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Bad People

Celebrity Drug Pusher “Leon Anderson” Busted By British Tabloid

May 13th, 2013

Ace Hamilton Drug Dealer Exposed

It appears that Raffles van Exel has been replaced since attracting so much attention following the death of his client, Whitney Houston, over a year ago.

The Sun goes undercover to prove exactly what HSK has been reporting for years:

A “MR Fix It” to international celebrities including troubled teenage pop idol Justin Bieber can today be exposed as a Class A drug dealer.

Leon “Starino” Anderson constantly brags of his close links with stars from music, sport and film — and claims to count some of the world’s biggest names as his friends. As a “right-hand man to the stars”, he has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Lewis Hamilton, Will.i.am, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Smith. But unknown to these unsuspecting celebrities, Anderson — who was constantly at Bieber’s side during his recent controversial UK tour — also has a secret sideline in dealing deadly drugs. Continue Reading…

When Uncle Sam Comes To Dinner, Claudia Jordan Eats Under The Table!

April 24th, 2013

Claudia Jordan Files False Tax Return

Duckin’ Tax Dues?

HSK Exclusive - To most Americans, this past April 15th was the day to make amend$ with Uncle Sam’s. But sources say to Claudia Jordan, it was just another day. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the Australian businessman who reveals Claudia demanded he pay her under-the-table, through her PayPal account — all to duck Uncle Sam.

Marc Azzi – who says he lost a grip to Claudia, after she failed to keep her promise to pay him back – says that’s why the IRS should be alerted to Claudia Jordan’s shameless hustle.

Here’s what Marc Azzi had to say about Claudia Jordan: Continue Reading…

Raffles van Exel & HSK Dining @ The Same Spot At The Same Damn Time!

March 31st, 2013

Raffles van Exel Sunset Plaza

Sunset Plaza Siting!

HSK Exclusive - Raffles van Exel seems to be still living that good life from his previous peddling of Whitney Houston pics to National Enquirer and TMZ. Know why? Because HSK’s chance encounter – unbeknownst to the leading Hollywood conman – happened around 5 o’clock, Friday March 29th ! Continue Reading…

Suge Knight’s Fake Son Homeless, Tia Rowe Trial Fast Approaching!

March 19th, 2013

Andrew Knight Homeless - New Charges Against Tia Rowe

Fraud Family Unit Break-Down?

HSK Exclusive - The Hollywood man falsely fronting as Suge Knight’s son is reported to be homeless and broke. This news about five-months after Andrew “Knight” Payan was released on bail, after being charged connected to an alleged family fraud scheme said to have been headed by his mother, Tia Rowe.

Just days ago, Rowe was back before a judge for a pre-trial hearing. That’s when we’re told Rowe was smacked with a new set of charges – including robbery and identity theft. This time, Rowe was standing alongside public defender, Tlya Alekseyess — who we’re told jumped on board after Rowe previously fired attorney Earl E. Evans. Rowe is now set to head back to court on March 27th, with her trial expected to be a wrap by April 15th. Continue Reading…

Even A Child Ain’t Too Young For Father MC To Steal From!

February 15th, 2013

Father MC Steals from Children

Like Taking Candy From A Baby?

HSK Exclusive - Father MC seems to believe age is just a number when he’s sizing up the people he’s set to scam. That’s because sources say his youngest victim was just nine-years-old!

An insider reveals the young aspiring singer’s passion led the girl’s parents to handover $10K to Father MC in return for the former rapper’s hand in the production of five songs, with a GUARANTEED record deal on a major label.

We’re told the child vocalist was left heartbroken when Father MC – whose real name is Timothy Brown – didn’t hold up his end of the bargain; failed to let the girl and her parents leave with the finished product; gave the family the run around over a period of several months; and ultimately bullied the family into not returning to his place of business anymore. According to an insider, that’s before the child’s parents mysteriously lost the signed contract binding their business with Father MC. Continue Reading…

Another Alleged Victim Of Model-Scam Surfaces…

February 12th, 2013

Facet Studio Suliman Scam

Growing Group Aims To Get Suliman Facet Hasan!

HSK Exclusive - Remember that celebrity photographer we first told you was reportedly using his position to pull a fast one on both up-and-coming and established models (here & here)?

Well, sources tell us Suliman Facet Hasan may soon be forced to face a class action lawsuit — as an additional alleged victim steps forward. This latest model says she paid photographer Suliman Facet Hasan for a session — only to later have him attempt to have sex with her during the shoot. Continue Reading…

Ron Kardashian Exposed Using Religion To Reap Riches

February 12th, 2013

Ron Kardashian Church Fraud Too

HSK Exclusive - We’re learning more dirty details surrounding the exposed Hollywood conman who claims to be a Kardashian cousin. Sources blame Ron “Kardashian” for swindling a congregation of gullible followers out of a total take of over $250K during the period of just a year, and finagling an alleged victim out of $20K and two Rolex watches — all while the noted scam artist took on the title of ‘Evangelist Pastor’.

Aside from scamming big bucks from his ‘Life Coaching’ for hire; his book boasting ‘The Kardashian Method’ to life-success; and his newly discovered financial rewards reaped over religion — Ron “Kardashian” is said to also be living a lie in his marriage, living a double gay life in San Francisco unbeknownst to his wife and mother of his children. That’s exactly why one witness says he saw a man pleading with Ron to stop “dancing in front of gay men”.
Continue Reading…

Suliman Facet Hasan & Marcus Blassingame Conning Models For Cash!

February 4th, 2013

Suliman Facet Hasan & Marcus Blassingame Conning Models

Scam Exposed!

HSK Exclusive - The urban modeling world is being rocked as news of a scam surfaces – pointing to a pair of leading players of the industry as taking more than 50 models for big bucks, while capitalizing on their stolen pictures.

According to a model who has chosen to remain anonymous, Black Men Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief – Marcus Blassingame – and celebrity photographer – Suliman Facet Hasan (both previously dubbed the gay Black Bonnie & Clyde) – are using their positions to pull a fast one on both up-and-coming and established models. Continue Reading…

Another Father MC Scam Victim Surfaces!

February 4th, 2013

Father MC & James Callahan  Dumb & Dumber

“Father’s so desperate but I never saw it. I thought it was about the music. But I got scammed.” ~Amie

HSK Exclusive - Another alleged victim – said to be scammed by Father MC – is speaking out. You may remember we first told you about the Armenian woman the former rapper was passing off as his girlfriend, spreading word that she’s Kim Kardashian’s cousin.

Now, that woman is stepping forward to expose the ‘Treat Them Like They Wanna Be Treated‘ lyricist as a liar and a cheat. Continue Reading…

Male Porn Star Calls Andrew Knight a Abuser

January 4th, 2013

Gay Revelations From The Tank?

HSK Exclusive - A California porn actor is spilling the beans on the con-man known publicly as the son of Suge Knight,  Andrew Knight, whose real name is Andrew Payan and whose real father is not Suge, but rather an incarcerated bank robber.

According to X-Rated actor, Johnny Angel Lopez, he is a former boyfriend of Knight’s. Lopez says the physical abuse he suffered at hands of the known conman – who’s reported to continue claiming to be Suge Knight’s son – is the reason behind the pair’s split. Continue Reading…

Whitney Houston Murdered Over $1.5 Million?

January 3rd, 2013

Whitney Houston Fatal Drug Debt?

Fatal Drug Debt?

A private investigator – who believes Whitney Houston was murdered – is still digging for more answers surrounding the pop princess’ death almost a year ago. Something HSK told you was happening over six-months ago.

According to Paul Huebel, the singer was slain by drug dealers over a $1.5-million drug debt. Now, the Chicago cop-turned-leading Hollywood P.I. says the agencies who headed Houston’s death investigation swept the dirt under the rug. Continue Reading…

Meek Mill Road Manager Wanted For Raping Underage Relative

December 21st, 2012


HSK Exclusive - Maybach Music recording artist Meek Mill’s road manager, 38 year old Terrance Butler is wanted by the Philadelphia police. Butler is accused of raping his own relative who is 17-years old.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

Tia Rowe Used Son Andrew As Pawn To Land Disney Dollars!!!

November 30th, 2012

Andrew Knight Payan Molestation Payoff

Mom-Made Molestation Money?

HSK Exclusive - We’ve identified the victim at the center of a 2006 child molestation case that rocked Disneyland – and that could mean known Hollywood swindler Tia Rowe used her own son to falsely claim to authorities that a Disney executive was a child sex predator (often times an allegation that’s not a stretch of the truth).

That’s because we’re told Ludovic Cremers – who once led Walt Disney Company’s Go Network of Internet sites – was charged with molesting a then 13-year-old Andrew Payan, aka Drew Down, and was ultimately sued by Rowe for big bucks in a civil lawsuit. Andrew is known in most D-list hollywood circles as Andrew Knight, the son of former hiphop mogul, Suge Knight As we’ve previously reported, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Continue Reading…

Raffles van Exel Still Spending That Houston-Casket Cash?

November 28th, 2012

2012 Raffles van Exel Spottings

HSK Exclusive - The con-man known as Raffles van Exel may be still trying to live under the radar, but the powerful Hollywood hanger-on – who sources say “has sold more drugs to stars than Nissan sells cars” – was caught forking out big bucks for a set of VIP passes to the 2012 American Music Awards. Continue Reading…

Black Hollywood Fraudsters Finally Popped – Full Docket Enclosed

November 26th, 2012

Andrew Knight Goes to Court

‘Ma Barker’ Nabbed W/ Her Boys…

HSK Exclusive - More details are surfacing around the arrest of the man commonly known as Andrew Knight Payan and his crime syndicate family, which including his half brother, Donovan Gold, and mother, Tia Lachelle Rowe, who goes by too many alias’ to name.

The LAPD served multiple felony warrants at the home currently being squatted in by the family, located at 7217 La Presa Drive in the Hollywood Hills, taking the whole bunch to jail with each facing the same 6 felony charges.

WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! Continue Reading…



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