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Jill Scott & Eve Says Iggy Azalea Is a Biter; Should Rep Australia

January 25th, 2015


Jill Scott and rapper, Eve, recently said that, Iggy Azalea is not original and the Australian emcee’s rap cadence is a mixture of Eve and Da Brat.

Here’s what Eve said: Continue Reading…

Shay Johnson Is Dating An Openly Gay Rapper

January 23rd, 2015

Buckeey Dating Gay Rapper

Rapper Kore Stacks, who once admitted he was gay, is now dating former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Shay Johnson aka Buckeey.

Buckeey showed up to support her new boyfriend this past Tuesday, at the rappers mixtape release party. Continue Reading…

A$AP Ant Comes Out The Closet

January 22nd, 2015


A$AP Rocky’s group member A$AP Ant recently jumped on Twitter to feud with Soulja Boy and to out himself as a gay rapper in the process. Continue Reading…

Turk Needs $50,000.00 To Pay Wife’s Medical Bills

January 22nd, 2015


HSK Exclusive - The wife of Turk from the rap group Hot Boys, Erica Virgil, is currently fighting cancer and the rapper has launched a fundraiser page on his instagram asking for donations. Continue Reading…

Young Thug Called Birdman His Love & Responds Back To Lil Wayne’s Diss Record

January 22nd, 2015

Young Thug Birdman Boyfriend

Young Thug hopped on instagram to respond back to Lil Wayne’s recent diss record. The Stoner lyricist printed a caption claiming Birdman as his love and to call Wezzy a b*tch. Continue Reading…

Iggy Azalea Says She, “Changed The Rap Game”

January 21st, 2015

Iggy Azalea Changes Rap Game

Iggy Azalea is mostly likey to win the Best Rap Album at this years Grammys. The Fancy lyricist recently sat down for an interview with GQ magazine and said she changed the rap game. Continue Reading…

Lil Wayne Threatens Birdman On Wax

January 21st, 2015

Lil Wayne freestyles and disses Birdman and his former Cash Money Records label on his latest Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape.

Wezzy spits disrespectful bars on an instrumental of the Coco track and the Lollipop lyricist didn’t hold back. Know why? Because Wezzy calls Young Thug, better known as Birdman Jr., an ugly duckling. Continue Reading…

Is Lil Wayne Soon To Be a No Limit Soldier?

January 20th, 2015

Master P Signs Lil Wayne

HSK Exclusive - Word on the streets is that Lil Wayne will be joining Master P and No Limit Records. Don’t believe me.. Ask Romeo.

An insider is saying Weezy told Master P about his problems with Birdman and Cash Money Records when the pair recently recorded the song, Power. Continue Reading…

Pharrell Is Disappointed With T.I’s Record Sales

January 20th, 2015

Pharrell Williams TI Paperwork

Pharrell Williams said in a recent interview with GQ magazine, that he wasn’t happy with the outcome from the work he put into the Paperwork album from the rapper T.I.

Here’s what Pharrell revealed: Continue Reading…

Funkmaster Flex Is Telling Jay Z “Don’t Call Me Anymore”

January 19th, 2015

Jay Z Hot97fm

Funkmaster Flex, in his latest rant, is telling Jay Z to stop trying to call him. Flex also cleared up a rumor that, Hova is buying the NYC radio station, Hot 97FM.

Flex went on to say that Jay Z is so insecure; he never congratulated his Roc Nation artist, J. Cole, on his record sales for Forest Hills Drive. Continue Reading…

Fiddy Claims Mayweather Will Back Out Of Pacquiao Fight

January 19th, 2015

Mayweather Backs Out Pacquiao Fight

50 Cent said in a recent interview that the Mayweather / Pacquiao fight is never going to happen.

Here’s what Fiddy said: Continue Reading…

Funkmaster Flex Bangs On Jay Z

January 16th, 2015

Funk Flex vs Jay Z

Funkmaster Flex had some pent-up feelings about Jay Z from years ago, such as Jay’s Magna Carta Samsung app and not being able to play Dipset records at Club 40/40, and he let it all out in a rant on Hot 97.

Here’s what Fat Boy Flex had to say: Continue Reading…

50 Cent Wants To Smash Scarlett Johansson

January 14th, 2015


50 Cent said in a recent interview his eye caught Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globes last Sunday. Fiddy says he has a crush on the Captain America actress and he doesn’t care if she’s married.

Here’s what Fiddy said: Continue Reading…

Rev Run’s Nephew Sh*ts On Def Jam & Jay Z

January 11th, 2015

Redum Simmons vs Gay Def Jam

Jamel “Redrum” Simmons  and his Horrorcore group, The Flatlinerz, in a recent interview spoke on gay rumors up at Def Jam Records and the group also called out Jay Z as a devil worshiper. with the Murder Master Music Show.

Here’s what the Flatlinerz said about Def Jam rituals: Continue Reading…

Boxing Champ Adrien Broner Blasts Jay Z and Rihanna!

January 10th, 2015

Adrien Broner: Jay Z & Rihanna

“Rihanna can go f*** herself, the only thing she’s good for is p****.”

Three-time world boxing champ, Adrien Broner, went after Jay Z for what he says is a highly insulting offer to join Roc Nation Sports.

Here’s the drop: Continue Reading…

Mike Huckabee Says Jay Z Is Pimp’in His Wife Beyonce

January 9th, 2015


Republican evangelical presidential contender, Mike Huckabee, is saying that Jay Z has crossed the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife, Beyonce, as a sex object.

Here’s Huckabee’s logic: Continue Reading…

Terrence Howard Has Fond Memories of Nude Scene With 50 Cent

January 8th, 2015


Terrence Howard is saying his television show Empire and rapper/actor 50 Cent Showtime series Power, have nothing in common. Howard, went on to say he’s not mad at FiddY. Know why? Because Terrence “Baby Wipes” Howard has fond memories of he and Fiddy both appearing naked in the movie Get Rich or Die Try’in‘. Continue Reading…

Nicki Minaj Is Using Meek Mill To Pen Her Rhymes

January 8th, 2015

Meek Mill Nicki Minaj Relationship

HSK Exclusive - Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill posted a photo together to instagram recently in an attempt to dispel rumors the two MC’s were no longer an item.

Now a source close to Nicki is saying that, Nicki is dating Meek Mill because she wants him to pen her rhymes. Don’t believe me.. Ask Safaree Samuels. Continue Reading…

Cool C Lives To See Another Day

January 8th, 2015

Cool C Stay of Execution
Philadelphia rap veteran rapper, Christopher “Cool C” Roney, will not be executed today for shooting and killing a female police officer nearly twenty years ago. Know why? Because a local judge granted Cool C a second stay of execution.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

Beanie Sigel Lost a Lung

January 8th, 2015


Beanie Sigel will have a hard time smoking a blunt these days.. Know why? Because doctors recently removed one of Beanie Sigel’s lungs.

It was not an elective surgery. Doctors just couldn’t save the organ because it was riddled with fragments from a bullet someone fired into his stomach last month. Continue Reading…

Ludacris Kills Gay Rumors & Marries Eudoxie

January 7th, 2015

Ludacris Married

Ludacris proposed to his girlfriend/beard Eudoxie on Christmas Eve, and the pair were married on the same night. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chaka Zulu.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

Pro Era Exploits Malia Obama Being a Joey Bada$$ Fan

January 6th, 2015

Malia Obama Joey Badass

President Barack Obama’s 16 year old daughter, Malia Obama, was caught wearing the pro era tee shirt of the underground New York City rapper, Joey Bada$$.

Here’s the spin: Continue Reading…

Jay Z Praises Hip Hop’s Racial Healing

January 5th, 2015


“I think that hip hop has done more for racial relations than most cultural icons. Save Martin Luther King, because his dream speech we realized when President Obama got elected.”

Here is some more of what Jigga Man said: Continue Reading…

Suge Knight Threatens to Ban Drake From Los Angeles

December 30th, 2014


Suge Knight recently said in a interview that, Drake is not going to have any problems as long as the Canadian rapper stays down with Lil Wayne.

Here’s exactly what Suge said: Continue Reading…

YG & DJ Mustard Beefing Over Money On Social Media

December 30th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Keenon “YG” Jackson and his music producer, DJ Mustard, recently took to social media to put their business all out on the street. Continue Reading…

Rick Ross Performed In VIP & Never Took It To The Stage

December 22nd, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Rick Ross fans paid sixty bucks a ticket to see the Hustlin’ lyricist perform at the Supperclub and were disappointed. Know why? Because of the street politics, Rick Ross, was afraid to take it to the stage and the ex-correctional officer turned emcee, ducked his LA fans and performed in VIP surrounded by security.

The drop: Continue Reading…

T.I. Sh*ts On Black Culture Defends Iggy Azalea Against Q-Tip

December 22nd, 2014


Q Tip recently jumped on social media to defend the African American rapper, Azealia Banks, and to put the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea in her place.

Here’s Q Tip’s full message to Iggy Azalea: Continue Reading…



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