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Rumor Has It

Dwyane Wade Wants a Piece Of Amber Rose

January 19th, 2015


Dwyane Wade jumped on social media to follow Amber Rose on instagram. Know why? Because Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union are rumored swingers and they maybe looking to invite Rose over for a threesome.

This, after Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife recently said her Creole family boycotted her wedding because she married a black man. Continue Reading…

Waitress Calls Keyshia Cole a Cheapskate

January 15th, 2015

Keyshia Cole Stiffs Waitress

A waitress is putting Keyshia Cole on blast. Know why? Because the waitress is claiming that Keyshia Cole’s restaurants bill came up to over a $140 and all the singer left was a $10 tip.

Here’s what the waitress revealed: Continue Reading…

Solange Knowles Returns Wedding Gifts For Cash

January 14th, 2015

Solonge Returns Wedding Gifts

Solange Knowles returned a bunch of gifts and arraignments from her recent wedding, for cash.

Here’s what’s out there: Continue Reading…

Beverly Johnson’s Former Manager Says She Lied About Cosby Accusations

January 13th, 2015

Beverly Johnson Lied

Beverly Johnson’s former manager, Don Gibble, is claiming the super model and Janice Dickenson lied about Bill Cosby drugging and raping her.

Here’s what Don Gibble revealed: Continue Reading…

George Zimmerman Jailed For Domestic Violence

January 10th, 2015

George Zimmerman 2015 Arrest

The acquitted murderer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, has been arrested yet again. This time he is sitting in jail without bail after getting arrested for domestic violence. Law enforcement say a weapon was involved.

Here’s whats been reported: Continue Reading…

Mike Tyson Smashed Naomi Campbell In a Bathroom Stall

January 6th, 2015


Mike Tyson smashed super model Naomi Campbell on a toilet seat in a public bathroom stall.

Mike Tyson’s longtime friend and manager Rory Holloway said, “Campbell and Tyson met at a Russell Simmons party and the pair hit it off immediately”.

Here’s what Holloway writes: Continue Reading…

Uncle Luke Can’t Afford To Pay Uncle Sam’s Debt

January 6th, 2015

Uncle Luke Tax Trouble

Uncle Sam is threatening to begin seizing property and assets belonging to Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell. Know why? Because 54 year old Campbell owes the IRS $113K in back taxes.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

Kid Rock Is Not Down With Homosexuals

January 5th, 2015


Kid Rock said in a recent interview that he’s not a big fan of same sex marriage and he thinks Rap Rock ended up gay.

Here’s what Kid Rock put out there: Continue Reading…

Amber Rose Making Her Rounds…

January 5th, 2015

Amber Rose French Montana Fling

According to blogger, Honey German, Amber Rose and Frenchie Montana may or may not have knocked boots during the NYE celebrations in Vegas.

Here’s the drop: Continue Reading…

Lil Kim Has IRS Trouble!

December 19th, 2014

Lil Kim Back Taxes

Lil’ Kim owes the federal government $126, 725.12 in back taxes after failing to pay taxes since 2010. The IRS has filed a lien against the 39-year-old rapper on September 22.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

Kathy Lee Gifford: Cosby “Respected” My Decision To Decline His Advance

December 17th, 2014

Kathy Lee Defends Bill Cosby

Kathy Lee Gifford is the latest female to put a Cosby encounter out there.

Here’s the twist — Gifford’s story is much different than what we’re heard from others. According to The Today Show host … Cosby “respected” her wishes after she declined his alleged kissing-advance. Continue Reading…

Keyshia Cole Sentenced To Jail?

December 12th, 2014

Keyshia Cole Jail Sentence

Say word!

A set of shocking Tweets from Keyshia Cole seem to spell lock-up for the singer! Continue Reading…

Kelly Rowland’s Mother Dead At 66

December 3rd, 2014

Kelly Rowland Mother Passes

Kelly Rowland and family are mourning the death of her mother.

The singer announced in a statement that Doris Rowland Garrison died Tuesday in Atlanta at age 66, days before her birthday on Saturday. The former Destiny’s Child member, who recently became a mother herself, called her mother an incredible soul who made countless sacrifices so she could become the person she is today. Continue Reading…

Beyonce Living in the Bottle!

December 1st, 2014

Beyonce Violent Drunk

Say it ain’t so!

Word about Bey, exposing Mrs. ‘I’m The Freshest’ Carter as a messy, violent drunk!

According to an insider … not only is Beyonce lit on the reg, she “blames Jay Z for her problems” AND delivers him with beat-downs too!!! Continue Reading…

Baby Facing Bankruptcy?

December 1st, 2014

Baby Williams Broke

Bryan Baby Williams has been bouncing checks and the homeowners association recently placed a lien on his Miami condo.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

Bill Cosby Greeted With Standing Ovation

November 22nd, 2014

Bill Cosby Ovations

Here is what NBC News is reporting:

A day after performing at a benefit in the Bahamas, Bill Cosby took the stage here to a standing ovation — even as he battled a growing scandal.

The sold-out crowd Friday night was overwhelming supportive. Many told NBC News that they viewed Cosby as an entertainer and simply did not believe the sexual assault accusations against him. “I think the things that have come up now is just nonsense,” said Nathan Rigaud, who said he was one of the first to buy tickets. Continue Reading…

Serial Rapist Bill Cosby Strikes Again!

November 21st, 2014

Bill Cosby Serial Rapist

Therese Serignese, a registered nurse from Boca Raton, Florida, is claiming back in 1976 comedian Bill Cosby gave her two white pills and a glass of water, then he raped her in a Las Vegas, Hilton bathroom.

Here’s what 57 year old Therese Serignese told The Huffington Post: Continue Reading…

TV Land Pulls Cosby Show Off The Air

November 20th, 2014

When it Rains it Pours!

Following fresh rape allegations against Bill Cosby from Janice Dickinson and four other women who have come forward, every one associated with the comedian is running for the hills.

Here’s the latest: Continue Reading…

Kanye Regrets His Kartrashian Wife’s Paper Magazine Shoot

November 19th, 2014


Consequences of the Hoe to Housewife Equation?

Word is, even though it was Kany’s idea for Kim Kardashian to do the now viral cover shoot with Paper Magazine, looking bad, the Black Skinhead rapper is said to be furious. Continue Reading…

Janice Dickinson Says Bill Cosby Has His Red Wings

November 19th, 2014

Bill Cosby Janice Dickinson Rape Charges

Former model and reality star, Janice Dickinson, claims that back in 1982 comedian Bill Cosby raped her while she was on her menstrual cycle.

Dickinson is saying she had a meeting with Cosby to hire her for a role on the Cosby Show. She said when she got out of rehab. Cosby reached out to her during a trip to Bali, Cosby had her travel to Lake Tahoe, because he was performing there and wanted to offer her the job they had discussed as well as help her with a singing career. Continue Reading…

Migos Member Got Jacked By Fat Trel’s Crew

November 17th, 2014


The rap group Migos got jumped and robbed by Chief Keef’s hired henchmen after a concert in Washington DC on Saturday night at Stadium nightclub.

Migos group member Quavo, was beaten and robbed for his gold necklace. Don’t believe me.. Ask Fredo Santana. Continue Reading…

Jessica White Is Smashing Dallas Austin For Tracks

November 14th, 2014

Jessica White Sex 4 Beats

Model Jessica White is currently living with music producer Dallas Austin in his Atlanta home.

Dallas Austin isn’t just romantically involved with Jessica, he’s also producing her soon to be released album. Continue Reading…

Jesse Jackson Daughter Wants To Be a Famous Pop Star

November 13th, 2014


Rev Jessie Jackson fathered a child outside his marriage back in 2001. Now, the reverends 15-year-old bastard daughter, Ashley Jackson, wants to be a pop star.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

Tyler Perry’s Odd Encounter With Joshua Sole

November 10th, 2014


Tyler Perry didn’t only filed a lawsuit against TPS employee Joshua Sole, the Medea star jumped on Facebook to call Sole a mentally ill stalker.

Here’s what Tyler Perry wrote: Continue Reading…

Beyonce Reaches Out To Her Nephew

November 7th, 2014

Kelly Rowland Matthew Knowles Daughter

The rumor mill has been spinning for years by people making accusations that Mathew Knowles is really Kelly Rowland’s father.

Now, Beyonce might have thrown some fuel on that fire by sending out a message yesterday on social media. Know why? Because Beyonce’s instagram message didn’t only say that Kelly Rowland is her sister, but the pop star also addressed Rowland’s new born baby Titan Jewell, as her nephew. Continue Reading…

Did Nas Get Capricorn Clark Pregnant?

November 6th, 2014

Nas Capricorn Clark Baby

According to the internet forum over at Lipstick Alley, Puffy’s former assistant, Capricorn Clark, is rumored to be pregnant by Nas.

Dig the drop: Continue Reading…

Amber Rose Is Smashing French Montana’s Brother Zack

November 4th, 2014


Amber Rose is currently dating French Montana’s younger brother, Zack Kharbouch.

Here’s what’s reported:

Amber Rose and Zack were both seen enjoying themselves at the Halloween festivities at Knott’s Berry Farm in Los Angeles.” Continue Reading…



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