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Bad People

Serial Rapist Bill Cosby Strikes Again!

November 21st, 2014

Bill Cosby Serial Rapist

Therese Serignese, a registered nurse from Boca Raton, Florida, is claiming back in 1976 comedian Bill Cosby gave her two white pills and a glass of water, then he raped her in a Las Vegas, Hilton bathroom.

Here’s what 57 year old Therese Serignese told The Huffington Post: Continue Reading…

Kris Jenner Stalker & Subject Of FBI Raid Christina Bankston [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

September 10th, 2014

“I’ve seen WIRE TRANSACTIONS between Kris Jenner and ‘Troy'”

What’s Done in the Dark Will Always Come to Light…

HSK Exclusive - The woman reported to be Kris Jenner’s stalker is spilling some shocking allegations! According to Christina Bankston, there are records of financial wire transactions — allegedly drawn up by Kris Jenner and collected by ‘Troy.’

JJ: And you’ve seen wire transactions between them?

CB: Yeah, from Western Union. Continue Reading…

Andrew ‘Knight’ Payan Confirmed as Kris Jenner ‘Hacker’!!!

September 9th, 2014

HSK Exclusive - We’ve uncovered the true identity of the KKKulprit behind Kris Jenner’s dirty doings — specifically, Jenner’s reported hack job.

The man commonly known in Hollywood as Suge Knight’s gay son, Andrew Knight aka Andrew Payan aka Troy Leatherby is confirmed to be the scam artist, standing behind door number one!!! Continue Reading…

WOW!!! Video Surfaces of Ray Rice Knocking Out Fiance w/ One Punch

September 8th, 2014

What a damn shame! A shame for Ray Rice as a man, a shame for the NFL, and a shame for his fiance who not only forgave him, but helped him avoid prosecution for what amounts to a heinously violent crime against a women. Continue Reading…

Ex-Whore Wrangler Exposes Peter Nygård as a RACIST & SADIST!

April 23rd, 2014

Peter Nygard is a Racist Sadist

“He gives the whites more… and the blacks… they have to say that they are ‘owned dirty black sluts.'”

HSK Exclusive - A Bahamian bombshell — who’s chosen to remain anonymous — has surfaced with graphic details of decadence and debauchery, longtime covered-up happenings at Nygård Cay. That would be Peter Nygård’s Bahamian island, notoriously known as the clothing tycoon’s “tropical Fort Knox”. We broke the story first, possibly leading the woman — a self-confessed ex-employee to Peter Nygård, to break her silence. Continue Reading…

Suspected Peter Nygård Notes Point To 2010 Death As MURDER!

March 3rd, 2014

Peter Nygard Murder Connection?

HSK Exclusive - The May 2010 death of a 54-year-old man — whose naked body was reportedly discovered inside the residence of Peter Nygård’s former next door neighbor, Louis Bacon — seems to be an incident the billionaire Bahamian-resident knows all about, yet never divulged the details.

Sources have long suspected the documentation surrounding Dan Tuckfield’s death to not make sense. To be sure, Tuckfield’s recorded time of death — and the time noted as when his body was discovered — don’t only conflict, they clash. In addition, the body is reported to have been “showing signs of decomposition”… this, supposedly on the same date of death. Add all of that to word “the body was cremated within hours of its discovery” and you have sketchy, at best. Continue Reading…

Barbara Walters Backs Woody Allen: Coup Against The Farrows Forming?

February 5th, 2014

Barbara Walters Rolls w/ Woody Allen

“The long-time lawyer of Woody Allen and veteran journalist Barbara Walters came out in support of the Oscar-winning filmmaker on Tuesday following renewed allegations of sexual abuse from his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.” -Reuters

This after a 1992 news clip resurfaced, revealing Mia Farrow telling the press, “I would have rather cut both my arms off than have had to tell Dylan that her father was sleeping with her sister, or had become Soon-Yi’s boyfriend. That’s what her therapist made me tell her.” That’s just part of what Mia Farrow had to say, during the interview — an interview that went down AFTER the actress ‘won a bitter custody battle’ against Woody Allen. Continue Reading…

Ronan Farrow Blast Woody Allen Molestation Allegations

January 12th, 2014


“Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?” ~ Ronan Farrow via Twitter

Activist Kevin Powell Heads ‘Complete Boycott of R Kelly’s Musical & Artist Career’

December 20th, 2013

Boycott Against R Kelly

“Join us in taking a very public stand against any form of sexual violence and assault against women, girls, and children.”

From BKNation.org:

“Given the new, detailed, graphic, and very ugly information on R. Kelly’s years of alleged sexual assault against teenage girls documented HERE:


We at BK NATION are calling on radio stations, video channels, music publications and websites, members of the entertainment industry, and men and women of all backgrounds to sign our Change.org petition COMPLETELY BOYCOTTING R. Kelly’s musical and artistic career until he is completely honest about who is, publicly apologizes for this behavior cited from many sources, gets extended counseling, and takes a very public stand and actions against sexual violence in any form. When you read the reports and discussions of veteran journalist Jim DeRogatis, who broke the scandal nearly 15 years ago while a writer with the Chicago Sun-Times, you get a full picture of R. Kelly as a sexual predator.” Continue Reading…

Music Manager Kevin Wales Exposed Diddling Teen Recording Artists!

December 19th, 2013

Sexual Predator Kevin Wales

Another ‘Bad Boy’ Busted!

HSK Exclusive - The man who once managed 90’s R&B group 112 is being compared to the likes of Chris Stokes. We’re told Kevin Wales has used his position in the music industry as a tool to turn out teen boys. That could explain why Jre Riley — who was featured in MTV’s ‘Making The Band’ — turned down Wales’ offer to take the R&B singer straight to Bad Boy Records.

“Kevin Wales wanted to develop project then take it to Bad Boy. Unfortunately, the contract wasn’t in the best interest of Jre to sign, so he didn’t take it.” Continue Reading…

Two-Dozen Reported Victims & R Kelly Boasts He’s ‘Got The Football’

December 18th, 2013

R Kelly Over 20 Underage Victims

“The saddest fact I’ve learned is nobody matters less to our society than young black women. Nobody. Kelly never misbehaved with a single white girl who sued him or that we know of.” ~Jim DeRogatis

Keep Your Kids Away From R Kelly & Boycott ‘Black Panties’!!!

R Kelly isn’t only shooting down a recent report putting the singer on blast — a report uncovering a total of two-dozen young women “whose lives were ruined by the singer” — the ‘Black Panties’ recording artist seems to be comparing a hunt for underage girls to commit lewd acts upon … before defending himself in court, or signing settlements — as nothing more than a game. Continue Reading…

Bentley Evans Makes WGA’s ‘Strike/Unfair List’

November 6th, 2013


The Saga Of The Janky TV Producers Continues

HSK Exclusive - Recent findings reveal the main man behind TVOne’s ‘Love That Girl‘ cable show is being blacklisted by The Writers Guild Of America.

Now, if Evans doesn’t clear his debts he’ll be left with no one to write for him.

“No WGA member may enter into a contract for the rendition of writing services with any producer whose name is contained in the then current Guild unfair list unless such producer shall have first posted a bond with the Guild guaranteeing the full amount of the writer’s proposed compensation pursuant to such contract.Continue Reading…

Aaliyah Ex-Boyfriend Is Now A Convicted Sex Offender!!!

August 7th, 2013


“As a dancer/choreographer Horacio Blackwood’s most memorable work was with the immanently talent young singer & actress Aaliyah.”

It’s been about a month since a one-time rising LA-based talent agent, convicted in the 2nd Degree Rape of an aspiring New York City teen-actress, was “conditionally released to parole” from prison. Continue Reading…

Dr. Arnold Klein Joins HSK Readership…

July 11th, 2013

Dr. Arnold Klein Reads HollywoodStreetKing.com

HSK Exclusive - Michael Jackson’s longtime dermatologist reads HSK daily. Know why? Because he knows we rep The King of Pop, and knows Jacky’s The King Of Blogs. Don’t believe me.. Ask Raffles van Exel!

DJ Quik’s Daughter Charged w/ Murder Over Death of Her Son

June 11th, 2013

DJ Quik's Daughter Catches Murder Charge

“Alvarez [the child’s father] allegedly struck the child with a leather belt, and Blake [DJ Quik’s daughter] didn’t intervene for fear of upsetting Alvarez more.”

As David ‘DJ Quik’ Blake mourns the tragic death of his 2-year-old grandson, the legendary lyricist’s daughter is facing a first degree murder charge over the toddler’s death.

Reports reveal Davieanna Marlena Blake, 21, has been charged with 1st-degree murder in the beating death of her son. Sources say Davieanna Blake and her boyfriend, Darnell Moses Alvarez, 24, who were both arrested by Phoenix police, were found standing over the child’s body outside of their apartment. Continue Reading…

Celebrity Drug Pusher “Leon Anderson” Busted By British Tabloid

May 13th, 2013

Ace Hamilton Drug Dealer Exposed

It appears that Raffles van Exel has been replaced since attracting so much attention following the death of his client, Whitney Houston, over a year ago.

The Sun goes undercover to prove exactly what HSK has been reporting for years:

A “MR Fix It” to international celebrities including troubled teenage pop idol Justin Bieber can today be exposed as a Class A drug dealer.

Leon “Starino” Anderson constantly brags of his close links with stars from music, sport and film — and claims to count some of the world’s biggest names as his friends. As a “right-hand man to the stars”, he has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Lewis Hamilton, Will.i.am, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Smith. But unknown to these unsuspecting celebrities, Anderson — who was constantly at Bieber’s side during his recent controversial UK tour — also has a secret sideline in dealing deadly drugs. Continue Reading…

When Uncle Sam Comes To Dinner, Claudia Jordan Eats Under The Table!

April 24th, 2013

Claudia Jordan Files False Tax Return

Duckin’ Tax Dues?

HSK Exclusive - To most Americans, this past April 15th was the day to make amend$ with Uncle Sam’s. But sources say to Claudia Jordan, it was just another day. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the Australian businessman who reveals Claudia demanded he pay her under-the-table, through her PayPal account — all to duck Uncle Sam.

Marc Azzi – who says he lost a grip to Claudia, after she failed to keep her promise to pay him back – says that’s why the IRS should be alerted to Claudia Jordan’s shameless hustle.

Here’s what Marc Azzi had to say about Claudia Jordan: Continue Reading…

Raffles van Exel & HSK Dining @ The Same Spot At The Same Damn Time!

March 31st, 2013

Raffles van Exel Sunset Plaza

Sunset Plaza Siting!

HSK Exclusive - Raffles van Exel seems to be still living that good life from his previous peddling of Whitney Houston pics to National Enquirer and TMZ. Know why? Because HSK’s chance encounter – unbeknownst to the leading Hollywood conman – happened around 5 o’clock, Friday March 29th ! Continue Reading…

Suge Knight’s Fake Son Homeless, Tia Rowe Trial Fast Approaching!

March 19th, 2013

Andrew Knight Homeless - New Charges Against Tia Rowe

Fraud Family Unit Break-Down?

HSK Exclusive - The Hollywood man falsely fronting as Suge Knight’s son is reported to be homeless and broke. This news about five-months after Andrew “Knight” Payan was released on bail, after being charged connected to an alleged family fraud scheme said to have been headed by his mother, Tia Rowe.

Just days ago, Rowe was back before a judge for a pre-trial hearing. That’s when we’re told Rowe was smacked with a new set of charges – including robbery and identity theft. This time, Rowe was standing alongside public defender, Tlya Alekseyess — who we’re told jumped on board after Rowe previously fired attorney Earl E. Evans. Rowe is now set to head back to court on March 27th, with her trial expected to be a wrap by April 15th. Continue Reading…

Even A Child Ain’t Too Young For Father MC To Steal From!

February 15th, 2013

Father MC Steals from Children

Like Taking Candy From A Baby?

HSK Exclusive - Father MC seems to believe age is just a number when he’s sizing up the people he’s set to scam. That’s because sources say his youngest victim was just nine-years-old!

An insider reveals the young aspiring singer’s passion led the girl’s parents to handover $10K to Father MC in return for the former rapper’s hand in the production of five songs, with a GUARANTEED record deal on a major label.

We’re told the child vocalist was left heartbroken when Father MC – whose real name is Timothy Brown – didn’t hold up his end of the bargain; failed to let the girl and her parents leave with the finished product; gave the family the run around over a period of several months; and ultimately bullied the family into not returning to his place of business anymore. According to an insider, that’s before the child’s parents mysteriously lost the signed contract binding their business with Father MC. Continue Reading…



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