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You Can Thank Shyne for Jennifer Lopez’s Career

September 21st, 2012


Did Shyne Do the Time For Save Jennifer Lopez’s Life?

In a recent interview Shyne said he saved Jennifer Lopez life during the 1999 during club shooting which landed him 9 years behind bars and being deported.

Here’s what Shyne had to say: Continue Reading…

Exclusive Jacky Jasper Interview of Industry Veteran Dave Lighty

September 4th, 2012

This interview is from back in early 2010. Only three parts were ever published. So a great deal of this interview is exclusive and just as relevant (if not more) today.

Part 1 – Intro to who Dave Lighty is…

Listen to the Rest Here


October 21st, 2011

Part 1

It was my pleasure to speak with legendary Hip Hop icon: The 45 King. We conversed about many other ground-breaking Hip-Hop artists which The 45 King made HITS for including Queen Latifah and Kurtis Blow.

If you’re interested (I was) to learn how one of Hip Hop’s premiere artists came up with the name “The 45 King”, I encourage all my readers to check this interview. Not only will you learn about the background of his stage name, but he’ll also share with you his experiences while working with “New Kids On The Block” as well as Pop’s diva – Madonna.
This legend has worked with countless major artists in the music business. Who do you think produced Eminem’s hit record “Stan”?.

Today’s episode ” The Music Man “….

There’s More Here

Jacky Loves Real Women – Interview

August 26th, 2011

Special thanks to Jaxx over at RealTalkRealWoman for taking the time!

Author of BET, DBrad & Me, David K. Far-El, Stands His Ground!

June 23rd, 2011

“To this day, not one person has come out after four-years and said anything that I said in that documentary was incorrect. My senior producer read that book, his only comment was ‘you’re a great writer’ – even he didn’t say the stories I told were untrue.” ~ David K. Far-El

HSK Exclusive – He’s a man who has earned well-deserved respect from many industry insiders for standing his ground. You may remember HSK first introduced you to David K. Far-El, just weeks ago, as the former BET producer spoke out against the powers that be at BET – namely BET President Stephen Hill, who Far-El says uses his position to sexually extort male employees. That is just one of the many encounters laid out in Far-El’s new book.

In this fourth and final part of Jacky Jasper’s exclusive interview with the man who brought us “Confessions of a BET Producer” and author of “BET, DBrad & Me”, Far-El breaks down his no holds barred read chronicling his behind-the-scenes experiences in the world of entertainment. “It’s a look into how symbology and mythology being used in popular culture affects the masses,” Far-El explains. “And how they view themselves just from a hip hop perspective.”

During their very candid conversation, Far-El explains to Jacky why he credits some of his ‘pushing the envelope’ style to Dave Chappelle. “He was like a mentor, he told me a lot,” Far-El explains. “I learned. He would tell me why he would do certain things, why he would take things all the way to the left – you go as hard as you can go, because it’s the station’s job to edit.” Continue Reading…

Nelly Challenged by Former Associate S.L.I.M.

June 2nd, 2011

“I got a hundred racks right now…we could take lie detector tests on some Maury shit! Tell the mutha fucka to do that polygraph, and ask him ‘Did Slim lie on you?’” ~ Loose Canon S.L.I.M

HSK Exclusive – As the tension between Nelly and his former associate Loose Canon S.L.I.M. continues, the St. Louis promoter is speaking out against the rapper and former friend while challenging Nelly to test his allegations. “Ask that nigga if anything I said is a lie,” said S.L.I.M., as he offered up $100K to bet against Nelly’s allegations against him. “He’s a gambling mutha fucka!” Continue Reading…

Tupac: Never Seen Before Jail House Interview

April 25th, 2011

New footage of Tupac speaking out from jail has surfaced.

Part 1

The taping happened while the legendary rapper was serving time in connection to his rape charge — just two years before he was murdered. During the candid conversation, Tupac covers a wide range of topics — touching on his personal life, the music business and the black community. Check it out…

Part 2 & 3 Here

Funkmaster Flex Blackballs Fabolous for Mister Cee Tweet

April 9th, 2011

Fabolous Mister Cee Tweet

“Funkmaster Flex is exploiting hip hop artists for his own benefit”

HSK EXCLUSIVE – Many may be scared to say it. Some may not have a platform to speak it. But for those of you who want to hear it, Benzino has said it best so far! And don’t get it twisted,

Zino asked me not to promote his new album so it wouldn’t be misconstrued, but fuck it cuz dude deserves some respect for continuing to speak his mind on this shit we love called HIPHOP!

In this third and last part of his exclusive interview with The Source and Hip Hop Weekly founder, Jacky Jasper listens as Benzino preaches the hip hop word.

“If you are stifling the creativity of artists in the Tristate area, how do you expect New York to get on?”

So who’s to blame for doing that stifling which Benzino speaks of? For starters, Benzino say there’s Funkmaster Flex leading the pack. Now, it just may be that Flex’s hypocritical bias could be coming back to bite him in the ass.

“Flex called me the worst rapper in the world…he needs to get at the worst rapper in the world right now”

Take a listen to a real dude who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and let the truth be heard, as he explains to Jacky “It starts with the perceived number one station in New York Hot 97. As long as that vehicle continues doing what they’ve been doing and practicing what they’ve been practicing, rappers will not get on in New York City.”

Download MP3 of part 1 HERE:

Benzino Spoke with Jacky courtesy of HipHop Weekly Magazine


Benzino Tells Funkmaster Flex ‘Enough is Enough’

April 8th, 2011

Funkmaster Flex Destroys Hiphop

“They’re real clicked-up up there. They ruin careers and they blacklist people.”

HSK EXCLUSIVE – As Hot 97’s popular New York City hip hop personalities continue to turn a blind eye to Mister Cee’s recent shocking arrest, Benzino is speaking out saying enough is enough.

“If he (Mister Cee) would have been caught with a female prostitute, it still would have been wrong at the end of the day because he’s still representing the station…the station represents the city.”

In this second part of his exclusive interview with rapper who brought us The Source magazine and Hip Hop Weekly, Jacky Jasper agrees that many hip hop DJ’s like Funkmaster Flex are to blame for turning hip hop into something it was never meant to be. As a result, the next generation of hip hop will sadly suffer from its metamorphosis. That’s exactly why Benzino says he’s taking a stance against the powers that be at Hot 97.

“They are immoral…they are irresponsible…look at all the shoot outs that happened up there…again, wife beating…again, sterotyping of a culture…prostitution…I mean everything goes on up there, and guess what? The next morning everybody’s still on. Why? Because nobody’s saying nothing.” Continue Reading…

Benzino Puts ‘Hot 97′ on BLAST!!

April 6th, 2011

Reveals the Real Reason for NYC’s Hip Hop Demise

Benzino Speaks on Hot 97 Troubles

HSK Exclusive – As Hot 97 undergoes sharp criticism for attempting to sweep scandal surrounding a list of its radio personalities (including Mister Cee and Funkmaster Flex) under the rug, Benzino is speaking out. In this exclusive interview with the rapper who brought us The Source magazine, Jacky Jasper uncovers how people like Funkmaster Flex have single-handedly destroyed radio and hip hip.

Part 1 of a 3 part series:

“As long as the staff at Hot 97, which has been there for years and been doing suspect shit for years…as long as they’re up there, New York will never be the same.” Continue Reading…

Bert Padell: “It’s Not Easy Being a Star”

November 8th, 2010

celebrity manager Bert Padell

The man who sparked Biggie Smalls to recite his name on 112’s “Only You” remix back in 1996, says to this day he still hasn’t heard the song in which BIG says “to stash more cash than Bert Padell.” But, even though the accounting genius and tax attorney to the stars isn’t hip to the track, the 40-year entertainment business veteran knows all too well how much of a tough skin one needs to possess to survive in the entertainment world.

In this exclusive interview with Jacky Jasper, the man who has represented top billing acts including Madonna, Eric B & Rakim, Brittney Spears, Robert De Niro, Joan Jet and Faye Dunaway explains that “it’s not easy being a star, because you have to live up to a standard and you’re only human.” During this very candid conversation, Padell also shares who he says is the best hip hop record ever made, his most memorable moment, and the most unique gift he received from one rapper.

Take a listen to Jacky’s interview with the man who says “there’s three sides to every story…yours, mine and the truth”…

Belladonna Does HSK ** Exclusive **

October 27th, 2010


Sex With Celebrities…

On Friday July 18th I interviewed the third porn star for the HSK series and this one is the best in the business… Guess who?


I asked her what celebrities did she have sex with and the names she gave were very surprising…Paulie Shore, Fieldy from the rock band Korn, Shifty from the rock band Crazy Town and Tommy Lee…

I would like to say this to any chic out there bragging about Tommy Lee, they need to sit the fuck down… Know why? Continue Reading…

Dave Lighty: “A Lot of These Artists Are Fabricated…”

October 20th, 2010

“They’re Throwing Up A Lot of Facades”

HSK Exclusive – The man behind the discoveries of now household names in rap music believes many of today’s artists remain a far cry from what talent once was. In this exclusive interview with Dave Lighty, both Jacky Jasper and the OdLight Entertainment CEO agree that many of today’s artists sound the same — making the true singer obsolete in today’s market.

To be sure, Dave Lighty is responsible for bringing artists including 50 Cent, Kanye West and Nelly to the table. But during this candid conversation, the former Jive Records Senior Director tells how bringing those artists to light was not an easy task — pointing to the fact that record execs shut 50 Cent down FIVE times before signing the 20-million album-selling rapper.

Take a listen to this third segment…

Download for your IPOD Here!


Dave Lighty Twitter

@DaveLighty: “Some Bloggers Are of Benefit, Some Bloggers Are Full of Shit”

October 7th, 2010

The man who recruited rapper 50 Cent for Violator Management in 2003 holds a strong opinion on what it takes to reign in the world of blogging.

In this exclusive interview with Dave Lighty, both Jacky Jasper and the OdLight Entertainment CEO agree that many bloggers do nothing more than just copy and paste. In addition to the differences between blog sites, Lighty also explains the contrast between working at Jive Records and Def Jam Records, and gives us an inside stance on artists like LL Cool J, T.I., T-Pain and Chris Brown.

During this very candid conversation, Jacky Jasper also inquires into the rumor of LA Reid to be replaced by Dave’s brother, Chris Lighty.

Take a listen to this second segment…

Download for you IPOD Here!

Dave Lighty: “The Industry Has Gotten Caught Up in A Lot of Hype”

October 5th, 2010

HSK Exclusive – Former Jive Records Senior Director Dave Lighty is pushing to do his part in bringing music back to where it belongs. The music industry insider, who stems from a family which has made the music business a major part of their lives — with members like brother Chris & Mike Lighty, is leading OdLight Entertainment company as he sets to put out his best efforts in finding true talent.

In this exclusive interview with Jacky Jasper, Dave Lighty shares why he says 50 Cent is the best artist he’s ever worked with, touches on what the state of today’s music is lacking, and shares what he believes needs to be done to save the true talented artist.

Take a Listen to the first segment…

Download for you IPOD Here!

MC Eiht: “Ya Gotta Have Your Own Identity in This Game”

July 11th, 2010


HSK Exclusive – Legendary west coast lyricist MC Eiht, is looking to bring rap back to where it belongs; after witnessing elements like myspace.com, autotune and American Idol destroy the art of music.

In this exclusive interview with Jacky Jasper, MC Eight breaks down the fact that many of today’s rappers are fake artists who don’t have their own identities. “Back in the day, you had to prove yourself in this game, nowadays…it ain’t no proving,” MC Eiht told Jacky.

Now, Compton, California native MC Eiht is set to make a comeback this year (while showing the suckas how it’s done), with his widely anticipated album “Which Way is West”, a summer tour and a radio show.

Take a listen to this exclusive interview as MC Eiht and Jacky break down the current state of Hip Hop music…

Download interview HERE!!!

Courtesy of Ryan Kaye

(Originally published February 22, 2010)

Mrs. Mos Def on Her Bigamist Husband….

May 19th, 2010

“I Want to Serve Him
Right in the Middle of a Show”

HSK Exclusive – The woman who exchanged vows with rapper Mos Def, just days after the couple first met, is speaking out for the first time against her husband. Alana Wyatt Smith says she’s “tired of the slander” she’s received, and is now pointing to Muslim follower, Mos Def as being “very ignorant and belligerent” towards the couple’s very valid marriage.

In this exclusive interview with Canadian born Mrs. Mos Def, Jacky Jasper learns that despite the fact that Mos Def was already married at the time he said “I do” to Wyatt Smith, the pair remain “as married as married can be.”

Now, as Wyatt Smith moves forward with a career in both print and film, she tells Jacky how Mos Def may not be upholding his Muslim beliefs, and that he could very well be faced with a bench warrant issued for him at the Canadian border.

Take a Listen…

Download interviews HERE!!

Russell Simmons Opens Up to the Hollywood Street King

April 9th, 2010


Russell Simmons & Jacky Jasper


HSK Exclusive – In one of his best interviews to date, Jacky Jasper speaks during a candid conversation with rap music mogul, Russell ‘Uncle Russ’ Simmons.

The man behind ‘Phat Farm’ opens up with Jacky, regarding the Def Jam founder’s dark childhood, and how he made a 360 from his past to his present succe$$ful and lengthy career. During the discussion, Simmons lyrically bows-down and credits The Nation of Islam for standing by him, as a youth living in the hood. Like most black men, he’s encountered racism and segregation first-hand. I advise all my readers to listen and learn from the words of the this wise man we – all know as Russell Simmons.

Take a listen to today’s episode, “The Million Man March Anniversary”…



Download MP3 HERE!

T. Rodgers Ph.G: “If You Can Work For T. Rodgers, You Can Work For Anybody”

March 19th, 2010


West Coast Black P Stones founder T. Rodgers is reaching out to embrace and teach those who want to learn from a man who holds what some may call unmatched life experience. In a series of no holds barred projects, the reformed leading blood is about to share even more of his knowledge with the world through day in the life documentary “teaching the homies how to come home safe”, a reality show “Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood”, and a new gang intervention read titled “Hangin’ Bangin’ & Slangin”.

In this final segment of Jacky Jasper’s exclusive interview with T. Rodgers, the two OG’s talk of those projects as well as the world’s oldest profession. Take a listen as Mr. Rodgers breaks down the fact that “America was built on sex and violence” and that “without out sex it becomes violent”…

Be Sure to Look Out for T. Rodgers’s latest book set to hit the shelves: “Lies My Homeboys Told Me”

To find out more about T. Rodgers, you can visit www.trodgersinc.com for more information.

Interested in enrolling into Sidewalk University? Send $25.00 to:

P.O. Box 191795
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Download  Interview HERE!

T. Rodgers Ph. G. Discusses the Commercialization of Gangster Exploitation

March 15th, 2010


HSK Exclusive – Widely respected gangologist and author of “The 50 Most Asked Questions About Gangs”, T. Rodgers, Ph.G. continues to advocate the great need for RESPECT in today’s generation – A generation who he says “didn’t hear Tupac’s message” – A message the Doctorate of G Philosophy says is a critical one from a rap legend “whose was a voice of misplaced anger for a whole generation.”

In this fifth segment of Jacky Jasper’s exclusive interview with the West Coast’s Black P Stones founder, T. Rodgers explains what Tupac was really voicing through his music; tells of his extreme efforts to help save at risk kids; reveals a no holds barred history behind his second book; and covers the cold hard facts of snitches who’ve made a career out of singing to the cops.

Take a Listen to Real Talk between Real OG’s…

Download interview in MP3 HERE!



HSK Exclusive