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Stephon Marbury’s Bromance W/ Puffy’s Ex-Chef Rob Exposed!

September 3rd, 2013

Stephon Marbury's Romance w/ Diddy's Chef

“He’s swinging from both sides of the fence.” ~Brendan Haywood, Charlotte Bobcats

Tasha Marbury: Basketball Beard!

HSK Exclusive - We’ve learned the identity of the REAL Chef Stephon and Tasha Marbury don’t want you to know about, which could mean the four-years gone overseas “Basketball Husband” payed off chef Thurayyah Mitchell to help him cover-up his tracks. Know why? Sources say when the REAL chef — who Stephon Marbury was bromancing — left Puffy’s umbrella, his NBA associates started to talk. That’s said to have been the reason why a 32-year-old Marbury decided to flee to China. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Brendan Hayward. Continue Reading…

Carmen Electra Comes Out: Lesbian Lover Revealed!!!

September 3rd, 2013

Carmen Electra Comes Out

420-Reppin’ ‘JediSistas’…

HSK Exclusive - It looks like Carmen Electra has finally come out! The one time Prince protege took to social media over the weekend, marking her Jedisista’s birthday as the day to reveal the pair’s apparent longtime lesbian love affair. Continue Reading…

Dallas Austin’s Bromance w/ Ex-Death Row Music Man Exposed!

August 14th, 2013


More Atlanta – isms…

HSK Exclusive - Another industry bromance is being put on blast! This one reportedly involves Michel’le’s former bass player, and music man Dallas Austin.

“Dallas Austin and Colin Wolfe used to live together. They even had matching jeeps and jet skies.”

Wait … There’s more!!! Continue Reading…

D.C. Cuts Donnie McClurkin From MLK Concert Over ‘Gays Can Switch’ Belief

August 13th, 2013


Donnie McClurkin is speaking out — citing “discrimination, bullying” and being “deprived of his Civil Rights” — after the gospel singer says he was booted from performing at a Washington, D.C., Martin Luther King Jr. memorial concert, Saturday.

Here’s what Donnie blasted on Twitter: Continue Reading…

Tasha Marbury Traumatized Over Stephon’s Bromance w/ Isiah Thomas!

August 6th, 2013


Basketball Wife Blues?

HSK Exclusive - In about two-weeks, Basketball Wives LA will be returning … minus Jennifer, Royce, Kenya and Keisha, with newcomer La Tasha Marbury added to the VH1 cast. And, guess what? You won’t have to wait that long to get the drop on the cheating scandal that reportedly left Tasha traumatized. Know why? ‘Cause HSK has it first … Continue Reading…

Terrence J’s Bromance w/ BFF Fred Whitaker Exposed!!!

August 1st, 2013


DL BET Brothers?

HSK Exclusive - Word of a secret bromance between Terrence “J” Jenkins and the E! News co-anchor’s BFF, Fred Whitaker, is surfacing. And, sources say it’s a relationship that dates back to TJ’s college days — back in North Carolina. Continue Reading…

DJ Babey Drew Caught Cruisin’ A Dude On Twitter!!!

July 29th, 2013


Spinning The One’s & Two’s Fa Real!

HSK Exclusive - We’ve exclusively landed direct Twitter messages between DJ Babey Drew and a suspected male jump-off!!! Now, it looks like the LHH cast member is using Twitter to cruise dudes, rather than focusing on building his brand!!! Continue Reading…

Bow Wow’s Buckhead Boy Bump Exposed!

July 25th, 2013


Dirty Doin’s In Da Dirty South?

HSK Exclusive - Bow Wow’s assistant is being revealed as a former valet, who the rapper bumped to be his BFF. Know why? Because sources say part of Ant’s daily duties is scouting jump-offs for Bow Wow — a service Ant is said to use to get close to DL celebs. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Usher. Continue Reading…

DJ D-Nice Gets @Jacky After Being Exposed As Maxwell’s “Boo”

July 24th, 2013


HSK Exclusive - Just days after DJ D-Nice was revealed to be involved in a secret bromance with Maxwell [who he’s now spinnin’ on the one’s and two’s for], the beat master got at Jacky — during our ’60 Minutes With Jacky’ weekday Twitter segment. Continue Reading…

Model Jessica White Lands Role Of Tom Cruise’s New Beard!

July 22nd, 2013


Let’s Speak Xenu Together?

At 29-years-old, the modelling days of internationally recognized Jessica White may be numbered. That’s why the “occasional actress” may have been looking to up the ante, through her former relationship with Sean Penn. Well, all bets are now off that relationship!!! Continue Reading…

Maxwell & D-Nice’s Bromance Exposed!

July 18th, 2013

D Nice & Maxwell Are Lovers

HSK Exclusive - We’ve learned the real reason why Maxwell gave D-Nice a gig as his DJ. A source exclusively tells HSK, the BFF music men are creeping!!!

“Maxwell and his his DJ boo got booed at Essence Fest. There’s secret things goin’ down behind closed doors!” Continue Reading…

James Harden, Lance Stephenson & Dwight Howard’s Tranny Trick Exposed!!!

July 18th, 2013


HSK Exclusive - A known hooker to a list of celebrity athletes is confirmed to be a “a chic with a dick!”

“Candy was with all them NBA players. She picks them up from twitter.”

A lie? Sources say that’s the dumbest attempted cover-up “to try and stay on James Harden’s trick list.”

An insider exclusively tells HSK “Candy Deep Throat” aka “Andrea” aka “I Am Candy Cane” was busted in The Big Apple, last month. We’re told during prisoner processing, correctional officers discovered “Andrea” is a transgender girl with a penis. Continue Reading…

Amiya Scott’s Got The DL Industry Dudes On Lock

July 17th, 2013


Tranny Trickin’ BFF’s…

HSK Exclusive - Amiya Scott seems to have her BFF riding her coattails. Know why? Because transsexual Tiffany Monroe is being revealed as previously reaching out to Trey Songz, after Amiya Scott went on to the next. Don’t believe me…Just ask Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, who had transexual Amiya Scott on his arm at Essence Festival 2013. Continue Reading…

Beats By Dre Now Has A Whole Other Meaning!!!

July 16th, 2013

Literally, Beats by Dr. Dre

HSK Exclusive - Dr Dre wasn’t lying when he coined the phrase “Bitches Ain’t Shit.” Know why? Sources say not only does the beat doctor’s steroid use lead him to beat women, he’s also said to have a secret ongoing bromance! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Nicole Threatt, who sources say knows all about her hubby’s roid rage and DL butt-beat endeavors. Continue Reading…

Carmelo & LaLa Anthony Live Will & Jada’s SexStyle!!!

July 16th, 2013

Carmelo & Lala Living Bisexual Lifestyle

Open Marriage, NOT Open Book?

LaLa Anthony may be co-authoring a book, telling tips for keeping a long-lasting relationship — but she’s not gonna reveal the real deal behind her marriage to Carmelo Anthony. Know why? We’re told the basketball wife doesn’t want you to know — not only do LaLa and Carmelo live separate lives, they also have an open relationship. Continue Reading…

K. Foxx To Spill On Bromance Between Funkmaster Flex & Mister Cee?

July 12th, 2013

Mister Cee & BF Funk Flex

HSK Exclusive - Funkmaster Flex, and BFF Mister Cee could soon be put on blast. Know why? Because sources tell us former Hot97 FM New York City radio personality/reality star K. Foxx is thinking about writing a tell-all.

This, after we’re told K. Foxx was fired from the station, with K. Foxx believing if Funkmaster Flex had her back and spoke with program director Ebro Darden — before he gave her the boot over her spot on “Gossip Game” — she’d still have her radio gig. Continue Reading…

L.A. Reid Doesn’t Remember Dead Homey’s!

July 10th, 2013

LA Reid & Shakir Stewart Conspracy

HSK Exclusive - L.A. Reid is being blasted for failing to fund the 2008 funeral of his secret ex-boyfriend. Don’t believe me.. Ask rapper Rick Ross.

Though we can’t say exactly how long L.A. Reid was dating Shakir Stewart, we can tell you the pair dated during the time Stewart climbed quickly to the top of Def Jam Records, landing a Senior Vice President title. Continue Reading…

Kevin Liles: Gay Cover-Up King?

July 3rd, 2013

Kevin Liles in LOVE w/ Trey Songz

HSK Exclusive - Kevin Liles is being exposed as a man responsible for connecting premier beards with the questionable artists he manages. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Big Sean and Terrence J — whose fake relationships with Naya Rivera and Selita Ebanks the industry exec is said to have made happen.

But, there’s just one of his artists who Kevin Liles is reported to not do the same for, Trey Songz. Know why? Sources say that’s because Kevin Liles “is in love with Trey!” Continue Reading…

The Truth Behind Ne-Yo’s IncogNeMo?

July 2nd, 2013

Malaysia Pargo Bumps Neyo's Baby Momma

Baby Momma Blues…

HSK Exclusive - What do Ne-Yo and Malaysia Pargo have in common? We’re told the singer’s baby momma, Monyetta Shaw. The difference?Malaysia appears to have bumped Monyetta from Ne-Yo!

That’s why we’re told Ne-Yo dumped Monyetta on Instagram, Saturday. Continue Reading…

‘Life With Latoya’ A Sham?

June 24th, 2013

Latoya's Jeffre Phillps is a Gay Man

BFF Jeffre Phillps Outed!

HSK Exclusive - This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise — but the man who LaToya Jackson is reported to be “in a longtime relationship” with is being exposed as playing for the other team.

We’re talking Jeffre Phillips, Latoya’s manager and BFF on her reality show ‘Life With Latoya’. Sources tell us Phillips isn’t only a gay man who’s lying for Latoya, he’s also known to use his ‘Ja-Tail Enterprises’ company offices (launched with Latoya in 1999) as the grounds to cruise young men. Continue Reading…



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