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Celebrity Divorce

Amber Rose Wants Wiz Khalifa Back!

April 3rd, 2015

Amber Rose Wants Wiz Back

Could Blac Chyna have been nothing more than a phase? Though we can’t say for sure, Amber Rose just deemed Wiz Khalifa, King in her world. (Somebody cue ‘Nobody Beats The Wiz’).

In a recent IG post, Amber Rose filed a public plea to get her baby daddy back. Continue Reading…

Memphitz Wright Says He Never Wanted To Get Married

February 12th, 2015


Memphitz said that Love and Hip Hop creator, Mona Scott Young, called him numerous times to appear on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, to defend himself from K. Michelle, who was actively throwing him under the bus. Continue Reading…

Is Nick Cannon Still Smashing Amber Rose?

January 25th, 2015

Nick Cannon Amber Rose Affair

A photo posted by Amber Rose with Nick Cannon, is leading to even more speculation that the pair are more than just platonic business partners.

Over the weekend, Rose showed off her and Nick’s matching Ferraris. Continue Reading…

Matt Barnes Calls Gloria & Laura Govan Irresponsible Mothers

January 12th, 2015


Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes, recently jumped on social media to tell his wife Gloria Govan, what he thinks of her and her sister, Laura, posing half naked on instagram. Continue Reading…

Columbus Short Granted Custody Of His Daughter

November 26th, 2014

Columbus Short Custody Battle

HSK Exclusive - A judge recently granted Columbus Short custody of his daughter Ayala. Know why? Because, when the judge saw a video clip of Columbus Short’s ex-wife, Tanee McCall, beating up the actors then girlfriend, Tilley Key, he granted Short custody of the child.

Dig the drop: Continue Reading…

Phaedra Parks Moving Ahead With Divorce Despite What Apollo Thinks

November 20th, 2014

Phaedra Apollo Divorce Proceeding

In his first interview since starting his 8 year prison term, Apollo Nida talked about his desire to work things out with his estranged wife and Real House Wives of Atlanta personality, Phaedra Parks.

Well, here is what Phaedra’s media rep told ROI about that: Continue Reading…

Sole Took Ginuwine To The Cleaners

November 12th, 2014

Ginuwine Sole Divorce

R&B singer, Ginuwine, is close to bankruptcy, and most of it is thanks to his divorce from wife, the rapper, Sole.

Ginuwine, whose real name is Elgin Lumpkin, is currently being sued by one of the executive producers, Robert Reives, from his first album. Continue Reading…

Blac Chyna’s Mother Threatens To Expose Tyga

November 6th, 2014

Blac Chyna Mother Threatens Tyga

Blac Chyna’s mother, Shalana Hunter, jumped on her Facebook page only to threatened the rapper Tyga. Shalana Hunter told Tyga if he says another word about her daughter, she’s going to expose him to the press.

Here’s what Shalana Hunter revealed on her Facebook account: Continue Reading…

Blac Chyna Says Tyga Hacked Her Twitter Account

November 3rd, 2014

Black Chyna Twitter Hacked

The breakup of Tyga and his sex industry working wife has taken a turn for the nasty…

Over the weekend, Blac Chyna claimed her estranged husband, Tyga, hacked her twitter only to claim she cheated on him and used the Lap Dance lyricist for his money. Continue Reading…

Wiz Khalifa’s H*e Wrangler Exposed!

October 15th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - H*e wrangler Caroline Dorsey was spotted last night at the Emerson nightclub in Los Angeles, pulling party girls for Amber Roses’s soon to be ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa spent just 15 minutes in the nightclub. Know why? Because after Caroline Dorsey picked up some party girls the couple were seen heading to the exit. Continue Reading…

Was Nick Cannon Smashing Amber Rose Behind Mariah Carey’s Back?

October 13th, 2014

Amber Rose Nick Cannon Date Night

HSK was first to report Mr. Wild ‘N Out Nick Cannon bumped Amber Rose from “We Dem Boyz” lyricist Wiz Khalifa.

Now, UK press is reporting Nick Cannon and Amber Rose were both spotted on a date in London, England, this past Friday. Continue Reading…

Phaedra Parks Files For Divorce

October 10th, 2014


The Real Housewives of Atlanta star “Phaedra Parks has retained an attorney with the intent of amicably ending her marriage to Apollo Nida,” her rep, Steve Honig, publicly announced today.

Last month, Nida checked himself in to prison to begin an eight-year sentence which was issued in July following his guilty plea to bank fraud back in May.

Continue Reading…

Nick Cannon Got H*es In Different Area Codes

October 10th, 2014

Nick Cannon cheated w/ Kreesha Turner

HSK Exclusive - It looks like Nick Cannon can add another jump-off to his list of infidelities.

We’re told Mr Wild ‘N Out was getting it in with 29 year old Kreesha Turner, while still married to Mariah Carey. Continue Reading…

Mariah Carey Wants Nas To Hook Her Up With D*ck!

October 9th, 2014


Rumor has it that, Mariah Carey asked her longtime rapper buddy, Nas, to hook her up with one of his homeys.

Here’s what US Weekly reported: Continue Reading…

Paula Patton Slaps Robin Thicke With Divorce Papers

October 9th, 2014


After nearly nine years of marriage, Paula Patton has filed for divorce … and as for the most important asset in the marriage … she wants joint custody.

Paula cites the usual … irreconcilable differences. She wants joint legal and physical custody of their 4-year-old son Julian. Continue Reading…

7th Heaven Actor Stephen Collins Is Going To Hell

October 8th, 2014


Stephen Collins wife Faye Grant leaked to TMZ, the audio tape of the “7th Heaven” actor admitting to molesting multiple prepubescent children. Know why? Because Stephan Collins and his soon to be divorced wife Faye Grant are going through a nasty divorce and Grant is using the press to gain leverage in the couples divorce.

Grant did it for money, not to seek justice for the victims or to prevent more children from falling prey to the pedophile actor. Continue Reading…

Nick Cannon Drove Mariah Carey To Substance Abuse

October 7th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Nick Cannon is alleged to have been verbally and emotionally abusive towards his estranged wife, Mariah Carey. Insecurities caused Nick to tease Mariah about the men she slept with before they were married in 2008.

Mariah’s older brother Morgan told a source that it was Nick Cannon’s verbal and emotional abuse that led his sister back to drugs and alcohol. Continue Reading…

Peter Rosenberg Details Amber Rose Catching Wiz Sexing Down Twins

October 1st, 2014


Groupie Love!

Amber Rose has a good friend in radio DJ, Peter Rosenberg. Rosenberg showed his love by defending Amber, while throwing Wiz right under the bus.

In the clip, Rosenberg details how Amber Rose caught her husband, Wiz, in the throws of sex with a couple of twin groupies.

“Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time,” he said. “Twins, twin sisters, twin biological sisters.” Rosenberg also showed a since-deleted Instagram post of the rapper with the twins, fashion designers Jas and Ness Rose.” Continue Reading…

French Montana Expected To Pay $2 Million In Divorce Settlement

October 1st, 2014


French Montana is expected to pay his ex-wife, Deen Kharbouch, two million dollars in a divorce settlement.

Aside from photo-opp, French Montana and Deen Karbouch were both in a New Jersey courtroom set to finalize their divorce. Continue Reading…

Wiz Khalifa Committed Adultery On Amber Rose With Video Model

September 29th, 2014

Wiz Khalifa Cheated Taylor Hall

HSK Exclusive -  Allegedly, Wiz Khalifa smashed the music video model, Taylor Hall, after meeting her on the set of the video for We Dem Boyz. Don’t believe me.. Just Ask Taylor Hall’s roommate Malita Rice.

Rick Ross’ assistant, Malita Rice, aka “Malita The Mogul”, did the casting for the video and she’s now claiming Wiz Khalifa committed adultery on wife, Amber Rose after that shoot.



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