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Cam’ron Offers Up Nick Cannon In Racial Draft…

April 15th, 2014

Cam'ron & Nick Cannon Beef

Nick Cannon recently randomly fell under Cam’ron’s social media fire… after the rapper called a Black People Meeting to rid the Wild ‘n Out one from the next racial draft. ***Side Note: Dave Chapelle did that already, come again!*** The beef then led to MiMi…

Peep how it all went down: Continue Reading…

Kelis Antes Up: Pushin’ Hot Plates & Performing Tracks…

March 14th, 2014

Kelis Pushin Lunch - SXSW

Her milkshake once brought all the boys to the yard — not to mention, BIG BANDS from Nas — but Kelis is now bringing her hot meals to hungry customers! Just ask the lines of Texans who showed up for a taste of what Kelis served up yesterday… Continue Reading…

Tyrese ‘Black Ty’ Gibson as Django Unchained!

February 5th, 2014

Tyrese Django Unchained Audition Reel

Recently leaked video shows Tyrese auditioning, in all his thespian glory, for Tarantino’s, Django Unchained role, which he eventually lost out on, to the better actor, Jamie Foxx.

Check it: Continue Reading…

The Devil is a LIE – Illuminati Remix – feat: Rick Ross & Jay Z

January 6th, 2014

Music Video performing The Devil Is A Lie (C) 2013
Directed By: @Ash_Innovator

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 12

October 12th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Episode 12

“The Councilman”

by Jay Jackson

Uncle Tuck ain’t tryin’ to hear anything about giving up handouts … to a politician who sends in randoms to collect! That’s why Tuck told this pair of unannounced door-knockers to get to steppin’ … giving them a door in yo’ face!!! Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 11

September 13th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Episode 11

“The Mall”

by Jay Jackson

When we last caught up with The Bookers, Uncle Tuck got a taste of some of the bourgy brothas and sistas living in their Baldwin Hills backyard. Continue Reading…

Mighty Casey Monkey Gang New Song: “I Got That”

August 30th, 2013

Released by: Dubshot Records Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 10

August 24th, 2013


“The Snobs”

by Jay Jackson

Last week, the country crew, who once repped Mississippi, set up shop in their new ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ Baldwin Hills digs. Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 9

August 19th, 2013

Baldwin Hillbillies Comic

“The Dons”

By Jay Jackson

When we last checked in with The Bookers … the crew was caught in the middle of gridlock traffic on the 405 Freeway. Continue Reading…

The Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 8

August 11th, 2013


“The Traffic”

by Jay Jackson

Last week, Uncle Tuck and the crew hooked up with a shady chauffeur at LAX — packing themselves in the airport hustler’s hooptie ride to get to Baldwin Hills. Continue Reading…



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