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Brian Grazer & Co. Disrespect James Brown & Conscious Black Community!!!

March 13th, 2014

Get On Up - James Brown Biopic Fail

“Of course I’m hip! I did 8 Mile, I did the Jay Z concert – I’m Black!” ~Brian Grazer

Brian Grazer says he’s a ‘Black’ hipster — making him worthy to have his hand in telling the James Brown story. The Hollywood movie man says because he did “8 Mile”, and “Jay Z’s concert” — he’s got the ‘right on’ cred to chronicle The Godfather of Soul’s story, noted as “not a by-the-numbers biopic.” Continue Reading…

Oprah Named Producer Of ‘Cinematic Tribute’ To MLK

February 27th, 2014

Oprah MLK

“They suffocate the man & the truth.” ~Oliver Stone

It’s been about a month since movie execs turned down Oliver Stone’s MLK reported in depth script — surrounding the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Now, Oprah Winfrey has stepped in to save the day… ‘their’ way. Sources have confirmed Oprah “has boarded the project as producer.” Continue Reading…

Who Knew? Prince Gave Lee Daniels His Start In Film!

February 27th, 2014

Lee Daniel's Prince Connection

“I have an audience because of the blessings that I’ve had.”

Lee Daniels may be known to credit Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for giving him a boost up the totem pole of film directors — but if it weren’t for Prince, ‘The Butler’ director may have never landed his foot beyond the industry door.

Now.. Daniels says he’s gearing up to pass on the torch to his chosen one. Continue Reading…

John Singleton To Direct Tupac Biopic…

February 12th, 2014


“Tupac was the guy who I planned to do a lifetime of films with. His passing deeply affected my life as well as countless people in this world. His life story is as important to my generation.” -John Singleton

John Singleton has landed the film project he’s had his heart on years: Morgan Creek’s untitled Tupac Shakur biopic. Sources say Singleton “has closed a deal to rewrite, direct and produce the biopic.” No word yet on who will play Tupac.. but reports reveal “Singleton will soon dive into rewriting the script, with hopes of beginning production sometime this June.” Continue Reading…

Hollywood’s ‘White Heroes’ Blacklist Danny Glover’s ‘Toussaint’ Biopic

February 10th, 2014


The true story of a former slave-turned-Commander of a military revolt, who overthrew Napoleon Bonaparte’s French army, is one that’s exposed Hollywood’s secret parameters in picture-making: Selecting storylines featuring ‘White Heroes’ only. Danny Glover is no stranger to the evident racially-charged protocol, proven to be followed by movie producers. The actor’s directorial plan to bring Toussaint L’Ouverture’s legacy to the silver screen is said be what forced the lid off Tinseltown’s illusion of liberalism. That’s why Glover, a human rights activist, remains relentlessly dedicating his efforts to tell one of the most significant untold stories of our time: ‘Toussaint.’ Continue Reading…

Tyrin Turner’s Comeback Project Canned?

January 8th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - The last time we checked … it’s not what you know in Hollywood, but WHO you know. That’s why things seems to be sketchy for Tyrin Turner, who is one of Jamie Foxx’s close homeys.

A tipster tells us the ‘Menace To Society’ leading man’s starring role in “… And She Was My Eve” — a 15-minute Ron Howard/Jamie Foxx flick — may be in the running to land one of the five spots for screening at the Project Imagina10n Film Festival, but the movie is reportedly expected to not make the cut. Continue Reading…

#SeekRepentance: Repentance Film Starring Forest Whitaker & Mike Epps

November 20th, 2013

Worldwide Trailer Premiere

Also starring: Anthony Mackie, Sanaa Lathan and Nicole Ari Parker

From Codeblack Films and the producers of FRUITVALE STATION. Years after a drunken car crash that almost took his life, Thomas Carter (Anthony Mackie) has reinvented himself as a therapist/spiritual advisor who advocates a synthesis of world religions and positivity. Continue Reading…

I Am Frank White: Diddy Claims Biggie’s Crown!

October 31st, 2013

Diddy is Frank White

“Frank White the desperado/ Used to rock the all black Movado / The all black Eldorado.” ~ Biggie ‘Frank White’ Smalls

Like Suge Knight once said, Puffy was always “all in the videos … all on the records, dancing.” Now, Puff’s all of a sudden Biggie’s AKA … Frank White!

“He always wanted to be the front man, not the sidekick.” Continue Reading…

Roland Martin Eats His Words: Green Lights “12 Years A Slave”

October 18th, 2013

Roland Martin Backtracks

Roland Martin is a Black man who’s proving to be all for self. That’s because The ‘Washington Watch’ journalist recently spoke out over the continuous ‘Slave Films’ that are flooding the movie market — the latest being “12 Years A Slave.”

But that doesn’t mean Mr. Martin kept true to himself … later stating the EXACT OPPOSITE. Know why? Dude’s not trying to lose his day job.

Here’s Roland Martin’s pair of contradicting statements: Continue Reading…

Nick Cannon To Set Blacks Back As JJ Evans

September 23rd, 2013

Nick Cannon as JJ Walker

…Far From “Good Times”

HSK Exclusive - Just when you thought Nick Cannon couldn’t do worse … he just did. Know why? That’s because Lil Nicky’s graduated from Wild ‘N Out our youth, to repp’in the return of 70′s buffoonery TV … to the silver screen. Continue Reading…



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