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Jay Z

Homeless Woman: “Tell Shawn Corey Carter I said ‘F*ck him!”

July 9th, 2014


The homeless woman whose gained NYC media attention, after her recent arrest on child abandonment charges, has used the news coverage on her case to deliver a message to Jay Z.

“Is that rolling? Tell Shawn Corey Carter I said ‘F*ck him. Piece of sh*t” Continue Reading…

Jay Z & Beyonce Leave Kanye To Kick K.K.K. Rocks!

July 7th, 2014


The Case Of One Too Many K’s In One Klan?

Kanye has made his bed with the K-Klan… and word is the Carters have left him to lie in it! “Jay Z and Beyonce have cut all contact with Kanye,” reveals an insider. “They are fed up with being associated with the Kardashian brand.” But losing his Carter-connection could be the least of Kayne’s worries. Just ask Jigga, who’s revealed to have warned Ye NOT to put a ring on it. Continue Reading…

On The Road: Beyonce Rips Jay Z Over Cheating Resentment!

July 2nd, 2014

Beyonce Knows Jay Z Cheats

Where’s Joey Greco when you need him? Hey Joey, if you’re out there… you might wanna head over to catch Clyde ‘On The Run’ from his Bonnie! Know why? Bey’s putting Jigga on blast, Sun! AND… she’s doing it all on The Carters’ stage!!!

Check it: Continue Reading…

Jay Z & Jeezy Set It Off On Drake!

July 1st, 2014

Jay Z & Jeezy Come For Drake

Jigga’s taken it back to the diss track. This time, Drake’s the target. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jeezy, who Mr. Carter recruited as his partner-in-rhyme for the job.

“You already know… N*gga, you don’t got a flow.” ~Jeezy Continue Reading…

Dame Dash Reaches Out To Jay Z: “We might have to do a reasonable tour…”

June 26th, 2014


Dame seems to be bossin’ up on Jigga… urging Mr Carter to take it back to where he came from and rejoin forces with Dame. This, while Jay’s On the Run ticket sales are down!

“Dame dished out his interest in linking with Hov for a 20th anniversary tour on Instagram.

Continue Reading…

Bey & Jay Turn Up On Tour…

June 26th, 2014


The Carters have taken their “On The Run” heist to the next level. The tour kicked off Tuesday.. after a Ticketmaster count revealed a drastic low number in sales. Jay and Bey just released their six-year-old wedding pics… and Bey’s flashing her cakes. Continue Reading…

Jay & Bey Fear Blue’s Kidnapping For Ransom

June 25th, 2014

Beyonce Jay Z Blue Kidnapping

So The Carters have either been taking to the point of paranoia from recently taken to those white slopes… or they’re droppin’ the name of their young daughter to help peddle some tickets for their Bonnie & Clyde “On The Run” Heist.

“[They] have increased their own security personnel to protect their young daughter from potential ‘stalkers and kidnappers.”

Here’s the latest: Continue Reading…

Beyonce Pregnant? The ‘Bey Baby Bump’ Watch Is On!

June 20th, 2014


Word of Beyonce being pregnant with baby number two is spreading! This, alongside countless reports that Bonnie is about to bounce on Clyde… which would end The Carters six-year marriage. “Beyonce is indeed pregnant,” says a source. “It’s a little detail that has made her think very carefully about how to handle that little rumor about Jay Z cheating with Rachel Roy… and Rita Ora and Rihanna.” Continue Reading…

50 Cent: Jay Z Is The Most Overrated Hip Hop Star Of All Time

June 19th, 2014

50cent vs Jay Z

Fiddy said it loud and clear… letting it be known that Hova’s not all he’s cracked up to be. Just ask Andy Cohen, who caught the drop yesterday. That’s when Fif appeared on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’…

50 Cent participated in a segment titled “Plead The Fifth.” Continue Reading…

Jigga Joins MiMi & Kevin Liles In Pushing Booze To Black People!

June 18th, 2014


Jay Z is keeping consistent with playing peon for his corporate masters! Reports reveal… Hovi now can add acting as the newest Ronald McDonald to push booze, with Black people being the target demographic. Just ask Kevin Liles. Know why? Liles’ Go N’Slyde brand is distributing Jigga’s “40/40″ drink… along with its “Butterfly” booze-beverage that has Mariah as its face. Continue Reading…

Jay & Bey’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Going Bust!

June 18th, 2014

On the Run Tour going Bust

It looks like Bonnie and Clyde’s ‘On The Run’ hustle has gone bust… and the tour hasn’t even started yet!

A Ticketmaster review found tens of thousands of tickets have are yet to be sold, which kicks off in just one-week, in Miami on June 25th. Same deal goes for Jay and Bey’s concert date in Atlanta and New Jersey on July 15th and July 12th. Continue Reading…

Syleena & Co. Lobby For Blue Ivy’s Locks!

June 13th, 2014

Beyonce Blue Ivy ODB

“She’s giving me ODB.” ~Syleena Johnson

Will someone please whip Blue’s hair? That’s exactly what three divas are pushing for… and more than 3,500 people who’ve signed a petition for the same. *PAUSE*

That’s after a recent image of taken of the Carters reveals Blue sporting some not so kept curls. Continue Reading…

Did Casey Collect Carter Cash To Cover-Up Jay Z Smash Affair?

June 13th, 2014

Jay Z Mistress Denial

“We have never been in love or intimate.” -Casey Cohen

She doesn’t deny hooking up with Hovi “on several occasions” — but his latest supposed side-chick demands one publishing company take down the stories written about her and her alleged smash affair with Mr. Carter. She’s also pushing for Bauer Publishing to give up a “public apology” issued to her, Jigga AND Bey! Continue Reading…

Jigga Who? Kanye’s ‘Kick Rocks’ To The Carters

June 12th, 2014

Kanye vs Jay Z

So, It Was Written?

Yeezus seems to have stricken Hovi’s name from his old lyrics! During his Austin X-Games performance, he refused to speak the name ‘Jay’ — dropping Jigga’s name from the last three songs of the show. This, about three-months after Jay Z let it be known that he had no plans to attend KimYe’s TV wedding. You’ll recall… Bonnie and Clyde followed through with that statement, calling the event “a circus.” Their names are now missing from Kanye’s “Cold”, “Blood On Leaves” and “Touch The Sky”… Continue Reading…

Jay Z Caught Cross-Dressing!

June 9th, 2014

Jay Z Cross Dressing

Just when you thought Jay Z couldn’t be anymore of a Tom… Ford — Holy Hova’s been caught flaunting a sweet twist to his Tom factor. An image of Brooklyn’s very own Barney has exposed Hovi sportin’ women’s wear! Continue Reading…


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