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Kanye West

Kanye’s Got Disses For Reggie Bush On Wax! Just ask Future…

April 8th, 2014

Kanye vs. Reggie Bush

“I made it over NBA, NFL players so every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl.”

Ray J may have Hit It First but Kanye’s claiming the ‘I Won Kim’ title. Just ask Future, who’s about to drop the single “I Won”. The song features Yeezus delivering a diss at Reggie Bush. Continue Reading…

Kanye’s Multi-Million Dollar Bank Job Exposed!

March 31st, 2014

Kanye Broke

Curve Ball’in!!!

HSK Exclusive - An insider is putting Kanye on blast for allegedly filing bankruptcy over a loan he took out, on an event that he didn’t pay for!

We’re talking about Kanye’s made-for-E! TV proposal to Kim K, reported to have cost a FORTUNE! From the details we’ve gathered, it’s looking like the lyricist could have used his E! proposal as a curve ball to land a loan! Continue Reading…

Kanye Gets Two Years Probation For LAX Attack On Pap!

March 18th, 2014

Kanye Probation

“He will also have to undergo anger management treatment and 250 hours of community service.”

Kanye West has been ordered to turn himself in to be booked. This after the ‘Black Skinhead’ pleaded no contest, and was sentenced to 24-months probation, 240-hours of community service and ordered to complete 24 level-two anger management sessions. Continue Reading…

Kanye’s “Attack On Teen” Was Staged By Kris Jenner!

March 12th, 2014

Mastermind Kris Jenner

“It was all an act, with Kris being the director.”

HSK Exclusive - We’re getting exclusive word exposing Kris Jenner for drumming up “the idea”, said to have led to Kanye’s supposed attack on that N-word dropp’in teen.

You’ll recall reports of the alleged Beverly Hills incident made headlines, back in January 2014. Don’t believe me… Just ask Harvey Levin. Continue Reading…

Queen Bey Declares Carters Keep Clear Of Kanye’s ‘Trashy TV’ Wedding!

March 10th, 2014


“The thought of popping up in KUWTK mortifies Beyoncé.”

Jay Z didn’t have any problem with backing Barneys’ Stop, Friskin’ and proven Racial-Profiling. Mr. ‘Marcy Projects’ Carter didn’t even flinch when he endorsed the beginning of Brooklyn’s gentrification, signing up as the sell-out face of Barclays Center. But giving E! cameras even the slightest chance to film him, Queen Bey and baby Blue — when Kanye and Kim exchange their ‘I dos’ — is something Jigga’s got a big problem with. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Beyonce!

“Bosses at E! are desperate to get the nuptials on air, and will pay millions to make it happen.Continue Reading…

Is Kanye Flip-Floppin’ After Kim’s Vienna Date Gone Wrong?

March 6th, 2014


Press Move -OR- Pimp Play? You decide…

Kanye may claim to be angry after Kim Kardashian fulfilled an escort request by one billionaire tycoon in Vienna — but while Kimmy was on the clock, working for half-a-mill, Ye was all up in his Parisian fashion element. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Riccardo Tisci.

Sources now say Yeesus has a big problem with Kimmy Kakes “doing paid appearances.” Continue Reading…

Kid Cudi Bummed Out by Kanye’s ‘Guilt Trip’

February 28th, 2014

Kanye Cudi Guilt Trip

Here is what Kid Cudi told Complex:

“The vocal that I did on that song was a couple years old. I forgot which session it was, but it was just a reference. I discovered that I was on the song via Twitter… Part of me was flattered, like, it’s kind of cool that he thought of me. Continue Reading…

Yeezus Sets Press Commandments In Drizzy’s Defense!

February 18th, 2014


“Before they print some sh*t like that, they need to check with me and him and see if it’s OK before they get ran up in their motherfu**in’ office.”

Days after Drizzy let his ego get the best of him, Kanye is backing Degrassi boy’s attack on Rolling Stone Magazine. According to Yeezus’ press commandments, news outlets are ordered to check in with him or Drake before they run their
stories…or else! Continue Reading…

Kanye & Amber Rose Kickin’ It On The Low?

February 11th, 2014


To Amber Rose.. Ye may be the only man who beats the Wiz. Know why? He made her a millionaire, reported to have forked over a mill-ticket in hush hush money around the time of their split.

Now.. it looks like Yeezy’s gettin’ back at MuvaRoseBud for a possible return on his investment! Continue Reading…

Sex Tape Proves Kanye’s Been Cheating on Kim Kardashian??

February 5th, 2014


“Sources claim Kanye West has been cheating on his fiance Kim Kardashian and a that sex tape will leak as soon as Kim and Kanye tie the knot”

According to TheDirty:

“Nik, okay, so I was in Miami a few weeks ago staying in The Dream Hotel and I swear I saw Kanye West with who at first I thought was Kim, until I got a little closer. It was definitely not Kim…resembled her, but not Kim. They then both disappeared into the elevator, he looked like he was trying to keep a low profile, wearing sunglasses. Continue Reading…



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