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Bad People

Raffles van Exel Capitalizing on Whitney Houston Casket Profits

November 9th, 2012

Raffles van Exel Juba Ka Fraud

Flip That!

Raffles van Exel seems to be hard at work to increase his finagling funds. Know why? Because the notorious Hollywood swindler’s latest entertainment venture involves him joining forces with House Music pioneer Steve “Silk” Hurley, and Polish Dance Music singer Kuba Ka up, for a soon-to-be released album.

Here’s what’s being reported: Continue Reading…

Brandy Norwood’s Grandma Left Broke & In The Dark!

November 6th, 2012

Willie Norwood's Family Shame

Decoding Deceptive Doings?

HSK Exclusive - Brandy Norwood may have been raking in the dough during her five-year run as the starring face of a successful sitcom, but that doesn’t mean her own grandmother had the resources to witness her granddaughter in her glory – much less know about it. That’s because HSK has exclusively learned Brandy’s grandmother, Cecil Norwood, didn’t even have a television set to watch her granddaughter act as “Moesha” – until the second season of the sitcom.

According to a source it wasn’t until 1997 when the now deceased Cecil Norwood – a then-senior citizen of Mississippi – was equipped with a television set, reported gifted to her by the UPN television network. Continue Reading…

Raffles van Exel’s Friedman-Firing Pride

October 16th, 2012

Raffles van Exel is Gloating

Divide & Conquer Play?

HSK Exclusive - We’re learning even more information about the man known as Raffles van Exel. Sources exclusively tell HSK the known Hollywood conman continues to boast about his hand in having journalist Roger Friedman fired from Forbes Magazine.

Now, van Exel is said to have plans to move full steam ahead – with a lawsuit against the newsman for Friedman’s coverage helping HSK to expose van Exel’s reported celebrity-swindling.

Here’s the drop: Continue Reading…

Michael Winans Jr. Faces 20 Years in Prison for Fraud

October 9th, 2012

Mike Winans Fraud

Michael Winans Jr. pleaded guilty for defrauding investors out of approximately $8 million dollars. It happened in federal court in Detroit last Wednesday–and guess what–Michael Winans Jr. will be sentenced on February 27, 2013 and could receive a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Don’t believe me.. Ask his uncle Marvin.

Here’s what US Attorney Barbara McQuade had to say: Continue Reading…

More Info Surrounding Raffles Van Exel Surfaces!

September 17th, 2012

Raffles van Exel w/ BFF Quinton Aaron

A Squatting Swingler Exposed?

“Raffles stayed at my house and ran up my phone bill from numerous calls to Amsterdam.” ~Industry Insider

HSK Exclusive - Raffles van Exel (real name Raffles Dawson) seems to be rubbing some of his friends the wrong way – is reported to be using them as nothing more than American ‘hide-out’ resources, while using their lines of communication to keep in contact with his people overseas.

That’s the word HSK is receiving from a Chicago source – who says not only did he fall victim to van Exel’s squatting plot, but so too did one Windy City radio personality, WGCI-FM’s Shannon Dell.

Here’s the drop: Continue Reading…

Conman Andrew “Knight” Payan Fingers Out LiLo In Hollywood Hills Heist

August 29th, 2012

Andrew Knight's Lindsay Setup

Hollywood Who Done It?

HSK Exclusive - LiLo may have wished she would have laid low rather than attending an exclusive Hollywood Hills mansion party last week.

That’s because a theft of $100K worth of watches and designer sunglasses is being pegged on the estranged actress. Now, Lindsay Lohan says it’s nothing more than a plot to frame her – and that a man claiming to be Suge Knight’s son is the real culprit being the burglary.

It happened at the residence of multi-millionaire Sam Magid. That’s where insiders say, after the party, Lohan and her assistant Gavin Doyle spent the night. We’re told Magid woke up the next day to discover the items missing, before fingering Lilo and Doyle as the people who may have been responsible for the theft. Continue Reading…

Lindsay Lohan Blames Fake Suge Knight Son for Jewelry Theft

August 28th, 2012

Andrew Knight Payan / Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Newest Role As “The Scapegoat”?

HSK Exclusive - Lindsay Lohan, who is yet again the subject of a police investigation, this time for theft of jewelry from a Hollywood Hills home, claims she’s been framed and is telling friends the real culprit is a man claiming to be Suge Knight’s son. Andrew Knight, whose real name is Andrew Payan, is NOT Suge Knight’s son, and Hollywood Street King has been telling you that for over a year now.

According to reports, Lindsay is now officially a suspect in the theft, which occurred at the lavish home of Sam Magid, a friend of Lindsay’s.

Here is what cops said on Monday: Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… What’s The Latest On Raffles van Exel?

August 23rd, 2012

Raffles van Exel 2012 Do Something Awards

What is Raffles van Exel up to Jacky? Last time you reported about him, he was spotted in West Hollywood on a late night cruise.

Is Raffles still in the country?

Jacky’s Answer Here

Raffles Van Exel Spotted In West Hollywood…

August 6th, 2012

Raffles van Exel Spotted in Weho

Word from the streets of Hollywood…

HSK Exclusive - Raffles Van Exel can’t seem to hold himself back from heading to rainbow-inspired spots to take part in his favorite pastime - cruising for men. The noted Hollywood celebrity con man’s most recent sighting at a popular West Hollywood gay bar proves just that.

Sources say they recently spotted the swindler – turned one time closest figure to the likes of some of pop culture’s biggest names, including Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston – at Santa Monica Boulevard’s (aka ‘boy’s town) Mickey’s bar, Friday night. You may remember about 15-years ago, that’s the same place Gianni Versace’s murderer, Andrew Cunanan, is said to have had his last California drink before killing the fashion icon in cold blood. Don’t believe me.. Ask Donatella Versace.

Here’s the drop: Continue Reading…

The Book of John’s?

July 25th, 2012

The Book of Johns

Chronicle of Houston Hooker’s Minister Men

As society continues to shun working ‘ladies of the night’, a group of one-time Houston hookers are revealing ‘the norm’ could be pointing their fingers in the wrong direction. That’s because according to five former H-Town prostitutes, a long list of self-proclaimed holy men are nothing more than people hiding beneath the cloth.

It’s the reason behind why these reformed women have collaborated with California freelance writer, Deborrah Cooper, to chronicle their working experiences with a group of ministers they’re exposing as John’s.

It’s all laid out in black and white in “The Black Church: Where Women Pray and Men Prey” By Deborrah Cooper

Here’s what Kathryn Griffin, founder of “We’ve Been There Done That” had to say: Continue Reading…



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