atlanta court over custody and child support. They had a baby girl 2 months ago and Tamika’s been taking care of the kid. Continue Reading…

Ludacris Has NEVER Seen His New Baby Daughter Balks @ Child Support

January 8th, 2014


“She has yet to meet her father and it’s unfortunate because I would never keep him from seeing her.” ~Tamika Fuller

After nearly a month since his daughter was born, Luda Juice still hasn’t paid a visit to his spawn. Don’t believe me.. Just ask his jump-off baby momma Tamika Fuller. Continue Reading…

Dwayne Wade’s New Baby Momma Spills: “We first started dating 9 years ago.”

January 6th, 2014


Aja Metoyer seems to think because she’s been dating Dwayne Wade for nine-years, she’s got nothing in common with Gabrielle Union. But the bottom line is they’re both proud home wreckers. Just ask Siovaughn. Continue Reading…

Dwyane Wade’s Newest Baby Momma is Poppin’ Off

January 3rd, 2014


Dwyane Wade’s secret baby momma, who also gave birth to two daughters with Damon Wayans Jr., Aja Metoyer, is popping off at Gabrielle and Wade.

As the crib turns… Continue Reading…



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