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Watch Erykah Badu PhotoBomb NYC Newman [VIDEO]

June 30th, 2014


Pix 11 reporter Mario Diaz got a surprise on Friday when he was out reporting on actor Shia LeBeof’s recent arrest. Erykah Badu photo-bombed Diaz with a series of silly antics before leaning in to kiss him and being pushed away. Continue Reading…

Cam’ron Offers Up Nick Cannon In Racial Draft…

April 15th, 2014

Cam'ron & Nick Cannon Beef

Nick Cannon recently randomly fell under Cam’ron’s social media fire… after the rapper called a Black People Meeting to rid the Wild ‘n Out one from the next racial draft. ***Side Note: Dave Chapelle did that already, come again!*** The beef then led to MiMi…

Peep how it all went down: Continue Reading…

Kelis Antes Up: Pushin’ Hot Plates & Performing Tracks…

March 14th, 2014

Kelis Pushin Lunch - SXSW

Her milkshake once brought all the boys to the yard — not to mention, BIG BANDS from Nas — but Kelis is now bringing her hot meals to hungry customers! Just ask the lines of Texans who showed up for a taste of what Kelis served up yesterday… Continue Reading…

Tyrese ‘Black Ty’ Gibson as Django Unchained!

February 5th, 2014

Tyrese Django Unchained Audition Reel

Recently leaked video shows Tyrese auditioning, in all his thespian glory, for Tarantino’s, Django Unchained role, which he eventually lost out on, to the better actor, Jamie Foxx.

Check it: Continue Reading…

The Devil is a LIE – Illuminati Remix – feat: Rick Ross & Jay Z

January 6th, 2014

Music Video performing The Devil Is A Lie (C) 2013
Directed By: @Ash_Innovator

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 12

October 12th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Episode 12

“The Councilman”

by Jay Jackson

Uncle Tuck ain’t tryin’ to hear anything about giving up handouts … to a politician who sends in randoms to collect! That’s why Tuck told this pair of unannounced door-knockers to get to steppin’ … giving them a door in yo’ face!!! Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 11

September 13th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Episode 11

“The Mall”

by Jay Jackson

When we last caught up with The Bookers, Uncle Tuck got a taste of some of the bourgy brothas and sistas living in their Baldwin Hills backyard. Continue Reading…

Mighty Casey Monkey Gang New Song: “I Got That”

August 30th, 2013

Released by: Dubshot Records Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 10

August 24th, 2013


“The Snobs”

by Jay Jackson

Last week, the country crew, who once repped Mississippi, set up shop in their new ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ Baldwin Hills digs. Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 9

August 19th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Comic

“The Dons”

By Jay Jackson

When we last checked in with The Bookers … the crew was caught in the middle of gridlock traffic on the 405 Freeway. Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 8

August 11th, 2013


“The Traffic”

by Jay Jackson

Last week, Uncle Tuck and the crew hooked up with a shady chauffeur at LAX — packing themselves in the airport hustler’s hooptie ride to get to Baldwin Hills. Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 7

August 4th, 2013


“The Arrival”

by Jay Jackson

When we last checked in with the the Bookers, the country crew took to the skies — after Uncle Tuck bought every seat of a commercial plane — to head to the west coast in chase of their Hollywood dreams. Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 6

July 27th, 2013


“The Flight”

by Jay Jackson

It’s amazing what guap can do to a man!!! Last week, the Bookers decided to set up shop in Baldwin Hills … Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 5

July 20th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Episode 5 - The Destination

“The Destination”

by Jay Jackson

Last week, the Bookers didn’t think twice before signing up with Hairworld Inc., gettin’ the guap to head to Hollywood. Now, they just gotta figure out how to get the whole crew to Cali.

Uncle Tuck knows exactly how to make it the the west side…in ghetto-style! Continue Reading…

Erykah Badu’s Thinks Detroit is a State!

July 19th, 2013

Erykah Badu Needs Geography Lesson

A Singer’s “New Amerykah”?

Erykah Badu is in dire need of a BASIC geography lesson! The 42-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer took to Twitter calling Detroit “the state” — you know, the place where Berry Gordy, Jr. founded Motown Records?! Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 4

July 13th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Episode 4

“The Decision”

by Jay Jackson

Last week, Lil Skeeter was caught by a big surprise, while serving up dat hair-growing miracle mud to shoppers at da Dirty South swap meet. That’s where he ran into a man offering a big proposal – turn the product into a big brand. Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 3

July 7th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies - The Proposal

“The Proposal”

by Jay Jackson

Last week, Lil Skeeter saw dollar $ign$ — after he and the homey’s discovered their Mississippi mud is Hair-Growing Gold… Continue Reading…

Foxy Brown Takes Nasty Spill On Stage…

July 1st, 2013

Rapper Down!

Foxy Brown got turned up—and down—during NYC Pride. While debuting her new single “Bandz Up” at El Morocco on Friday night, the Brooklyn rap diva fell fast and hard on stage.

Here’s what Rap-Up is reporting: Continue Reading…

Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 2

June 29th, 2013

The Baldwin Hillbillies…

Lil’ Skeeter and Uncle Tuck have long had their hearts set on Hollywood, but they sure didn’t have the guap to get there. It’s amazing what can happen in one week…

Baldwin Hillbillies - The Mud

The answer to their prayers may have been right their own backyard, the whole damn time!!! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Sweet-Daddy Swagg!!! Continue Reading…

‘The Baldwin Hillbillies’ Set To Rock Comic Strip World!

June 22nd, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Premiere

Lil’ Skeeter and Uncle Tuck both have their hearts set on heading to Hollywood, as ‘The Bookers’ go from broke to the big time!!!

In this hilarious account of one Mississippi family’s destiny to try and make their Hollywood dreams happen, The Bookers strike Hair-growing GOLD in their own backyard!!! It’s only a matter of time before we’ll find out if Lil’ Skeeter will make it rockin’ the mic; and if Uncle Tuck will finally meet the woman of his dreams, a TV character who he believes is real. Continue Reading…

Kevin Hart Comedy Film Premieres July 3, 2013

May 15th, 2013


Beyonce Backstage: Kelly Rowland Gets A Beat Down!

March 22nd, 2013

Tori Hart & Simone Shepard Spoof Superbowl Blackout Secret

Find out what really caused the Super Bowl power outage! Pretty Funny Fish takes you into Beyonce’s dressing room — where Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams step to the pop princess to try and take the lead…only to be forced to Bow Down. Continue Reading…

Jacky Says SNL Has Gone To The Dogs!

March 4th, 2013

Kevin Hart in Drag - SNL

HSK Exclusive - SNL is slippin’! Just consider the show’s latest featured “musical” guests, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The pair may have a hit record, but “Thrift Shop” is really an updated version of “Ice Ice Baby”.

Before performing their Vanilla Ice blueprint, Macklemore took the SNL stage wearing the same footwear Trinidad James sported in “All Gold Everything”. These exposed copycats are far from being the hipsters they strive to portray, leaning on the use of token Negroes in hopes of gaining street cred. That may be a tactic Ryan Lewis learned from his extreme right wing Fox News connections. Just ask The Lewis Agency LLC publicist, Keira Bresnahan. Continue Reading…

Samuel Jackson Voted Best Uncle Ruckus!

January 31st, 2013


“Lord, I have spent my whole life hatin’ you for makin’ me black. And now I see I must hate myself and all those like me.” ~Uncle Ruckus, The Boondocks (2005)

Samuel Jackson seems to be the current leading acting sellout. That’s according to more than six-million people.

First, Jackson wreaked havoc as house slave ‘Stephen’ in ‘Django Unchained’. Now, ‘The Boondocks’ creator, Aaron McGruder sees no actor suited better for the character everyone loves to hate – Uncle Ruckus. Continue Reading…

Meet Pilar ‘Chasing Cash’ Sanders…The Rapper!

January 22nd, 2013

She’s “Coming At You, Like A Banchoo!”

HSK Exclusive - As Pilar Sanders continues her reported cash-chase plan, the aspiring rapper appears to have enlisted the help of the ideal man for the job! Who better than a man who goes by the name Chase N. Cashe?

The Louisiana lyricist’s real name is Jesse Woodard, and you may remember Pilar’s 20-year-old stepdaughter exposed the pair as often posting up in Deion Sanders’ home “with the kids”, while the football great was away. Continue Reading…

BBWLA Spoof…Encore!

December 19th, 2012

Bringing The Hart Heat…

Torrei Hart and Simone Shepard have done it again! This time, with a cameo from the youngest Hart family member — who delivers ‘Bambi’ with a beat down in this second spin-off of a hilarious Basketball Wives LA skit which also features some of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s leading members, like Mama Dee doing what she may do best — Pimpin’! Don’t believe me.. Ask Brooke Bailey.

Check out the Christmas clip displaying comedy runs in the Hart family!!!

Biz Markie Heats Up The Kitchen…

December 18th, 2012

Cooking w/ Biz Markie

Nobody Beats The Biz’s Hustle!

Biz Markie has long ago hung up his mic and will now be taking his hustle to the kitchen. The beat-boxing legend is now a chef, offering up a cooking class — for paying customers, of course. Part of the rapper’s hustle includes an autographed t-shirt – on top of teaching his culinary students how to prepare his choice dish!!! Continue Reading…



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